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#522 : Le porte-bonheur

Sam est persuadé que le vol du logiciel d’un nouvel engin volant sans pilote est lié à la disparition de la fille de 10 ans de l’ingénieur en chef. Cette même petite fille qu’il avait dû protéger autrefois en Arabie Saoudite. Il en fait donc une affaire personnelle...


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Titre VO
One more chance

Titre VF
Le porte-bonheur

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Première diffusion en France


Extrait 1 du 5x22

Extrait 1 du 5x22


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Sam (LL Cool J) et Callen (Chris O'Donell)

Sam (LL Cool J) et Callen (Chris O'Donell)

Nell fait équipe avec le sous directeur Granger

Nell fait équipe avec le sous directeur Granger

Kensi se fait passer pour une maman pour une surveillance

Kensi se fait passer pour une maman pour une surveillance

le lieutenant Deeks court après un homme armé

le lieutenant Deeks court après un homme armé

Deeks nettoie les chaussures du suspect

Deeks nettoie les chaussures du suspect

G et Sam joués par Chris O'Donnell et LL cool J

G et Sam joués par Chris O'Donnell et LL cool J

Le suspect armé est interpellé par les 2 agents du NCIS

Le suspect armé est interpellé par les 2 agents du NCIS

Les agents Hanna et Callen attablés à un bar

Les agents Hanna et Callen attablés à un bar


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Scénario : David J. North

Réalisation :  Tony Wharmby


Kristen Ariza ............................ Jessica Peyton
Lawrence Kao ............................ John Stickler
Darri Ingolfsson ............................ Dr. Nolan Milhouse
Dan Glenn ............................ Homme #1
Storm Reid ............................ Riley Peyton 
Alexander Ab’Dul ............................ Sal
Marcos Cruz ............................ Emilio
Exie Booker ............................ Garde sécurité
Theophilus Clark............................Officier LAPD #1

Dawn Noel............................ Officier LAPD #2

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[Valor Avionics office. 4 armed men with (weird) chrome masks on the face open the door and come in]

MAN: Everybody down on the floor!

[A guard pulls out his gun]

MAN 2: Drop it!

[The guard obeys]

MAN 2: Don't move.

[Man 2 threats the guard from behind]

MAN: The safe!

GUARD: What safe?

[Man gives a volley of bullets at the ceiling – people scream, try to hide behind furniture]

MAN: Go! Go!

[They drag the guard in a room]

MAN: No panic code. Open it clean.

[Panting, the guard types with a shaking finger on the digital keypad. The safe clicks and opens. There are envelopes inside and a thumb drive]

[The men are rushing out through the backdoor; the alarm is ringing, and in the alley 2 police cars are stopping. The LAPD officers get out and chase the men, close to their backs]


[But they stop dead: many many people wearing the same chrome masks are staring questioningly at the guns…]

OFFICER2: What the hell?...


♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 5x22 ♫ ♫ One More Chance ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on April 29, 2014 ♫ ♫


[NCIS office. Sam, Callen and Kensi are working at their desks. Deeks is coming in]

DEEKS: "A little madness in the spring, is wholesome even for the king"

CALLEN: Deeks speaks Dickinson.

SAM: Deeks doesn't speak Dickinson.

DEEKS: No. Deeks is full of the Dickinson.

SAM: That I believe.

KENSI: Well, I would like to know why.

DEEKS: Because springtime is fully upon us, my friends, and with it, the age-old opportunity to enrich one's life.

CALLEN: Yeah, spring break? Aren't you maybe a little old for that?

DEEKS: Mm-mm. Not spring break. Spring cleaning. Every year, I disinfect my entire electronic world. So, Instagram...Twitter, DVR, iPod, Facebook, the whole shebang.

CALLEN: You're on Facebook?

DEEKS: Yeah. I mean, we use aliases and don't post any pictures that would compromise us.

SAM: "Us"?

KENSI: Yeah. I'm on, too. But unlike Deeks, my page doesn't need to be sanitized.

DEEKS: Wait a minute, so, you Special Agent Ninjas don't dust off your digitals?

SAM: I dust my digitals daily.

[G chuckles – Deeks sniffs his laptop and brings it near Sam]

DEEKS: Smell that? That, my friend, is Downy fresh Facebook; so fresh and so clean.

KENSI: You're deleting friends, aren't you?

DEEKS: Yeah. The first casualties to go are people that post, uh, pictures of their entrées. I've got zero tolerance for FoodBookers.

KENSI: Eric. He's talking about Eric.

DEEKS: Okay. You know what? You need to climb off your Seabiscuit there, Kensi, 'cause you are dangling there by a thermionic thread.

KENSI: Uh, why?

DEEKS: Because you post like, these obtuse and vague photos that illicit a response. You know what you are, Kensilina? You're a Vaguebooker.

KENSI: A "Vaguebooker"?

[G chuckles again]

DEEKS: I mean, there are worse things, but, I really can't think of any.

KENSI: How about the dude that dedicates 11 albums to his dog?

[Eric’s whistling interrupts Deeks]


ERIC: Caught a case. Granger's up in Ops.

[Deeks stares at his screen and the others stand up. Kensi speaks quietly with Sam]

KENSI: Uh, hey, so, um... Do I seem like the type of person who would Vaguebook?

