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#321 : Pa Make Loa (2/2)

L'équipe conjointe NCIS: Los Angeles - Hawaii Five-0 se déplace de Hawaï à Los Angeles quand le principal suspect de leur affaire se retrouve dans la ville sur le continent avec un virus mortel.

Commentaire : Cet épisode est un crossover avec Hawaii 5-0


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Titre VO
Touch of Death

Titre VF
Pa Make Loa (2/2)

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promo for Hawaii Five-0 / NCIS Los Angeles crossover event

promo for Hawaii Five-0 / NCIS Los Angeles crossover event


Hawaii Five-0 "Pa Make Loa" sneak peek WITH CAPTIONS

Hawaii Five-0 "Pa Make Loa" sneak peek WITH CAPTIONS


Photos promo

Callen et le lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) de l'équipe H5-0 sur le térrain

Callen et le lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) de l'équipe H5-0 sur le térrain

Deeks regardent l'écran principal pendant que Kensi manipule la tablette

Deeks regardent l'écran principal pendant que Kensi manipule la tablette

sam Hana sur la palage devant un marchand

sam Hana sur la palage devant un marchand

Callen discute avec Danny Williams et Chin Ho Kelly

Callen discute avec Danny Williams et Chin Ho Kelly

Callen et Sam

Callen et Sam

Sam et Chin arrêtent un suspect sur la plage

Sam et Chin arrêtent un suspect sur la plage

Danny parle avec Callen assis dans la voiture

Danny parle avec Callen assis dans la voiture

les 2 équipes surveillent les lieux

les 2 équipes surveillent les lieux

les agents Hanna, Callen et les detectives de Hawaii poursuivent un suspect

les agents Hanna, Callen et les detectives de Hawaii poursuivent un suspect

Photo de tournage avec, LL Cool J, Daniel Dae Kim et Scott Cain attendent

Photo de tournage avec, LL Cool J, Daniel Dae Kim et Scott Cain attendent

des policiers resent avec Danny et Sam

des policiers resent avec Danny et Sam

Danny et Sam protégés par leur gilets par balle

Danny et Sam protégés par leur gilets par balle

Les 2 duos de Hawaii et NCIS LA se lancent à la poursuite de quelqu'un

Les 2 duos de Hawaii et NCIS LA se lancent à la poursuite de quelqu'un

Danny Williams (Scoot Cain) et Deeks attendent dans le bureau de Deeks

Danny Williams (Scoot Cain) et Deeks attendent dans le bureau de Deeks

Hetty ave Deeks, et les 2 policiers de Hawaii

Hetty ave Deeks, et les 2 policiers de Hawaii


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Mardi 01.05.2012 à 21:00
15.21m / 3.0% (18-49)

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Scénario : Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters et R. Scott Gemmill

Réalisation : Tony Wharmby

Guests :

Scott Caan ............................ Hawaii Five-0 Détective Sergent Danny Williams
Daniel Dae Kim ............................ Hawaii Five-0 Détective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly
Rob Benedict ............................ Jarrod Prodeman 
Cynthia Addai-Robinson ............................ Hôtesse de l'air #1
Laura Regan ............................ Carol Walker
Helen Eigenberg ............................ Docteur Rachel Holden 
Celia Finkelstein ............................ Infirmière 
Randy Evans ............................ Le gardien de porte
Murray Gershenz ............................ Murray Edelstein 
Blake Neitzel ............................ Adolescent 
Rachel Rubenstein ............................ Hôtesse de l'air #2



[Callen is in the car with Sam]


Callen: Detective Williams, this is Special Agent Callen. Are you telling me Comescu is in Hawaii?


[cut to Hawaii]

Detective Danny Williams: We found his prints at a murder scene.

He may have gotten his hands on a smallpox virus.


[cut to Sam’s car]

Sam: We're on our way.


[Hawaii airport]

Callen: Dracul is not an idealogue.Our guess is that he found a buyer looking for a biological weapon.



Detective Danny Williams: What the hell is this?


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Looks like a quarantine station.


Dr. Max Bergman: We did find smallpox virus samples but not all of them.

Apparently several vials are missing.


[Callen shoots Comescu]


Kono: The vials you recovered from Comescu did not contain smallpox.


[cut to hospital room]


Comescu’s driver: It wasn't us,I swear to you. The doctor was gone.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: What doctor?


[cut to Hawaii five-0 headquarters


Kono: Jarrod Prodeman he's a formerly highly respected epidemiologist.


[Hawaii airport]

Detective Danny Williams: Our suspect is on the mainland with nine vials of smallpox.


[Sam on the phone with Eric]

Sam: I need Hetty to send a team to LAX right now.




Flight Attendant 1: Ladies and gentlemen, as we begin our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Your seat belt should be securely fastened and all carry-on luggage should be stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins.Please turn off all electronic devices until we are safely parked at the gate. Thank you.


[Flight attendant knocks on bathroom door]

Flight Attendant 1: Excuse me,we're on final approach. You need to take your seat and buckle in.

[knocks again]


Flight attendant 1: Hello, can you hear me? The other passengers say

she's been in there for a while.


Flight attendant 2: Hang on, I'll get the key.


[Flight attendant 2 turns around and grabs the key and hands it to flight attendant 1. She opens the door]


Flight attendant 1: Oh, my God.


♪ NCIS: LA 3x21 Touch of Death ♪

Original Air Date on May 1, 2012


[OPS, Eric on the phone walking up the stairs towards OPS centre.]

Eric: Suspect's name is Jarrod Prodeman. He's traveling from Hawaii to Los Angeles on board Hanalei Air flight 792.He switched boarding passes with a man named Benjamin Gallagher in order to travel with an

unidentified female companion. He could be carrying a biochemical weapon, and so...


[Eric stops]


Eric: How long ago? Damn it.


[Eric joins Nell who is working behind the computer]


Nell: What is going on with this equipment?


