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#518 : Jour zéro

Eric est un témoin clé pour cette enquête du NCIS de Los Angeles : son ami, un expert informatique, s’est fait agresser alors qu’ils jouaient en ligne, par des personnes désireuses de mettre la main sur les informations permettant de rediriger un missile. L’équipe va devoir déterminer si le système informatique russe de contrôle des missiles est menacé…

Pendant ce temps en Afghanistan, Kensi est en état de choc, après avoir aperçu un visage familier surgi de son passé…


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Titre VO
Zero Days

Titre VF
Jour zéro

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Première diffusion en France


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Promo 518


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L'agent du NCIS Sam Hanna et le Lieutenant de police Deeks

L'agent du NCIS Sam Hanna et le Lieutenant de police Deeks

Deeks (Eric christian Olsen) devant la porte d'entrée des bureaux

Deeks (Eric christian Olsen) devant la porte d'entrée des bureaux

Eric Beale (Barrett Foa) et Deeks discutent sur la place devant les bureaux du NCIS

Eric Beale (Barrett Foa) et Deeks discutent sur la place devant les bureaux du NCIS

Hetty Lang, jouée par Linda Hunt

Hetty Lang, jouée par Linda Hunt

Kensi en Afghanistan

Kensi en Afghanistan

Le sous directeur Owen Granger  au téléphone devant un SUV en Afghanistan

Le sous directeur Owen Granger au téléphone devant un SUV en Afghanistan


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Scénario :  Andrew Bartel

Réalisation :  Tony Wharmby


Matthew Del Negro ............................ Jack Simon
Tate Ellington ............................ Ira Wells
Jim Holmes ............................ Lance Witten
Jack Topalian ............................ Boris
Ali Olomi ............................ Insurg2
Jeronimo Spinx ............................ Agent NCIS Thompson
Natalie Britton ............................ Receptioniste

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[A man is playing a video game in an apartment with a fabulous view on the town lights.]

MAN: Whoa! Close one. But, alas, my friend, not close enough.

[He laughs]

MAN: Oh, ouch. Sorry, buddy. Uh, you want to go again?

MAN2 [Over com] Oh, yeah. Okay. It's your funeral.

[He takes a sip of beer]

MAN: Oh. Mm. Uh, by the way...

MAN2: [Over com] Yeah?

MAN: I'm hitting the club tonight. You want in?

MAN2: Uh...

MAN: For once?

[Man2 has definitely Eric’s voice…]

ERIC: I don't know.

MAN: Come on! I'm celebrating.

ERIC: Celebrating what?

MAN: You know I can't talk about it.

ERIC: Oh, yeah. Why not?

MAN: Confidentiality agreements.

[Eric says something]

MAN: Well, if I told you, then I would have to...kill you, which I just did!

ERIC: Oh, man! Oh.

MAN: Just...

[A bullet comes through the window and crashes a lamp. The man dives on the floor]

MAN: Whoa!

[Another bullet crashes glasses and bottles; and a third comes while the man is crawling on the floor]

MAN: Someone's shooting at me!

[Bullets hit the wall above him]

ERIC: That's why it's called a first-person shooter.

MAN: No, this is not a game! Please call the police.

ERIC: What? Ira? Hello?

[The man spots guy in his hallway on his video surveillance. Panting, he pulls out his headset and crawls back to his computer. He starts erasing all datas from it]

IRA: Erase. Erase!

[The guys in the hallway are getting closer- New bullet crash things on his desk and one hits his shoulder. Panting he turns off his computer.  His door creaks open: the men are in]

ERIC: [Over headset] Hello? Hello? Ira, what's going on? Ira? Come on, is this a joke? Hey, Ira, are you okay?

[One of the men crashes the headset with the foot. Eric, in front of his TV, gets only loud static]

ERIC: Ira?


♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 5x18 ♫ ♫ Zero Days ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on March 25, 2014 ♫ ♫


[Bullpen. Deeks goes to his desk with a cup of coffee. He clears his throat]

DEEKS: Oh. It's 8:00 in the morning. You know where your partner is?

SAM: I could ask you the same thing.

DEEKS: Well, not really, 'cause, technically, it's not 8:00 in the morning in Afghanistan. It's 8:30 p.m. So, turns out, I know where my partner is in both space and time.

SAM: Deeks, G is fine. In fact, I'd wager to say he's more than fine.

DEEKS: What does that mean? Wait. Does that mean what I think it means?

SAM: G had a date with Joelle last night. Now he's late for work this morning. You get the picture.

DEEKS: Oh, I get the picture. Downloading now.

[He sighs]

DEEKS: Delete. Delete. Save. Clear history.

[Sam laughs]

SAM: You know, I hate to say I was right, but I was right.

DEEKS: What are you talking about? I thought it was Michelle that set them up.

SAM: Where'd you hear that?

DEEKS: Nell.

SAM: Nell? What does Nell know about it?

DEEKS: Nell knows everything about everything mostly.

SAM: Look, Michelle submitted an endorsement. You know, anyone can endorse something, but it takes a cunning strategist to put the pieces into play.

DEEKS: Oh, you mean Hetty? Again, this is all just coming from Nell.

[Sam laughs]

SAM: Okay, I admit, Hetty had a part. But it was a small part. Miniscule.

[Hetty sneaks in]

HETTY: Small, Mr. Hanna? You ought to know by now that I do nothing small. Huh. I haven't seen Mr. Callen yet this morning. Is he all right?

SAM: Yeah, he's... he's fine.

DEEKS: He's more than fine.


SAM: He had a bit of car trouble this morning. He'll, uh, be in later. We got a case?

