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#423 : Le bon, la brune et les diamants

Deeks part sous couverture afin d'obtenir des infos sur un ancien trafiquant d'armes notoire qui veut se remettre aux affaires, et se lie d'amitié avec une femme bien informée; mais cette source va le conduire vers des zones dangereuses. Pendant ce temps, Kensi est confrontée à de nouvelles émotions pendant qu'elle planque pour surveiller Deeks et son amie...


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Le bon, la brune et les diamants

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L'agent Blye s’apprête à se battre avec une suspect

L'agent Blye s’apprête à se battre avec une suspect

Deeks et Kensi surveillent les lieux tout en parlant

Deeks et Kensi surveillent les lieux tout en parlant

Deeks  est sous couverture pour découvrir que Monica sait (Jeananne Goossen)

Deeks est sous couverture pour découvrir que Monica sait (Jeananne Goossen)

Callen surveille pour prendre des photos

Callen surveille pour prendre des photos

Sam se fait passer pour un policier de Los Angeles

Sam se fait passer pour un policier de Los Angeles

le lieutenant Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) sous couverture

le lieutenant Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) sous couverture


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Scenario : Cheo Hodari Coker

Réalisation : John P. Kousakis

Guests : 

Jeananne Goossen ........................... Monica Davis
Nick Jameson ........................... Johannes Waaldt
Greg Ellis ........................... Pieter Smit
Wen Yann Shih ........................... Hôtesse

-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[♫ A woman is walking in the streets. ♫ a man gets out of a building, pulls out a gun and shoots at the woman; he misses; people scream, the woman flees; the guy chases her – she crosses the street with many car horns blaring and tires screeching, and runs away; the shooter follows, aims again – she bumps into a couple]


MAN: Watch it!

[The chased woman reaches an alley where a Mustang stops at her side; she jumps into it- the hooded driver gets out and shoots at the chaser; people are panicked; the driver gets again into the car – the woman kisses him; we know him: Deeks!]

DEEKS: What the hell did you do...

[The woman smiles without answering -tires squealing, the Mustang runs away; shooter hits the back with his bullets but can’t stop it…]


   ♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 4x23 ♫ ♫  Parley ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on May 7, 2013 ♫ ♫


[Kensi sighs; she rubs her arms, looking in pain; Sam is at his desk, G helps himself with coffee; she chuckles]

KENSI: Oh, God.

SAM: You okay?

KENSI: Yeah. Last night got a little rough.

SAM: Oh, really? Who?

KENSI: Joshie.

SAM: Joshie... Joshie? Is that the one who made your legs shake?

KENSI: No, that was Griff.

SAM: All right, so tell me about Joshie.

KENSI: Joshie, Joshie...

[She sighs and sits down]

KENSI: Kind of over Joshie.

SAM: That quick? For one night only.

KENSI: Well, it's supposed to be fun and make you feel good, not wake up sore.

[Callen raises an eyebrow]

KENSI: It's different for girls.

SAM: Maybe you should go crawling back to Griff.

KENSI: Well, I will if he comes back around. I haven't had a repeat in six months.

CALLEN: I'm sorry, did I miss something? Who... who are these guys?

KENSI: They're not guys, they're WODs.

[G doesn’t get it]


KENSI: What's that, like a BFF with an STD?

[Sam chuckles]

KENSI: W-O-D is workout of the day. I started doing CrossFit.


SAM: You got to try it. It's addictive.

CALLEN: So is meth.

KENSI: Okay, listen. You are tired. You are sore, you are miserable. You are stretching muscles you didn't even know you had. You are in a pool of sweat, and yet, all you can think about is doing it again as soon as possible.

CALLEN: Hmm. And they name all these workouts after random guys?

KENSI: No, actually the hero WODs are named after firefighters, soldiers, police officers, fallen heroes killed in the line of duty. But, actually, you know what, the toughest ones are named after women--Helen, Fran.

SAM: Fran, now that's a tough broad. For real.

KENSI: Fight Gone Bad. Filthy 50.

CALLEN: How about Lazy Sunday Morning? Watching a Football Game with a Cold Beer?

[Sam chuckles]

SAM: No pain, no gain.

CALLEN: If I'm gonna pay someone to hurt me, it better be a dominatrix.

KENSI: Oh, do tell!!

CALLEN: That was a joke.

[Kensi laughs- Callen looks at Sam]

CALLEN: That was a joke.

SAM: I have noticed some unexplained bruising in the past.

[Kensi chuckles]

CALLEN: Thank you.

SAM: Yo, man, I don't judge.

CALLEN: Thank you.

SAM: Whatever you want to do on your spare time is your business, as long as you don't ask me to spank you, we're all good.

CALLEN: Great.

KENSI: Ah, you like that?

[Eric whistles- he speaks with a German accent]

ERIC: Mistress Henrietta awaits your arrival in the operations center. Those who are tardy will be subjected to severe punishment. Unless punishment is something you desire.

CALLEN: No, not you.

ERIC: Sorry. Just role-playing. Oh, I get it. The, uh, tech nerd can't play with the cool kids.

[Kensi glares at him]

ERIC: What? Man...


[OPS center.]

HETTY: Good morning, all. Miss Jones.

NELL: An hour ago Monica Davis was the intended target of a shooter in Hollywood.

CALLEN: Nice little serpentine move.

SAM: Yeah, she's bobbing and weaving like she's used to getting shot at.

KENSI: Who is she?

ERIC: Miss Davis is a hostess at the Afrobeat nighclub N'Kosi.

