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#603 : Praesidium (2/3)

L’équipe du NCIS se met en action afin de protéger l’un des siens pendant les interrogatoires du Département de la justice. Nell va sur le terrain en se faisant passer pour Hetty et le Directeur Léon Vance donne des nouvelles troublantes à Hetty, alors qu’elle se trouve sous investigation à Washinghton. 


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Praesidium (2/3)

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Hetty (Linda Hunt) patiente dans le hall du congrès

Hetty (Linda Hunt) patiente dans le hall du congrès

Hetty parle avec un homme dans la rue

Hetty parle avec un homme dans la rue

Le directeur Vance a rejoint Hetty à Washington

Le directeur Vance a rejoint Hetty à Washington

Le directeur (Rocky Carroll) discute avec Hetty

Le directeur (Rocky Carroll) discute avec Hetty

Sam (LL Cool J) devant une barrière blanche

Sam (LL Cool J) devant une barrière blanche

L'agent Hanna a sorti son arme et se protège pour suivre quelqu'un

L'agent Hanna a sorti son arme et se protège pour suivre quelqu'un

Callen (Chris O'Donnell) sort de l'océan

Callen (Chris O'Donnell) sort de l'océan

Kensi et Deeks sur le pont du port

Kensi et Deeks sur le pont du port


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Scénario : Erin Broadhurst et R.S. Gemmill

Réalisation : Dennis Smith


Rocky Carroll ............................ Directeur NCIS Leon Vance
Aisha Hinds ............................ Chef Investigateur Ava Wallace 
John Heard ............................  Investigateur special congres Michael Thomas 
Eddie Shin ............................ Matthew Ogilvie 
Jason Manuel Olazabal ............................ Craig Lennox 
Amol Shah ............................ Team Member 
Cuyle Carvin ............................ Beckett
Biana Lopez ............................ EMT
Marybeth Massett ............................ Femme du congres Ann Jones
Neil Colin ............................ David “Duke” Fletcher

HETTY: Previously in NCIS: Los Angeles

THOMAS: This phase of our investigation is a fact-finding mission. Why did you send Special Agent Blye to Afghanistan?

ERIC: We've got trouble, intruder alert.

CALLEN: Who are they?

GRANGER: Don't let them in until we know.

NELL: Department of Justice?

WALLACE: This is an order from the Executive Branch for a forensic audit of this facility and all employees.

DEEKS: So, what are they looking for?

GRANGER: Ammunition to bring down Hetty--they need a sacrificial lamb.

HETTY: [To Nell] I will check in with you every day. However, should I fail to do so, follow the enclosed directions as soon as possible.

NELL: Chauvenet is a Dark Net Deep Web site that deals in billions of dollars of illegal goods and services.

CALLEN: That's Hetty's house.

NELL: Somebody paid $250,000 to find out where Hetty lives.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[A hooded man is searching a house by night with a flashlight. Hetty’s house, according to photos in a frame, or cards with her name...The guy is armed, his gun has a silencer]

MAN: Stop right there. Weapon on the ground.

[A man in the staircase is aiming at the thief who obeys: he kneels down, puts his weapon on the ground and stands up again- but he has another gun in his back. The man in the stairs sees him moving and shoots. The guy groans, squirming on the ground. The man gets down, secures the weapons and checks a bag with plastic handcuffs, a syringe and a bottle. He looks closely at the syringe when he spots a shadow moving in his back through a mirror– he turns around, not fast enough: he’s shot. The shooter (hooded, masked) comes up...and pulls again the trigger...]


♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 6x03 ♫ ♫ Praesidium ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on October 13, 2014 ♫ ♫


[TV is playing indistinctly; Kensi is asleep on the couch; Deeks is resting on her legs; both have still their clothes. It seems they’ve eaten and fell asleep straight away. Her cell phone buzzes. She picks it up and moves to read it]

DEEKS: Ugh. Stop kicking me.

[She sits down]

KENSI: We're being called into Ops.

DEEKS: What? What time is it?

KENSI: It's just after 6:00.

DEEKS: In the morning?! Yeah, no. I need my beauty sleep.

[He puts a cushion over his eyes]

KENSI: More like a beauty coma.

[She puts his weapon onto the cushion -the groans]

DEEKS: You're obviously not a morning person.

KENSI: It's not morning, yet.

[She kicks him]

KENSI: Get up.

[He groans and sits up]

DEEKS: God, I wish you had a snooze button.

[Callen is shaving off- his cell phone dings: a message from Eric “Emergency alert. Report to OPS immediately”. G looks at his reflection: short hair and 3 days beard. His watch says 5.15; he leaves the bathroom]

[Sam is running. His cell phone beeps. He takes his phone out of his pocket: same message from Eric. He turns around and runs again]

[Granger is sleeping in a bad. His cell phone buzzes. He’s not alone...He whispers for a blond woman – asleep at his side]

GRANGER: I'll call you.

WOMAN: Mm-hmm.


[OPS center. Deeks and Kensi come in. Eric, Nell, G and Callen are already in]

KENSI: What's going on?

CALLEN: Hit it.

ERIC: Last night a private security guard shot an armed intruder.

CALLEN: That's Hetty's house.

DEEKS: You've been to Hetty's house?

ERIC: The address was sold on the black market Web site, Chauvenet. This is security cam footage from her front parlor.

CALLEN: That's Duke.