HETTY: Yes, yes. Miss Jones will brief you up in Ops. Not you, however. You're needed elsewhere, Mr. Deeks.

DEEKS: Okay. The last time you said that, somebody ended up in a different time zone.



[Afghanistan. Granger is watching around with binoculars]

MAN: Sir? Over here. Got a sat phone.

[Half buried in the ground]

GRANGER: Don't touch it. Keep searching this area.

MAN: Yes, sir.

[Granger digs up the phone, goes back to a vehicle and makes a call with another satellite phone]

GRANGER: Booker, we found Blye's phone. Looks like she ditched it purposely, maybe to let us know where she was heading. Has anybody seen or heard from Sabatino?

BOOKER: [Over phone] No.

GRANGER: Well, keep looking, this sector.

BOOKER: You got it.

[Granger turns the phone off; looks around…]

[In the cave. Men speak Pashto – Kensi is asleep. She opens the eyes, raises the head and crawls on the ground. A chain tied to her left leg is jangling. The men continue speaking Pashto: she sees to whom: the White Ghost! He speaks Pashto too]

KENSI: Jack!

JACK: What?

KENSI: Jack, it's Kensi. I'm here!

[The men speak angrily and one of them hits Jack’s face with a rifle butt. He falls down backwards]

KENSI: No! Jack?!

[The men drag Jack away]

KENSI: Jack!


[OPS center. Nell and Sam]

NELL: Last night, a downtown loft belonging to one Ira Wells was shot up by a sniper.

SAM: Nell, where's Eric?

NELL: LAPD found blood but no body.

SAM: Okay. Where did Hetty send Deeks?

SAM: Earth to Nell. Where is everyone?

NELL: Hetty sent Deeks to retrieve Eric. He's a witness in this case.

SAM: A witness how?

NELL: Ira and Eric are college friends. They were chatting in an online game last night when the attack occurred.

SAM: Okay, and how does this concern NCIS?

NELL: Well, as I was saying, Ira is a hacker for hire. He specializes in finding zero days. You know, um, code flaws in computer systems.

SAM: So, you think he was targeted for something he was working on?

NELL: Ira works a ton for the DOD.

SAM: This could be a matter of national security.

[He pulls out his phone]

NELL: Which is why we have to find Ira ASAP.

SAM: All right, G's pulling in. I'm gonna brief him on the way to the loft. Then I want to talk to our witness.


[Prison door buzzer sounds. Eric is in a cell, in pajamas (polar bears ones). A man is leaning against his right arm, asleep, snoring…On his left, a giant is staring straight ahead]

ERIC: Hi. Hi. Excuse me. Um...

[The giant glares at him. Eric sighs and puts his head in his lap]

DEEKS: [voice] Beale, your lawyer's here.

ERIC: Oh, thank God.

[The guard opens the door; Deeks chuckles; he raises a hand when Eric wants to rise]

DEEKS: Oh, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Sorry.

[He takes his phone]

DEEKS: This is just, uh...that's just too good.

ERIC: Wait.

DEEKS: Smile.

ERIC: No! Wait.

[Deeks takes a photo]


[Deeks laughs]

DEEKS: Let's go.


[NCIS office. Deeks is driving Eric back]

DEEKS: So, uh, help me wrap my head around this. You showed up to a crime scene alone with no ID, wearing polar bear pajamas.

ERIC: Look, I don't know what happened, all right? Ira and I were playing this game, and suddenly I heard all this banging and crashing, and I'm like, "Okay, he's pranking me"" But then I'm like, "No, no, no, that sounds too real""

DEEKS: Mm-hmm.

ERIC: So, I go over to his place, there's cops everywhere. I'm trying to tell them what I heard.

DEEKS: Right.

ERIC: This detective sets his coffee down right on top of Ira's Cisco 5500-X Firewall, which is like using a Rembrandt as a coaster.

DEEKS: Totally.

ERIC: So, long story short, I get arrested for tampering with a crime scene.

DEEKS: Mm-hmm. Let me just let you in on a little bit of advice. Don't mess with a cop's coffee. You're lucky you didn't get shot.

[He’s about to open the door]

ERIC: Hey.

DEEKS: Yeah?

ERIC: How mad is she?

DEEKS: Scale of one to ten? 13.

[Eric, scared, follows him inside…]


[Sam and G in a hallway]

SAM: Car trouble. Really?

CALLEN: Really.

SAM:  I just gave that excuse to Hetty. Now you're gonna use it on me?

CALLEN: It's not an excuse. Jo's car wouldn't start. I drove her to work. End of story.

SAM: I'm thinking her car trouble was more car absence, which means she was at your place all night. What do you think about that?

CALLEN: I think maybe you've been married a little bit too long, and you're trying to live vicariously through me. That's what I think.

[Sam laughs. They stop in front of apartment 3708; the door is “Police line- do not cross” taped. G opens it]

SAM: All I'm saying is, you're welcome.

CALLEN: Thank your wife for me. She was the mastermind.

[They come in]

CALLEN: Wow. I'm starting to think Eric made the wrong career move.

SAM: Zero days are a lucrative business. Some sell for over a half a million.


[He looks at blood on the keyboard]

CALLEN: Something tells me Ira's not gonna get paid for this one, though.

SAM: I don't think so.

[He stares at the bullets holes in the widow]

SAM: All right. Sniper was positioned on the rooftop over there. LAPD didn't find any brass. Cameras, either. Neighbor down the hall called the cops, said she saw armed men in the hallway.

CALLEN: All right, so the sniper takes out Ira. Those guys come in and pick up the zero day.