CALLEN: Why is someone trying to kill her?

NELL: We don't know. And we weren't able to get a clear angle of his face.

HETTY: We're not sure, but he may be involved with this man.

NELL: Johannes Waaldt. He's the owner of N'Kosi, where Monica works. He's also the face of several charities that build water purification systems in Africa.

CALLEN: Am I missing something?

ERIC: Back in the day, Waaldt was quite the international arms dealer.

CALLEN: And that would be it.

SAM: That's Abdul Habaza. The man who killed Moe.

HETTY: From helicopters to rocket launchers, JoJo was a one-stop shop until he became a legitimate businessman.

CALLEN: So what happened, Monica Davis saw something she wasn't supposed to see?

HETTY: We're not sure. And we've lost contact with our man inside.

CALLEN: Who's that?

[Footage on screen: Monica kisses her driver]

KENSI: Deeks?

ERIC: Not Deeks. Max Gentry.

KENSI: How long's he been working this?

HETTY: This is a question for Assistant Director Granger. Apparently he set this up.

SAM: Well, what is Deeks saying?

NELL: He hasn't checked in yet. We're still waiting for his call.


[Monica is laughing – she’s just back home with Deeks who locks the door]

MONICA: Oh, my God. That was crazy. That dude could've killed me.

DEEKS: Oh, you got that part, did you?

MONICA: And then you squeal in like freaking Steve McQueen from Bullitt and I'm, like, get me the hell out of here. And you're, like, bang, bang, bang, getting all Fast Five with it. Was that, like, insane, or what?

DEEKS: No, that wasn't like insane, that was actually insane.

MONICA: I know, right, just feel my heart. Seriously, baby, feel my heart.


MONICA: Why are you so mad?

DEEKS: 'Cause you almost got yourself killed.

MONICA: But you saved me. You... are such a badass. Come one, baby, come here.

DEEKS: Don't, stop. Just stop.

MONICA: Just relax, Max. We got away; we're home free.

DEEKS: Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?

MONICA: I'm not afraid of JoJo.

DEEKS: You should be. Honestly, I can't even believe you did this.

MONICA: Well, what did you expect me to do?

DEEKS: Uh, maybe what I told you-- you go in, you take some pictures. It was that simple.

MONICA: But when opportunity knocks...

DEEKS: Yeah, well opportunity's about to kick open that door and shoot us both in the head.

[Monica takes a mocking voice]

MONICA: Somebody's about to kick in that door and shoot us both in the head.

DEEKS: Really? You joking?

MONICA: You joking?

DEEKS: Are you done?

MONICA: Max... chill out. You want to see them?

DEEKS: No, I don't.

[Monica chuckles]

MONICA: Yes, you do.

DEEKS: No, I don't. Put them back. I don't want to see them. Don't...

[Dropped from a little bag, diamonds clatter on the floor as Monica’s hand is too full to keep them all]

MONICA: Oh, I just dropped a Bentley.

DEEKS: Can you please just give those to me?


[But she puts them down her bra]

DEEKS: Just give...Don't put them down your...Are you... don't, you're gonna drop...

[Diamonds clatter again]


DEEKS: Are you serious right now? You're dropping diamonds...

[She smiles, and leaves the room; Deeks speaks under his breath]

DEEKS: This was a terrible idea.


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[NCIS office. Agents’ desks]

ERIC: Deek's phone is still at his cover house.

KENSI: All right, so why hasn't he checked in?

SAM: Maybe he didn't have a chance yet.

KENSI: Yeah, but he's got to know we saw the shooting.

CALLEN: If he was in trouble, he would've sent a distress.

KENSI: Not if he's injured or... dead.

[Nell joins them]

NELL: I got him. Deeks sent an encrypted text.

CALLEN: Did he say what the hell happened?

NELL: There's been a complication.

SAM: Yeah, we've gathered that.

CALLEN: What else?

NELL: That's it.

KENSI: That's it?

NELL: It was a short text. More of a tweet.

SAM: He doesn't have a plan.

KENSI: So what are we supposed to do, just sit around and wait until he comes up with one?

CALLEN: No. Sam and I are gonna head down to Waaldt's club and we're gonna find out who we're dealing with.

KENSI: Okay, what am I supposed to do?

SAM: Back up your partner.

KENSI: Are there surveillance cameras at the cover house?

NELL: Uh, no. But he's got an earwig. We can send him a message, tell him to put it in.

KENSI: Do it. Send the address to my phone.

[She’s gone- Callen looks at Eric and Nell]

CALLEN: Keep an eye on her.

NELL: Will do.

[Eric nods and they go back to OPS]

CALLEN: All right, you ready?

SAM: We can't go to a club dressed like this.

CALLEN: Why not? The club's not even open yet.

SAM: Yeah, we still don't want to walk in there looking like a couple of hobos.

CALLEN: Hobos? What is this, 1939?

SAM: Yeah, we got to look the part.

CALLEN: What, Hetty get you a new suit or something?

[Sam doesn’t deny…]

CALLEN: You got a new suit?

SAM: I'm due.

CALLEN: I'm due! Why didn't she get me a new suit?

SAM: Maybe she wanted to surprise you.

CALLEN: Hetty? Am I, uh, getting a new suit?

HETTY: Not till you return the pants from the last one.

CALLEN: I told you I can't find them.

[Hetty has stepped away; G faces Sam]

CALLEN: What is that?

SAM: It was Armani Privé.