ERIC: He was shot by a second assailant. Both intruders got away.

CALLEN: Ah, damn.

CALLEN: What was he checking out on the ground?

SAM: Zip ties and a syringe? That thing that looks like a bag is probably a hood. Those intruders were there to kidnap Hetty.

DEEKS: Wait, so who's Duke?

NELL: Hetty's security guard, David "Duke" Fletcher, former British Special Air Services. He's now in critical condition.

SAM: Does he have any family?

NELL: No, he's worked for Hetty for the past nine years, so she's probably as close as it gets. Hetty did give me this before she left in case of an emergency.

[The thumb-drive hidden in her brooch. Nell connects it with a computer and photos appear onto screen]

NELL: In addition to her Hollywood house that was just breached, code-named Dovecote, Hetty also has an Encino property, code name Briar Patch, a beach house in Venice, code name Ancora, a loft downtown, code name Callisto, and, of course, her boat, Lady H, code name Sanctuary.

KENSI: Wow, I'd heard Hetty slept in a different house every night. Thought it was Hetty lore.

CALLEN: Now you know why.

DEEKS: That's a classic Arafat move.

SAM: Guess where he learned it.

CALLEN: Bring up the addresses that were flagged on Chauvenet.

[All but the yacht, actually]

CALLEN: Send us the addresses for Ancora and Callisto. We'll check them out.

NELL: Already on it.

CALLEN: Kensi, Deeks--check out her boat.

[Sam and G walk out]

KENSI: Where's Granger?

ERIC: Uh... sent him the alert. He's not in, yet.

[He’s just entering when they’re all in the stairs]

SAM: Late night?

GRANGER: Handling LAPD and Hetty's nosey neighbors. Cops have agreed to sit on things for 24 hours.

DEEKS: Well, that doesn't give us a lot of time.

GRANGER: Well, we don't have a lot of time. Special Investigator Wallace and her minions will be back any minute to create even more trouble.

SAM: What'd they find at the house?

GRANGER: Not much, maybe a boot print in a flower bed. These guys are pros. Classic black bag job.

CALLEN: The important thing is they didn't capture Hetty.

DEEKS: Who knows what they would have done to her.

KENSI: I can think of a few ideas.

CALLEN: We're gonna check out the rest of her residences.

GRANGER: All right, be careful. Let me know what you find.


[G and Sam leave through the wooden door]

SAM: Yo. You okay?

CALLEN: Yeah. Yeah, I was just, uh, thinking about what Deeks said. You know, if Hetty had been home.

SAM: She wasn't. If she had been, it'd have been worse for the guys who broke in.

CALLEN: Yeah, maybe.

SAM: Are you kidding me? Boot prints in her flower beds? Someone steps on her daffodils? She's probably killed for less.

CALLEN: Daffodils? Doesn't even look right coming out of your mouth.

SAM: They're prize winning.

CALLEN: How do you know that? First of all, why do you know that?

SAM: We talk gardening on occasion.

CALLEN: Gardening?

SAM: Gardening, investment strategies, woodworking. Just because the art of conversation is lost on you...

CALLEN: I can have an artful conversation.

SAM: Yeah, right.

CALLEN: How's your vinyl collection these days, huh?

SAM: That was lame.

CALLEN: It's an icebreaker.

SAM: Yeah, okay.

CALLEN: It's a starter.

[Sam gets into the Challenger]

CALLEN: Yeah, I'm warming up.


[Hetty’s office: Granger is watching a photo of Hetty and Pope John Paul II. Nell comes up]

NELL: Hetty has friends in high places.

GRANGER: Yeah...She's gonna need 'em.

NELL: Do you have any idea who's responsible for this?

GRANGER: I don't know. She's also made a lot of powerful enemies.

NELL: Can I ask you, are you at all worried? - I'm sorry.


NELL: No, it's just that...Hetty always told me to remain vigilant and cautious, but leave the worrying to your enemies.

GRANGER: That's good advice.

NELL: Does she have any idea any of this has happened?

GRANGER: No, not yet.

NELL: She should be briefed.

GRANGER: I'll handle it.

NELL: Okay.

[Eric hurries in]

GRANGER: What is it?

ERIC: Duke passed away on the operating table.


[Washington - hearing]

THOMAS: Miss Lange, the mission in Afghanistan was a debacle. The unsanctioned mission that you approved to rescue one of your agents totaled over $3 million. How do you justify such a costly mission?

[Her cell phone buzzes]

THOMAS: Miss Lange?

[She reads her message: “Dovecoat compromised, Duke dead” – she gasps slightly]

THOMAS: Miss Lange, the mission?

HETTY: Yes, I'm sorry. Could you repeat the question?

THOMAS: You were about to defend your egregious policy violation of negotiating with known terrorist organizations using the funds of the United States government.

HETTY: Some of the money was mine.

THOMAS: Okay, and the rest of the money?

[She looks at her attorney – making the OK sign with her fingers – he glances at them]

HETTY: The rest was funneled through our operating budget.

THOMAS: In other words, the U.S. government's.

HETTY: ...

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[OPS center.]

ERIC: No hospitals reporting males with GSWs to the knee and shoulder.

NELL: They're too smart for that.

ERIC: Yeah.

[Wallace comes in with 2 of his men]

WALLACE: Where are Callen, Hanna and Blye?


ERIC: Did you try the burn room?

NELL: Did you try the car pool?