[He stops dead near the stare case]

CALLEN: Got fresh blood.

[A door opens upstairs. They pull out their weapons and wait for the one tearing down the stairs]

CALLEN: You said LAPD cleared out!

[Ira is running down, panting, carrying a bag]

SAM: Federal agents!

IRA: Don't!

[He puts his hands up]

SAM: Come down the steps. Careful.

[Ira’s left arm is bandaged]

SAM: Put the bag down.

IRA: Please don't shoot me.

CALLEN: Relax, Ira. We're federal agents.

IRA: So were the guys who tried to kill me last night.

[Sam and Callen exchange a puzzled look…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Sam and Ira]

IRA: Will I have a scar?

SAM: I don't know. Do you want a scar?

IRA: Could really up my game with the ladies.

SAM: Then you'll have one. I'll make sure of it.

[Ira’s smile vanishes]

SAM: Ira, our military trains the best of the best. Which means, when we want someone dead, they're dead, yet here you are.

IRA: Yeah, and how lucky for you, because you didn't get what you wanted from my computers, did you? I wiped them clean and slipped away in the dark.

SAM: You slipped out in the night.

[He pulls out bills from Ira’s bag]

SAM: But you still needed some cash for the road, though, huh? Where were you thinking? Morocco? China? Russia's nice, too.

[Ira laughs]

SAM: Ira, I get it. You're scared. Somebody tried to kill you. But I can't help you if you don't talk to me. Now, what does this zero day do?

IRA: You're right, Agent Hanna. I am scared. But I'm not stupid. If I give up the zero day, then you don't need me anymore. And this time, I'm betting you won't miss.

[Sam leaves the interrogation room and joins Deeks next door; he sighs]

DEEKS: Guy's definitely got an ego.

[Sam scoffs]

SAM: Guy thinks he's the center of a government conspiracy. Where I come from, we call that delusional.

DEEKS: Well, in all fairness, a sniper tried to take him out. Maybe he's not that far off base.

SAM: Well, the bottom line is, Ira doesn't trust us enough to tell us what the zero day is.

DEEKS: All right, so how do we get him to talk?

SAM: The guy wants a conspiracy. Let's give him one.


[OPS center. Nell is watching photos of Ira – holidays, fun…]

NELL: Okay, Ira, what are you hiding?

[The door slides open: Eric is back. He stops dead]

NELL: Looking through a few files here and...

[She deleted all the photos from the large screen but the new one doesn’t comfort Eric: he sees his face – LAPD booking report…]

NELL: …didn't mean to do that.

[The photo vanishes]

ERIC: This day just keeps getting better and better.

NELL: Aw, I'm sorry. What did Hetty say?

ERIC: Nothing. She just sat there and stared at me, didn't say a word. I think I felt something die inside.

NELL: Aw. It's probably just the prison food.

[She chuckles]

NELL: While you were in the slammer, I took a look at Ira's computers. Wiped clean, just like he said.

ERIC: Well, he's got state-of-the-art data-shredding software. Whoever tried to kill Ira couldn't have found the zero day. At least not yet.

NELL: Mmm. Bad news is, we still have no idea what it is.

[Hetty’s face pops up onto screen]

HETTY: Ms. Jones, Mr. Beale, your presence is required at the boatshed to assist in Mr. Wells' interrogation.

[Off to…]


[...Boatshed. Sam enters the interrogation room]

IRA: You don't give up, do you?

SAM: It's out of my hands. I'm turning you over to the DOD.

IRA: What? No. L... I want my phone call, Agent Hanna! I-I want my phone...

[Nell was hidden between Sam; she wears big glasses]

NELL: I assure you, Mr. Wells, you'll have your phone call just as soon as we can straighten a few things out. Stephanie Prim, Department of...

[She spots Ira’s arm]

NELL: Oh, you're bleeding. This man needs a hospital, Agent Hanna.

SAM: It's just a flesh wound. I dressed it myself.

NELL: Oh. I didn't realize you were a doctor as well. I'm done with you. I'd like to speak with your superior.

[Sam hesitates]

NELL: Now.

[Sam slowly obeys]

NELL: And shut the door.

[Sam glares at her; Ira nods]

NELL: That's right. Close it.

[Sam is pissed off but closes the door behind him. Nell looks again at Ira’s wound]

NELL: Now...

IRA: Um, actually, I'm okay, Ms. Prim. Really, it's-it's superficial.

[He chuckles]

IRA: Just looks worse than it is.

NELL: Well, you are a brave man. And I sincerely apologize for your treatment thus far.

[She sighs, drags a chair and sits down at his side]

NELL: Now...we believe you may be able to help us with a matter of national security.

[She pulls out her tablet; Ira is charmed…]

NELL: Do you know this man?

[Eric! In the other interrogation room…]

IRA: Hmm? Oh. Uh, yeah. That's Eric Beale. I-I went to college with him. Why?

NELL: We arrested Mr. Beale this morning on charges of cyberterrorism.

[Ira chuckles]

IRA: Beale? A terrorist?

NELL: We have documentation showing he hacked a high-level Pentagon e-mail address, which he then used to enlist your services. We believe he was planning to auction your zero day off to the highest bidder.

IRA: This doesn't make any sense. I mean, why would Beale hire someone when he could just do the job himself? He's a skilled hacker.

NELL: Clearly not as skilled as you,…Ira.

IRA: W...

[He chuckles - caught into her net…]

[Observation room.]

DEEKS: She's good.

SAM: Scary good.

[Eric doesn’t appreciate much…]

NELL: [Over video] Ira, we need to know exactly what Mr. Beale asked you to find. Lives could be at stake.