[Sam doesn’t know at all what she’s talking about…]

HETTY: Mr. Hanna. A moment please.

KENSI: Come on. I... Mm...

[But Sam steps forwards…]

[In the stairs, Eric blocks Deeks’ way]

ERIC: Last Tuesday. Olive Garden. I posted my Tortellini al Forno. You hit "like."

DEEKS: Did I?...


[Hetty’s office]

HETTY: Take a good look, Mr. Hanna. This is a blast from your task force past.

[He’s looking at the monitor; Nell is here too]

SAM: It's the XD-8. It's the finest unmanned aerial vehicle the Navy could buy.

NELL: Valor Avionics puts a bow on the project later this week.

SAM: Better late than never.

NELL: Red tape had XD-8 in near dissolution, but, it was willed to completion by Valor's chief engineer...

SAM: Jessica Peyton. I was on her protection detail in Saudi Arabia. She had total control of everything on this project, but, not her ten-year-old daughter.

HETTY: Riley. Whom, as I recall, made quite the impression on you, yes?

SAM: Yeah. She was like this little...pint-sized ball of energy and fun.

HETTY: She's missing, Sam.

SAM: Since when?

NELL: It's been... several weeks. Investigators believe she was taken by her own father. This morning, four armed men boosted a copy of XD-8 software from Valor Avionics headquarters. This is sensitive intel that SECNAV doesn't want listed on eBay.

SAM: And you think Riley's disappearance and the robbery are related?

HETTY: I think you know how I feel about coincidences.

NELL: LAPD found the getaway van at LAX, but it was wiped clean of prints. Interestingly enough, they left behind one single Dorito...and this CD booklet for a rock band.

[The Dorito and the booklet of “Together Pangea” pop up on screen. Sam looks hit…]


[OPS center.]

GRANGER: 90 seconds from when the robbers entered until they left. LAPD had several cars in the vicinity, saw them as they slipped out.

KENSI: And they couldn't catch them?

ERIC: They lost them in the crowd.

GRANGER: They thought they were there to participate in a flare mob; some kind of spontaneous dance thing.

DEEKS: Flash mob. Potato, potahto.

ERIC: There was an anonymous ad for the flash mob posted on Craigslist. When the performers arrived, there was a box of chrome masks waiting. They all put one on.

DEEKS: And became the perfect decoys.

CALLEN: XD-8's the Navy's new UAV.

ERIC: The project has attracted the attention a number of militant and terrorist groups. Including the Tehrik-e Taliban.

GRANGER: Wire chatter revealed they were planning to attack the XD-8's development team. A task force was created to protect them.

KENSI: I remember that.

[Sam is coming in]

KENSI: Sam, weren't you assigned to the chief engineer, Jessica Peyton?

SAM: And her ten-year-old daughter, Riley. Nell just sent a video. Bring it up, Eric.

[Riley is playing drums]

SAM: We were holed up in the house all day, every day. She wanted to learn to play the drums her dad bought her. So, I took some time to teach her the basics. Believe it or not, she only wanted to play one song, by one group; Together Pangea.

KENSI: Hard rock. My kind of girl.

SAM: She's MIA.

GRANGER: She's with her father, who'd been threatening to leave his wife for months. There's no reason to assume Riley's in imminent danger, Agent Hanna.

SAM: Eric, bring up the evidence photos. Here's the reason. This was found under the rear floor mat of the getaway van.

CALLEN: Together Pangea.

GRANGER: Then what is this, if it isn't just some rock CD?

SAM: It's a little girl's SOS.


[Valor Avionics. FBI agents are working (taking pictures, questioning the guard…). Sam and G are following a man]

MAN: I didn't even know what had happened until after the shots were fired.

CALLEN: TEC-9 is quite a wake-up call.

MAN: Well, fortunately, they only got the software. The physical XD-8 was assembled here in our main hangar and then it was shipped down to San Diego last week.

CALLEN: Camp Pendleton?

MAN: Yeah. Secured by Bravo Company in area 31.


[In an office. On screen, the “physical XD-8” in San Diego. Jessica Peyton has put footage onscreen with her tablet. The man is still with them]

JESSICA: There she is, Sam. Just as flawless as when we delivered her.

SAM: Your software is missing, Jessica.

JESSICA: Yeah. Only a beta version. We've already rewritten most of the code, rendering it obsolete. Plus, they don't have the hardware.

MAN: And even if they did, the XD-8 has a built-in fail-safe. It only launches after a retina scan verifies that the user is a principal engineer with our development team.

JESSICA: So, as you can see, guys, in reality, they have nothing.

CALLEN: Maybe not. But we believe that your daughter's disappearance may be related to the robbery.

JESSICA: Agent Callen, Riley's with her father, Ben, back East. Safe and sound. Believe me.

SAM: Jessica, you filed a police report saying your husband took her without your consent.

JESSICA: I was angry. But, then, Ben explained himself. She's in good hands. He's a great father. We just weren't meant to be a couple.

SAM: And you haven't spoken to Ben or Riley since he took her back East?

JESSICA: No. For Riley's protection. I don't even have a phone number. This project's put our lives in danger, so, I knew deep down, she'd be safer with Ben. He's homeschooling her, they're living under aliases far away from here. It's just temporary, Sam.

MAN: Ben sends Jess a letter every week to check in. Just, no return address.