Eric: Problem?


Nell: Yeah, I'm trying to contact Callen, but the communication

keeps freezing and nothing I do seems to help.


Eric: Okay, let me take a look.


[Nell stands up from her chair and Eric sits down]

Nell: We don't have time for this.


Eric: You're right,but we also don't have time to make mistakes, so let's just take a step back.Okay?


Nell: Okay.


[Eric sighs. Types on the computer. Computer beepes.]


Eric: Try it now.


Nell: Callen? Callen,can you hear me? See? What about you? Did you get in touch with the flight crew?


Eric: No, the plane already landed.


Nell: Oh, my God.


Eric: Don't worry. Kensi and Deeks are at the airport.


Nell: This is a disaster. I can't believe the one time we want a flight delayed, the freaking thing's on time.


[Eric types at the keyboard]

Eric:  Try it again.


Nell: Callen? Sam? Does anybody copy?


[Eric sighs and slams the side of the monitor]


Eric: Come on!


Nell: Really? Oh, shoot, it worked. You need to do it again.


Eric: Don't tell Hetty.


Nell: Mm-hmm.


[Eric hits it again]


[Cut to airplane. Detective Chin Ho Kelly comes out of the cabin. Callen is behind his laptop.]


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Pilot says he's going to shake the rivets loose if he pushes any harder.


Sam: Well, that's why they invented parachutes.


Detective Danny Williams: Uh, the civilians on board prefer to land in one piece if that's okay with you.


Callen: You've never jumped out of a plane?


Detective Danny Williams: No, I've never jumped out of a plane on purpose. I've also never been involved in a blood feud either, so...


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Well... unless you count your mother-in-law.


Detective Danny Williams: How does that even happen, anyway?


Callen: It's a Romani thing.


Detective Danny Williams: You're a Gypsy?


Nell: Callen. Callen.


[Nell and Eric appear on the screen]


Callen: Uh, we're here, Nell, can you hear us?


Nell: Yeah, copy that. Okay, we've got audio and video back up.


Callen: Sam and I are with Detective Lieutenant Kelly and Detective Sergeant Williams from the Five-O Task Force. We're heading back to

L.A. as fast as possible.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Did they secure the plane?


[Cut to OPS centre]


Nell: Uh, Kensi and Deeks are at the airport with the authorities.


Eric: We tried to contact the pilot before they landed but couldn't.


[Cut to airplane]


Sam: Is the plane secured, yes or no?


[Cut to OPS centre]


Nell: No.


Detective Danny Williams: Okay, okay. You know, uh, I've really been looking forward to getting back to the mainland but not under these



[Cut to LAX]

[Kensi and Deeks are running towards the gate]


Kensi: Move! Get out of the way!


Police officer: Watch it! Move! Move!


Deeks: Is this Hanalei Flight 792?


Airport employee: Yes.


Kensi: You have to keep the passengers onboard.


Airport employee: But they've already deplaned. Is this about the passenger who died?


Deeks: The passenger that-- wait, what happened?


Airport employee: Well, there was a death on the flight. Uh, they waited to remove the body until the rest of the passengers were off.


Kensi: We need to see that body right now.


Airport employee: Okay.


[Enters the code and opens the door. Kensi and Deeks move into the airplane.]


Kensi: NCIS. Where's the body?


Flight attendant 1: We're still waiting for the coroner. We have no idea

what happened to her.


[She opens the door and Kensi and Deeks see the body]


Deeks: That's not Prodeman. Who is she?


[Flight attendant 1 shakes her head. The other flight attendant hands Deeks the passenger list.]


Kensi: Where are her personal belongings?



Flight attendant 1: We didn't find anything left on the plane.


Deeks: No, the seating chart has her name as Sharon Walker, and according to this, she was traveling with a companion. Guess who?


[Kensi takes a picture of the woman with her phone]


Kensi: Jarrod Prodeman?


Deeks: Bingo.


Kensi: Hemorrhagic smallpox could have caused her to bleed out... everywhere.


Flight attendant 2: Are we gonna get sick, too? There were 230 people

on this plane.


Kensi: Prolonged face-to-face exposure or direct contact with infected

bodily fluids is required for transmission.


Deeks: The Health Department's gonna do a follow-up with everybody on the plane.


Kensi: Okay, Eric, I'm sending you a photo. Jarrod Prodeman was

traveling with someone.


Deeks: Want to head him off at baggage claim?


Kensi: Do not let anybody else come in contact with the body.


[Cut to OPS centre.]

[Eric and Nell are in OPS. Hetty walks in]


Nell: The dead woman's name is Sharon Walker. According to airline records, she was traveling with a man we think is carrying the virus--

Jarrod Prodeman.


Eric: And so far, I haven't spotted him in the airport.


Nell: And I find nothing that links these two together, aside from the fact that they were staying in the same hotel in Hawaii.


Eric: Maybe Virus Boy made a love connection.


Hetty: Or maybe he knew we'd be looking for a Single White Male and not a happy vacationing couple. I'll update Granger.


[Cut to LAX]

[Kensi and Deeks are running towards baggage claim]


Kensi: Guys, move out of the way!


Deeks: Back up, back up, back up! You guys! Back up!


Kensi: Back up! Back up!


Deeks: Back up. Excuse me, excuse me. Eric, we got this place locked down. Holler out if you've got eyes on him.


Kensi: Okay, Jarrod Prodeman, five-nine, about 180, brown hair, brown eyes. You guys have his photograph. He may be in disguise. He may be carrying two sets of carry-ons, including a purse.


[Kensi stops, notices a man on the other side]


Deeks: Do you see him?


Kensi: Maybe. Baseball cap, denim jacket. No, it's not him. It's not him.


Deeks: I'm getting a bad feeling about this.


Kensi: Eric, do you see him?


[Cut to OPS centre]


Eric: Got him.


[Cut to LAX]


Deeks: Where is he?