[She puts a hand on his arm- Deeks and Sam together look at Eric…He breathes in angrily]


[Aghanistan. Kensi is trying to unlock her chain. A man shouts Pashto outside. She hastily pretends being asleep. 2 men dragging Jack come in and drop him onto the ground. He was tortured. One of them kicks his chest, telling something in Pashto; Jack groans, barely conscious…The men leave them alone. Jack groans again]

KENSI: Jack?

(He grunts)

KENSI: Jack.

[She pulls off her scarf, dips it into water and wipes his forehead]

KENSI: Hey. Hey. Open your eyes if you can hear me. Jack.

JACK: Hi. Mm.

[He speaks indistinctly, groans and rises on his knees]

JACK: I think they busted some ribs.

[He’s grunting, panting – his voice is weak]

JACK: What the hell are you doing here?

KENSI: I...uh...I-I came here to, um...What are you doing here?

JACK: I heard you'd been captured. I was trying to...talk them into releasing you.

KENSI: I thought you were dead.

[She’s crying]

JACK: Yeah, well...

[He groans]

JACK: I got a feeling we both might be before the night's over.


[[Bullpen. Deeks, Sam, Nell and Eric]

NELL: Ira's zero day exploits a weakness in GLONASS, or Global Navigation Satellite System.

SAM: Russian GPS.

NELL: Yes.

ERIC: Uh… the flaw that Ira found allows access to the base code that assigns coordinates to GLONASS monitoring stations around the world.

NELL: Meaning that a hacker could trick the system into thinking Moscow was in New Jersey.

DEEKS: I'm guessing this is affecting more than just Russian Yelpers looking for stroganoff?

ERIC: Uh, no. It is also the system that guides their nuclear missiles.


NELL: And if someone were to exploit this zero day, they could potentially divert the missiles to any target of their choosing.

SAM: Makes sense the Department of Defense would want to take advantage of that in the event of a war.

CALLEN: Except the DOD didn't hire Ira. Hetty and I have been on the phone all morning with over a dozen senior officials. They've never heard of this zero day.

ERIC: So...what does that mean?

CALLEN: It means someone else is trying to gain access to Russia's missile guidance system.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[OPS center.]

NELL: According to Ira, the deal for the GLONASS zero day was set up through Neidra Industries.

DEEKS: The government contractor? I thought their focus was cyber warfare.

NELL: Well, that's essentially what zero days are. So Neidra acts as the middleman between the buyers and the hackers. It's become a profitable business in recent years.

CALLEN: So either someone approached Neidra posing as the DOD...

SAM: Or someone inside the company is working for our mysterious third party.

NELL: And unfortunately, Ira was bluffing about wiping the zero day. Last night, he sent it to Neidra through a secure router. So it should be sitting on their server.

SAM: If someone hasn't retrieved it already.

CALLEN: We need to get inside and secure the zero day.

NELL: Can't we just order them to give us access? They are a government contractor.

DEEKS: No, there's too many laws protecting corporate data. The legit approach could take days.

SAM: And it could spook the inside man.

CALLEN: So we go in under the radar, access the server without anyone knowing.

NELL: Yeah, that's not gonna be easy. Neidra employs state-of-the-art security measures around all of their servers, so you won't get anywhere near them, let alone a computer with access to them.

SAM: Well, the company makes money finding flaws. Makes sense they'd be flawless.

CALLEN: Well, maybe we can use that to our advantage.


[Boatshed. Observation room. Ira is on the couch, Eric in an armchair]

ERIC: Look, Ira, I'm sorry we had to lie to you. We just needed some answers fast.

IRA: In retrospect, I should have known it was a scam. I mean, you? A terrorist? But she had me going. Guess I'm just a sucker for a pretty face.

[He leans forwards and whispers]

IRA: Look, you know you can't trust 'em. The government. The people you work for. You're just a cog in their machine.

ERIC: Ira...

IRA: If you want to have control, I mean, make a real difference and some money, too, work freelance with me.

ERIC: Are you serious?

IRA: You know we would be a great team again.

ERIC: Yeah, we would. But I-I make a big difference here at NCIS.

IRA: Do they know that? Here.

[Eric can’t answer…]


[Afghanistan. Kensi helps Jack drink some water]


JACK: Manena. Thank you. Who knows you're here?

KENSI: My unit knows I'm in Afghanistan, but nobody knows I came looking for you.

JACK: You shouldn't have.

KENSI: My mission was to kill you.

JACK: Why?

KENSI: Because you've been helping the militants.

JACK: That's not true.

KENSI: S...So you're not the one they call the White Ghost, Spin Pairay?

JACK: The only ones I help are the people from my village.

[Kensi stammers; she sighs]

KENSI: Okay, I'm sorry. Your village, Jack? Who are you? You've been gone for nine years.

[She can’t stop tears]

JACK: Something inside me broke when I was here.

KENSI: Well, you know we could've worked through this together, right? You and me? The way it used to be?

JACK: I tried.


JACK: I tried.

KENSI: you didn't try hard enough….

JACK: I-I thought if I came here,…

KENSI: We could've done this together.

JACK: …I could find what I lost. And what I found was...simplicity and...purity of existence. It was as if...everything from my past just-just fell away and I was free.

KENSI: Free from me.

JACK: From everything. I'm not the man you remember.

KENSI: The man who said he loved me? Who asked me to marry him?

JACK: That...that part of me is gone. I converted to Islam, was eventually accepted by one of the more moderate tribes. For the first time in my life, even in a world...ravaged by war, I found peace inside. And out. I...I fell in love.