JESSICA: Unfortunately, the project's had a few setbacks, but...we're finally wrapping up, and they'll be coming home soon.

[Sam and G exchange a look- unconvinced…]


[Kensi stops her car in a trailer camp. She sighs]

KENSI: So...all the radio station presets in my Caddy- They're changed.

DEEKS: Decontaminated. A man can’t only stomach so much Michael Bublé.

KENSI: This, coming from the guy who has the Josh Groban Christmas album.

DEEKS: Easy, tiger.

KENSI: Yeah. Eric said 200 chrome masks were delivered here.

DEEKS: Edgar Ramirez. Probably cost more than his whole mortgage.

[Kensi knocks at the door]

KENSI: Mr. Ramirez. Federal agents.

[She knocks again)

KENSI: Mr. Ramirez?

[Deeks looks inside through the window- a man wearing a chrome mask is lying on the floor]

DEEKS: There's one on the floor.

[He pulls out his gun]

DEEKS: One, two, three.

[Kensi opens the door – they go in. He stops near the body, she checks the bottom of the trailer]

KENSI: Clear.

[Deeks pulls of the mask from the face – it’s a dummy! And a beeping dummy!]

DEEKS: Kens! Go, go, go!

[They run outside just in time: the trailer blows up in a ball of fire. Deeks protects Kensi from the debris falling down.]

DEEKS: You okay?

KENSI: Yeah.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Trailer park. Sam and Callen have joined Kensi and Deeks; Firemen, LAPD, bomb squad, are at work too]

DEEKS: Looks like Kid Rock's throwing a very disorganized yard sale.

KENSI: Kid Rock? Really?

DEEKS: Okay, rule número uno: when a hero saves your life, you can't make fun of the said hero.

[They’re looking for evidence amongst the debris]

KENSI: Um, I'm not sure you saved my life, per se.

DEEKS: Okay, well, let's just do the math then, per se. One triggered I.E.D., one clueless person equals two people still breathing.

KENSI: Okay, fine, maybe you did, but I think we both know that you owe me about a dozen already.

DEEKS: Guys, I got a laptop. Well, kind of got a laptop.

SAM: The whole place was wired. They used a plastic-coated, multi-strand stainless steel. It's really popular with people who...like to blow other people up.


[He hands him a bit of wrapping]

SAM: RDX. Like a cheaper, more accessible C4.

[Kensi looks at the dummy]

KENSI: Well, this thing's best days are behind it.

CALLEN: So is this right arm.

KENSI: Actually it's only missing a left.

CALLEN: What the hell is...?

[He stares at the arm he found…they all look at it…]


[NCIS office. Tech corner. Eric is working on the laptop found at the trailer camp]

NELL: Holy S'mores, Batman. This gives new meaning to "fried hard drive."

ERIC: Well, I did a swift hard-wire to discover a cloaked short key for user access.

NELL: That's some pretty high-level security for a personal laptop.

ERIC: That it is. And now I've begun what will be a monumental restoration. Stella is going to get her groove back.

NELL: Did you say "Stella"?

ERIC: Yeah, that's what I named her.

NELL: Wow. This could end up as quite the notch on your bedpost.


NELL: I'm gonna go now.

ERIC: Okay.

NELL: Yeah.


[Hetty is drinking some tea at his desk. Granger, carrying a coffee cup, comes up]

GRANGER: Yame Gyokuro. Your tea, right?

HETTY: Gyo-kuro. It took me eons to grasp the proper diction.

[She looks at his cup, disgusted]

GRANGER: All the more reason to drink coffee. So...one unidentified fingerprint was lifted from the CD booklet.

HETTY: It could belong to Riley Peyton.

GRANGER: Or seven billion other people.

HETTY: You feel Agent Hanna may be reaching a bit on this one?

GRANGER: What do you think?

HETTY: I think his track record gives him a little leeway.

GRANGER: Until it adversely affects the course of the investigation. I mean, even for the greatest agents, emotion proves to be the enemy of truth.

HETTY: Are you reading Dostoyevsky again, Owen?

GRANGER: John le Carré.


[Trailer camp]

CALLEN: Arm's on the way to the lab to be ID'd.

SAM: Good.

[H’s worried, annoyed]

CALLEN: Granger doesn't seem convinced Riley Peyton's disappearance is related to any of this.

SAM: Wouldn't be the first time Granger's been wrong.

CALLEN: Probably thinks that since it's an old van, rental, lot of people cycling through it, that CD booklet could've ended up there for any number of reasons.

SAM: Granger's really thought all this through, huh?

CALLEN: He has.

SAM: Well, I would start by reminding Granger that the van was wiped clean. And they missed the booklet because it was wedged under a mat. I'd also tell Granger that I can feel it in my gut that Riley needs our help. What do you think Granger would say to that?

CALLEN: I don't know. But I say we go find her.


[NCIS office. Patio. Deeks and Kensi are back]

KENSI: If Sam's right, Jessica Peyton's job has put her daughter at risk. I just... I can't imagine. Seriously.

DEEKS: Kind of makes you wonder if it's even worth it, you know? The... having kids.

KENSI: I thought you liked kids.

DEEKS: No, I do. I love kids. Just, you know, other people's kids.

KENSI: You don't want your own someday?

DEEKS: I mean, I thought that I did. You know, and then there's...you know, there's things like this, so...

