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#801 : Cible prioritaire

Comme  le NCIS ne parvient toujours pas à identifier une taupe dans son département,  le sous-secrétaire de la Défense Corbin Duggan (Jackson Hurst) impose ses directives et prend en charge l'unité de Los Angeles aux dépens de Hetty et Granger. Par ailleurs, l'équipe se rend en Syrie afin d'appréhender une cible de grande valeur mais la mission tourne mal et un membre de l'équipe est gravement blessé.


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Titre VO
High-Value Target (1/2)

Titre VF
Cible prioritaire

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NCIS Los Angeles - High Value Target (Sneak Peek 1)

NCIS Los Angeles - High Value Target (Sneak Peek 1)


NCIS Los Angeles - High Value Target (Sneak Peek 2)

NCIS Los Angeles - High Value Target (Sneak Peek 2)


NCIS Los Angeles - High-Value Target/Belly Of The Beast (Promo)

NCIS Los Angeles - High-Value Target/Belly Of The Beast (Promo)


Photos promo

Tous les employés du NCIS Los Angeles

Tous les employés du NCIS Los Angeles

Hetty Lang fait ses cartons pour quitter le NCIS

Hetty Lang fait ses cartons pour quitter le NCIS

Nell Jones vient parler du dossier en court

Nell Jones vient parler du dossier en court

Deeks, Kensi Sam et allen font un rapport à Deeks sur un banc public

Deeks, Kensi Sam et allen font un rapport à Deeks sur un banc public

Callen (Chris O'Donnell) et Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) sur une place publique

Callen (Chris O'Donnell) et Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) sur une place publique

Le lieutenant Deeks se repose et soigne ses bleus après une poursuite

Le lieutenant Deeks se repose et soigne ses bleus après une poursuite

Les 4 agents du NCIS quittent le domicile d'un suspect

Les 4 agents du NCIS quittent le domicile d'un suspect

Les 4 agents du NCIS quittent le domicile d'un suspect

Les 4 agents du NCIS quittent le domicile d'un suspect

Sam et Callen devant la maison

Sam et Callen devant la maison

Callen demande à ne jeune femme où se trouve le propiétaire

Callen demande à ne jeune femme où se trouve le propiétaire

Nell et Eric explique au agents fédéraux ce qu'il se passe dans les bureaux

Nell et Eric explique au agents fédéraux ce qu'il se passe dans les bureaux


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Scénariste :  R.Scott Gemmill

Réalisateur : Tawnia McKiernan

Guests : 

Jackson Hurst ............................ Sous secrétaire à la défense Corbin Duggan 
Alexander Wraith ............................ Bassel Rizvi
Cherami Leigh ............................ Hope 
Harry Katzman ............................ Moshe
Bryce McBratnie ............................ Interne
AJ Meijer ............................ Elias Keating
Lisa Maley ............................ Chen
Ben Cain ............................ Agent de la sécurité nationale Capitaine Kane
Nadia Sloane ............................ Pool Honey
Sammy Sheik ............................ Ahmed Han Asakeem

 ------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[ ♫ By night. A truck stops near the service entrance of the Hospital. ♫ ]

MAN: I'll wait here.

[ ♫ The passenger goes out, opens the back doors… ♫ The guy drags a manual forklift inside the hospital. ♫ ]

WOMAN [over P.A.]: Your attention, please. Evening visiting hours will be ending in ten minutes. Evening visiting hours will be ending in ten minutes.

[♫ The man enters the blood bank room, and unplugs a machine. ♫ He’s back outside with a … blood machine; on it, the radioactive logo]

[A doctor is coming up from the stairs]

DOCTOR: Hey! Hold up! What are you doing?

MAN: Oh, we've got a remove and repair order.

DOCTOR: From who?

[the man grabs the forms]

MAN: Looks like your blood lab.

[He hands them. The doctor glances through]

DOCTOR: What is this?

[The man strikes in a flash at the doctor’s throat. The doctor chokes, on his knees. The driver joins them and carries the doctor away, while his partner takes care of the blood machine…]


♫ ♫ NCIS: LA ♫ ♫ 8x01 ♫ ♫ High Value Target ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on September 25, 2016 ♫ ♫


[Sam and G come into the office]

SAM: Everyone has one.

CALLEN: I don't.

SAM: Either you do and you don't realize it, or you're just not being honest with me or yourself.

CALLEN: Why would I say I don't if I do?

SAM: Maybe there's something really personal on it. Something you're embarrassed to admit.

CALLEN: Such as?

[Sam sighs]

SAM: I don't know; it's your list.

[Kensi is at her disk; she looks at them, puzzled]

KENSI: What are you guys talking about?

SAM: He won't tell me what's on his bucket list.

CALLEN: Because there isn't a list.

KENSI: Everyone has a bucket list.

CALLEN: Do you?

KENSI: Yes. I want to get married. I want to have kids. I want to own a horse. I want to live in Bali. I want to read all the greatest books on the earth on a deserted island and ride my horse on the beach all day.

CALLEN: Those are just things to do.

SAM: That's the exact point. It's a list of things you want to do before you die.

CALLEN: Okay, now, that's just morbid.

SAM: It's not morbid. It's the exact opposite of morbid. It's life-affirming. It's saying these are the things I want to accomplish while I'm still here.

KENSI: Exactly. There's got to be something you really want to do.

CALLEN: You mean, besides end this conversation?

[Sam and Kensi chuckle]

ERIC: [In the stairs] "Alas, poor Yorick! "I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.”

[He sniffs – there’s the pic of a skull on his tablet]

ERIC: "He hath borne me on his back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!" I want to do Shakespeare in the park for my bucket list, so... You're all invited. Don't worry.

SAM: [Faked voice] Yay.

[He claps (feebly); Kensi smiles…]

CALLEN: Can we put things on the list we don't want to do?

[Nell appears on top of the stairs]

NELL: Hey, Beale. What's, uh...what's going on here?