[She exhales; she’s crying]

JACK: Her name was Mastanah. Eventually we-we married and had a child,

[Kensi exhales again]

JACK: Belourine.

KENSI: And your wife?

JACK: She was...she was killed in a drone strike.

KENSI: I'm sorry.

JACK: I... alerted the U.S. authorities, and their response was to send a CIA operative to try and recruit me. I only cooperated enough to protect my tribe. I have no interest in-in revenge or...or violence.

[She regains control]

JACK: Hey, there's one thing I learned. It's that no one wins a war.


[Neidra Systems. An elevator bell dings: Callen in suit gets out]

EMPLOYEE: Hi. How can I help you?

CALLEN: Uh, Dexter Hughes. I'm here to see your CEO, Lance Witten.

EMPLOYEE: I'm sorry. I'm not seeing an appointment here.

CALLEN: Yeah. That's 'cause I didn't make one, but he's gonna want to see me.

EMPLOYEE: Well, unfortunately, Mr. Witten is in a meeting.

CALLEN: Mm-hmm. Pull him out. Tell Lance that if he doesn't come see me right now, his company is gonna be gone by the time his meeting's over. Oh, and if he needs any more convincing, why don't you just show him... this?

[He writes something on a card; the employee takes it…]

CALLEN: Thanks.

[She picks up the phone…]


SAM: You know what to do?

[He’s with Deeks in the basement; Deeks has his phone connected with a card, which he’s about to put through a scan-lock]

DEEKS: It's not rocket science.

SAM: I'm waiting.

[It works: they’ve access to Neidra “authorized personnel only” entrance]

DEEKS: Look at that. Huh?

[They split; Sam stops in front of the servers room door]

SAM: G, I'm in position.

[G is waiting for the CEO in a meeting room with a splendid view]

CALLEN: Copy that.

[Mr. Witten comes in; he shows the card G wrote for him]

WITTEN: This some sort of joke?

CALLEN: On the contrary, Lance. This is your most important meeting of the day.

WITTEN: You think you can scare me with a few numbers?

[He throws the card onto the table; G picks it up, puts it on his phone monitor – it is scanned]

CALLEN: No. Not just numbers, Lance. The-the, uh, password to your e-mail, but you know that.

WITTEN: From last month. Change it weekly. What do you want?

CALLEN: I want the same thing you want.

[OPS center. Eric works on the card: he finds Witten’s fingerprints]

CALLEN: [Over com] To ensure the security and success of Neidra Industries.

[Eric scans the print and sends it to Sam]

ERIC: All right, we got a thumb. Sending it to you now, Sam.

[Neidra basement. Sam presses the thumb print on the scan-lock; the door opens. He enters a room protected with laser beams]

SAM: Good to go.

[Deeks in a hallway is ready to shut the power off]

[Meeting room]

WITTEN: Right. You got nothing.

CALLEN: I'll tell you what, Lance. Why don't I just show you?

[He works on his phone while Witten is walking out; Deeks turns the power off with a clacking; in the building, all the lights go out.]

WOMAN: What happened?

[In the basement, the laser beams vanish. Sam sprints to the servers]

[OPS center.]

NELL: Okay, Sam, you have 25 seconds till the backup generators kick in.

[In the offices, people are puzzled. Witten looks suspiciously at G]

CALLEN: Well, seems I found a zero day in your own security system. I would be willing to sell this to you. Or I could pop over to one of your competitors, see if maybe they're interested.

[Witten chuckles]

WITTEN: You think you're the first person who's tried to scam this company? I bet you got somebody outside tampering with the power box.

[He walks to the door]

WITTEN: Get security in here.

[Sam is opening a server box.]

NELL: [Over com] Sam, you've got...

SAM: 15 seconds. My internal clock is perfect, Nell.

[He puts a clip onto a cable]

SAM: Okay. Optical tap in place.

NELL: [Over com] Seven seconds. Get out.

[Sam slams the door, hastily grabs his gear and runs to the exit]

NELL: [Over com] Three, two, one.

[Buzzer sounds: the laser beams are back; Sam is safe outside the room, in the hallway, at the bottom of the staircase. Deeks is running down, he spots the lasers and looks at Sam]

DEEKS: Lasers, man. I hate freakin' lasers.

[Sam smiles and they walk out of the building]

[OPS center. Eric sighs in relief]

[Meeting room. 2 security guard come in.]

CALLEN: Fine, Lance. You don't believe me? Why don't you check your servers?

WITTEN: My servers are fine. Get him out of here.

CALLEN: Suit yourself.

[He starts leaving; waves to the guards]

CALLEN: It's okay.


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Witten took the bait. He's accessing the servers now. And thanks to the optical tap that Sam put in place, I am... right behind him. Okay, searching for Ira's zero day.

[His computer beeps: a name pops up onto screen: Jeffrey Taylor]

ERIC: It was just downloaded this morning onto a USB drive by...

[Outside Neidra Industries building – a photo appears on Sam’s phone]

ERIC: [Over com] ...Jeffrey Taylor. And he works in client services.

[OPS center.]

NELL: And get this. He's accumulated over a hundred grand in credit card debt.

ERIC: ERIC: Uh, guys, Taylor just used his ID to exit into a parking garage.

[Outside Neidra Industries]

ERIC: [Over com] Sam, Deeks, it's just to your west.

[They run; Taylor has reached the B level. A man is waiting for him in a big SUV. They speak together when Sam and Deeks stop at the bottom of the stairs]

SAM: So, at least three men in that SUV.

DEEKS: He's selling the GLONASS zero day. Good-bye, credit card debt.