KENSI: What? Things like what? What's this?

DEEKS: You know, things like this case, this situation. That's the whole thing 'cause when I was undercover, I was fearless. You know why that was?

KENSI: Because you didn't have to worry about anybody?

DEEKS: Yeah, because I was on my own, you know? Nobody has any control over you when you're on your own.

KENSI: That's true, but then again you don't have anybody looking after you, either. No one's got your back.

DEEKS: Oh, my God.

KENSI: What?

DEEKS: I just realized you're the yin in my yang. So to speak.

KENSI: Uh, explain to me how you have this capability of making everything sound so wrong.

DEEKS: It's a gift, isn't it? I'm just saying, like, you're the right to my wrong. I'm like the good to your evil.

KENSI: The beast to my beauty?

DEEKS: That's hurtful.

[Eric appears]

ERIC: Guys, I got something. I just finished the post-mortem resuscitation on the laptop you guys found at the trailer...

KENSI: Does it belong to an Edgar Ramirez?

ERIC: I don't know yet.

DEEKS: So, what did you resuscitate?

ERIC: This.

[He puts a video onto screen]

RILEY: [over video] I am Riley Peyton.

[She’s on a chair, hands tied in the back, tears over her face]

RILEY: I am ten years old. My father is Ben Peyton. We are kidnapped.

DEEKS: Oh, my God. Sam was right.

RILEY: The men say they'll kill us if you don't give them what they want.

KENSI: Do we have a time stamp on this?

ERIC: [In a broken voice] Nine days ago.

KENSI: Location?

ERIC: [broken voice] No. Sorry.

RILEY: [crying] Please. Do exactly as they say.

[She sobs]

RILEY: Or we'll die.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Same monitor. A destroyed Sam is watching the video]

RILEY: We need help. Please. Do exactly as they say. We need help.

[Riley is crying]

RILEY: Or we'll die.

[Callen is passing by; he stops; Sam rewinds the tape]

RILEY: I-I am Riley Peyton.

CALLEN: If there's anything in there, Eric and Nell will find it.

RILEY: I am ten years old. My father is Ben Peyton. We are kidnapped.

CALLEN: You ever meet Ben Peyton?

SAM: Yeah. Once.


SAM: He was nice. He was odd. I don't know if I trust him.

CALLEN: And the mom?

[Sam is still staring at Riley speaking]

SAM: Work-obsessed. She's no Mother of the Year candidate, but I don't think she knew Riley was in danger.

CALLEN: So much for a mother's intuition.

SAM: Yeah.

CALLEN: Listen, you got to stop...

SAM: Watching the tape. I know.


[Sam presses a button; Riley freezes on screen]

CALLEN: Well, let's head up to...

SAM: Go up to Ops. See what the others have.

[But he’s still watching the monitor]

CALLEN: Partner's intuition?

SAM: Something like that.

CALLEN: Come on.

[Callen steps forwards; Sam looks at the screen, shaking the head…]


[OPS center. Nell was waiting for Sam and Callen]

NELL: The meat puzzle you recovered was positively identified as Edgar Ramirez. Cause of death is still unknown. Aggravated battery last May, several priors--violation of a restraining order, possession of narcotics, resisting arrest...

SAM: He's a bad guy. We get it, Nell. What else?

DEEKS: We ran a full-scale trace on, uh, Ramirez's cell phone and credit cards. Turns out he was a creature of routine.

KENSI: Every afternoon for the last two weeks, he's been going to a high-end outdoor mall right across from Valor Avionics.

CALLEN: Convenient.

KENSI: Right. And every day at the same time, he met with these three men in the food court.

NELL: We're not able to ID them. The security cameras are too far way.

KENSI: Think they know Ramirez is dead?

SAM: They do if they killed him.

CALLEN: About 40 minutes until their daily powwow.

KENSI: A little less, actually, if you want to mic 'em. That...spiffy dresser over there on the left, he gets his shoes shined every day at the mall before they meet.

[Callen and Kensi look at Deeks]

DEEKS: I know that look, and I don't like it.

KENSI: Just saying.

[Off to…]


[…The mall. Deeks is standing near a sign “Rod’s shoe shine stand”…]

DEEKS: Just for the record, there is such thing as a shoe shine girl.

KENSI: Come on. Be positive. At least you get to keep the tips.

[She’s on a bench, “taking care” of a “baby” in a stroller]

CALLEN: No chance Hetty's gonna let you keep that.

[He and Sam are sit at a table upstairs]

DEEKS: Yeah, it's not gonna be a problem, considering I've only earned $11 so far.

CALLEN: You're not getting any tips because your shirt sleeves are all stained with shoe polish. You're a mess.

KENSI: Callen has a point, Deeks. If you can't keep your sleeves clean, why would you be able to keep your customers' socks clean?

DEEKS: Mm-hmm. I'm gonna go ahead and classify that under "Good to Know."

[He rolls over his sleeves.]

SAM: Focus. Six o'clock, Deeks. Target's headed your way.

KENSI: I got him.

SAM: Make sure your button camera lands a clean shot of his face.

DEEKS: Hey, boss.

[The guy grunts, sighs and sits down without a word]

MAN: Where's Rod?

DEEKS: Rod? Eh, Rod's out sick. But don't worry, he taught me  everything he knows.