[Back to OPS they see him entering a cab]

[Back to LAX]


Kensi: Eric, where is he?


[Back to OPS]


Eric: He left.


Kensi: What do you mean, he left?


Eric: He never went to baggage claim. He got in a cab and drove off

six minutes ago. He's gone.


[Cut to LAX. Kensi sighs and puts her arms behind her head]


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[Bullpen. Deeks is looking at the TV screen.]


Kensi: Eric and Nell are still trying to track down the cab.


Deeks: Do you know that we live on the only planet in the known universe

with life on it? A planet with a fragile ecosystem; small, breathable

atmosphere, all of which could be wiped out in a second by a meteorite or

a mega-quake or...


Kensi: This isn't your B'ak'tun '12 end of the world apocalypse theories again?


Deeks: No, I'm just saying, it's a shame, you know? We're all alone on this rock, and yet we're still finding ways to kill each other.


Kensi: Oh, don't get philosophical on me. It creeps me out.


Deeks: What's the worst that can happen, right? Global pandemic, wipes out half the world's population.


Kensi: Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?


Deeks: How's that?


Kensi: Well, sometimes you don't know how lucky you are to have something until you realize you might lose it.


[Eric whistles]


Eric: You guys might want to see this.


[OPS centre]


Eric: This is a simulation of the predicted spread of a smallpox pandemic

beginning in Los Angeles.



[The map on the screen turns countries red]


Kensi: Oh, my God.


Eric: It's a worst-case scenario. With containment, isolation and inoculation, we can, theoretically, prevent this.


Kensi: Did you find the cab yet?


Eric: Um, I lost him in airport traffic, but, uh, Nell's on the phone

with the cab company trying to determine where the driver dropped him off.


Kensi: And Jarrod Prodeman?


Eric: Uh, Jarrod Prodeman. Jarrod Prodeman was a respected epidemiologist from Pittsburgh. Divorced, no kids. He was disgraced back in 2007 when it was revealed he cooked some data to pump up his research.


Deeks: Wh-what is this?

Is it revenge?


Eric: Maybe.But who's paying for it? Not Prodeman. He's broke. He's been living in Hawaii for the last several months, no apparent means of income.


Kensi: Okay. Follow the money trail, it might lead us to Prodeman

and the virus.


[Kensi and Deeks leave. Eric sighs]


[Cut downstairs. Kensi and Deeks come down the stairs and Callen, Sam, Detective Williams and Detective Kelly come inside]


Callen: Detective Sergeant Danny Williams, Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, Five-O Task Force. This is Special Agent Kensi Blye and our LAPD liaison,Detective Marty Deeks.


[They shake hands]


Deeks: Hey. How are you?


Kensi: Hi.


Detective Danny Williams: Hey.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Nice to finally meet you.


Kensi: Thank you. Wish it was under different circumstances.


Detective Danny Williams: This place is great. I feel like

weshould be eating nachos and ordering a pitcher of margaritas.


Hetty: Our building is a fine example of the Spanish Mission style

of California. The least we could do is to preserve its heritage. After all, first impressions are so important.


Sam: Operations Manager Hetty Lange, this is Detective Sergeant...


Hetty: Oh... Detective Daniel Williams, and Detective Chin Ho Kelly. I appreciate your being here to help us out, gentlemen.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Well, there's too much at stake for us not to see this through.


Hetty: Agreed. You're the first outsiders to ever step foot in this operations center. It shows you the severity of the situation.


Detective Danny Williams: Well, I appreciate you not blindfolding us.


Deeks: Right. The good news is we were able to detain most of the passengers at baggage claim, along with the flight crew. The Health Department's looking over them now.


Callen: Any leads on Prodeman?


Kensi: Eric's still trying to track him down.


Hetty: Well, um... perhaps you and Mr. Deeks could, uh, brief our guests. I need to speak with the two of you.


[Hetty points towards Callen and Sam]


Kensi: Okay. This way.


Detective Danny Williams: She, uh, come with the building?


Deeks: Easy, tiger. She's got ears like a bat.


Detective Danny Williams: Really? She sleep upside-down, too?


Deeks: Okay, I'll be over here.


Detective Danny Williams: Okay.


[Hetty’s office]


Hetty: We are up to our asses in alligators on this one, gentlemen.You know what will happen when the media gets ahold of this.


Sam: All hell's going to break loose.


Hetty: It's gonna make hell look organized.


Callen: Misinformation and confusion will lead to panic. Fear will lead to a mass exodus, traffic jams, rioting, looting.


Sam: Market will drop, America will become a pariah, even to its allies. Fundamentalists will think it's an act of God.


Hetty: It'll be a cluster...


Callen: Bomb. At some point, you're going to have to alert the public

for their own safety.


Hetty: Unfortunately, yes. But until then, you've been granted plenary power to do whatever it takes to stop this here and now.


[Hetty opens her draw and pulls out a box]


[Cut to bullpen. Kensi is on the phone]


Kensi: Okay, thank you. Bye.


[Kensi hangs up the phone]


Kensi: So, the taxi company told Nell that a man matching Prodeman's description paid in cash and was dropped off at the Seaward Hotel in Venice.


Deeks: We also have an address for Sharon Walker.


Hetty: Excellent. But Detectives Deeks, Williams and Kelly need a smallpox inoculation before we can go any further.


Deeks: Wh-why... why-why just us?


Sam: 'Cause everybody else already had the vaccine.


Deeks: Isn't there some sort of pill we can take?


Detective Danny Williams: How about a patch?


Deeks: Maybe some nasal spray?


Hetty: No.


Deeks: I'm not a...not a huge fan of needles.


Hetty: Oh, well.


[Callen laughs]


Deeks: Guests, uh... You should probably go to the guests first. You should go first.


Detective Danny Williams No, uh, I, uh... You go ahead. I got to work

on my... sleeve here.


Sam: Ten bucks says one of 'em goes down.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Come on, boys. Man up.