WALLACE: You two keep playing me, you're gonna find yourself working in the IT department at Petco.

[Granger steps in]

GRANGER: Is there a problem here?

WALLACE: I owe a report to Congressman Thomas by tomorrow morning. Let me talk to your people, or I'll shut your office down immediately.

GRANGER: Well, if you want to interview someone, interview me.



DEEKS: Yeah, I could do this. I could handle living on a yacht.

KENSI: On your salary? Maybe a rowboat.

DEEKS: Not if I had a shipmate.

KENSI: You'd need about 20 shipmates to make this work, Gilligan.

DEEKS: What about you?

KENSI: Nah, it's too rich for my blood.

DEEKS: I mean as a shipmate, me and you. Split bills, save some money. Maybe get a cooler place.

KENSI: Are you serious?

DEEKS: What? I'm non-smoking. I-I'm tidy, I'm professional. I-I put my dishes in the dishwasher. I buy toilet paper before it's even necessary. That's incredible.

KENSI: I would live with Monty before I'd live with you.

DEEKS: Yeah, that goes without saying, 'cause Monty's a catch. I'm saying that we come as a package deal.

KENSI: Oh, so I get a dog and a mutt? No, thank you.

DEEKS: Touché. All right, you know what? That's fine. It's probably better this way. I couldn't put up with your hoarding anyway.

KENSI: Okay, for the thousandth time, I'm not a hoarder.

DEEKS: Oh, you're a dirty little hoarder. You're hoard city.


[Beach house in Venice]

SAM: This is messed up, G. If they can get to Hetty...

CALLEN: They can get to any of us.

[Sam pulls out his phone and starts typing the code to open the door; G looks around – a man appears at the corner, a gun in his back pocket]

CALLEN: Federal agents!

[The guy wheels around and runs. G heads to the corner and watches carefully; the guy was waiting hidden behind the opposite wall; they fire at each other. Meanwhile Sam goes to the back of the house]

SAM: Stop!

[A man with already a foot inside a car shoots at him; Sam protects himself behind the wall, it gives time to the guy to sit down behind the wheel and drives away. Sam can’t stop him with any of his shots]

[G and Sam are still shooting at each other – Sam goes round. When the guy rises to flee, he’s face to face with Sam’s gun]

SAM: Drop that weapon on the ground!

[The man raises his weapon, Sam has no choice but to shoot first]

SAM: G?!

CALLEN: I'm good.

SAM: We're clear back here.

[Callen searches the body, finds a phone; he pulls out his]


ERIC: [Over com] Yeah?

CALLEN: I'm sending you a photo of the shooter as well as a number to trace.

ERIC: [Over com] You got it.

SAM: And find a blue Mustang leaving Ancora.

ERIC: [Over com] I'm on it.



WALLACE: Henrietta Lange.

GRANGER: All-powerful.

WALLACE: I'm sorry?

GRANGER: I thought we were doing word association.

WALLACE: Henrietta Lange has repeatedly acted outside of her role as manager of operations for the Office of Special Projects. And has twice threatened to resign over it.

GRANGER: Well, I threaten to resign at least once a week.

WALLACE: Doesn't that suggest someone who's volatile? Potentially unfit as a leader?

GRANGER: Well, they're not mutually exclusive. Churchill had a few volatile outbursts here and there.

WALLACE: If you're comparing Ms. Lange to Winston Churchill...

GRANGER: Sounds like you are.

WALLACE: Lauren Hunter.

GRANGER: Before my time.

WALLACE: Ms. Lange trained her well beyond NCIS protocol before she became an agent. The same with a woman named Grace Stevens.

GRANGER: Women mentoring women. I guess it's not all competition and cat claws.

WALLACE: Mentorship? Or indoctrination?

GRANGER: I thought these questions were supposed to be about me.

WALLACE: What do you want me to say in my report? That Ms. Lange's team won't comply?

GRANGER: Well, Ms. Wallace, I can't help you with your homework unless you ask me questions that have to do with my role as assistant director.


[Washington – hearing]

THOMAS: Ms. Lange? You have shown nothing but a blatant disregard for your orders from the Secretary of the Navy.

HETTY: I was operating well within the bounds of my authority.

JONES: If that were true, we wouldn't be here.

HETTY: I did what n......need to.

WALLACE: You disobeyed direct orders.

[Hetty doesn’t look well]

ATTORNEY: Hetty, would you like some water?

[She slowly rises…]


[She’s on her feet but collapses - All gasp. The attorney kneels down]

ATTORNEY: Hetty? Hetty?


[Boatshed. Deeks and Kensi come in]

DEEKS: We know at least three people are involved.

KENSI: Two of which are out of commission.

DEEKS: But we still don't know who they are or what they want.

KENSI: What they want is Hetty. Who they are remains to be seen. The bigger question is how did they get Hetty's personal information in the first place?

DEEKS: She’s one of the most private people on the planet. She's also one of the most skilled in tradecraft.

KENSI: Exactly. So how the hell did her information get compromised?

DEEKS: She got burned by someone in Washington like this Congressman Thomas.

[Kensi sighs]

KENSI: Maybe. I don't think he's got the resources.

DEEKS: Then who?

KENSI: Maybe we have a mole.

DEEKS: Come on, Hetty vets everyone on her team herself.

[Someone opens the door and closes the door]

KENSI: How else would you explain this?