CALLEN: I was under cover. Things happen.

SAM: G, you lost your pants. Even Deeks doesn't lose his pants.

[G chuckles]

SAM: Come on.

CALLEN: We're lucky Deeks wears pants.


[Sam parks the Challenger; they wear suits and shirts]

SAM: I got to tell you, Hetty sure outdid herself this time.

CALLEN: Don't even start.

SAM: What, you don't think this is a sharp suit? Maybe it's because it's new.

CALLEN: Do you remember before we were partners?

SAM: Yeah, what about it?

CALLEN: I miss those days.

SAM: Yeah? Okay, Lone Wolf McQuade. Well, today, I'm an ex-running back, you're my agent, and we're here to rent the club for an NFL draft party.

CALLEN: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. How come I don't get to be the ex-player?

SAM: As what, a kicker?

CALLEN: Quarterback. I'm taller than Doug Flutie, I'm mobile...

[Sam chuckles]

CALLEN: Fine, fine. We'll try it your way. But I'd still make a great quarterback.

SAM: Yeah, just keep your pants on in there.

[They enter.]


[Afro-beat music is playing in background; a woman is showing them a large room]

WOMAN: Do you want the whole dance area?

CALLEN: Yeah. Yeah. We're gonna want the, uh, VIP room, and we're gonna buy out the whole bar.

WOMAN: Great, we can also do specialty drinks.

CALLEN: I like it.

SAM: This will work.

[He stops in front of a closed office upstairs- and whispers]

SAM: You getting all this, Eric?

ERIC: Yeah.


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Waaldt we already know. Okay, our shooter's name is Pieter Smit.

NELL: He's a South African native. Looks like he's worked security for everyone from Blackwater to drug cartels in Mexico and Bolivia.


SAM: Who's the guy in the middle?

ERIC: [Over com] That is Noah Bernosoni. He's Swiss.

[OPS center.]

NELL: He's an international banker, most recently with Wahr Geld Bank. Uh, graduated from London School of Economics. No criminal record.

SAM: [Over com] All right, keep digging. If he's dealing with Waaldt, he's probably into something dirty.


ERIC: [over com] On it.

WOMAN: And the bar is fully stocked.

[G glances at Sam who nods]

WOMAN: and it's all top-shelf.

CALLEN: Great. Well, good.

WOMAN: And we also provide the valet service until 1:30. Anything later would have to be arranged beforehand.

CALLEN: Appreciate you showing us around.

WOMAN: Thank you.

[They shake hands]

CALLEN: We'll be in touch.

WOMAN: Great.

SAM: Thank you.

WOMAN: Thank you.


[Cover house. Deeks is typing on his phone in the living-room; Monica comes in]

MONICA: Maybe I'll have the two biggest ones made into earrings. What do you think?

DEEKS: I think you should put them back in the bag before you lose them. Give them to me.

[She has her palm open with the diamonds; when he wants to take them, she closes it hastily]

MONICA: Oh, gotcha! Just like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Remember the jewelry box that he snaps shut? Chomp. I love that movie.

DEEKS: Yeah, it was a classic.

MONICA: Want to take a shower?

DEEKS: No. No, I... don't.

MONICA: Well, suit yourself.

[She heads to the bathroom, taking off her shirt…]

DEEKS: Oh, my God…That's okay. I'll just get that--that's fine. I'm here to clean.

[He picks up the shirt and sighs]

DEEKS: Oh, my God.

[His phone chimes. A text says: “put your wig on” – he dismisses it and obeys]

MONICA: Hey! You're not going to run off with my diamonds, are you?

DEEKS: Just take your shower.

MONICA: Last chance to join me.

DEEKS: Yeah, no, I'm more of a bath guy myself. But thank you.

MONICA: Oh, that's romantic. I like that.

[She closes the door-he turns his wig on with a beep]

DEEKS: Are you there, God, it's me, Margaret.

[Kensi is in her car]

KENSI: Judy Blume, really?

DEEKS: [over com] I got a softer side.

KENSI: Yeah, it's called your head.


DEEKS: I missed you, too.


KENSI: Not from what I've seen.


DEEKS: Oh, my God, are you jealous?


KENSI: Oh, please, if you want to keep an operation secret, that is your business.

DEEKS: [over com] No, it wasn't a secret. It wasn't even an operation, all right?


DEEKS: Granger wanted info on Waaldt so I went to Waaldt's club. I picked up his hostess and got her to look around for me--that's it.


KENSI: And just like that, she agreed to spy on her boss for you?


DEEKS: No, it took a little bit of persuading.

KENSI: I hope you used protection.

DEEKS: It's not like that. The truth of the matter is that Max Gentry can be incredibly charming when he wants to be.

KENSI: Maybe I should be partnered up with Max.

DEEKS: I didn't know she was going to go all Bonnie and Clyde on me.

KENSI: So, where is Bonnie?

DEEKS: She's in the bedroom.

KENSI: I'm surprised you're not with her.

DEEKS: You sound like her.

KENSI: What?

DEEKS: Nothing.

KENSI: What the hell is going on?

DEEKS: So I asked her to snoop around Waaldt's office. Guess what she found?

KENSI: Her panties?

DEEKS: Meow, no not her panties. She found $10 million in diamonds.

[He hasn’t noticed Monica going out from the bedroom in a towel and standing in his back]

MONICA: Who are you talking to?

DEEKS: I-I was... I wasn't.

MONICA: I heard you.

DEEKS: No, no, I was talking to myself. That's how I figure things out.