Kensi: Come on, Deeks. I'll buy you ice cream if you don't cry.


Deeks: I don't want any ice cream.


Hetty: Hmm, hmm...


[Hetty signals Deeks with her finger to come]


Deeks: Really?


[Deeks stands up and walks towards Hetty]


Hetty: That's it. So, you might feel a... tiny little prick.


Deeks: I'm sorry, wait, I may feel a little what?


Detective Danny Williams: It's probably not his first time.


[Hetty puts the needle in Deeks his arm. Deeks scream and there’s a crash]


Sam: Man down.


[Kensi and Deeks pull up to the house. Deeks is scratching his arms]


Kensi: Would you stop scratching it?


Deeks: It burns. Did you see her? She stabbed me like she was fending off a bear attack.


[Kensi sighs]


Kensi: How's your head doing?


Deeks: It's fine.


[Kensi gives him a look]


Deeks: What? I didn't pass out, I tripped.


Kensi :You dropped like a rock.


Deeks: Like I tripped on a rock.


Kensi: Okay. Well, don't fall out there, Stumbles.


[They exit the car and walk towards the door]


Deeks: You know what? I find it rather unbecoming that you laughed at me

in front of the Five-O boys.


Kensi: It was funny.


Deeks: I'm glad that you all bonded over the hilarity of my misfortune.


Kensi: Oh, come on, don't be such a drama queen.


Deeks: What about your little performance back there?


Kensi: What are you talking about?


Deeks: What am I talking about? The over-the-top laughing, the hair flip,

the pelvic tilt. You were throwing out more flirtation signals than a divorcée on a singles' cruise.


Kensi: Oh, my God, you have a concussion.


Deeks: No, what I have is a partner who freaks out, turns into a  schoolgirl every time there's cute new boys hanging around.


Kensi: Okay, you are a liar. And, by the way, I find it very interesting

that you thought that they were cute. Got a little island fever going on? Huh?


Deeks: You know what, tell me, tell me that you didn't do this. Danno.


Kensi: Adjust my ponytail?


Deeks: Uh-huh. You adjusted your ponytail so you could present your armpits.


Kensi: What?


Deeks: The armpit is the center of pheromone production.


Kensi: You are certifiably insane.


Deeks: I'm not the one presenting my scent glands to everybody.


Kensi: I'm glad you didn't because the only thing that you give off is repellent.


Deeks: Oh, you know what? You love my scent. In fact you probably sleep

with one of my old T-shirts. I am missing one, actually.


Kensi: That's because it crawled out of your gym bag, and I shot it to put it out of its misery. Oh, and, um, for the record......I don't sleep

with anything on. Unless it's a costume.


Deeks: That was uncalled for.


[Kensi knocks on the door. A woman opens the door]


Woman: Can I help you?


Kensi: Yeah. I'm Special Agent Blye, NCIS. This is Detective Deeks, LAPD.

[They show their badges]


Kensi: Is this the home of Sharon Walker?


Woman: Yes. Why? Is my sister okay?


Deeks: You're Sharon Walker's sister?


Woman: Carol. Yes, she's my twin.


Kensi: Perhaps it would be better if we came inside to talk.


Woman: Perhaps it would be better if you told me what the hell's going on.


Kensi: I'm afraid we have some bad news.


Woman: What sort of bad news?


Kensi: About your sister, Sharon.


Woman: Look, Sharon's on her way back from Hawaii-- she's going to be here any minute.


Deeks: I'm sorry, but your sister passed away on the flight home.


[Cut to Sam’s car. Callen and Sam are in the car]


Callen: Maybe you should slow down.


Sam: Maybe you should remember our rule about not criticizing each other's driving.


Callen: I'm not criticizing. I just don't want you to lose the Five-O guys.


Sam: If they can tail a suspect, I'm sure they can follow me.


Callen: They live on an island.


Sam: They're cops, not the Skipper and Gilligan.


Callen: Maybe you and I should retire to a nice warm island.


Sam: What about my family?


Callen: Oh, you could bring them.


Sam: Gee, thanks.


Callen: No, I mean it. After this is all over, we ought to settle down

somewhere nice and quiet. Do some fishing, some golfing, build things.


Sam: What kind of things?


Callen: I don't know. Whatever guys build when they retire. You know, like hobby stuff.


Sam: Hobby stuff?


Callen: Yeah.


Sam: You don't fish, and you don't golf.


Callen: I'm not retired.


Sam: You don't have any hobbies. The only way a guy like you would retire is with a bullet.


[Sam realizes what he said and sighs]


Callen: Nice.


Sam: Wh...


Callen: Thanks.


Sam: What I meant to say... What I meant to say was that I can't see you giving this up. All right?


Callen: Then say that, okay? Don't jinx me by saying that I'm gonna to get... you know what.


Sam: Okay.


Callen: I've been, "you know what" several times.


Sam: I know.


Callen: I'm already pressing my luck. You know what I'm doing

after we get this guy?


Sam: What's that?


Callen: I'm getting a hobby.


Sam: Maybe you should start scrapbooking our cases.


[Apartment in Venice. Callen and Sam go into the apartment, guns raised. Sam sighs. Apartment is empty.]


[Outside, Callen on the phone with Eric.]


Callen: Eric

Eric: Yo.


Callen: Yeah, I need you to track Prodeman's movement after he arrived

at to the hotel.


Eric: I'm on it, but it's not going to be easy, G.


Callen: I know, just do your best.


Eric: Will do.


[Callen hangs up the phone]


Sam: Sharon Walker's carry-on and purse were in the closet, but Hazmat didn't find any signs of the virus. Room safe was empty, too.


Callen: You think he's in the wind?


Sam: I think Sharon Walker's death wasn't part of the plan, which means he may be improvising.


Callen: Great, he's more likely to make a mistake that way.