NELL: Granger got a call from Washington. Hetty collapsed at her committee hearing.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Washington. Hetty is evacuated on a stretcher. Her attorney speaks to Thomas]

ATTORNEY: I hope you're pleased with yourself.

[He speaks to a paramedic]

ATTORNEY: Where are you taking her?

WOMAN: Madison General.

[He dials on his phone]

[Boatshed. Sam and Callen hurry in – Nell is on phone]

CALLEN: What's going on?

KENSI: Still waiting to hear something.

NELL: [On phone] Okay, got it. Thanks.

DEEKS: Nell?

NELL: She's being rushed to Madison General.

CALLEN: What the hell happened?

NELL: They couldn't tell me. But I can try to find out who's treating her.

DEEKS: You think somebody got to her in Washington?

KENSI: Nobody even knows she's there.

SAM: Nobody knew her home addresses last week either.

CALLEN: I swear to God, if somebody hurt Hetty...

[He pulls out his phone]

CALLEN: We need to be on the next plane to Washington.

SAM: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We don't know what's going on yet.

CALLEN: Hetty's in trouble, that's all I need.

DEEKS: Maybe she just fainted. She's under a lot of stress.

CALLEN: Hetty? Fainted? Really? She has a resting heart rate of 50 when she's being shot at. Hetty did not faint.

KENSI: Okay maybe she didn't faint. But Deeks is right. We don't know what's going on.

SAM: I agree. We need to focus on what we do know. And what's in front of us right now.

CALLEN: We don't have anything!

[He’s so angry that no one dares reply]

CALLEN: What if we're wrong? And someone got to her while we're chasing our tails?

SAM: Then we do what we do best. We rain hellfire down on their sorry asses.

ERIC: [Over video from the OPS] Guys?

KENSI: Eric? Tell me you got something on Hetty?

ERIC: [Over video] No, sorry. Facial rec had nothing on your dead guy either. But I did get a hit on that local number in his phone. Guy's name is Craig Lennox. He's a former German national who runs a custom furniture shop.

SAM: You got an address?

ERIC: [Over video] Yeah, it's downtown off the Willow Street alley.

CALLEN: All right, we'll check it out.

KENSI: Callen? If you need to go to Washington, we can handle things here.

CALLEN: No. Find out what happened to Hetty. Eric, send us the address.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Did it. [To Kensi, Deeks and Nell] Let me know when you get any news.

WALLACE: Not bad.

ERIC: Can I help you?

WALLACE: You just did.

ERIC: Glad I could be of service.

[He wants to walk out]

WALLACE: Ah! You won't be needing this.

[She grabs his tablet]

WALLACE: And I'll take that.

[His mic/earphone]


[Very nervous, Eric is being interviewed by one of Wallace’s men in the armory]

MAN: Please state for the record your official title and job responsibilities, Mr. Beale.

ERIC: I have to use the restroom.

MAN: You're not leaving that chair until you've told us everything.

ERIC: "Everything"?


[Ambulance. An oxygen mask on the face, Hetty is still unconscious.]

MAN: We're here.

[Hetty opens the eyes; raises a hand – the paramedic helps her to sit up.]

WOMAN: This is the spot. No security cameras till the end of the alley.

[Hetty pulls off the oxygen mask]

HETTY: You're certain?

WOMAN: 100%, ma'am.

HETTY: This'll do- just fine.

[The woman gives her a gun]

HETTY: Thank you.

[The ambulance leaves Hetty walking in the alley…]

[Off to…]


[...Craig Lennox’s shop. Sam parks the Challenger in the back alley]

CALLEN: This is a waste of time.

SAM: It's the only lead we've got.

CALLEN: Want to take a walk around?

SAM: Be my guest.

CALLEN: I'm pretty sure it's your turn.

SAM: I'm not feeling it.

[G laughs]


SAM: So, it'll show in my performance.

CALLEN: In your performance?

SAM: Yeah. The key to undercover work is authenticity. If I don't believe it, nobody else will. And that can be dangerous.

CALLEN: Uh-huh. I think you're watching too much of Inside the Actor's Studio.

[But he gets out of the car]

SAM: What's your favorite word? What terrifies you?


[Sam laughs – G walks down the alley]



ERIC: I was caught in a brutal crossfire. Explosive rounds were going off so near my head, I could barely see. But I kept my cool. I waited for them to reload and the second they stopped shooting, I charged across that roof towards sweet, sweet freedom. Until that bullet tore into my neck.

MAN: In a computer game.

ERIC: Not just "a computer game." I lost the '93 Junior World Championship to...Oliver Pinkerton. Scheming Australian trickster. I felt like I let everyone down, you know? Most of all me.

[He takes off his glasses, eyes misted with tears]

MAN: Uh-huh.

ERIC: Now, when I'm helping my team at NCIS, I compete against myself to see how fast I can do my job. Find the unfindable. Hack the unhackable.

[The DOJ agent writes]

MAN: "Unfindable. Unhackable""

ERIC: And then I'm not that scared little middle-schooler again, you know? I guess I feel...empowered.

[Eric looks at the man…]

ERIC: I've never told anyone that before. Thank you.

[He hugs the agent who doesn’t dare moving…]


[G is inside the shop. Outside, Sam spots a blue car]

SAM: Yo, G. The blue Mustang just pulled up.

[It backs into the warehouse; G hides behind a bandsaw. Sam gets out of his car and finds himself face-to-face with…Wallace]

WALLACE: You're a hard man to find, Agent Hanna.