ERIC: Oh, uh, Hamlet. Act Five, Scene One.

[He chuckles]

ERIC: Care to be my Ophelia, my lady?

NELL: Mmm, not now.

ERIC: Is it...? Okay….

[He follows her downstairs.]

NELL: Uh, a shipping container set off radiation detection equipment at LAX.

SAM: Something coming in?

NELL: Going out. Homeland Security's on it, but they want all federal law enforcement agencies up to speed and requested us specifically.

CALLEN: Okay. Where's Deeks?

KENSI: Dead in a ditch somewhere... or at a Denny's. I don't know. He got up early to go train for a triathlon or something.

SAM: It's probably on his bucket list.

KENSI: Not unless it's sponsored by Hooters!

[G clears his throat]

CALLEN: Relax. We'll take this.

KENSI: Great. Radiation's bad for my skin anyway!


[A man opens the truck of a (lone) car parked in a garage. A man is coming… The guy grabs a gun in his truck and aims at the hooded newcomer…]

MAN: You got a death wish, homes?

DEEKS: Easy, Dirty Harry Winston.

[The man laughs]

MAN: Dude! I almost blew your head off.

DEEKS: Yeah, thank you for not doing that. Do you have a concealed carry permit for that thing?

MAN: None of your business.

DEEKS: No, actually, it is my business, 'cause I'm a cop, and you know that. All right, we can just act like I didn't just ask that question; that's fine.

[The man takes a small envelope]

MAN: Hmm? Mm-hmm.

[Deeks opens it: a ring, with 2 diamonds]

DEEKS: Wow. That's...that's beautiful.

MAN: You know how much that would cost retail?

DEEKS: Yeah. I know exactly what it would cost retail: two months salary.

MAN: Yeah, maybe...if you were playing for the Clippers. This is a steal. You are literally stealing this from me. I should be calling the cops.

DEEKS: Again, I'm a cop.

MAN: Promise me you'll get this insured.

DEEKS: Wait a minute. Is this...is this a blood diamond?

MAN: That hurts, Deeks; that hurts. This is real and pure, like the light within. I mean, just look at how it sparkles, forged in the ancient fires of the earth.

DEEKS: Okay. You sound like an infomercial.

MAN: So we good here?

DEEKS: Yeah, yeah, no. We're definitely good, as long as you stay away from those, uh, police horses, right?

[He hands him an envelope; the man chuckles]

MAN: Of course, of course. That was just, uh...

DEEKS: Dangerous? It was stupid, super creepy.

[He walks away]

MAN: Mazel tov!

DEEKS: Keep your pants on!

MAN: All right.


[LAX. Callen and G get out of their car and meet a Security officer]


[He shows his badge; Sam does too and shakes the guy’s hand]

SAM: What do we got, Captain?

OFFICER: Sensors got a hot reading when they were loading this container.

CALLEN: Where was it headed?

OFFICER: Larnaca International.

SAM: Cyprus.


[They see mostly medical supplies]

OFFICER: Supposed to be carrying refugee relief items.

CALLEN: Has anyone alerted the news media?

OFFICER: Not yet.

CALLEN: Let's keep it that way.

[Protected agents open a “saline solutions” box – Their Geiger sensor beeps.]

SAM: That's some strong saline.

[G and Sam exchange a look…]


[NCIS office. Hetty is at her desk, Granger walks to meet her]

GRANGER: Any word from Callen and Sam?

HETTY: No. Not yet.

[Her phone rings]

HETTY: Ah... Yes. Hello. Well, well, well, it has been a very long time, A.J. Uh, to what do I owe this...

[Her smile vanishes…]

HETTY: Uh-huh… Right. Thank you for the heads-up. Perhaps a little bit more lead time in the future. Thanks.

[She ends the call and speaks to Granger]

HETTY: We're getting a visit from the Under Secretary of Defense Duggan.


HETTY: We'll have to ask him.

GRANGER: Well, when is he getting here?

HETTY: He already is.

[“He” is close to Hetty’s office, walking in with many agents]

[Granger leans forwards]

GRANGER: [Quietly] This can't be good.

HETTY: Nope.

[They stand up]

DUGGAN: Assistant Director Owen Granger and Operations Manager Henrietta Lange.

GRANGER: Under Secretary. We were not told you were coming.

DUGGAN: To do so would have defeated my purpose.

HETTY: Aha. And what is that exactly?

DUGGAN: I'm heading up a Joint Task Force with the Office of Special Investigations, and Intelligence and Security Command. This station has been compromised. We are here to fix that.

GRANGER: And what measures do you expect to employ that we haven't implemented already?

DUGGAN: Well, to start with, we're replacing you and your staff.

[Startled, Granger looks at Hetty; she glares at Duggan, who answers with a smile…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[♫ Armory. Deeks is looking closely at the ring through a magnifying glass. Kensi comes in]

KENSI: Where have you been?

DEEKS: Oh. Uh, I just...

[He hastily puts the ring into his pocket]

DEEKS: I got a sliver, so I was digging out the... hmm.

KENSI: I was blowing up your phone.

DEEKS: Why? What's going on?

KENSI: Because we're getting fired.

[Deeks exhales]

DEEKS: I'm not that late.

KENSI: This whole unit's getting shut down. Let's go.

DEEKS: What? Are you kidding? Wait, are you kidding?


[NCIS office.]

DUGGAN: As you are all aware, this facility and the staff has been compromised.

[All the agents and employees are listening]

DUGGAN: Now, most of you had nothing to do with that, but you have all been affected by it. Unfortunately, the breach was never adequately resolved to Washington's satisfaction, so we have been brought in to do so. This task force has been working for months behind the scenes and is here now to resolve this once and for all.