MAN: I'm in a hurry. Make it quick.

[OPS center. The man’s face is running through the facial recognition software].

ERIC: His name is John Stikler.

NELL: He's got a lengthy rap sheet-- mostly low-level misdemeanors.


KENSI: Eric, I think I got eyes on our other two suspects. Coming in the west entrance.

[OPS center.]

SAM: [Over com] Come on. You really can't ID these guys?


ERIC: [Over com] Sorry, cameras are just too wide.

DEEKS: So, uh, where you from, pal?

[Stikler sighs]

STIKLER: Here and there.

DEEKS: Oh, yeah? That's outside of Albuquerque, right?

[The guy glares at him; Deeks cackles; the other 2 suspects sit down]

DEEKS: Eh, it wasn't that funny.

KENSI: Deeks, how we doing?

DEEKS: Looking good and looking shiny. Look at that, huh? You can see yourself, like a mirror. All right, you're ready for the world.

[The guy exhales, stands up and Deeks helps him stepping down. He also sticks a mic on his jacket]

STIKLER: Not bad. Get yourself a... haircut.

[Deeks chuckles]

DEEKS: Right. Thanks, boss….Punk didn't even tip me.

CALLEN: What about the mic, Deeks?

DEEKS: It's secure.

[Stikler joins the others at the table]

MAN: I said 1:00.


[The man pulls out an envelope, puts it onto the table and they stand up]

STIKLER: Hey, what's the rush?

MAN: Keep your phone on.

[They’re gone; the envelope is full of money. Stikler leaves also the table]

DEEKS: That's it? I shined boots all day for that?

CALLEN: No mention of Ramirez's absence.

SAM: Must know he's dead.

CALLEN: Kensi, Deeks, take him out quietly.

KENSI: Copy that.

[She stands up, looking at Stikler; he notices her and starts running]

KENSI: We got a runner. He must've made me.

[Stikler in inside the mall; he bumps out of his way a guy]

MAN: What the...

[The runner pushes another man out of his way- who hits the floor]

MAN2: Hey!

[Callen blocks Stikler at the bottom of stairs; Sam was on his heels anyway.]

SAM: Should've left a tip, John.


[Boatshed. Interrogation room.]

STIKLER: I want to file a complaint.

SAM: Hmm. We'll let you fill out a comment card when you go home.

STIKLER: What am I being charged with?

CALLEN: Treason.

STIKLER: Treason?

CALLEN: Yeah. Been following your crew for weeks.

[He shows him the photos from the surveillance cameras]

STIKLER: Listen, man. I'm just the driver. I make it a point not to ask questions.

CALLEN: So, what, you're like, Uber for criminals? Hmm?

SAM: Hey...You know this guy?

[He shows him Ramirez’photo]

STIKLER: Nope. Who is he?

SAM: According to your cell phone records and his dental records, his name was Edward Ramirez.

[He puts his phone on the table; John sees the pic of burned pieces of meat…]

STIKLER: Dental records? Oh, geez. That's Eddie?

CALLEN: That's most of him. Our guess is that you're next.

STIKLER: Hey, man, like I said, I'm just the driver. I don't ask questions. Eddie got me involved with these dudes. They were looking to hire some guys for a job, so...

SAM: Who are they?

STIKLER: I-I don't know. I-I don't ask...

CALLEN: Questions. Yeah. Well, you better start answering some. When did you first meet them?

STIKLER: I-I gave 'em a ride back from Redondo Beach.

CALLEN: What kind of car did they have you drive?

STIKLER: It was a van.

SAM: Anybody else with them?


CALLEN: What were they talking about?

STIKLER: Nothing!

SAM: Come on. Redondo's an hour plus in traffic. Somebody was talking.

STIKLER: Not to me. But I heard them mention this wall, some project they were making. They were creepy. I didn't want them to think I was listening, so I tuned them out. I... I don't need any trouble.

CALLEN: That's too bad, 'cause right about now, that's all you got.

[Observation room. Sam and Callen join Deeks and Kensi]

KENSI: Do you think whoever stole the XD-8 software is going to try and build their own drone?

SAM: They stole the software for a reason.

DEEKS: Cartels are building million-dollar narco-subs. What's to stop them from building an unmanned drone?

CALLEN: We know Hezbollah's been partnering up with Mexican cartels, financing their terrorist activities through drugs, counterfeiting.

SAM: Joint operation to get their hands on a UAV like the XD-8 is not out of the question.

KENSI: It's a pretty sophisticated technology to build one from scratch.

CALLEN: What if you knew where to get parts?


[Outside Valor Avionics. G is speaking with Jessica’s collegue]

MAN: I assure you there's only been one XD-8 built.

CALLEN: Yeah, but multiple replacement parts were fabricated for it.

MAN: Yes.

CALLEN: Many of which are unaccounted for.

MAN: Well, inventory goes missing, Agent Callen. It's a fact of any manufacturing operation.

CALLEN: Even for a top-secret weapon?

MAN: Anything unaccounted for was probably sent to Camp Pendleton for spares.

[They join Sam, who’s on phone]

SAM: Yeah, well, keep looking. Let me know what you find.

MAN [Over phone]: We will keep you apprised.

SAM: Thank you, Major.

[He sighs]

SAM: Camp Pendleton received less than half of the listed inventory.