MONICA: You're so wound up.

DEEKS: I'm fine.

MONICA: Everything's gonna be okay. I promise. You...you just need someone to take care of you. And, baby...I'll take care of you.

[They kiss – and in the car Kensi is listening to this kissing over the earwig…]


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[NCIS office. Agents’ desks. Nell is briefing Sam and G. They’re watching the diamonds on screen]

CALLEN: How much we thinking?

NELL: Well, it's hard to tell from the photos Deeks sent, but if they're real-- and there's no real reason to believe that they're not--I'm guessing $10 million, maybe more.

CALLEN: That's a lot of bling.

NELL: NCIS in Washington has seen a recent influx in blood diamonds. They're untraceable, won't set off any metal detectors, and you can carry millions-worth in your pocket.

SAM: As long as they're real, no one cares where they came from.

NELL: Our Red team has tracked blood diamonds from Sierra Leone to Antwerp where their country of origin papers are often forged. Other than Afghani heroin, blood diamonds have been the most consistent form of terrorist funding.

CALLEN: So the big question is what is Waaldt funding?

SAM: $10 million can fund a nice little coup.

CALLEN: I thought he was out of the business.

NELL: Granger must have had some suspicions to send Deeks in.

SAM: Where's Granger?

NELL: Oh, his office says he is unreachable.

CALLEN: You told them what happened?

NELL: Absolutely-- they said they would pass it along.

CALLEN: We got nothing on this guy!

NELL: Well...his man Smit tried to kill Monica Davis in broad daylight.

SAM: Some jump-off tried to steal $10 million in diamonds from me, I'd off her in broad daylight, too.

[Callen laughs]

NELL: Wow. That's good to know.

SAM: Hypothetically speaking. If I were a bad guy.

NELL: Uh-huh…It's attempted murder. You bring him in, maybe he gives his boss up.

SAM: He's a violent dude. He's not the cooperative type.

CALLEN: Which means we take a different tact.

NELL: Which would be...?

SAM: Something you don't need to know about.

CALLEN: Hypothetically!


[Cover house]

DEEKS: Kens? Kensi, you out there?

[Into her car, Kensi has her mouth full with a cake – she sighs]

DEEKS: [over come] I know you can hear me.

KENSI: What?

[Cover house]

DEEKS: Where are you parked?


KENSI: Down the street.

DEEKS: [over com] I can't even see you.

KENSI: That's the whole point of surveillance.

[Cover house]

DEEKS: Ah, well, I'm sorry you had to hear that. I guarantee it sounded worse than it actually was.


KENSI: Who cares?

[Cover house]

DEEKS: Oh, my God, I'm sure Sam doesn't act like this when Callen gets hit on.


KENSI: Act like what--I'm just sitting here covering your ass. Not sure what she's doing with it.

[Cover house]

DEEKS: So, we're cool then?


KENSI: Why wouldn't we be cool?

[Cover house- Monica is coming back from the bathroom – in underwear – Kensi keeps speaking in Deeks’ wig]

MONICA: We should go to Monaco, you know? Like James Bond in Casino Royale


KENSI: It's Montenegro.

MONICA: You could get a tuxedo.


MONICA: And I'd get some hot dress. And we'd be drinking champagne and playing roulette.

KENSI: No wonder she likes you. She's delusional.

DEEKS: Okay, first off, Casino Royale actually happened in Montenegro, and secondly we're not going anywhere until we sort this out.

MONICA: Where's Montenegro?

KENSI: Yeah, Deeks. Where's Montenegro?

DEEKS: It's in Europe.

KENSI: You have no idea.

MONICA: The beaches are topless.

KENSI: Look at that, she speaks Deeks. Match made in heaven.

MONICA: We'll could get you a sexy little Speedo.

KENSI: I'd pay to see that.

DEEKS: People would pay to see that.

MONICA: I know I would.

KENSI: Tell her not to waste her money. It's too small a return on her investment.

[Kensi laughs and Deeks can’t help chuckling]

MONICA: What? What's so funny?

DEEKS: Nothing, I was just I was laughing the joke that...you just told.

MONICA: Oh, you never find my jokes funny, Maxi.

KENSI: Maybe that 'cause you aren't funny.

DEEKS: No, I do laugh at your jokes because you're very funny, you say clever things that are very funny.

[A phone rings]

MONICA: It's my phone. It's Waaldt.

DEEKS: Don't answer that.

MONICA: Why not?

DEEKS: Because he can use that to trace us here.

MONICA: You're getting paranoid.

DEEKS: Don't answer the phone!

MONICA: [On phone] Hello?

KENSI: Not the brightest Barbie in the toy box, is she?

DEEKS: [whispering] Okay, that doesn't even make any sense.

MONICA: No, no, you listen. Yeah, I've got them, and if you want them back, you're gonna have to pay for them.

MONICA: I'm not afraid of you.


[Monica laughs]

MONICA: Whatever.

[The phone beeps when she turns the call off]

MONICA: Hells, yeah, did you hear that?

KENSI: I heard it.

DEEKS: I definitely heard it.

MONICA: Did I sound like I meant business?

KENSI: Sounded like she just signed her own death warrant.

DEEKS: Antagonizing him isn't gonna help anything.

MONICA: Screw him. Why are you acting so weird?

DEEKS: I'm not.

MONICA: Are you getting cold feet? Because if you are, it's a little late for that. I mean, you knew Waaldt had diamonds.