[Nell goes upstairs]]

DUGGAN: All open cases will be brought current, assigned, and handed off to one of the task force members. You will begin this process immediately. Now, don't worry, after your interviews and your polygraphs, most of you will keep your jobs…

[OPS center. Nell connects a USB device to the computer]

DUGGAN: …but it just probably won't be here. I realize this is a lot to process, so we're going to try and make this transition as quick and painless as possible.

[Copy has ended, Nell joins the others down]

DUGGAN: It's obviously going to take a few days to complete the handover, during which time I ask for your continued cooperation and patience. Thank you.

[All the agents and employees are sighing, muttering]

SAM: I feel like we're being punked.

KENSI: How is SECNAV allowing this?

GRANGER: I don't know why she would, if she had a choice.

CALLEN: Please tell me you have a plan.

[He’s asking Hetty]

HETTY: Actually... I do. It's called retirement.

[She walks away – they sigh]

GRANGER: Just keep working until I can figure out what the hell is going on.


[Later. Agents’ desks]

NELL: The radioactive material has been identified as Cesium 137 Chloride. It's colorless in crystal form, white when powdered, and water soluble.

DEEKS: Hold on a second. Is, is, is this guy for real?

[He points at Duggan and his agents reading files pulled out from boxes]

CALLEN: Deeks, focus. Our jobs can wait. This can't.

DEEKS: No, I'm definitely focused on the Selenium 130 Chlorine.

SAM: Deeks.

DEEKS: Yeah.

SAM: Cesium 137 Chloride.

[He points at the screen]

DEEKS: Yeah-- no. I got that. I was just making sure you were listening.

SAM: It's the same material that was used in the Goiania accident in Brazil.

CALLEN: Thieves stole hospital equipment hoping to sell it for scraps. Turned out some of it was radioactive material.

NELL: That's right. It glowed blue. They thought it was cool. Passed it around to some friends. Several people died as a result.

KENSI: Why was it in the saline?

DEEKS: Perhaps it's their attempt to get it past customs. It gets to the destination, they boil off the saline, and they're left with the radioactive powder. Oh, boom. Who's listening now?

[Eric appears)

ERIC: So, one hospital and two medical labs within 200 miles of here have had their blood irradiation machines stolen in the last six weeks.

SAM: And we're just finding this out now because...?

ERIC: Well, the machines themselves are worth tens of thousands of dollars. I doubt anyone thought their stolen machine was part of a trend.

NELL: Until now.

CALLEN: How much cesium are we talking?

ERIC: Well, enough to make several radiological dispersal devices. I mean, dirty bombs themselves can be lethal, but their main purpose is as a terror device. If detonated, they could shut down an area for months, if not years, for adequate decontamination and cleanup.

KENSI: Well, not to mention trying to convince people that it's safe afterwards.

SAM: Unfortunately, because of its water-soluble nature, it could be used to contaminate city water supplies.

ERIC: Oh, one more fun fact. Cyprus is not its final destination. From there, it was scheduled to be boarded onto a ship bound for the Port of Latakia, Syria.

KENSI: Wonderful.

CALLEN: All right. We'll take the hospital angle. You two find out who paid for that container, what else was inside it.

ERIC: Now, that one's easy. It was being shipped by a local charity group, The Foundation for Emigrant Relief.

DEEKS: Oh, suddenly, I have an overwhelming urge to do some charity work.


[Kensi parks her car near the Foundation for Emigrant Relief offices. They stay in the car]

DEEKS: You know, I was doing a little bit of thinking that maybe what's happening at work is, you know, it's a sign. That maybe the universe is telling us it's ready to move on to the next chapter of our lives.

KENSI: Which is?

DEEKS: I don't know, but maybe it involves a career change.

KENSI: Okay, I'll take the bait. What would we do?

DEEKS: Well, we could be a couple figure skating.

[She laughs]

DEEKS: What about Bali? You always wanted to go to Bali.

KENSI: Yeah, for a trip.

DEEKS: Why not go for more? You know, go down there, we could become personal trainers, you can teach yoga, I could... teach surfing. You could ride your horse on the beach.

KENSI: Yeah, those aren't careers.

DEEKS: Well, if you bring somebody with you, it is.

KENSI: Oh, tourism. Yes, let's do that. Have you met me?

DEEKS: Okay, fair enough. Um... in all seriousness, though, how much longer are you gonna do this?

KENSI: Well, in case you haven't noticed, this isn't just what I do. This is who I am. Okay? I grew up on Marine bases. Protecting people is all I know, and if I wasn't doing this...I don't know what I would be doing.

DEEKS: I understand everything you're saying. I'm just saying you would also be an amazing mom.

KENSI: Whoa.

DEEKS: And... you're passionate and loving and intelligent and articulate. And how fun would it be to be there in the morning and make frittatas for kids? To be home and helping them with their homework and not out all day being shot at.

KENSI: And the father?

DEEKS: Same thing. I could build tree forts. Teach some jujitsu in the backyard. Say it. Just say it.

KENSI: You know I have thought about this many times. But I don't...I don't think I'm ready... yet. I mean, if I wasn't working for NCIS, I'm pretty sure I'd be working for any other agency: the FBI, DEA, ATF...I'm just not ready.



[Deeks enters the Foundation offices and speaks to a woman working on a computer]


WOMAN: Hi. Can I help you?

DEEKS: Uh, yeah, I was just wondering if you have any volunteer positions available.

WOMAN: Are you here to fulfill a community service requirement?

[Deeks laughs]

DEEKS: No. I'm just here to lend a helping hand.

WOMAN: Okay, well, do you have any special skills?

DEEKS: Uh, yeah, I'm a pretty good ventriloquist.

[In speaks in a high-pitched voice, moving his hands]

DEEKS: Yes, yes. He's quite fantastic. [British accent]: No, that's a lie. He's rubbish. Rubbish, I say.

WOMAN: …Of course. Yeah.


[On screen, video of the man taking the blood machine away]

WOMAN [over P.A.]: Dr. Cohen to Peds ICU. Dr. Cohen to Peds ICU.