CALLEN: Oh, and I bet the parts they did receive are probably the easiest ones to duplicate.

SAM: And by letting those pieces slip through, they delay rousing suspicion about the rest.

CALLEN: I would really suggest a security upgrade, Doc.

MAN: We'll do that, Agent Callen. You have my card, gentlemen.

[He leaves them]

SAM: They have the software, several pieces of hardware.

CALLEN: But they know they still can't launch without a retinal scan from one of the development engineers. That's where Riley and her dad come in.

SAM: They're to leverage Jessica Peyton…

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Skate park. Jessica is wearing a shirt “Safe Angel teen center”. Two guys are bomb-painting a large board]

JESSICA: Emilio, how many times do I have to tell you, no mask, no painting?

EMILIO: Sorry.

[He puts on his mask and gets back to the painting]

JESSICA: Nice work, Sal.

SAL: Thanks, Mrs. P.

[Callen and G are watching from the Challenger]

CALLEN: Someone has the Navy's latest drone prototype. All they need is one of its engineers to launch it.

SAM: And for that, they need Jessica Peyton.

CALLEN: Think she's telling us everything?

SAM: Jessica's a good lady, G. Her and her husband started this gang outreach program over six years ago. They've helped hundreds of kids.

CALLEN: It was a simple yes or no question.

SAM: I'm not a simple person.

[His phone buzzes: text from Nell “So far no activity from Peyton’s cell phone & we got Eric watching the neighborhood”]

SAM: Nell's monitoring Peyton's cell. So far, no calls or texts. And Eric's got eyes on the neighborhood.

CALLEN: What are we waiting for?

[He goes out of the car; Sam too]

JESSICA: What's going on? Why are you guys here?

CALLEN: It's about your husband and your daughter.

JESSICA: What about them?

SAM: They're in serious trouble.

JESSICA: How? My husband took every precaution. He took Riley far away.

CALLEN: Well, unfortunately, not far enough.

[Jessica looks at them, astonished. Off to…]


[Boatshed. Kensi is checking Jessica’s phone]

KENSI: Two blocked calls. Hopefully, it's them trying to contact you.

JESSICA: I didn't pick up, but you'll be able to trace them if they call again?

DEEKS: We're gonna try.

JESSICA: And what if they know I'm with you?

CALLEN: We made sure that we weren't followed. Our tech team is gonna make it look like your cell phone is still in your office.

KENSI: Just agree to what they want.

DEEKS: We need you to act like you believe they're in total and complete control.

JESSICA: Can I ask to speak to Riley?

[Her phone rings, Jessica gasps]

SAM: Answer it. You can do it.


MAN: [distorted voice over phone] Miss Peyton, I have your daughter. But you already know that, don't you? Are you alone?


MAN: [distorted voice over phone] You're lying.

JESSICA: No, I'm not. I'm in my office, and the door is locked.

MAN: [distorted voice over phone] That's strange, because I'm looking in your office right now, and it appears to be empty.

[G presses the mute button]

CALLEN: They could have someone in the office.

SAM: They could be bluffing.

MAN: [distorted voice over phone] Are you with the two men who came to see you at your outreach center?

JESSICA: No. They just stopped by to ask me about some missing equipment.

[Static on the line]

JESSICA: Hello?! Hello? Are you still there?

[She sobs]

JESSICA: I want to see my daughter.

MAN: [distorted voice over phone] Then I suggest you do exactly as I say. This is your last chance.


[Armory. Sam and Callen come in; Eric and Nell are getting gears ready]

SAM: Nell, what do you got?

NELL: No luck tracing the call, but we expected that.

SAM: What about the meeting place?

ERIC: Outdoor cafe, no real surveillance cameras to speak of.

CALLEN: And we're running out of time.

SAM: Which means we're running out of options.

CALLEN: They're gonna grab Peyton. It's their only play.

[Granger appears]

GRANGER: Is it? Is she the only engineer whose retina scan can launch this thing?

CALLEN: No. But she's the only one whose family is missing.

GRANGER: Maybe it's misdirection. While you guys are chasing after Peyton's family, the terrorists grab Dr. Milhouse or one of the principal engineers from Valor and launch the UAV.

CALLEN: Sam's been right so far.

GRANGER: Be a hell of a time to be wrong.

NELL: Where's Hetty?

GRANGER: She's on the phone trying to explain why the Navy's newest UAV might make its debut flight at the hands of terrorists.

CALLEN: Shouldn't you be doing that?

GRANGER: Seniority has its privileges. Besides, I figured you could use the help in the field. Nell, you're with me. Beale, hold down the fort. Let's go bring this little girl home.


[Outdoor café. Jessica is waiting alone at a table. Kensi and Deeks are playing a couple next to her]

KENSI: Her daughter and husband could be killed at any moment. All she can do is sit here and wait.

DEEKS: That fifth cup of coffee can't be helping. Oh, I'm just saying, the last thing we need is for her to be wired and suddenly have to go find a bathroom.

KENSI: Your brain really doesn't work like everybody else's, does it?

DEEKS: No. No, it doesn't. Like Steve Jobs said, I think different.

KENSI: Don't think he was talking about you.

DEEKS: Or was he?

DEEKS: No, he wasn't.

[OPS center. Eric is watching spots on the map onscreen: Jessica, Kensi and Deeks; across the street, Sam and Callen; Granger and Nell in a square]

ERIC: Still no activity on Peyton's cell.