DEEKS: I didn't know he had diamonds.

MONICA: That's why you wanted me to snoop around. Don't pretend it's not.

DEEKS: No, it wasn't.

MONICA: No, you wanted to know where they were so that you could steal them. But I stole them for you. You should be happy. And you should be thanking me. You and I...are gonna live happily ever after in luxury.

KENSI: Clearly delusional.

MONICA: So, I'm gonna get changed, and you and I can go out and celebrate.

DEEKS: We're not gonna go out and celebrate.

MONICA: Yes, we are.

DEEKS: No, we're not.

MONICA: Celebrate.

DEEKS: Put your paws down.

MONICA: Celebrate.

DEEKS: We're staying...

[she disappears into the bedroom]

DEEKS: Oh, my God. Please help me.

KENSI: You brought it on yourself, Maxi.

DEEKS: You're not helping. You are not helping!


[Challenger. G throws one more bonbons paper on the dashboard]

CALLEN: Are you hungry?

SAM: No. Keep eating your bonbons.

[G chuckles]

CALLEN: No origami today?

SAM: No. And stop littering my dash.

[He wipes the papers away]

CALLEN: You're hungry. I know hypoglycemic-induced hostility when I see it.

SAM: I'm just thinking.

CALLEN: About what?

SAM: You want to know what I was thinking?

CALLEN: About eating?

SAM: I was thinking about Wakanda.

CALLEN: What is that, a camp in Wisconsin?

SAM: Seeing Abdul Habaza's picture reminded me of Moe and Jada, the time I spent in Chad and Sudan. I started thinking about Wakanda.

CALLEN: Where is Wakanda?

SAM: It's nowhere. It's a fictional African country. The most technically advanced society in the Marvel Universe. And the richest.

CALLEN: Hold on a second. In a comic book? You just geeked out on me in a real moment?

SAM: Hey, man, when I was a kid, comic books were the only thing that made sense. It was simple—good guys versus bad guys. For me it was all about T'Challa, the Black Panther.

CALLEN: Of course.

SAM: Not just 'cause he was a brother who was richer than Tony Stark. T'Challa was a leader, he was a president, he was a superhero all at the same time. He was all about justice. When I left Brooklyn, the only thing I wanted to see was the motherland and-and to witness that world up close. But instead of finding Wakanda, I found poverty, starvation, child soldiers, death squads.

CALLEN: Waaldt's bread and butter.

SAM: I thought I could save Moe. I really thought I could help Jada.

CALLEN: That whole motherland thing's overrated. I mean, look at me. I come from a line of blood-feuding gypsies who keep trying to kill me. How's that justice?

[Sam shakes his head]

CALLEN: There's our guy.

[Peter Smit walking the street]

CALLEN: You ready, T'Challa?

SAM: See, I knew I shouldn't have said that to you.

[G laughs]

SAM: I always regret it when I tell you things.

CALLEN: I know you do.

[They get out]


[Smit is leaning against a wall, smoking]

CALLEN: Hey. Can I bum a smoke?

[Guy stares at him, then puts a hand in his pocket]

CALLEN: Thanks.

[He takes a cigarette]

CALLEN: Got a light?

SMIT: What kind of a smoker doesn't have a lighter?

CALLEN: I'm trying to quit.

[He pulls out his gun and aims at Smit]

CALLEN: Don't move.

[Meanwhile Sam in his back grabs his arms and cuffs him]

SMIT: You have no idea who you're dealing with.

CALLEN: Pieter Smit. Born December 19, 1972, Kroonstad, South Africa. Mother was Mary, father was also Peter. You served in...

SMIT: What do you want?

CALLEN: We just want to talk.

SMIT: Not interested.

CALLEN: Well, we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way.

SMIT: Go to hell.

CALLEN: That would be the hard way.

[Sam puts a black hood on over his head- he’s in the dark]


[Cover house; Monica is using a noisy blow-dryer]

DEEKS: Waaldt should've called back by now.

KENSI: You don't have to yell.

DEEKS: I'm not talking to you.

[Knocking on the front door]

DEEKS: Hey. Stay in the bedroom. I'm closing this. Stay in the bedroom.

[He closes the door of the bedroom]

DEEKS: Kens, somebody's here.

[He carefully looks through the peephole- Kensi is smiling on the doorstep]

DEEKS: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

[He sighs and opens the door]

DEEKS: Hi. Who are you?

KENSI: Kelly Lang, neighborhood watch. We've gotten reports concerning some suspicious and lewd behavior coming from this residence.

DEEKS: She's in the bedroom.

KENSI: Oh, where she does some of her finest work, I'm sure.

DEEKS: Thank God. She's gonna hear you.

KENSI: Good!

[She clears her throat]

KENSI: Callen and Sam have the guy that tried to kill you both. They think she might help turn him, and if Waaldt's traced her phone, the safe house is no longer safe.

DEEKS: God, I hate this part.

KENSI: What, the part where you have to say everything was a lie? That you're a big fat liar? That part?

DEEKS: Don't do that. Don't gloat.

KENSI: I'm not gloating.

DEEKS: You're gloating a little bit.

KENSI: I wasn't gloating.

DEEKS: It's a little unbecoming, actually.

[He knocks at the bedroom]

DEEKS: Monica!...Monica?

[He opens the door: the window is open, the blow-dryer is whirring on the table…]

KENSI: Where is she?


[He checks the little bag – full yet of little stones…]

DEEKS: Should have seen that coming.