SAM: Are you kidding me?! I'm in the middle of a case!

WALLACE: Well, so am I.

SAM: I'm on a stakeout.

WALLACE: Then I suggest we get back in the car before you blow your cover.

SAM: Yeah. Let's do that. Get in. Get in! Move over.

[Wallace climbs to the passenger seat from the driver door. Sam sighs and sits down]

[Inside the warehouse, G sees the driver leave the Mustang and follows him discreetly. The guy takes stairs]

[In the car]

SAM: What the hell are you doing here?

WALLACE: I need to speak to both you and Agent Callen.

[Sam laughs]

SAM: You do realize now isn't a good time, right?

WALLACE: Oh, it is. Unless you prefer to go back to the office.

[G follows the guy upstairs. He’s speaking German with Lennox]

CALLEN: One of you guys the owner?

LENNOX: Yeah. Can I help you?

CALLEN: Yeah, I just got a, uh, mid-century craftsman in Silver Lake that's gonna need some work and I was just hoping I could...

LENNOX: I'm right in the middle of something. But if you call back, leave your information...

CALLEN: Can I just show you a photo?

LENNOX: I said, I'm busy, man.

CALLEN: I know.

[He doesn’t show a photo- but his badge]

CALLEN: I'm a Federal agent- man.

[Lennox runs through the left; the Mustang driver knocks shelves over G and flees– they doesn’t hit him but block his way]

CALLEN: [On com] They're running!

[In the car, they hear gun shots]


CALLEN:  And shooting!

[He shoots back at Lennox; the guy flees]

CALLEN: Shooter's heading your way, Sam. I got Lennox.

[The guy is already in his Mustang and leaves the warehouse)

SAM: Buckle up. We're on it.

[He shoots off, chasing the blue Mustang.]

[Inside the warehouse. G is going down the stairs, looking for Lennox]

CALLEN: Lennox? Come out with your hands where I can see them, you still may walk away from this.

[He hears a noise on his left – and Lennox rushes from his right, hitting him with an extinguisher. G is on the ground, his gun slides out of sight. Lennox tries to strike again; G rolls over the floor and kicks him. Lennox grabs an axe, G a bar and they fight. At the end, Lennox is knocked out]

CALLEN: Sam, I got Lennox under control.

[Sam’s car]

CALLEN: [Over com] Sam?

[Both cars are running very fast in the streets]

SAM: You want to ask me questions? Ask 'em.

WALLACE: What can you tell me about Afghanistan?

SAM: We were sent, we located the enemy we rescued our agent. Next question.

WALLACE: I-I'd prefer you concentrate on your driving.

SAM: I am. Either ask a question or get out.

[They go through red lights, overtake with cars coming opposite, skid…]

SAM: You wanted to know what we do? This is what we do.

WALLACE: Whoa. Whoa.

[They overtake the Mustang, try to block his way but the guy turns right; so does Sam]

WALLACE: Whoa-oa!

SAM: Any more questions?

WALLACE: Did Ms. Lange provide you with funds to appease the Taliban?

[Cars are running side by side; the driver raises a gun]

SAM: Duck!

[Wallace dives frontwards; Sam and the guy exchange bullets over her head]

SAM: Hetty used some of her personal funds to help us complete the mission and locate and rescue our agent. Shouldn't you be writing this down?

[A bus cuts across the road]


SAM: Hold on!

[He brakes hard – a bus is crossing the road from the left; Sam manages to stop while the Mustang runs away...The ex-SEAL jumps out of the car but the car he was chasing is out of sight]

SAM: Damn it. Eric, run a facial rec on the traffic cam at 4th and Molino.

[Wallace is brushing off the bits of glass from the window...]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Boatshed. Nell is on phone. Kensi, Deeks and Callen are listening to Eric]

ERIC: [Over video] I'm still searching traffic cams, trying to see which way our shooter went.

CALLEN: All right, thanks. Keep looking.

ERIC: [Over video] Any news on Hetty?

KENSI: No, we're still waiting.

ERIC: All right. Keep me in the loop.

NELL: [On phone] No, I understand that, but this is the information I was given. Okay, well, please call me if you do find her.

[The others stare at her while she cut the call off]

CALLEN: Find her?

[Nell sighs]

NELL: Madison General has no record of Hetty being admitted.

DEEKS: Well, she probably used an alias.

NELL: No one matching her description, either.

[Sam joins them]

SAM: Where's Lennox?

CALLEN: He's in holding. Where you been?

[Actually Sam isn’t alone. Wallace appears with 2 of his men]

WALLACE: So this is where you've been hiding.

DEEKS: I'm sorry, this is a private club. I'm going to have to ask you kids to leave.

WALLACE: You must be Detective Deeks.

DEEKS: Deeks? No, he left. You literally just missed him and his partner.

KENSI: Yeah. Actually, if we hurry up we can still catch them.

WALLACE: No one leaves here until I'm finished interviewing them. And I'll start with you, Agent Callen.

CALLEN: I don't think so. We have a case.

WALLACE: I have a subpoena, which compels you to stay here and be interviewed. That authorizes me to detain you, should you choose not to comply.

CALLEN: Then you better cuff me, because I'm not staying.

[He walks to the door- one of Wallace’s man pulls out handcuffs and closes them around G’s wrists]

WALLACE: You heard the man. Put him in the other room.