[They’re walking closer; a back window opens and a man shoots at once – in Taylor’s chest]

SAM: Federal agents!

[Sam and Deeks kneel behind a car and shoot back; they hit the SUV; the shooter and the passenger are out of it: one protects the other who searches Taylor’s pocket and gets back into the car]

SHOOTER: Let's go. Let's go!

[Meanwhile Sam hits the other - tires squealing, the SUV run away]

DEEKS: Moving!

[Sam and Deeks fire at it, its glass break but it doesn’t stop. They check the guys left of the floor, Deeks the bad guy, Sam, Taylor]

DEEKS: He's dead.

SAM: Taylor, too.

DEEKS: Zero day USB?

[Sam searches the body]

SAM: No dice.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Bullpen. Eric is briefing Sam, G and Deeks]

ERIC: We found a record of encrypted e-mails on Taylor's home computer. Still working on breaking them.

CALLEN: He's taken a lot of business trips, including Russia. Maybe that's where he found his buyer, set up the deal for the zero day.

SAM: It was a bad deal. First they try to avoid paying by going after Ira. Then they kill Taylor to avoid paying him.

DEEKS: So we're looking for the world's cheapest terrorists?

[Nell hurries in]

NELL: Survey says...Chechen separatists.

[She puts onto screen ID of the dead guy in the garage]

NELL: Meet Ruman Taimiev. He entered this country seven weeks ago along with these men.

[The shooter and the driver are among the 3]

NELL: They have ties to the Ichkerian Peacekeepers. And intel suggests the group's goal is to force the Russian military to pull out of the Caucasus.

SAM: Control GLONASS, you control the Russian missiles. They'd have to meet their demands.

ERIC: I've been thinking. Zero days get their name from the fact that once a flaw is discovered, the owner of the hacked system has exactly zero days to fix it before it can be exploited.

CALLEN: So if we fix the zero day, the Chechens won't have that opportunity.

ERIC: Ira knows GLONASS better than I do. I can easily access it from his computers.

HETTY: It's an excellent idea, Mr. Beale. Miss Jones can accompany Mr. Wells to his loft.

ERIC: With all due respect, I have more experience hacking foreign systems.

NELL: That's true. He does. He should go.

HETTY: Mr. Beale can hack just as well up in Ops. And you're the field agent.

NELL: Right.

[She taps Eric’s chest and they leave. Deeks clears his throat]

DEEKS: If this doesn't work, we still got to warn the Russians.

CALLEN: Sounds like it's time to pay our old friend at the, uh, consulate a visit.

SAM: You think he'll remember us?

CALLEN: Uh-huh.


[Ira’s loft. He’s typing on his keyboard]

IRA: I'm guessing you don't really wear glasses.

NELL: Nope.

IRA: But the attitude--was that real?

NELL: What do you think?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Uh, guys, we're on a clock.


IRA: Right.

[He sits down and types again]

IRA: Uh... system is...up and running.

NELL: Okay. I'll get you access.

IRA: I am... loading the...the GLONASS drive.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Me, too.


IRA: Just take a minute.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: I was gonna say 15 seconds.


IRA: Anyway... I'm glad about the glasses. Makes it easier to see your brown eyes.

[Nell appreciates – Eric doesn’t…]

IRA: Okay... I'm in.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: So am I.


NELL: Okay, how long will it take to fix?

IRA: Uh, should go faster with two of us. Beale, can you shore up the PZ-90 coordinate datum while I...

[A red window buzz open]

IRA: Uh-oh.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Uh-oh.


NELL: What's wrong?

IRA: The zero day-- it's...it's gone. The flaw's been fixed.

NELL: Isn't that what we wanted?

ERIC: [Over com] No. We're too late.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: The Chechens have already accessed the GLONASS. They've gone in and locked the door behind them.


[Aghanistan. Sun rise. Jack is praying – his chain clinking. Kensi is still trying to free her leg]

JACK: Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

KENSI: Will your tribe come get you?


KENSI: Yeah, well, mine will... eventually. We might stand a chance if we actually get ourselves free.

[She tries to pull the chain out from the stone]

JACK: I've renounced violence.

KENSI: Really? Even if it means saving your own life?

JACK: Inshallah.

[Kensi gives up pulling the chain and gets back to the lock around her leg]

KENSI: Oh. Haven't you ever heard, God helps those who help themselves?

JACK: The Koran says, "Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves."

KENSI: Well, there you go. Let's change our condition and get the hell out of here.

JACK: What do you have in mind?

[She sighs]

KENSI: Take off your clothes. And throw it in the fire with anything else you think we can use to smoke up this place. When they come in and investigate, it might give us the few seconds we need. Come on.

[They open their cloak but men come and grab Jack]


[He yells in pain while they drag him away]

KENSI: Where are you taking him? Jack?! Jack!

[A man speaking Pashto drops water onto the fire; it dies]

KENSI: Where are you taking him?

[She hears Jack groaning, men speaking Pashto]

KENSI: Where are you taking him?

[Jack groans again, she hear shouting…she groans in despair, alone in the dark.]


[The Russian Consul is leaving a young blond woman in a dressing gown; He kisses her hand and tells her something in Russian. She closes the door as he leaves. He walks to the elevators – Sam and G are waiting for him!]

CALLEN: Little afternoon delight, Boris? Wife's not gonna like that.

BORIS: Who are you? Where are my men?

SAM: They're dealing with a little car trouble downstairs.

CALLEN: I'm actually surprised you're not in Siberia, Boris. I mean, given the debacle at the consulate last October.

BORIS: What do you know about October?

SAM: Tenth month of the year.

CALLEN: Halloween, Columbus Day.