Sam: Makes him more dangerous, too. If we don't find this guy fast, we may want to head back to Hawaii.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: So, the manager says Prodeman hasn't had any incoming or outgoing phone calls or any visitors. The room's only rented

for a night. He hasn't been here long enough for any of the guests or staff to have really gotten a good look at him.


Callen: Did you try the locals?


Detective Danny Williams: Yeah, not so helpful, although I did speak to a woman who said she saw Jesus fishing off the pier yesterday.


Callen: She say what he was using for bait?


Detective Danny Williams: No. Los Angeles—where the crazy come to vacation.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: I kind of like it. It's like being at the circus.


Sam: You may not want to be down here during the full moon though.


Callen: You know, maybe we missed him.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Maybe not.


[They see a guy coming towards the building]


Callen: Is that him?


[He stops, spots them and turns around and runs]


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: I'd call that a yes.


Sam: Federal agents!


[Sam and Chin run after him. Callen wants to but stays behind with Danny]


[Prodeman takes a bike, crashes against a stand and runs on the beach. Sam and Chin take him down]


Detective Danny Williams: Think that hurt as bad as it looked?


Callen: Yeah, that's going to leave a mark.


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[Boatshed, interrogation room. They look at his back]


Prodeman: I want a lawyer.


Callen: What do you think, Sam?


Sam: I think... if I was him... I'd want to be the one in the courtroom who tried to stop a deadly pandemic, not the one who helped kill

millions of people.


Prodeman: I didn't know that it was smallpox. Okay? I thought we were pirating someone's drug research.


Callen: So how do you explain the death of Sharon Walker?


Prodeman: Sharon had cancer. Okay? She was in Hawaii celebrating a remission. She must have relapsed or something.


Callen: Why'd you steal her personal belongings?


Prodeman: I panicked. Okay? I panicked. I didn't want to stick around

and answer questions. I was going to give them to her family first chance I got.


Sam: Nice try.


[Sam pulls out his phone and plays a video]


Voice on video: Patient beta developed flu-like symptoms 20 hours ago. Temperature of 38.5 degrees Celsius. Eight hours later, a rash emerged on the tongue and in the mouth. I expect a pustular rash period to begin within the next ten or 12 hours.


Sam: Your voice was matched to those experiments you performed on the

people in Hawaii. Combine those with Sharon Walker... that's five murders

with a class "A" select agent.


Callen: That's a Title 18, Section 2332-- bioterrorist attack on American citizens. That's the death penalty.


Sam: Times five.


[Callen grabs his bag and pulls out an envelope]


Callen: Last chance. Who was paying you off?


Prodeman: Her name is... Dr. Rachel Holden.


Callen: I hope it was worth it.


[Callen throws the backpack towards Prodeman]


[Boatshed, central room Danny is on the phone]


Detective Danny Williams: No, monkey, everything is fine. Okay? I just needed to come here for a couple days for work.


[Kensi and Deeks walk into the boatshed


Detective Danny Williams: Look, I gotta go. Um, I'll call you both

in a little bit. I just thought that I should call my daughter.


Deeks: How's this going?


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: We just got a name. Dr. Rachel Holden. Your guys are already running it down. I just hope they're quick about it.


[Cut to OPS centre]


Eric: What about an abandoned missile silo?


Nell: Underground? Uh, thanks, but no, thanks. If I'm going to be bugging out, I'm want to be on a deserted tropical island. Just me, couple hundred of my favorite books.


Eric: I have excellent tropical survival skills. Just putting it out there, for the record. Okay, there are tons of Dr. Rachel Holdens in this country--doctors, dentists, veterinarians, not to mention those with PhDs.


Nell: Uhp, I think I may have found her. I have a Dr. Rachel Holden, she's an epidemiologist at the Malibu Cancer Institute.


[Nell pushes Eric’s info on screen to the side and puts up a picture]


Eric: Yeah, just knock my stuff out of the way.


Nell: She doesn't look like a mad scientist.


Eric: You know what they say about crazy women.


Nell: No, I don't. What do they say?


Eric: I don't know. Uh, but they probably say something.


Nell: I'll alert the others.


[Cut to boatshed, interrogation room]


Callen: Why was she making it?


Prodeman: I don't know.


Sam: Who was paying her?


Prodeman: I don't know. Okay, I brought it here. She met me at the hotel

and paid me. That was the end of it for me.


Callen : She had to have a buyer.


Prodeman: She never told me who.


Callen: Smallpox is a weapon of mass destruction...


[Central room, boatshed]


Detective Danny Williams: I know, Monkey, I miss you, too. But I'll see you in a couple days, okay? All right, I love you too. Bye, Monkey.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: None of the victims in Hawaii have any connections to L.A. or to Jarrod Prodeman.


Deeks: This doesn't make any sense. We must be missing something.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Yeah. Besides a couple nights

of sleep?


Deeks: Right.


Detective Danny Williams: I'm really hungry. Is there anything to eat in

this secret hideout of yours?


Deeks: There's a taco truck around the corner, if you want to grab a pencil, start taking orders.


Detective Danny Williams: Wow. I was under the impression that Hetty packed your lunch.


Deeks: Oh, Hetty packs my-- That's funny. This guy, he's funny. I hope that my witty banter isn't this annoying.


Kensi: Whoever said you were witty?


Deeks: Oh, touché.


Detective Danny Williams: That's it? You're out?


Deeks:  I'm out.


Detective Danny Williams: Wow.


Kensi: So did McGarrett ever find out what Shelburne meant?


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Yeah, he thought he did, but, uh...


Kensi: But?


Detective Danny Williams: But he's still looking for answers.


[Deeks is staring at Danny]


Detective Danny Williams: Can I help you with something?


Deeks: Just thinking about your hair. Is it bulletproof?


Detective Danny Williams: That's good. I mean, you got, you got a haircut

like my neighbor's Schnauzer, and you're talking to me about grooming.


Deeks: This-- style by pillow.