[G is watching the video, the doctor who tried to stop the man stands behind him]

CALLEN: You ever seen this guy before?


SAM: He's wearing gloves. He never looks at the camera. It's not much to work with.

CALLEN: What else do you remember about him? Have an accent? Tattoos?

[The doctor has a red mark on the neck; he shakes the head]

DOCTOR: Sorry.

CALLEN: And what about the truck they were driving? Did you hear anything, any names?

DOCTOR: I mean, it all happened so fast. I thought it was just another hospital mix-up. By the time I came around, they were long gone.

SAM: We'd like to get a copy of this footage.

DOCTOR: I wish I could give you more.

SAM: Do you have a bucket list?

DOCTOR: Yeah. Why?

CALLEN: Thanks for your time.

SAM: Thank you.

[The agents leave him]

WOMAN [over P.A.]: Dr. Collins, extension 2219. Dr. Collins, extension 2219.

SAM: See? Even the doctor has a bucket list. I bet you the guys who stole that truck have a bucket list.

CALLEN: Oh, sure, yeah. Become a martyr, collect 72 virgins, which always seemed kind of excessive to me. Wouldn't six be enough?

SAM: Now, we know these guys have a truck, and they have a pallet jack, but they also need a place to take those machines apart.

CALLEN: Garage, backyard.

SAM: City's NEST sensors never went off.

CALLEN: Well, it's probably shielded while it's still in the machine.

SAM: Yeah, but they took it out and moved it.

CALLEN: All right, so they're careful. Maybe used some sort of shielded containers.

[G’s phone rings- they’ve reached Sam’s car]

SAM: It's not something you grab at Home Depot.

CALLEN: What do you got?

[NCIS office.]

NELL: Okay, so I found several companies that sell everything from lead-lined containers to lead blankets. Most go to legitimate businesses-- hospitals, labs, universities-- but there are the occasional individual buyers. Three in California in the last two months, to be exact, but only one in Los Angeles. Antiqam Industries. Problem is, I can't find anything on Antiqam except for their address.

[Outside the hospital]

SAM: Antiqam. Arabic for vengeance.

CALLEN: Subtle. Good work, Nell. Why don't you send us that address? Oh, Nell... any news back there?

[NCIS office.]

NELL: Just that Under Secretary of Defense Duggan and his people look to be moving in permanently.

[Outside the hospital]

SAM: What about Hetty and Granger?

[NCIS office.]

NELL: I haven't seen Granger, but...Hetty's currently packing up her desk.

[Indeed, she is…]

[The agents exchange a look and go into the car…]


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Hey, can I have a word? Quick, quick word.

[The agent doesn’t stop nor answer; Eric tries a woman]

ERIC: Quick... Excuse me. Whoa, Ms. Ch... Miss... Ms. Chen. I love it when you ignore me. What are you doing?

CHEN: We're running some pen tests.

ERIC: Pen Te...

[An agent comes in carrying coffee and hamburger]

ERIC: Whoa, there's no food or drink in here. If you could... no, no, you-you got to take that outside. There's a...

[An agent is moving a screen]

ERIC: Whoa, buddy, that is not a toy. If you could... if you could just put that... put that away.

DUGGAN: Sir, what's your name?

ERIC: What?

NELL: This is Eric Beale. He's a technical operator.

ERIC: Uh, I'm actually the technical operator, and this is my Ops Center.

DUGGAN: So, you're as much to blame for the breach as anyone.

ERIC: What? I'll have you know that I am the guy...

NELL: Who is needed downstairs, I think.

ERIC: By who?

NELL: By me.

[They escape from the OPS…]


SAM: This is Antiqam Industries. Doesn't look like much.

[Tagged walls, deserted area, rusty gate…Sam parks his car, they walk to a locked door – G knocks; Sam’s radioactivity sensor makes a rapid beeping]

SAM: This place is hot.

CALLEN: Can we go in?

SAM: You can.

CALLEN: Thank you.

SAM: I'm kidding. It's cool, as long as we don't camp out here a few weeks.

[G unlocks the door. Inside: a car, a messy room]

CALLEN: Place is a ghost town.

[Inside the room, protective suits, bottles, saline, wires…]

SAM: Somebody's been busy in here.

[Suddenly a man appears near the car, knocks down a gas barrel, spilling it on the floor; he quickly sets fire to it: it’s the man who stole the blood machine. Flames block the door: Sam and G are trapped]

SAM: Cover me!

CALLEN: Cover?

[Sam is already running through the fire – G shots through the windows of the room… One of the window of the building crashes: Sam and the man roll on the ground. Sam’s left leg is burning. Both men fight; Sam ends it with a punch into the guy’s face. G uses an extinguisher on Sam’s leg – Sam coughs, sputters – and glares at his buddy]

SAM: [Angrily] Thanks.

CALLEN: Least I could do.

[A red Ferrari slows down and stops in an adjacent street; the driver spots the scene and the car speeds up…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Sam, G, and the busted guy]

CALLEN: I don't even know where to start.

SAM: Uh, felony theft?

CALLEN: That's as good a place as any.

SAM: With aggravated assault?

CALLEN: That is bad.

SAM: Uh... arson and attempted murder of two federal agents?

CALLEN: You did try to burn us alive. In fact, you actually set him on fire, and he does not like to be set on fire. I personally don't like it, but he really hates it.

SAM: Possession and transportation of radioactive materials for the purposes of terrorism?

CALLEN: We call that the big T.

SAM: Yeah. This is where you get smart and cooperate.

[The man doesn’t look at him; doesn’t say a word…]

CALLEN: Hmm. I think he's giving us the old jihad silent treatment.

SAM: Mm.

[He speaks in Arabic – the guy looks at him, and away again]

CALLEN: Goes double for me.

[The agents leave the room]

CALLEN: What'd you say to him?

SAM: I told him you find him sexually attractive.