[Square. Nell is carrying Coffee to Granger on a bench]

NELL: Hey, Dad.

[She kisses his cheek]


NELL: Yeah.

[They look at Jessica]

NELL: It's already been an hour. So, what, you think we spooked 'em?

CALLEN: [Over com] He may just be trying to sweat her and us.

SAM: They'll call her. They have to.

KENSI: I'm beginning to think Deeks is right about her caffeine intake. She's getting awfully fidgety, and she keeps looking over at us.

DEEKS: We told her, like, ten times never to look in any of our directions.

[Kensi tenderly closes her arms over his neck]

DEEKS: Hi. Ow, wow. What are...? What? What are we doing here? What's that?

[She kisses his cheek]

KENSI: I'm giving her a reason to look over here. And it's either that, or I throw my coffee at you.

DEEKS: Oh, well, thank you so much for not scalding me in the face instead of giving me kisses.

[Kensi laughs; Jessica’s phone chimes]

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Here we go, guys. Peyton just got text message. "Unknown sender." 294 Washington Avenue, Los Angeles.


NELL: Oh, that's pretty close.


[OPS center.)

ERIC: It's an abandoned store.

[Café: Jessica grabs her purse and leaves in a hurry]

DEEKS: All right. Peyton's en route.

[She’s running to a car]

CALLEN: Stick with her. Sam and I'll try and beat her there.

[The Challenger’s engine roars – they’re gone. Then Jessica’s car runs the same street, and Kensi’s behind it]

KENSI: I have a suspicion we're not the only ones with eyes on her right now.

[Granger and Nell are near their car; the assistant director looks around]

GRANGER: Maintain a two-car buffer, Deeks. Don't want to spook them now.

DEEKS: Copy that.

GRANGER: Do your best to keep eyes on her, Beale.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: I got her.

[Jessica’s turns on the right in a parking lot]

DEEKS: What the hell is she doing?

KENSI: I have no idea.

DEEKS: Eric, she pulled into some garage.

[So does Kensi]

ERIC: That's not the address.

DEEKS: I know, but we've still got eyes on her.

ERIC: I can't access any cameras in the garage.

[Kensi stops behind Jessica’s car]

DEEKS: She's stopped.

[They go out of their car and pull out their guns]

DEEKS: Jessica. Jessica.

[But Jessica is no more in the car…]

KENSI: She ditched her car.

DEEKS: And us…

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Tires screeching, Sam stops the Challenger in a parking lot, and the agents run into the abandoned store – actually an empty store]

[OPS center.]

HETTY: Mr. Callen? What's your status?


CALLEN: We're screwed.

[OPS center.]

SAM: [Over com] What about her cell phone, Eric?

ERIC: It's still in the parking garage. She must have left it in her car.


[Garage. Granger stops his car, blocking the exit; he shows his badge to a woman about to leave the parking lot]

GRANGER: Do you have eyes on her yet?

DEEKS: No. We're gonna sweep the garage now. [To Kensi] Up or down?


[They spilt]

GRANGER: Did you locate her?


KENSI: She must have switched cars.

[Parking lot of the store]

CALLEN: Think she's in on it?

SAM: No way.

CALLEN: How'd she know to lose us? How'd she know where the switch was gonna take place?

SAM: They must have contacted her.

CALLEN: How? She's been in our custody since we picked her up. We were there when they called... We're on her phone. Sam, look...I know you want to trust her. You feel like you owe it to the kid. But maybe they're not the same thing.

SAM: Somebody must have got to her at the cafe. All right? She-She went right to the garage from there. We need to backtrack.


SAM: What? I thought you trusted me.

CALLEN: I do. I'm... I am trying to, but you need to look at the facts.

SAM: A little girl is in trouble. That's the only fact that matters.


[They’re all back at the café. Granger and Nell just go out from it]

GRANGER: [On phone] Okay, got it.

CALLEN: Anything?

GRANGER: None of the workers here have records.

NELL: We could run credit card transactions, see if we get a hit on anybody.

KENSI: We had eyes on her the whole time. Nobody spoke with her.

GRANGER: What's with your partner?

[Sam is alone, he sits down at Jessica’s table]

CALLEN: He's focused.

[They come up at the table]

CALLEN: Got any ideas?

[Sam sighs]

SAM: Maybe someone... wrote on her coffee cup?

GRANGER: The employees are clean.

DEEKS: Listen, nobody got to her, Sam. I mean, the only person she was looking at was us, and we were right there.

[Sam looks in the direction and stands up]

SAM: Damn.

KENSI: What?

SAM: The wall. The damn wall.

GRANGER: What are you talking about?

CALLEN: The graffiti. It's done by the same guys that were tagging at Peyton's outreach center. She wasn't looking at Kensi and Deeks, she was looking at the wall.

SAM: Cell must have had some kids in the outreach program keep an eye on her. Sign says 1227 Ivar, ground floor. That's the address of the parking garage. Peyton didn't switch cars.

CALLEN: They were waiting for her. And now they're taking her to the UAV to launch it.

GRANGER: They beat us.

SAM: Not yet.

GRANGER: No? They have the software, the hardware, Jessica Peyton and her family. What do we got?

NELL: We've got their driver.


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Callen and Sam rush in]

CALLEN: What was the money for?