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[[Boatshed. Interrogation room. The hatch is open, the water is glittering; Smit is on a chair, hands cuffed in his back; G takes a seat in front of him]

SMIT: If I had known we were going swimming, I would have packed my swimming trunks.

[G chuckles]

CALLEN: You're funny. He's funny.

SAM: I don't think he's funny.

CALLEN: Don't take that personally. He's only happy if he's hurting somebody.

SMIT: Good cop, bad cop? That's the best you got?

CALLEN: I don't know. I mean, those are two of our better routines. What else do we have?

SAM: We have the girl he tried to kill.

CALLEN: We have the girl.

SMIT: Which one? There's been a couple got away, but not many.

CALLEN: Now that's funny. No? Tough audience. I'll tell you what else we have. We have...your boss's diamonds.

[He had pulled out his phone and shows the photo Deeks had taken]

SMIT: Congratulations.

[G’s phone chimes- he glances at it and looks at Sam; he stands up and leaves the room; Sam leans over Smit’s shoulder before following]

SAM: Hang out. We'll get more acquainted later.


[Observation room]

CALLEN: What do you got, Eric?

ERIC: Okay, it's all good, but…

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Monica Davis escaped.

SAM: [Over video] How?

ERIC: Out a window, I think. And she's got the diamonds.


CALLEN: And this is all good because...?

ERIC: [over video] Because we're tracking her cell phone and Kensi and Deeks are following her.

SAM: She make any calls?

ERIC: [over video] Not yet.

SAM: Keep it that way. Don't let her receive any incoming either. Let us know if Waaldt tries to reach her again.

ERIC: [Over video] I'm on it.

CALLEN: Any word from Granger?

ERIC: [Over video] Nope.

CALLEN: Of course not. Keep us informed.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Will do.

KENSI: [Over com] Eric, how far now?

ERIC: Uh, she's about half a block ahead of you on the left. She's not moving.

[Deeks and Kensi are walking near the Walt Disney Concert Hall)

DEEKS: I can't believe she double-crossed me.

DEEKS: She's actually not that bad. She just...

KENSI: Has poor judgment?

DEEKS: Exactly.

KENSI: Like her taste in men.

DEEKS: Oh, see? See, what you tried to do right there, but it's not gonna work 'cause she wasn't actually involved with me. She was involved with my alter ego Max Gentry.

KENSI: Hang on a second. Not your undercover legend?

DEEKS: You know, that's what I meant.

KENSI: No, no, no, you said alter ego. That's completely different.

DEEKS: Superheroes have alter egos.

KENSI: No, no, superheroes have secret identities. Schizophrenics have alter egos, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

DEEKS: Or you when you haven't had chocolate or during your lady phase.

KENSI: Shut up.

[But she smiles]

DEEKS: Ooh, speaking of crazy women.

[Monica is sitting at a table outside a café]

KENSI: All right, stay here.

DEEKS: Why am I staying here?

KENSI: Um, maybe because if she sees you she's gonna want to run again like most women.

DEEKS: Except for you. You don't run from me.

KENSI: That's because I carry a gun. Now make yourself useful and back me up.

DEEKS: I'll just be here holding your purse.

KENSI: Eric, call Monica's phone.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: On it.

[Outside the café. Monica’s phone rings; she hastily answers]

MONICA: Yeah? Hello? Hello?

[Kensi stops at her table, her badge in the hand]

KENSI: I think they hung up. NCIS.


KENSI: Too many letters? Federal agent.

[Monica jumps on her feet and starts running; but Kensi grabs one of her arms; they fight]

MONICA: Back off, bitch. I mean it.

[They fight again]

DEEKS: Freeze!

[He’s pointing his gun at Monica]

MONICA: Max, what are you doing? Shoot her!

KENSI: Sorry, honey, he's with me.

[She cuffs her]

KENSI: And his real name is Marty Deeks, and he's a cop, and he's my partner. Who's the bitch now?

MONICA: He is!

KENSI: Can't argue with that...

[Deeks sighs]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room.]

CALLEN: Aren't you even a little bit curious as to why we brought you here?

SMIT: I'm assuming it's to kill me.

SAM: That's just defeatist.

CALLEN: What was your boss gonna do with the diamonds?

SMIT: A tiara.

CALLEN: I think you got a smirk out of him. It was subtle. I mean, you'd have to know him better to see it, but...Look, I'm not gonna kill you. He might, but I won't. I don't even care about the diamonds. I just want to know what they were being used for.

SMIT: Ask my boss.

CALLEN: I would, but he's not here, you are.

SMIT: And I'm not telling you anything, so you might as well go ahead and drown me.

CALLEN: We're not gonna drown you. No, he still has to feed the fish. Did you see that? He smiled. Now he's happy. Finally.

[Sam opens a tool box and with metallic clattering pulls different tools out…]

CALLEN: Okay. I guess I'll get some lunch. What are you thinking, fish tacos?

SAM: I'm not hungry.

CALLEN: Still? Hmm. How about you?

SAM: He shouldn't eat.

[He opens and closes big wire cutters]

CALLEN: Hmm. Okay. All right, you let me know when you're all done.

[He opens the door- Sam grabs the man’s ear]

SMIT: He was brokering a deal.

CALLEN: I'm sorry?

SMIT: Waaldt was brokering a deal. The diamonds were payment.

SAM: For what?

SMIT: I don't know.

CALLEN: Who's the buyer?

SMIT: I don't know.

CALLEN: Is it Bernosoni? The guy from the club today?