[G chuckles]

SAM: And, uh, can't guarantee I'd be able to protect him from the blue-eyed devil.

[They go the observation room: Nell and Eric are working at the table]

CALLEN: Duggan already kick you out?

NELL: Hmm. No. He would have, if I hadn't gotten Captain OCD out of there.

ERIC: Um, they were touching everything, and they were eating in Ops.

SAM: Oh, those filthy dogs!

CALLEN: All right, so who is this guy?

NELL: I have no clue. He had no I.D. on him, his prints aren't in the system. and facial rec's drawing a blank. Everything associated with Antiqam Industries has been bogus.

SAM: Okay, so what about his cell phone? You think you can crack it?

ERIC: Yeah. No. Maybe. Assuming he didn't institute any anti-hacking features, which would wipe it clean on any unauthorized attempt or compromise. Have you tried just asking him?

[G and Sam look at each other…]

[Interrogation room. Sam gives the phone to the man]

SAM: Open it.

[The man puts a thumb on the phone – and crashes it on the table. He ends it by a kick on the floor]

CALLEN: Clearly, that didn't work.

[Observation room.]

ERIC: That was my phone.

NELL: Yeah, but you backed it up, right?

[Eric opens wildly his mouth…]

[Interrogation room.]

SAM: It's a good thing it wasn't his phone.

[G has the guy’s phone]

CALLEN: You can add destruction of federal property.

SAM: Give me that thumb.

[He blocks the guy’s cuffed hands, and G puts the thumb on the phone; it beeps]

CALLEN: Thank you.

SAM: You're lucky. Last guy...He lost three fingers before we found the right one.

[The agents go back to the observation room. Eric is as destroyed as his phone. G has the guy’s phone; Sam, Eric’s one]

CALLEN: Nice work.

SAM: This one's gonna need some work.

NELL: Mm-hmm.

ERIC: I finally caught Mew and Zapdos.

NELL: Well, easy come, easy Pokémon Go.

[She smiles, Eric doesn’t…She rises]

NELL: I'm heading back to Ops. Good luck with that.


[Foundation. Deeks looks at an apron…]

DEEKS: This is going to Syria.

WOMAN: Y-Yeah, I mean, mostly we ask for money, just because it's the easiest to deal with and send over there, but we also accept clothing and food, toiletries and toys for the kids.

DEEKS: And medical supplies?

WOMAN: Yeah, sure, I mean, when we can get them.

DEEKS: And who donates those?

WOMAN: I don't know offhand, but I'm sure I could figure it out. Why? What do you do when you're not volunteering or doing ventriloquy?

DEEKS: Well, we like to refer to it as "ventriloquesting" 'cause we consider it a lifelong quest, but mostly now I'm just trying to convince my fiancée to move to Bali with me.

KENSI: [Over com] Whoa, whoa. You do not get to call me that. You only pre-proposed.

[Kensi’s car]

KENSI: That was not official. And I was open to the idea, following a legitimate offer.


WOMAN: Wait, who doesn't want to move to Bali?

[Kensi’s car]

KENSI: Uh, someone with a great job protecting your millennial skinny butt.

DEEKS: [Over com] To be honest, I think she's just afraid of change.

KENSI: I am not afraid of change. I am not afraid of anything, Deeks. I will come in there and kick your ass.


WOMAN: Well, I mean, if she doesn't change her mind, let me know, 'cause I would love to move to Bali.

DEEKS: Okay.

KENSI: [Over com] Yeah, I'm sure there's nothing she wouldn't volunteer for.

DEEKS: Meow, kitty.

WOMAN: I'm sorry?

DEEKS: What? I saw a cat.

KENSI: [Over com] You know what, Uncle McFlirtypants?

[Kensi’s car]

KENSI: Why don't you check your phone? Sam and Callen have a suspect.

[Foundation. Deeks pulls out his phone]

DEEKS: Um, actually, you, uh...you recognize this guy?

WOMAN: Yeah, actually, I've seen him around with one of our donors.

DEEKS: One of your donors? You remember your donor's name?

WOMAN: He didn't say. He wanted to remain anonymous. Probably 'cause the Ferrari he was driving was worth more than our operating budget for the next 20 years.

DEEKS: Really?

WOMAN: Yeah.

[Kensi’s car]

DEEKS: [Over com] That's interesting.


[NCIS office.]

DUGGAN: Start with support personnel. Once they've been vetted, deactivate their access cards and see that they're escorted off the premises.

CHEN: We're all over it.

[She walks away; Granger appears]

GRANGER: You got a minute?

DUGGAN: Not really.

GRANGER: Humor me.

DUGGAN: I'm afraid there's little room for humor in this situation, Assistant Director.

GRANGER: There are a millions ways this could've been handled. Having you come here personally makes the least amount of sense.

DUGGAN: You know what they say. If you want something done right...

GRANGER: Just wait a second. Just hold it.

[Duggan stops. They’re face to face]

GRANGER: What is it that you want?

DUGGAN: I want to keep this nation safe from our enemies. And since you and your people haven't been able to do that...

GRANGER: My people have done more to keep this country safe...

DUGGAN: Your people can't even find a mole in your own house. If you could, I wouldn't be here. If I were you, Granger, I'd be focused on my future. You know how this works. Somebody's going to take the fall for this. It's either going to be you or Hetty.

GRANGER: Do you really think I'd sell her out to save my own skin?

DUGGAN: I don't know. But if you're going to, I'd suggest you do it sooner than later. I offered her the same deal.

[He leaves Granger, lost in his thoughts. He looks at Hetty, still cleaning her desk]


[Hetty’s office. Nell comes to speak to her]

NELL: Hetty? Is this really necessary? I mean, they can't... they can't replace all of us. They certainly can't replace you.

HETTY: We're all replaceable, Nell.

NELL: Well, I disagree. And I think you know I'm right. If there's anything you've taught me, it's to never give up. You only lose when you stop fighting. You know who told me that? You did.