SAM: But we're here to talk about the Ichkerian Peacekeepers.

CALLEN: We just thought you might want to know that earlier today, they gained access to your Global Navigation Satellite System.

BORIS: GLONASS? Impossible.

CALLEN: Call the Kremlin. No harm in checking, right?

BORIS: This is a trick. A ploy to get us to scrap the test, huh? It will not work.

SAM: Test? What test?

[Boris calls the elevator]

BORIS: You see, the Cold War never ended, my dear American friends. But that was our mistake, these past 20 years. Starting today, that all changes.

[The elevator dings – Boris steps inside]

BORIS: Good day, gentlemen.

[The agents exchange a look]

[Off to…]


[OPS center. Callen, Sam and Deeks hurry in]

ERIC: We confirmed with the Pentagon: the Russians have been developing a new long-range missile. A test launch is scheduled for sometime tomorrow.

CALLEN: Which is already today in Russia.

DEEKS: God, I hate time zones.

SAM: Does the Kremlin know?

ERIC: Hetty and the White House are on the phone with them.

[Hetty pops up onto screen]

HETTY: [Over video] Correction. Was on the phone. The Russian president just informed us. The missile launched five minutes ago. We were too late.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[OPS center.]

ERIC: According to the Russian military, the missile was supposed to detonate harmlessly in the Arctic Ocean. But with the way the Chechens have altered GLONASS, it will now strike San Francisco in 31 minutes.

SAM: So the Chechens aren't aiming for Russia. They're targeting the U.S.

CALLEN: Their stated goal is to get the Russian military out of the Caucasus. If the U.S. declares war on Russia, mission accomplished.

DEEKS: Is the missile nuclear?

ERIC: No, but it is carrying over 900 pounds of fuel-air explosive.

SAM: Thermoberic. Turns air to fire. Can't we send a command self-destruct to the missile?

ERIC: There isn't one. It's designed to be tamperproof. That includes radio-controlled commands. Look, the only way the missile will self-destruct is if it goes off-course And from the missile's point-of-view, it's right on target.

HETTY: [Over video] The president just activated the Aegis Missile Defense System. Unfortunately, the only BMD capable vessels are in the Sea of Japan, watching North Korea.

SAM: They're not in position to intercept a missile from Siberia.

CALLEN: Okay, if we can't use the zero day to change the GLONASS coordinates, what else can we do?

SAM: ...

ERIC: ...I think I have an idea. All GeoNav satellite systems rely on ground monitoring stations to provide coordinates. They're like guideposts for the satellites. Now, if we can add a new station to the GLONASS network, it might just skew the coordinates enough to alter the trajectory of the missile.

DEEKS: Great. How do we do that?

ERIC: We'd have to recalibrate an American GPS station so that it thinks that it's part of GLONASS. Okay, the nearest station is on a roof at Fifth and Rose, downtown.

[Deeks, Sam and G leave the OPS.]

HETTY: [Over video] Mr. Beale. Try not to get arrested this time.

[He rushes out!]


[Loft. Nell is on phone]

NELL: All right, I'm on my way.

[To Ira bringing her coffee and tea]

NELL: I got to go back to Ops.

IRA: Is everything all right?

NELL: The Russians launched a test missile. Eric and the others are headed downtown to a GPS monitoring station to try to recalibrate it.

IRA: No one knows the ins and outs of GLONASS better I do. I can help.

NELL: Sorry, you're still a potential target. Just wait here. Uh, another NCIS agent should be here shortly.

[She runs to the door and leaves the apartment]


[In the stairs of a Fifth and Rose building]

CALLEN: How much time?

SAM: Five minutes.

ERIC: 4:57.

CALLEN: Three seconds off. Someone needs to wind their internal clock.


[OPS center. Nell comes in; Hetty is on phone]

HETTY: I understand. Yes, she's just arriving.

[She cuts off the call]

HETTY: That was Agent Thompson at the loft. Mr. Wells is gone.

[Nell is already typing on her keyboard; the computer beeps]

NELL: All right, I'm pinging his cell phone now.

HETTY: That's the location of the monitor station.

[Nell gets footage from surveillance camera in the staircase]

NELL: Oh, no.

HETTY: Bugger.

[2 armed men are going up]

HETTY: Mr. Callen,


HETTY: [Over com] you're about to have some company.

[Eric is opening the electron box of the monitor station; the agents raise their gun, aim at the door – Ira appears]

IRA: Whoa. It's just me.

CALLEN: Yeah, he just got here.

NELL: [Over com] No,

[OPS center.]

NELL: not Ira. The Chechens. They must have been watching his loft. They're...following him to your exact position and heading up the stairs now.

[She zooms on the driver and the shooter they spotted in the garage earlier, carrying automatic weapons]


CALLEN: They must have figured Ira was with us after Neidra. [To Ira] Go help Beale.

SAM: We need to buy Eric some extra time. Deeks, brace the door.

DEEKS: On it.

IRA: All right, buddy, first we need to, uh...

ERIC: Adjust the L1 band to 1602 megahertz. I'm already doing it. I need you to compensate for the lower satellite orbits, and I need you to do it in under three minutes.

IRA: Okay. Anything else?

ERIC: Yeah. Nell's eyes? They're hazel.

[Ira smiles and they dive on their laptops. Deeks braces wood against the door]

[OPS center.]

NELL: QRF is ten minutes out.

HETTY: We haven't got that long.

[Actually, 1:05…]

[Roof. Someone thumps the door from inside.]

DEEKS: You think that's them?

[Rapid gunfire answers: someone shoots through the door]

SAM: Eric, how much time do you need?