SMIT: No. Bernosoni was negotiating for the seller.

SAM: Who's the seller?

SMIT: I don't know.

CALLEN: You don't know much, do you?

SMIT: I know he was Russian.

CALLEN: A Russian is selling something for $10 million?

[Smit nods]

SAM: How do you know the seller was Russian?

SMIT: Because he was speaking in Russian.


SMIT: A few weeks ago he came by the club one time.

SAM: You saw him?

SMIT: Yeah... I saw him.


[Interrogation room. Callen puts 6 photos on the table (back in place)]

CALLEN: The Russian you saw with Bernosoni...he one of these guys?

SMIT: That one. That's him.

SAM: Isaak Sidorov…

[He sighs, the agents exchange a look…]


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[Boatshed. Kensi and Deeks are bringing Monica in]

MONICA: What kind of police station is this?

KENSI: The kind you don't ask about. Sit!

MONICA: Seriously, you're not gonna say anything?

DEEKS: I got nothing to say.



[The door of the interrogation room closes: Sam is pushing Smit ahead]

MONICA: What's he doing here?

KENSI: Same thing you are.

SMIT: Next time I won't miss.

SAM: Shut up and keep moving.

[G whispers to Kensi and Deeks]

CALLEN: The diamonds she stole were to broker a deal with Isaak Sidorov.

DEEKS: Are you kidding me?

KENSI: Who's the buyer?

CALLEN: Smit doesn't know.

[Sam is going up with Smit]

KENSI: Well, did anybody recognize Sam as David Forman or mention Quinn?

CALLEN: No. Their covers are intact. Picked Sidorov out of a photo array. Said Sidorov meet face-to-face with his boss, Waaldt.

DEEKS: Holy crap, this is huge.

KENSI: Okay, so what do we do now?

CALLEN: We make a plan... and fast.

[Deeks stares at Monica]


[OPS center. Hetty is watching closely the diamonds]

CALLEN: Johannes Waaldt was brokering a deal with Bernosoni using $10-million worth of blood diamonds to buy one or more of Sidorov's nuclear bombs for an unknown buyer.

HETTY: I'd bet more like $12 million.

CALLEN: What's a couple of million dollars amongst friends, huh?

DEEKS: Well, Waaldt's gonna need some serious coin to cover that kind of loss.

SAM: You know, by now, he must be wondering where Smit is. Maybe we can convince Waaldt that Smit and Monica stole the diamonds together.

DEEKS: I know somebody that can make that story stick.

CALLEN: You think she'll play ball?

DEEKS: She won't want to …but she'll do it.


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Deeks and Monica]

MONICA: I told you things I never told anybody else. We did things I never did with anybody else.

DEEKS: I'm sorry, but that wasn't me. That was Max.

MONICA: I risked my life for you.

DEEKS: I never asked you to steal the diamonds.

MONICA: Well, you took advantage of me.

DEEKS: As I recall, you're the one that tried to rip me off.

MONICA: I thought you were getting cold feet. I was doing that for us.

DEEKS: Just to be perfectly clear, I never forced you to do anything.

MONICA: Keep telling yourself that. So what now?

DEEKS: So what now is, you have a choice. This is your third strike. Yeah? And you stole millions of dollars of merchandise, you assaulted a federal officer. And with your record, you're looking at 25 to life.

MONICA: Oh, just cut to the chase. Just tell me the truth for once.

DEEKS: Work with us. Help us make the diamond exchange with Waaldt. And if it leads to his arrest, and the arrest of Sidorov, you get to walk away free.

MONICA: That's it?

DEEKS: It's that simple.

MONICA: Oh, screw simple. What about a reward for the diamonds? I mean, they got to be worth something.

DEEKS: God bless you. Always the hustler.

MONICA: Yeah, takes one to know one.

DEEKS: Fair enough.

MONICA: Why should I believe a word you say?

DEEKS: 'Cause I'm the one telling you, not Max.

MONICA: Yeah. And your imaginary friend, Max Gentry, absolves you of all guilt. "It wasn't me, it was Max." So lucky to have a friend like Max.

DEEKS: Are you done?


DEEKS: So what's it gonna be, Monica?

MONICA: What do I have to do?

[Observation room – Sam and G, and Kensi…]

DEEKS: [over com] Call Waaldt. You tell him it was Smit's idea, and he tried to kill you, he tried to double-cross you, and now you're scared.

[Interrogation room.]

DEEKS: You tell him you have the diamonds, and you'll give them back for $100,000 in cash. Give him an hour to meet you at the LA Music Center with the cash, or you'll find another buyer.

MONICA: Don't suppose I get to keep the cash after we're done?

DEEKS: What do you think?

[Monica sighs]

MONICA: You can tell your buddies I'm in. But I'm asking Waaldt for $250,000. I might be scared, but I'm not stupid.

DEEKS: Love it.

[Monica sighs again; she leans forwards and whispers inaudibly – Deeks gets up, leaves the room; he sighs, joins the others]

DEEKS: She's all yours.

[The door closes in his back: he has left the boatshed. Kensi starts following him]

SAM: Kensi...Let him go.

CALLEN: You're up, Kens.

[Kensi sighs, cuts the footage from the interrogation room off and grabs a box]


[Interrogation room. Monica is in bra while Kensi is fitting into place the com device]

KENSI: Tuck.

MONICA: You know, you have a pretty sweet right cross.

KENSI: Thanks. I can tell you've studied Krav Maga.