HETTY: Mm. I think I read it on a fortune cookie.

NELL: Henrietta Lange is not a quitter.

HETTY: Neither was Don Quixote.

NELL: Fine. If you're not going to fight this thing, the least you can do is tell me what to do.

[Hetty doesn’t stop packing her stuff]

NELL: Okay…

[she starts leaving]

HETTY: Keep our people in the field as long as you can.

[Nell steps back]

NELL: Oh, I intend to.

HETTY: Get everything you can on Duggan.

NELL: Yes, ma'am.

[She sights, and goes for good]


[Boatshed. Observation room.]

ERIC: So, I think this guy's name is Elias Kattan. Or at least that's the name the phone is registered to.

[On screen, a (long) list of calls]

SAM: Look at all these calls. This guy's on the phone more than my kid.

CALLEN: Who-- Aiden or Kamran?

SAM: Both. Wait, who's that?

[He points at a pic on the monitor]

CALLEN: That's our guy.

[The man in the interrogation room, carrying, like men around, heavy weapons]

SAM: No, not him. This guy.

[He points at a man behind- Eric zooms]

SAM: I think that's Ahmed Han Asakeem.


ERIC: A.H.A.-- that's all over these texts. I thought it was an Arabic name or, like, "Aha!"

[G and Sam stare at him]

CALLEN: So smart...

SAM: Yet so Beale.

ERIC: So, who is this Ahmed Han Asakeem?

CALLEN: The more accurate question is: Who was he?

SAM: He was born Tobias Thoma. Syrian citizen came here with his family. Joined the Navy to help him get American citizenship.

CALLEN: He was in Naval Intelligence until he defected and became Asakeem. Now he's a high-value target.

SAM: He's the high-value target in Syria. And he's rumored to be high up in the Jabhat Fatah Al-Sham, formally the Al-Nusra Front. And he's working to unite the Free Syrian Army with the Anjad Al-Shim Islamic Union.

CALLEN: Now, if our boy knows Asakeem and he's in contact with him...

SAM: That means that we may be able to locate Asakeem. And if we can find him...

CALLEN: We can catch him.

[Eric’s tablet beeps]

ERIC: Uh-oh.

SAM: What's wrong?

ERIC: Just got a text on this guy's cell phone. They're threatening to detonate a dirty bomb in L.A. if we don't release our suspect.

[And the room is cold…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[NCIS office. Deeks and Kensi are back]

DEEKS: Uh, it's like the Invasion of the Brooks Brothers Body Snatchers in here.

[Nell is walking past them]

KENSI: Hey, Nell, where is everybody?

[She answers quietly and doesn’t stop]

NELL: Armory.

DEEKS: And they took Nell as well.

DEEKS: [Loudly] Nell, do you want to talk about...? Uh-oh.

[They hurry on her heels]


KENSI: Came as soon as we heard.

GRANGER: Did you find anything?

DEEKS: Possible high roller involved, and we're trying to get a name.

KENSI: Yeah, we know he drives a Ferrari.

NELL: We're trying to find it, but it's proving difficult without full access to Ops.

KENSI: Does Duggan know anything about this?

GRANGER: No. The last thing we need is someone second-guessing this. Get Callen and Sam on the horn.

NELL: Yep.

[The observation room of the boatshed pops up onto screen]

GRANGER: Where are we?

SAM: We're working on it.

CALLEN: They were stealing the cesium and sending it to other bomb makers.

CALLEN: Doesn't mean they can't build one on their own. Or dump this stuff all around town.

KENSI: Can we track the text?

ERIC: If it wasn't being spoofed, I could give you an idea of where it was when the text was sent.

[A voice interrupts them…]

DUGGAN: But how do we check that?

[He’s entering the boatshed with Chen]

DUGGAN: So this is where the cool kids hang out.

CHEN: These are Special Agents Callen and Hanna. You know Mr. Beale.

DUGGAN: We wondered where you ran off to.

SAM: Can we help you?

DUGGAN: Yes, and you can start by telling me what's going on here.

CALLEN: We're in the middle of a very time-sensitive case.

DUGGAN: Then you best tell me quickly.

[Armory. Kensi quietly to Granger]

KENSI: What now?

GRANGER: We need to find that Ferrari.

DEEKS: With pleasure.

[They walk out]


CALLEN: Look, we don't have time to debate this.

DUGGAN: We also don't have time to make a mistake.

CHEN: Handing over a suspected terrorist is never acceptable.

SAM: We're not handing him over. We're using him to draw out whoever he's working with so we can seize any more radioactive materials they may have in their possession.

CHEN: I think we should send a return text, responding as the suspect. He'll say he's injured and needs to be picked up.

CALLEN: They will see right through that.

CHEN: We can use his past texts and e-mails to mimic his voice and style.

ERIC: The phone they used to send the text just came online today. It's a burner phone, which suggests that they know he's been caught.

CHEN: He can say he escaped. This way allows us to control the setting.

CALLEN: Yeah, if it works out. And if it doesn't, we've blown our one opportunity.

SAM: Well, we have one advantage. Whoever sent that text isn't a pro.

DUGGAN: What makes you say that?

CALLEN: Because if he was, he would have walked away by now.

SAM: Whatever we do, we got to do it now. The clock is ticking.


[NCIS office. Nell’s tablet beeps]

NELL: It's Callen. Duggan's allowing us to go ahead with the exchange.

KENSI: Maybe he's smarter than he looks.

NELL: But he's insisting his men join us.

DEEKS: So we get travel buddies?

GRANGER: God help us.

[Kensi sights]

DEEKS: Oh, boo.

[Off to…]

[Marina Del Rey; Fisherman’s Village. Callen, Sam and Kattan are walking]

CALLEN: Well, you see this guy?

NELL: So far, we've got nothing.

[Chen is on a bench]

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Not the best views.