SAM: You just don't know when to stop, do you?

[G gives him a look of complicity before being taken away]

KENSI: This is completely ridiculous.

WALLACE: No, this is serious, Ms. Blye. And since you people refuse to realize that, you leave me no option.

[Sam walks to the door. The men block his way]

SAM: Get out of the way or get hurt.

[They look at Wallace: she nods. They let him go]

WALLACE: Don't go far, Agent Hanna. I may have more questions for you after I'm finished with your partner.

[He slams the door]

WALLACE: What about some coffee?


[Hetty is walking in the alley. A siren whoops: 2 SUV stop. Hetty puts the hand into her pocket. 2 men get out of the vehicles. A man in suit comes up]

MAN: You won't be needing that, Ms. Lange. If we wanted you dead, you would be.

HETTY: What do you want?

MAN: We'd like you to come with us.

HETTY: Why? Who are you?

MAN: This way, please.

[Hetty sighs...)


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Wallace comes in: handcuffs on the floor, with drops of water, trap door open; Callen has vanished. She leans over the water]

WALLACE: Son of a bitch!

[Marina. Seagulls are squawking. Sam chuckles as G, panting, is coming out of the water. He’s waiting near the Challenger open truck. He throws him a towel]

SAM: How was your swim?

CALLEN: Surprisingly refreshing.

SAM: I should have thrown that lady out when I had the chance.

CALLEN: Yeah? So why didn't you? I mean, I usually like a woman that wants to put me in handcuffs, but...not that one.

SAM: Oh, no, no. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Did you hear what you just said?


SAM: Sounded like something Deeks would say.

CALLEN: Oh, God, you're right. Think I held my breath underwater too long?

[He’s pulling off his shirt and putting on a dry one]

SAM: What's the blast radius of a nuclear weapon with a ten-kiloton yield detonated at ground level?

CALLEN: I like cheese.

SAM: You're fine.

CALLEN: Look...if this whole thing is about somebody wanting to get to Hetty...maybe it's time we just hand her over.


[Boatshed. Observation room. Deeks is on the couch]

DEEKS: So you guys twins? Huh? My friend, uh, Darrel Dinkins had a twin-- unborn twin, actually--in his armpit. It wasn't, like, a full twin, it was just like a big cyst but it had teeth and hair and...

MAN: Do you ever shut up?

DEEKS: What are you talking about, man? I'm just trying to make conversation, here. You know what I mean? I'm trying to interact.

[Nell’s phone buzzes]

DEEKS: This guy, huh? Obviously the grumpy twin.

NELL: I have to get back to Ops.

[She looks at the men]

MAN: Fine. Go.

[She hastily walks away. Deeks rises, clearing his throat]

DEEKS: I have to get back to Ops. To...

[The man tells him “down on the couch” with the eyes]

DEEKS: Nope. Gonna...just gonna sit here. This okay? Just back down...Oooh! So we're doing this, huh? What do you guys do for fun? Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

[Interrogation room. Wallace starts a recorder]

WALLACE: Let's go back to the beginning. Who was Jack Simon?

KENSI: He was a Marine.

WALLACE: A Marine you were engaged to?

KENSI: Mm-hmm. A long time ago.

WALLACE: The CIA believes Jack Simon was the White Ghost--a Western civilian helping the Taliban.

KENSI: We all know how accurate the CIA Intel is, don't we?

WALLACE: Was your fiancé the White Ghost?

KENSI: There was no White Ghost.

WALLACE: So you went halfway around the world for several months chasing misinformation?

KENSI: Looks that way.

WALLACE: During which time, you were kidnapped by the Taliban. How'd that happen?

KENSI: ...What do you mean, how did that happen?

WALLACE: Why were you off the forward operating base alone?

KENSI: I was following a lead.

WALLACE: In hostile territory, by yourself, without telling anyone where you were going and what you were doing? That's stupid or intentional.

[Kensi clenches her jaws...]

WALLACE: Either way, it cost the taxpayers several million dollars for the operation to get you back, including $1 million in cash that was paid to your captors, and that seems extraordinary, considering it's been this government's policy that we don't negotiate with terrorists.

[Kensi is taking deep breaths]

WALLACE: Do you have any idea how many guns, bombs, U.S. deaths that money will finance?

KENSI: Do you have any idea what I went through in captivity?


[Hetty’s house (Dovecote). A SUV stops in front of the entrance staircase. Sam and G get out, acting like body guards. They’re escorting...Hetty who types a code on the digital lock; the door buzzes: they enter. Actually it’s not Hetty but Nell – dressed like Hetty, a wig on the head]

NELL: Think they bought it?

SAM: It's hard to say. My guess is they watch all of her houses.

NELL: All right, where do you want me?

CALLEN: Upstairs. Hopefully Kensi and Deeks will be free of Wallace before we get any company.

[Nell takes the staircase]


[Boatshed. Kensi leaves the interrogation – bad temper face…]

DEEKS: Oh, it's about time. They're done! Hey, did you finish your book report? All right, my turn.

WALLACE: We're done for now. We'll be in touch.

[She goes to the exit, followed by her men]

DEEKS: Oh...You're missing out, 'cause I know where the bodies are buried. I also know the Colonel's 11 herbs and spices. That's right, secret recipe. See you later.

[The door closes. He stares at Kensi]

DEEKS: You okay?