[There are new booming gunshots – G raises the head]

CALLEN: Sniper. North building.

SAM: He doesn't have a line of sight to the monitor station.

DEEKS: Yeah, but these guys do.

[The men open the door; they shoot nonstop – bullets hit the wall close to Eric and Ira]

CALLEN: Eric, you're exposed.

[Ira dives behind an air conditioner but Eric still types on his laptop]

ERIC: We're working. Ira, I need those orbital calculations...Ira.

[But Ira is too scared by the rapid gunfire continuing. Eric grabs his laptop and works on both]

[Callen hits the driver.]

SAM: Deeks, need a diversion.

DEEKS: Hell, diversion's my middle name.

[In the OPS, Nell and Hetty exchange a worried look]

[On the roof: 14, 13 seconds left; Eric is typing frantically]

ERIC: Okay. Here goes nothing.

[9, 8 seconds left – he presses the “enter” key just when bullets barely miss him. He dives onto the ground]

ERIC: Aah!

DEEKS: On three. One, two,…

[Callen shoots another guy – the sniper aims at Deeks running as fast as he can and shoots twice – Sam closes up; The sniper shoots continuously at Deeks; Sam grabs a rifle and manages to hit the sniper]


[He vanishes from sight]

DEEKS: Hah, hah, hah.

[He whoops- that was so close...]

CALLEN: All clear. Deeks?

DEEKS: Yeah, I'm good. But I'm definitely changing my middle name.

[Sam spots motionless legs of someone lying down on the ground]

SAM: Eric!

[He runs; in the OPS, Nell and Hetty are holding their breath – Sam, Deeks, Callen, all hurry; Ira rises from his hiding-place. Sam shakes Eric’s shoulder]

SAM: Eric?

[Eric raises the head]

ERIC: Is it over?

[Sam chuckles and grabs his hand]

SAM: It's over.

CALLEN: What about the missile?

[OPS center.]

NELL: Splashing down in the Pacific.


HETTY: [Over com] Good work, Mr. Beale.

[Eric laughs; he’s still panting]

IRA: So, about us working together?

ERIC: I think I'm good where I am.

[Ira smiles and nods]

ERIC: Yeah.

[He steps forwards, panting; he staggers and Deeks helps him]

DEEKS: You okay?

ERIC: Yeah, uh, legs just a little... little wobbly.

DEEKS: Little wobbly.

ERIC: And I'm, uh, having trouble breathing. This is shock. I'm in shock.

DEEKS: You're in shock.

ERIC: Yeah, I think I'm in shock.

DEEKS: Brown bag, ice, elevate.

[Eic exhales, heading to the exit, helped by Deeks]

DEEKS: Cocktail.


[Later. Agents’ desks, Sam and Deeks]

HETTY: The official statement from the Russians is: the missile functioned perfectly.

[She laughs]

HETTY: And it did.

DEEKS: Yeah, as long as those missiles keep landing in the ocean, I'm a happy camper.

SAM: Amen.

HETTY: Mr. Callen's already left?

SAM: Yeah, he, uh, left to get his car... from the shop.

DEEKS: Shop.

HETTY: Oh, right. You mean Joelle's car?

[Sam stammers and Hetty smiles broadly; she leaves them. Sam looks at Deeks]

SAM: Shut up.

DEEKS: I didn't say anything...7:00 in the evening. You know where your partner is?

SAM: Nope, but I know who he's with, and I have a good idea what they're doing. You get the picture.

DEEKS: Downloading...downloading...

SAM: Delete.

DEEKS: Save.

SAM: Whoa.

[They walk out]


[In the mezzanine. Nell joins Eric, lost in thoughts]

NELL: That was quite the day, huh?

[Surprised, he has a short laugh]

NELL: How you feeling?

ERIC: Better. Tired.


[Eric pulls off his glasses]

ERIC: A little queasy.

NELL: Yup.

[Eric sighs]

NELL: It's probably still the prison food.

[He smiles, wants to put back his glasses, hits his face with them]

NELL: Hey.

ERIC: What?

NELL: Just gonna say that...it's nice to see your eyes without your glasses on.

[He nods]

NELL: Have a good night.

ERIC: You, too. Have a good night.

NELL: Thank you.

[She wheels around, takes the stairs down]

[She’s gone; he sighs, with a smile...]


[Afghanistan. Granger enters an empty office; he goes to the monitor claiming: “OSP LA : communication standby]

[OPS center. Hetty glances at her watch, closes the shutters, locks the door and goes in front of the large screen. Granger in Afghanistan and Hetty in LA are video-conferencing]

HETTY: Time for your breakfast, Owen?

GRANGER: We have a situation. Blye's missing.

HETTY: What do you mean?

GRANGER: I mean she's gone. She took a horse and left her rifle.

HETTY: I gave her a secure sat phone.

GRANGER: She ditched it. She had a shot at our target yesterday and she choked.

HETTY: No, my people don't choke.

GRANGER: Then what is this? Something spooked her. She missed the shot yesterday and snuck out of here during the night without a weapon and without telling anyone else where she was going.

HETTY: What about your man, Sabatino?

GRANGER: I don't know. He works off the grid for days at a time.

HETTY: So you actually have two operatives missing.

[She can’t help a tiny smile]

GRANGER: I'd be careful if I were you. She was your choice for this mission. I tracked her horse as far as I could. She's heading into an area controlled by the insurgents.

[Hetty sighs, looking uncomfortable]

GRANGER: Do you know something I don't know, Henrietta? Because if you want your girl back...

[Black screen]

GRANGER: ...now would be the time to tell me.

----------------- THE END -----------------


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