[Kensi is a pregnant mom, pushing a “baby” (actually a weapon)in a stroller]

KENSI: Nope. Deeks?

[Deeks is the homeless guy searching a bin]

DEEKS: Ah... I've found a, uh, badly beaten piñata. Oh, he deserved it.

[Sam, G and Kattan stops]

CALLEN: You think this guy's gonna show?

SAM: Not if he spots our suit shadows.

[♫ They look around ♫ 3 guys on bikes appear – one of them raises a gun and shots Kattan in the chest. People scream; there are more gunshots; Sam and G pull out their guns but the Marina is crowded]

SAM: Get down! Get down! Get down!

[Deeks finds a bike and chases the man]


[He follows the shooter through a small mall]

DEEKS: LAPD! Nobody... Get back, back, back, back, back! Look out, sir. Oh, geez.

[The man bumps into a passer-by who is knocked down]

DEEKS: Oh, that's not... Uh-oh. Oh!

[The hunt continues – via stairs]

DEEKS: Aah! Oh. Ow. Ow, ow!

[Deeks is closing the gap – The guy raises his gun]

DEEKS: Aah! Oh! Serpentine.

[Gunshot – Deeks hits a barrel]

DEEKS: Aah. God. Son of a... Aah!

[the man jumps the sidewalk]

DEEKS: Oh, no.

[He grunts, up and down]

DEEKS: Serpentine, serpentine, serpent...Oh...

[The guy just avoided a backing truck – Deeks can’t! He lands on a net, on his back]

DEEKS: Aah! Oh!

[Kensi is running behind]

KENSI: Deeks!

DEEKS: Fraggle Rock!

KENSI: Deeks!


KENSI: You okay?

DEEKS: I'm alive. Oh! I dreamt I was riding a magic buffalo.

KENSI: Okay… Eric, we still got him?

[OPS center. Nell and Eric are sitting in front of their computers- Duggan and Granger stand behind…]


[Nell sighs]

DUGGAN: So much for teamwork.

[He looks pleased…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Marina Del Rey. Fisherman’s Village. Coroner people are taking the body away; NCIS team is looking at the scene; Deeks is on a bench, using ice on his bruises. Granger is joining them, with Duggan and Chen]

SAM: Granger.

CHEN [To Duggan] I told you we should have controlled the setting.

DUGGAN: Give a man enough rope, and he'll hang himself. Shame it had to end this way.

SAM: This isn't over.

DUGGAN: It is for you people. We've got it from here.

[He and Chen step away]

CALLEN: Is it just me, or is today really starting to suck?

ERIC: [Over com] Guys, I think I know who we're looking for.

CALLEN: What, the shooter on the bike?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: No, we didn't find the guy on the bike, but we got a Ferrari leaving a parking structure in your area right after the shooting.

NELL: It's registered to one Bassel Rizvi.

[His ID is on screen: he’s indeed the shooter]

NELL: His cell phone number pops up on your dead guy's phone numerous times.

[Fisherman’s Village]

SAM: Send us the address.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Already did.

NELL: Yup.

[Fisherman’s Village]

SAM: Okay.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Wonder twin powers activate.

[Both imitate electrical buzzing, hand to hand – Duggan’s people stare at them…]

NELL: What are you looking at?

ERIC: Yeah, you want some of this?

[He kicks the floor, glaring at them – they go back to work]

[Off to…]

[…Bassel’s place, a luxurious villa. The Ferrari stops, Bassel enters. People are around and in the pool]

WOMAN: Bassel. Where have you been? We need to order some food.

BASSEL: Where are your keys?

WOMAN: Oh, I Ubered from Sunset Plaza. We were drinking mimosas. Hey, can I get another drink? Bassel?

[He’s already running to the house]

WOMAN: Honey?

[NCIS office. Eric and Nell walk at the bottom of the stairs while Duggan and Chen are coming down. Eric grabs Nell and pushes her behind the stairs]

ERIC: Why are we hiding?

NELL: What?! You're the one who pulled me back here.

ERIC: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

[They see an agent showing a file to Duggan and Chen]

[Bassel’s place]

CALLEN: Eric, we got eyes inside the house? Eric?

SAM: Can Nell hear us?

[They’re near the Ferrari]

CALLEN: I think we lost our secret squirrels.

KENSI: Not very discreet for a terrorist.

SAM: That's 'cause he's a wannabe.

DEEKS: Yeah, well, I wannabe somebody driving a Ferrari.

CALLEN: Put it on your bucket list.

[Deeks and Kensi take the front door, and start searching the house; Deeks goes upstairs]

[At the pool ♫ If she fine, I'm-a give it to her two times ♫ Maserati while you riding in a Nissan... ♫ ]

[Bassel’s friend is getting out of the water]

CALLEN: How you doing?

WOMAN: Can I help you?

CALLEN: Yeah, is Bassel here?

WOMAN: Who's asking?

SAM: We're his accountants.

[She laughs]

WOMAN: Okay. He's inside.

CALLEN: Mind if we go in?

WOMAN: Will one of you bring me back another drink?

SAM: Of course.

[She laughs again – they head to the door; she follows them]

WOMAN: Wait. If you're accountants, why are you carrying guns?

CALLEN: Very protective of his money.

[♫ Hands in the air, baby girl ♫ Hands in the air every time you ♫... ]

[Deeks quietly enters a room; a bag is on the bed. He checks the bathroom, goes to the bag and opens it. Bassel was hidden on the balcony; he threatens Deeks with his gun]

BASSEL: Drop the gun. Slowly.

[Deeks obeys]

DEEKS: Just so you know, there's no way you're getting out of here. It's over.

[Cameras footage on the monitor: we see Callen holding his weapon]

BASSEL: Kick it over to me.

[Kensi hears this]

KENSI: Hang in there, Deeks. We're coming.

[Inside, Sam scares 2 men going to the pool with their drinks]

SAM: Get out of here.

KENSI: [Over com] Guys, Bassel's with Deeks, second floor.