Detective Danny Williams: Yeah. I don't know what that means.


Deeks: It's a lot less hair spray.


Detective Danny Williams: Ah. That's good.


Deeks: Just warming you up for the A game.


Detective Danny Williams: The A game? All right.


Deeks: Yeah.


Detective Danny Williams: Well, I'll be careful; I don't want you to hurt yourself.


[Kensi’s phone beeps]


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Please get that.


Kensi: Yeah. Sorry to interrupt you, but we have an address for Dr. Rachel Holden. Thank God.


Deeks: Uh... don't, uh... don't break anything, yeah? All right.


[Kensi and Deeks leave]


[Outside Malibu Cancer institute]


Deeks: Okay, thanks, guys. So, Dr. Rachel Holden is supposedly on sabbatical, except for the fact her house has been foreclosed on

and her car was repossessed.


Kensi: Sounds like someone going into hiding.


Deeks: Or someone fleeing the country. So Eric and Nell requested access

to her files and to her office, but the hospital is refusing further cooperation until they talk to their legal council.


Kensi: Are you kidding me? We don't have time for this.


Deeks: Which is why you and I will be playing doctor. Well, actually,

that's not true. I'll be playing doctor, and you'll be playing my nurse.


Kensi: Why? Because you look more like a doctor than I do?


Deeks: No, because you look more like a nurse than I do.


Kensi: That is really sexist.


Deeks: You say sexist, I say sexy.


Kensi: Okay, I am playing the doctor, you are playing the nurse.


Deeks: Too late. I already called it.


[Inside Malibu Cancer institute]

[Deeks is a nurse and pushing someone in wheelchair]


Deeks: Doctor.


[Kensi steps into the hallway and sighs]


Kensi: Who is this?


Deeks: This is Murray.


Murray: They took out my spleen.


Deeks: And he was only here visiting someone.


Kensi: And what are we gonna do with Murray?


Deeks: Murray is our cover.


Murray: Are you gonna check me?


Deeks: Yes, Murray, she's gonna check you.


Kensi: No, no. I'm not. What is Dr. Holden's office number?


Deeks: 150-- right up here. Cover me.


Kensi: Now I'm gonna check you.


Deeks: Take what's yours, Murray.


[Deeks picks the lock of the office door]


Kensi: Take a deep breath for me. One more time.


[A nurse comes out of the room across the hall]


Nurse: Excuse me. Who are you?


Deeks: What? Who? Who, me?


Nurse: You don't work here.


Deeks: Oh, I'm actually, uh... I'm a private nurse. I'm Mr. Edelstein's

home health care provider.


Nurse: My patient pulled his catheter out again. I need somebody to hold him down while I put it back in.


Deeks: Wow, you're in luck, because that's actually Dr. Blye's specialty.

She's a urologist. Why don't you go help her with that; I can handle this.


Nurse: Great, thanks.


[The hear noise coming from the room]


Kensi: Oh.


[Nurse sighs and goes back into the room]


Kensi: You are so going to pay for this.


Deeks: You're the one that wanted to be the doctor. I even called it.

See you later. Hey, Murray? Keep an eye out, yeah? High-five. You're awesome.


[Deeks goes into the office and sits behind the computer and starts typing. He sees writing on the wall]


Deeks: "And the four angels, who had

been prepared for this very hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind..." Oh, my God.


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[OPS, downstairs. Eric is looking at the screen]


Nell: Why do you keep running this?


Eric: When I get tired or frustrated, it helps me to remember the victims. Their loss pushes me to keep going. Try a little harder.


Nell: It's so disturbing.


Eric: That's why I'm running it down here instead of up in OPS.


[He closes the photos]


Eric: So, uh, did you find anything else about Dr. Rachel Holden?


Nell: Uh, yeah. She hasn't used her credit card for several weeks,

but two of the last things she purchased were plane tickets. One for Jarrod Prodeman to Amsterdam, the other for herself, uh-- Taca International Flight 529. It leaves LAX tomorrow at 7:42 a.m. for San Jose, Costa Rica.


Eric: Whoa, she's fleeing the country in less than 24 hours.


Nell: Which means, whatever she's doing with the virus, it's going down today. We just don't know what, when or with whom.


Eric: Well, Kensi and Deeks are bringing me her hard drive. Hopefully there's something on it.


Nell: I just don't understand why somebody would want to do this.


Eric: Money? Revenge? Religious fanaticism, maybe?


Nell: Yeah, but it's just so stupid, for lack of a better word. I mean, if you're smart enough to regenerate this virus, then you're smart enough

to understand  the dangers that surround it.


Eric: No kidding. It's hard enough to get your hands on the vaccine.


Nell: Hold up. You're a genius.


Eric: Well, yeah. Wait, what do you mean?


[Nell starts typing on the computer screen]


Nell: The vaccine. Whoever is handling this stuff understands how

dangerous it is, right? So they're going to want to be vaccinated before they touch it.


Eric: Yeah, but you can only get the vaccine if you're in the military or a specialized health care worker.


Nell: Exactly. And if you're not...


Eric: Well, you'd have to... steal it.


Nell: From either a military base or a State Health Department facility.


Eric: Worth a shot.


Nell: Here we go. Two weeks ago, break-in at the State Health Department

facility in Torrance.


Eric: So, like you were saying, I am a genius.


Nell: Right. I'll tell Hetty.


[They high-five. Kensi and Deeks walk in and Nell leaves]


Kensi: Hope that high-five means good news.


Eric: We'll find out soon enough. How'd you guys make out?


Deeks: Well, we learned that Kensi missed her calling. She should have been a doctor.


Kensi: It was disgusting. Have you ever put in a catheter?


Eric: Not professionally. Is that Rachel Holden's hard drive?


Deeks: Yeah, but I think it's been wiped clean. There's nothing on it.