MONICA: You know, I used to have a thing for buff Israeli guys. You know what I was thinking?

KENSI: What?

MONICA: That you and I should take off with the diamonds. We'd make a pretty sexy team, and no one would mess with us. And I'd cut you in for half…That was a joke. So...I got Max Gentry, but you get the real deal.

KENSI: How's that? Deeks is my partner.

MONICA: And that's it?

KENSI: That's enough.

MONICA: Is it? You know you can't trust him.

KENSI: I trust him with everything.

MONICA: You're a bigger fool than I thought.

KENSI: Everything he did, he did it to establish his cover. A cover that saved you, and that will save a lot of other lives. I'm not worried about the past. Any of it.

MONICA: I mean, why would you be? You're just his partner, right? Bye.

KENSI: Good luck out there.



[LA Music Center square. Monica gets out of a cab. Deeks is sitting on the ground (in his homeless clothes); Kensi is about to play cello; Sam is a parking guard and G a tourist]

CALLEN: Any sign of Waaldt?

SAM: I got nothing.

KENSI: Nope.

DEEKS: Nope.


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Nothing yet.

NELL: And Waaldt's phone is turned off, so we have no idea where he is.

[Square. Monica stops near the fountain; Waaldt appears from behind it]

SAM: He's coming around the fountain. He's got a briefcase.

[And a coat around his arm]

MONICA: Is that my money?

WAALDT: Blunt and crass. What should I expect from a waitress?

MONICA: I was a hostess.

WAALDT: You put the "ho" in hostess. And now you're a thief.

MONICA: It takes one to know one.

WAALDT: Ooh, clever. Where are my diamonds?

[She takes the bag in her purse, hands him while he gives her his briefcase]

WAALDT: Okay, that's enough. Hey, hey. Don't tell me you're gonna count that.

MONICA: No, I trust you.

WAALDT: Something I'll never do again.

MONICA: I'm not here alone.

WAALDT: Neither am I.

[At least 2 of his men are around; Monica starts worrying – Waaldt raises his arm: a gun is hidden under the coat]


[Too late: a silenced gunshot makes Monica falls down backwards; Kensi and Deeks both shoot at Waaldt, hitting him in the legs]

DEEKS: Monica!

[Waaldt cries out; Sam grabs one of Waaldt’s men before he could pull out his weapon]

CALLEN: Freeze!

[His gun is in the back of the second…Kensi and Deeks runs forwards Waaldt and Monica]

KENSI: I got him!

DEEKS: Monica! Monica!

KENSI: Stay down.

DEEKS: You're okay. You're okay, just breathe. Just breathe.

[She groans: the bullet is stuck into the vast she’s wearing; she’s panting]

MONICA: I would have been better off with Max.

[She groans again]

DEEKS: Kens...

KENSI: Eric, I'm gonna need two ambulances.


[She groans in pain; distant siren are wailing]


[Sunset; night. Armory. Deeks is taking the bullet off the vest]


DEEKS: Hey, you're still here.

KENSI: Yeah.

DEEKS: How come?

KENSI: I, uh... couldn't find you. You didn't pick up your phone.

DEEKS: Must have left it in my car.

KENSI: Hetty wanted me to give you this.

[She hands him a thin envelope]

DEEKS: Okay.

KENSI: How's Monica?

DEEKS: Um...She's sore. Obviously lucky. How's Waaldt?

KENSI: Waaldt lawyered up in the ambulance, and he hasn't said a word. Literally, a word.

DEEKS: Well, maybe he'll change his mind.

KENSI: Yeah, who knows.

[Silence, then they speak together]

KENSI: So, I was...

DEEKS: Listen, I...Sorry, go ahead, I wasn't...

KENSI: No, please.

DEEKS: I was just gonna see if you were good.

KENSI: Yeah. You?

DEEKS: I mean, I'm good if you're good.

KENSI: I'm good.

DEEKS: Okay. Good. We're good. Which is, you know...great.

KENSI: Glad we cleared that up. See you tomorrow.

[He opens his mouth – but doesn’t add a word; he sighs, opens the envelope: there’s only a note with 2 words]

DEEKS: "Sunshine and gunpowder."

[He has a wry laugh ;someone is watching him on a laptop…Hetty!]

[Hetty’s office. She smiles, closes the laptop…♫ Happy with herself… ♫]


-------------------- THE END -------------------

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Et voila tu es arrivée à l'épisode que je déteste par dessus tout, Deeks c'est plus fort que lui, à partir du moment où il doit séduire une fille pour mener à bien une mission il s'entiche d'elle et arrive ce qui arrive Kensi souffre, je n'ai pas aimé la scène de la voiture, cette fille se jete sur Deeks il se laisse faire et Kensi qui entend tout dans l'oreillette :( !!! une grosse déception cet épisode, je ne l'ai d'ailleurs vu qu'une seule fois, pour quelqu'un qui comme moi regarde les épisodes en boucles :p :p !!!! et j'ai été déçu par la fin, Kensi et Deeks auraient pu avoir une discussion un peu plus sympa que ce simple "je vais bien si tu vas bien" !!! enfin bref lol nul cet épisode !!!!

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Pas très convaincue par cet épisode. Deeks à l'air complètement largué dans cette mission d'infiltration, la fille n'est vraiment pas futée et deeks pas du tout discret quand il parle à kensi alors que la nunuche est à côté. La seule chose chouette c'est la belle solidarité masculine quand sam et Callen empêchent kensi de remuer le couteau avec deeks.


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