BASSEL: Your wallet and your keys.

DEEKS: Okay, just to let you know, you're probably not gonna get very far with my wallet 'cause I think even my Starbucks card is expired.

BASSEL: You shut up! Do it. Come on!

[Deeks sighs – throws down his keys and his wallet. Bassel picks it up, checks it]

BASSEL: Three dollars?

DEEKS: Yeah, I'm mostly in Bitcoins now. I'm diversifying my portfolio.

BASSEL: Take your clothes off.

DEEKS: Seriously?

BASSEL: Take your clothes off! Hurry up!

DEEKS: Ugh! Oh, my God.

[He pulls off his shirt]

DEEKS: Just to let you know, I've got a really hefty case of, uh, Malaysia dysplasia. It's like a cross between shingles and leprosy. It's very contagious.

BASSEL: Quit stalling. Take your pants off.

DEEKS: You want me to take my pants off?


[Deeks groans]

DEEKS: Maybe we should dim the lights a little bit, put on a little mood music, huh? A little Sade? But whatever. You want to party, we can party.

[He starts with his belt – and pulls out the ring]

BASSEL: What is that? What is what? What is that?

DEEKS: This? It's a mint.

BASSEL: Open your hand. Open your hand.

[Deeks swallows the ring; Bassel punches him in the chest – Marty groans, coughs – Bassel runs to the balcony; Deeks, gasping, coughing, tries to stand up. Sam kicks the door open]

SAM: Stop!

[Bassel jumps over the balcony]

KENSI: Deeks.

[Bassel is running to the pool; he grabs his friend and sticks her against him as a shield. He shoots at Sam [People scream and flee. Bassel lets go the woman and runs. Callen dives and tackles him into the pool. They fight under water. G gives him a headbutt, and pulls him out of the water]

SAM: Nice tackle. Course, it would have been more impressive if you were on fire and went through a window.

[G spits water]

SAM: Missed.

[Later. Boatshed.]

GRANGER: Where's Deeks?

KENSI: In the bathroom.

SAM: Still?

KENSI: Likes to read.

CALLEN: Could have read War and Peace by now. You sure he didn't fall asleep?

KENSI: I have actually seen that happen before.

GRANGER: And now I have, too. Thanks for that image.

KENSI: Sorry. I'll go check on him.

[Bassel is waiting in the interrogation room]

GRANGER: He says anything?

CALLEN: He was asking for his lawyer before he even got out of the pool.

SAM: You ask me, he and his buddy is just a couple of rich kids playing terrorist.

CALLEN: I blame Grand Theft Auto.

SAM: They're rolling around town, pretending to live the thug life, using their trust funds to buy their way into the warrior lifestyle.

CALLEN: Oh, it's kind of like putting down a couple grand to have dinner with a presidential nominee. Only in this case, it's to rub shoulders with Ahmed Han Asakeem.

SAM: The sound of fantasy jihad got a little too real. One of 'em ends up dead. The other one's gonna spend the rest of his life in prison.

CALLEN: Eric said no other calls were made from his phone after he tried to call us.

GRANGER: No calls to Syria?

SAM: Well, if he did, he didn't make it from that phone.

CALLEN: No, he's trying to impress Asakeem. The last thing he wants to have to do is tell him that he may have been compromised.

GRANGER: That's probably why he killed his buddy.

SAM: No. If Asakeem doesn't know what happened, his people will still be expecting that shipment of radioactive saline.

CALLEN: We need to make sure it gets there.

GRANGER: You want to ship it to Syria?

SAM: Yeah.

CALLEN: When Asakeem's people show up to get it, we'll be there waiting.

[Granger thinks of it]

[Kensi knocks at the bathroom, opens the door]

KENSI: Deeks, you okay? Babe?


KENSI: You awake?

DEEKS: Yeah.

[Toilet flushes, he goes out]

DEEKS: Oh, it's just, uh...something I ate.

[Kensi sighs]

DEEKS: What's with the hand and the...the towel there?

[The towel wrapped around the hand]

DEEKS: Oh, this?

KENSI: Mm-hmm.

DEEKS: Yeah. Don't ask about this, like, ever,'cause it's...

[He groans]

[OPS center. Duggan is staring the screen, scanning the video surveillance footage. Chen comes in]

DUGGAN: You find them?

CHEN: No. Their phones are offline.

DUGGAN: I know where they are.

[They walk out]

[And they walk in the boatshed, with other agents. The place is empty, except for the interrogation: they find Bassel and an envelope with Duggan’s name. Inside it, a note “you’re welcome”. Chen’s phone rings]

CHEN: Go for Chen. … What? When? [To Duggan] Callen, Hanna, Blye and Deeks boarded a flight 40 minutes ago at LAX.

DUGGAN: For where?

CHEN: Amman, Jordan.

[♫ Someone is watching them: Hetty, in a comfortable armchair, sipping a drink. She sighs, shaking the head]

HETTY: So it begins…

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[End of Part 1 of the 2 parts episode opening the season]


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Austin83  (11.12.2019 à 21:25)

Oui Oui, Daniela était enceinte de son deuxième enfant à cette époque, Sierra est née le 4/09/16 <3 !!!! ce début de saison est haut et riche en couleur, et la suite va être terrible pour les fans Densi !!!

schumi  (09.12.2019 à 19:33)

Ah ben je comprends mieux. C'était un peu gros. Et ça explique la suite ( je viens de voir la 2ème partie)

Malice825  (08.12.2019 à 22:34)
En effet elle était enceinte
schumi  (08.12.2019 à 22:25)

Très bon début de saison. Mais pourquoi ils en ont tous après le ncis? Oh oh ça avance dans la tête de deeks mais je ne suis pas sûre que kensi accepté cette bague si elle sait d'où elle vient. Et c'est quoi ces plans bizarres sur KENSI? Daniela est enceinte et ils essaient de le cacher?


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