KENSI: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

DEEKS: I don't know, what'd they ask you about?

KENSI: Um... just Hetty. Uh... Afghanistan.

[She steps away of him]

DEEKS: You want to talk about it?

KENSI: Nope.

DEEKS: I always find that it helps me when I talk about the...things that are bothering me.

KENSI: That's funny, 'cause, um...

[She has her back at him; she smiles, fighting off tears]

KENSI: ...it never helps when you're bothering me.

[Deeks laughs]

DEEKS: Touché. Except I'm being serious. Come on, partners don't keep secrets.

KENSI: Partners?

DEEKS: I mean, that's what we are, right? We're partners.

[He raises a hand]

DEEKS: Come on. Low five. Hit me. Don't leave me hanging.

[She raises a hand in her back and slaps his hand]

DEEKS: You didn't really even connect. You gotta make good contact, otherwise it doesn't count.

[She’s crying – she turns around and taps his hand; he sees her face, closes his hand around her wrist and pulls it]

DEEKS: Oh, my God. Come here.

[He hugs her]

DEEKS: It's okay.

KENSI: [Crying] I just want to forget what happened.

DEEKS: I know you do. I know you do, but you can't. And the harder you try, the harder it's just gonna fight back, trust me. You just gotta let it out. You gotta make peace with it. But that takes time.

[Kensi regains control - she sniffs]

KENSI: I'm so much tougher than this.

DEEKS: I know you are. You're tougher than me, and that's tough. Even with this...adorable...veneer.

[She laughs]

KENSI: My God. And just like that...the moment is way gone.

DEEKS: ...That's okay. I got more moments.

KENSI: Okay.

[They exchange a last look, and she walks away. He looks at her back, lost in thoughts]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


SAM: All locked up. Any movement?

CALLEN: No. But I think one of us should leave. They're gonna assume Hetty has security, but if they are watching, they'll be more likely to move a move if they think there's only one of us.

SAM: Keep your eyes open.

[G stares wide-eyed at him]

SAM: I'm glad you're having fun.

CALLEN: Uh-huh.

[He leaves the house]


[Washington. By night. The man who picked up Hetty is taking her inside a building.]

MAN: Follow me, please.

[They take an elevator]

MAN: Wait here, please.

[He leaves Hetty in a large room with high ceiling– and the giant skeleton of a dinosaur on a platform in its middle]

VANCE: I'm glad to see you've made such a speedy recovery.

[He appears from behind her]

HETTY: I hope you have a damn good explanation for this, Leon.

VANCE: It's nice to see you, too, Henrietta.

HETTY: What's the meaning of all this?

[She sits down on a bench at the foot of the dinosaur]

VANCE: You've got a leak in your operation.

HETTY: Oh, the hell I do.

VANCE: Your personal information was sold online. Information that wasn't even available to us.

HETTY: How long have you known this?

VANCE: Long enough.

HETTY: Long enough to have informed me?

VANCE: Doing so could've tipped off the people who are behind this.

HETTY: So, you used me?

VANCE: I protected you. Still am.

HETTY: And the hearing?

VANCE: Thomas has an Axe to grind. Always looking to make a name for himself. So, it wasn't that hard to push him in the right direction.

HETTY: You set him on me?

VANCE: It was the only way I could ensure that you would leave Los Angeles.

[Hetty hesitates – then laughs]

HETTY: Oh, well played, Leon.

VANCE: I had a good teacher.

[He sits down]

HETTY: But...by protecting me, you put my people in even greater danger.

VANCE: It's been my experience that your team can take care of themselves.

HETTY: I still don't like this.

VANCE: Nobody does.

HETTY: So, what's next?

VANCE: You remain here in D.C. protected until we find those responsible.

HETTY: What other options do I have?

VANCE: You don't have any. I can't protect you outside of my chain of command.

HETTY: Is that why you brought me here? To tell me that I'm a dinosaur?

[Vance glances behind]

VANCE: I just like the museum.

[Hetty looks at him...]


[Dovecote. Tires screeching, a car turns in the entrance alley. Sam pulls out his gun]

SAM: Here we go!

[4 men (at least) get out of this SUV]

SAM: Could use a hand, G.

NELL: I count three coming in the front. Two more headed around back.

[She pulls of the wig]

[The 3 men come in through the front door; they all have automatic weapons]

MAN: [whispering] Upstairs.

[Nell runs to the library; hides behind the door. One man is in the stairs]

[Tires screech: G is back in the game! The man is on the landing; walking in the opposite direction of the library]

CALLEN: [Over com] Nell, status?

NELL: [Whispering] I'm holding the high ground.

CALLEN: [Over com] Copy. Kensi and Deeks are five minutes out.

[Nell watches the back of the man – but her cell phone buzzes; the guy hears the noise, wheels around and comes to her; she backs into a bathroom]

HETTY: [Over phone, from outside of her hotel] Nell? What's going on?

NELL: We're under attack.

HETTY: Where?

NELL: Dovecote.

HETTY: You're in my house?!

NELL: Yes, and we're outmanned and outgunned.

HETTY: Oh, bugger. Listen to me carefully.

[Downstairs, Sam shoots a guy, wounds another but has to flee the fire of his opponent, who limps on his track. Upstairs the guy is in the library, in front of the bathroom door. G comes in from the back- and meets Sam]

SAM: They came for Hetty at night with sedatives and syringes. These guys aren't here to kidnap anyone.