SAM: The money you were paid at the mall?

STIKLER: You already asked me that question. I told you, to rent a truck. Come on, guys, I'm just the driver.

[Sam and G yell together]

SAM: Where?

CALLEN: What kind of truck?

SAM: When?

STIKLER: Transport. I don't know when or where. They're gonna call me.

[Observation room. Kensi looks at Stikler’s phone, shows it to Deeks; he grabs it]

DEEKS: Three missed calls.

[Interrogation room.]

CALLEN: Call them back. Tell them you got the truck.

STIKLER: What if they don't believe me?

SAM: Then you'll wish you'd blown up with your buddy Eddie.

STIKLER: He wasn't my buddy.

CALLEN: But he is dead.

[Stikler sighs… and takes the phone]


[A “shippers and expeditors” truck backs at a loading platform. The driver, Stikler, goes out. So does G through the side door. A masked and armed man appears]

MAN1: You alone?

STIKLER: Of course.

[Another masked guy appears]

MAN1: Check it.

[Man2 looks inside the truck: front and back]

MAN2: It's empty.

STIKLER: So what are we hauling?

MAN1: None of your concern.

[They go to the back]

MAN1: Open it.

[Stikler opens it]

MAN1: [To the other masked man] Check it.

[Man2 climbs inside; Callen outside and Sam inside both overpower the men. Kensi and Deeks silently join them – all of them are wearing vests. G pulls off the mask of the Man1]

CALLEN: It's the kid from the skate park.

SAM: This one, too.

[G and Deeks wear the masks and follow Stikler inside the warehouse. Sam and Kensi too, but hiding themselves of course. 3 men are speaking near 3 blue big trunks]

STIKLER: All right, boys, let's, uh, load it up.

SAM: Federal agents. Hands where we can see them.

[The men pull out guns; one of them try to aim at Jessica, tied on a chair]

CALLEN: Drop it.

DEEKS: Down. All the way down.

CALLEN: On the ground.

DEEKS: Turn around. Hands behind your back.


[Sam comes close to one of the men, lying on the floor]

SAM: Hey. Where's the little girl and her father?

MAN: In the back.

CALLEN: All the way down.

DEEKS: Stay down. All the way down.

KENSI: Stay down.

[Callen unties Jessica; Sam is heading to the back]

DEEKS: Put your hands behind your back.

[Sam crashes the locker]

KENSI: Down.

DEEKS: Stay down.

[Sam opens the door - Riley gasps]


[She’s in the arms of his father; both look scared then relieved!]

SAM: You guys okay?

BEN: Oh, thank God. Yeah, we're okay. What about my wife?

[Riley is crying]

JESSICA: Ben? Riley?

BEN: Jess? Jess.

RILEY: Mom!!!

[Jessica kneels down to hug his little girl; Ben hugs them both; all of them are crying.]

JESSICA: I am so sorry, Riley. I love you so much, sweetie.

RILEY: I know. I love you, too.

[They stand up; Ben and Jessica hug; Riley smiles at Sam]

RILEY: I knew you would find us, Sam.

SAM: I think this belongs to you.

[He hands her the CD booklet]

RILEY: Keep it. For good luck. It worked for me.

SAM: You made your own luck.

[They hug]

BEN: Thank you so much.

[He shakes Sam’s hand]

JESSICA: Thank you.

[They start leaving; Riley looks back at Sam]

RILEY: You have time for a little jam session this weekend?

SAM: You bet. You still playing rock?

RILEY: I'm a one-trick pony.

[Ben laughs]

SAM: Work on that foot.

[They mimic drums; Jessica laughs. She and her parents walk out. Callen looks at Sam; his buddy nods…]


[Later. NCIS office. Deeks is packing his gears. Callen’s phone dings]

[Hetty’s office]

GRANGER: Marine Corps recovered the stolen XD-8 software and hardware.

HETTY: Yes, I've already informed the SECNAV.

GRANGER: You did?

HETTY: I figured it was the least I could do. Considering the bad news I had to give them earlier. Why? Would you prefer to have done it?

GRANGER: No. That's fine.

HETTY: Mm. I figured as much. Good night, Owen.

[He walks away; her smile vanishes…]

KENSI:  Buy you a drink, Sam?

SAM: Ah. Not tonight, Kensilino. Going home to the family.

KENSI: All right. Callen?

CALLEN: I've actually got a date.


CALLEN: Mm-hmm.

DEEKS: All right, I'll get a beer with you, partner.

GRANGER: To drink or post on Facebook?


GRANGER: Brewbooker.

[G and Kensi chuckles laugh]

DEEKS: That was one time. And how dare you, sir?

GRANGER: I'm buying.

[They leave the bullpen; G is about to follow them]

SAM: Yeah. Hey. Thanks for trusting me, Mr. Callen.

CALLEN: Thank you for being right.

SAM: Here.

[He’s handing the CD booklet]

CALLEN: I can't take that. She gave it to you.

SAM: Now I'm giving it to you. Little birdy told me it's good luck.

CALLEN: What am I supposed to do with it?

SAM: I don't know. Put it under your pillow. Pass it on. You'll figure it out.

[♫ Callen is alone; the CD booklet in the hand…♫]

[Black screen]

CALLEN: Thanks, partner.

-------------------- THE END -------------------

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