[He hands Eric the harddrive]


Eric: For you maybe. Ah, I bet this baby's got plenty of secrets to tell

me, don't you, honey? You're a good little girl, aren't you? You know it.

I… I'll let you know what I find.


[Eric leaves]


Kensi: You do that.


Deeks: What do you think the chances are that he has a homemade sex robot?


Kensi: Why, did you break yours again?


Deeks: No, Robo-Kensi's still going strong.


Kensi: Oh, you disgust me.


Deeks: Robo-Kensi never talks to me like that.


[OPS centre]


Nell: This is the man the LAPD suspects in the break-in at the State Health Department facility. His name is Gabriel Marchal.


Hetty: Pretty name for an ugly man.


Nell: Robbery has passed the case over to Narcotics. Narcotics doesn't want to move on the case because they feel nothing of significant

street value was stolen; they want to build their case.


Deeks: None of which helps us.


Nell: No, but Marchal is linked to several unsavory groups. Remember the ELE?


Kensi: Enhanced Law Enforcement. They're a homegrown militia group. The ELE took it upon themselves to secure the border by killing innocent people. But we took those guys down two years ago.


Nell: Apparently not all of them.


Deeks: Well, it makes sense, in a sick way. You want to stop immigration forever, release an epidemic of smallpox in Mexico.


Hetty: Our government would have no choice but to lock down the border.


Kensi: So where do we find these guys?


[Cut to the beach. Sam and Callen are in the car taking pictures]


Callen: Have backup ready to roll in and lock this place down the minute you hear from me.


Detective Danny Williams: Hey, so I got three out front, two on the inside, that I can see, anyway.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: And every one of them is packing.


Sam: This place will clear out once the sun goes down, but we don't have time for that.


Callen: SOP would be to evacuate the area and send in a tactical hazmat team.


Detective Danny Williams: I like that. Send in the professional bug hunters.


Callen: Unfortunately, these people are paranoid by nature. They see us clearing area, they're going to go ballistic. Same thing if they see

someone in a hazmat suit.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Yeah, Callen's right. We can try and take

these guys quietly, but if they decide to open up with all these tourists around, there's going to be a blood bath.


Sam: Maybe we don't take them quietly.


Detective Danny Williams: Why are you smiling?


[They see a bulldozer]


Detective Danny Williams: Chin, why are you smiling? Why are you smiling now, too? Everybody's smiling. Everybody's smiling except me.


Sam: You can smile.


Detective Danny Williams: No, no, I only smile when I'm happy. And this does not make me happy, it makes me very nervous.


Sam: So give me your nervous smile.


[Danny smiles]


Detective Danny Williams: Like that?


Sam: Yeah, something like that.


[The use the bulldozer to tip over the trailer]


Guy: Earthquake!


Callen: Federal agents! Out of there!


Sam: Move!


Callen: Go on. Hands where I can see them. Hold them up.


[They lock the area down. Sam’s goes to check if the virus is there. Comes out in a protective suit]


Sam: It's not here.


[Cut to OPS centre]


Nell: What does that mean?


Eric: I think that means they didn't find it.


Hetty: It means we're screwed.


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[Boatshed, interrogation room. Callen walks out angry and calls Nell]


Nell: Callen.


Callen: Gabrielle Marchal denies getting anything from Dr. Rachel Holden.




Nell: Well, I've got proof he wired over $100,000 to a bank account in Honolulu six weeks ago.




Callen: So he and his group bankrolled her in exchange for the virus, but she ripped them off instead?




Nell: The good doctor has a death wish.




Callen: Yeah, she does. For all of us. Did Eric get anything off her computer?




Eric: Dr. Rachel Holden did a fairly decent job of erasing her hard drive. Looks like she never used it for anything other than work.


Sam: She left it behind because there was nothing for us to find.


Eric: I did, however, find some of her published research articles, several of which deal with pandemics.


Sam: She's an immunologist-- that's what she does.


Eric: Yeah, but it's the nature of her later articles that's a little disturbing.


Sam: How so?


[OPS centre]


Kensi: In her most recent article, Holden posits that pandemics are a natural part of the ebb and flow of life on this planet, and that by

interfering with it, we are meddling with nature in a way that could lead

to our undoing.


Hetty: Mm. The Gaia theory. The idea that the Earth is a complex interactive system that keeps life in balance.


Deeks: Essentially, the planet is a self-cleaning oven.


Kensi: Exactly. She also posits that by wiping smallpox off the face

of the Earth, we've eliminated one of the planet's regulating systems.


Hetty: She believes she's doing God's work by releasing a plague of biblical proportions.


Deeks: In her mind, the only way to save the planet is by allowing it to naturally thin out the human herd-- in this case, through smallpox.


Kensi: She's intending on leaving in the morning, which means whatever

she's planning is going to go down in the next few hours.




Detective Danny Williams: Okay. Maybe Dr. Holden is planning on taking the virus with her.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Costa Rica looks like a place more to hide out than to launch a pandemic. You'd want to spread it as quickly as possible.


Callen: Like at an international airport.


Sam: Maybe she left it at the airport. International passengers

come in contact with it, take them with them wherever they go.


Detective Danny Williams: But she's got to know we'll be looking for her. I mean, all the airports are on high alert.


Nell: Okay, so I think I got something. Two months ago, she ordered

enough office supplies to stock a small business. Didn't think anything of it until I found this.[Nell puts something on the screen]  An order for 300 custom T-shirts from a local clothing company. And when I called

the office supply store, they confirmed that most of the purchases

were school supplies.


Detective Danny Williams: Wait a minute. She's targeting kids?


Callen: That's her dispersal mechanism.


Sam: Like the British giving blankets infected with smallpox to Native Americans.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: You give a kid a T-shirt, he takes it home,

he infects his family.


Sam: She could be donating it to schools.


Kensi: Do you remember when we were at the airport? There was that group

of teenagers at baggage claim?


Deeks: It was a class trip of sorts.