[2 men take the back door – and shoot]

CALLEN: They're here to kill us.

[They hear gunfire upstairs]


[They run in the stairs. The wounded man wants to stop them; G shoots him. He protects Sam and then Sam protects him –they safely reach the landing. Gunfire continues]

CALLEN: Nell?!

SAM: Go! I got these jokers! Go!

[Callen opens the door of the bathroom – full of bullets holes]


[A man is on the floor, motionless, blood around his head. G enters and finds Nell sitting in a corner]

CALLEN: You okay?

NELL: Yeah.

[He helps her get back on her feet]

NELL: Follow me.

[Gunfire continues between Sam and the men. G runs on Nell’s heels]

CALLEN: Nell, this is a dead end!

[Sam shoots and follows them]


[At the bottom of the hallway, there’s a wardrobe; Nell pulls the clothes aside and opens the back – a passageway appears. Nell looks at G]

CALLEN: Of course Hetty has a secret passageway.

NELL: Who do you think put the trapdoor in the boatshed?


[He disappears in the wardrobe, Sam shoots some more bullets and follows. The men take the stairs, reach the 2nd floor, search the rooms...]


CALLEN: I love Hetty.

SAM: I just wish she wasn't so small.

[Sirens wailing, LAPD and Swat team stop in front of the house; helicopter blades are whirring. The bad guys get out of the house through the back]

CALLEN: Federal agents!

[One of the men hesitates – Deeks and Kensi appear]

KENSI: Don't even think about it. I have had a terrible day already.

[The guy waves his understanding]

KENSI: Down!

DEEKS: All the way.

CALLEN: How are we gonna explain this to Hetty?

SAM: We're not. I'm sure you'll think of something.

CALLEN: Oh, I get it. You get to have artful conversations about, uh, butterflies and flowers and I get to give her the bad news?

SAM: It works for me.

CALLEN: Uh-huh.


[Later. Boatshed. The guys are in the interrogation room with a man in suit; in the observation room, Sam and G are watching them on the monitor. Grangers comes in]

GRANGER: Just got word that Hetty's fine.

SAM: What was it?

GRANGER: Exhaustion.

[Sam and G exchange a look]

GRANGER: So, who the hell are they?

CALLEN: No I.D. And they're not talking. Eric's looking at their biometrics.

GRANGER: Who's the suit?

SAM: Their lawyer. Guy came before we could take them away.

GRANGER: Interesting. Where is everybody?

CALLEN: Kensi and Deeks took Nell home.

GRANGER: She okay?

CALLEN: She's never killed anyone before.

GRANGER: It was him or her.

SAM: Doesn't make it any easier.

GRANGER: Keep an eye on her. Let me know if there's a problem.

CALLEN: She'll be okay.

[Granger nods. Eric’s face pops up onto the monitor]

ERIC: [Over video] Hey, I've got positive I.D.'s on one of the men you arrested and one of the deceased. I'm still working on the rest. Elias Bauer and Fabian Schneider. They both came in three weeks ago on legit EU passports issued by Germany.

CALLEN: What do the Germans have against Hetty?

SAM: Could be guns for hire.

ERIC: [Over video] They were both on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt via Toronto. I decided to check LAX security to see if any of the others were on that flight.


ERIC: [Over video] No. But...I did find this.

[New ID on screen: Hans Lelieveld – aka Mattias Draeger whose file appears also. G and Sam are stunned]

SAM: Mattias.

GRANGER: Why would Mattias come after Hetty now?

CALLEN: With Hetty's personal information for sale, it may have been too much of a temptation. He probably thought he could go in quietly and grab her.

SAM: We warned him what would happen if he ever tried to hurt her again.

GRANGER: So, what do we do now?

CALLEN: We make good on our promise. We hunt him down...

[Black screen]

CALLEN: ...and we kill him.

--------------- TO BE CONTINUED ---------------

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Austin83  (17.10.2019 à 18:09)

La cadavre qui est au pied de Nell, en fait l'homme qu'elle tue c'est David Paul Olsen qui joue le rôle ;) !!

schumi  (14.10.2019 à 23:03)

Le cadavre à la morgue avec le tee shirt de deeks? Ou celui de cet épisode et du coup faut que je le regarde à nouveau je ne me souviens pas de sa tête...

Austin83  (14.10.2019 à 22:25)

Tout s'accélère dans cet épisode, on découvre pas mal de choses et surtout enfin Kensi finit par parler avec Deeks, on voit bien qu'elle est traumatisée et il y a de quoi !!!! elle a vécu l'enfer, comme Deeks d'ailleurs !! pour Nell c'est son premier suspect descendu, mais elle n'est pas seule !!! petite anecdote l'homme qui joue le méchant et don le cadavre est David ( le mari de Daniela Ruah et frère d'Eric Christian Olsen :p ) !!!!

schumi  (14.10.2019 à 22:16)

Bon je n'y ai pas cru une seconde au malaise de hetty mais c'est cool d'en découvrir la vraie raison. La femme du département de la justice est vraiment persévérante mais je ne suis pas sûre qu'elle ait aimé la promenade en voiture... mais quelle garce avec kensi. Heureusement que deeks est là pour la soutenir après ... ils sont vraiment mignons ces deux là . J'espère que ça va aller pour nell: c'est pas rien de tuer quelqu'un quand même ... enfin j'imagine lol  


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