Detective Danny Williams: It's too late for spring break, right?


Kensi: I don't know, but there was a group of Japanese students,

and I'm pretty sure I heard other kids speaking German.


[Tablet beeps]


Kensi: Damn it. International Leaders of Tomorrow. "High School seniors representing 36 different countries are gathering for a series of lectures and exercises designed to encourage dialogue, understanding,

tolerance and friendship."


Detective Danny Williams: That's definitely not as fun as spring break.


Sam: We need to shut it down.


Callen: It's too late. It started an hour ago.


[International Leaders of Tomorrow market]

[Callen, Sam, Kensi, Deeks, Danny and Chin look around trying to find her. Danny and Chin notice two guys carrying bags with t-shirts]


Detective Danny Williams: Hey, hey. You... you got to put that bag down.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Drop the bags!


Guy 1: Okay.


[One guy drops the bag. Danny tries to take the other bag]


Guy 2: Whoa, what's your damage, dude?


Detective Danny Williams: My damage, genius, is that I'm a cop and I just saved your life.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly:  Where'd you get this?


Guy 2: Get your own, man. They're giving them away for free.


[He points towards a stand. They see Dr. Rachel Holden]


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: [Through his earpiece] We got a location. Southeast corner.


Kensi: I see her. Blue awning.


Deeks: Federal agents!


[Dr. Rachel Holden spots them and she runs]


Kensi: Callen, she's running!


Callen: We got her, Kensi. Lock it down and scramble hazmat.


[Callen, Sam, Danny and Chin run after her. She gets in her car and drives away. Callen and Sam pull two people out of the way. They grabbed their guns and start shooting at the car. The car crashes. The run towards the car. Sam looks in the trunk and sees the vials.]


Sam: We got the vials.


Detective Danny Williams: Get out of the car. Out of the car now. Rachel Holden, you're under arrest.


Holden: The Earth is dying, and we are the disease. I was just trying to give the planet a fighting chance.


Detective Danny Williams: By killing millions of people?


Holden: It took tens of thousands of years for the planet's population

to reach a billion. But we've gone from six to seven billion in 12. You do the math.


Detective Danny Williams: No, I hate math.


Sam: What happened if your pandemic killed the people who could one day solve our problems?


Callen: You didn't think about that one, did you? It's all right. You'll have plenty of time to think about it in prison. Get her out of here.

[Danny and Chin take her away. Callen sighs]




Nell: The Health Department and the CDC have secured the gift bags

and are vaccinating anyone who may have been exposed.


Eric: And Assistant Director Granger called to thank the Five-O Task Force for their assistance.


Deeks: What, that's it?


Nell: I think that's pretty much everything. Did we miss something?


Detective Danny Williams: Yeah, you missed the fact that we basically saved the world.


Deeks: Oh, that's a tad dramatic, my friend, but accurate nonetheless. He's right-- it's a big deal.


[Nell and Eric walk away]


Deeks: I mean, we should get some sort of medals or at least some sort

of presidential commendation.


Detective Danny Williams: We don't need medals. I'd like it if Air Force One picked us up and flew us over to Vegas and gave us a complimentary suite in one of the high roller rooms.


Deeks: Nice. That's what I'm talking about. This man has vision.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: You know what? I'll settle for a hot shower and a cold beer.


Sam: Well, the shower's on you guys, beer's on us. It's the least we could do.


Detective Danny Williams: Uh, we appreciate it, but we really should go.


Callen: What, you're not going to stay for a drink?


Kensi: You got a hot date, Danny?


Detective Danny Williams: No. Uh, we left the kids in charge of the island, so we got to go.


Kensi: Ah.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Well, there's that, and he's scared of Hetty.


Detective Danny Williams: I'm not scared of Hetty. Okay, I think she's

a delightful lady, but have you ever seen Trilogy of Terror? [Hetty walks in behind him]  You know the little, uh, voodoo doll, comes to life?


Deeks: Shh.


Hetty: Starring Karen Black. I worked with her and Nicholson on Five Easy Pieces. Or, as I like to call it, Six Hellish Weeks.

Detective Danny Williams: That's, uh... that's very cool.


Hetty: Hmm. Fortunately, your talent for police work far exceeds your gift for discourse, Detective. Well, on behalf of myself and NCIS, I'd like to thank Detective Williams and Detective Kelly for their assistance.


[Chin shakes her hand]


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: You are most welcome.


[Hetty turns towards Danny. He is hesitant to shake her hand.

Hetty: I don't bite, Detective. Unless provoked.


Detective Danny Williams: Okay. I will never provoke you. I promise. Uh, we really do have a plane to catch.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: But next time, we will take you up on your offer for drinks. And maybe we can take a little side trip to Disneyland.


[They shake hands]


Detective Danny Williams: Disney...? What are you, 12?


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: I will have you know that it is the happiest place on Earth.


Detective Danny Williams: See, that's not cool. Uh, good luck with your Gypsy blood feud.


Callen: Yeah, let's do it again sometime. Just not any time soon.


Deeks: Aloha.


Detective Chin Ho Kelly: Aloha.


[Danny and Chin leave.]


Kensi: Well, I think they would make good NCIS agents.


Callen: Yeah, now we know where to go if we need a Deeks replacement.


Sam: Can't we just get one from the pound, like last time?


[Deeks laughs]


Hetty: Detective Williams is just a tad cheeky for my liking.


Deeks: No kidding.


Hetty: Reminds me of another detective I know.


Deeks: What? Me? No, no. No, no. I'm not cheeky; I'm charming. And I'm so much funnier than him, am I not? [They all leave. Deeks is left standing alone] Guys? Can you back me up on this? I'm actually much funnier? I just want you to stop and think for a second what this place would be like without me.


[Hetty stops and turns around and walks away again]


Hetty: Let me see. Peaceful, professional, sanitary. [Screen goes black] Feel free to stop me any time, Mr. Deeks.


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