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#521 : Le Troisième coeur

Quand un agent du NCIS sous couverture est suspecté de travailler pour le trafiquant sur lequel il est censé enquêter, l'équipe le met en détention pour découvrir ses véritables intentions. 
Pendant ce temps, Kensi et Deeks discutent de leur relation, comme  Kensi est de retour sur le terrain.


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Titre VO
Three Hearts

Titre VF
Le Troisième coeur

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Sam sous couverture avec le suspect et ses gardes du corps

Sam sous couverture avec le suspect et ses gardes du corps

Deeks et Kensi dans la rue

Deeks et Kensi dans la rue

Les agents Hanna et Callen avec un homme armé

Les agents Hanna et Callen avec un homme armé

Sam Hanna joué par LL Cool J

Sam Hanna joué par LL Cool J

Sam et Callen avec toute l'équipe de trafiquants

Sam et Callen avec toute l'équipe de trafiquants


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Scénario : Dave Kalstein & Kyle Harimoto

Réalisation :  Diana Valentine


Daniel Henney ............................ Paul Angelo
Stephen Wozniak ............................ Tyler Brunson
Emily Baldoni ............................ Olivia Brunson
 J. Teddy Garces ............................ Garde #1
Kaleti Williams ............................ Venice OG 
Brent Gutierrez ............................ Venice Homie #1 
Nick Massouh ............................ Mazhar Tarik 
Yvone Huff ............................ Bethany

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[A man is carrying a surf board; he’s talking to a blond woman. Both are heading towards a Porsche Cayenne.]

MAN: I mean, come on. It's Los Angeles. Everyone's gotta live at the beach once.

WOMAN: Not a chance. You living down here by the beach? It'll never happen.

MAN: It could. I surf.

[She looks doubtful]

MAN: What? I do.

WOMAN: The fact that you now own this Becker and seven Merricks does not...

MAN: Eight Merricks. Eight.

WOMAN: Eight.

[Man opens the trunk of the Cayenne; a homeless is looking for some interesting things in garbage cans]

WOMAN: That doesn't make you a surfer. It makes you a collector.

MAN: Yeah, a collector who can surf.

WOMAN: Who tries to surf.

[Man puts the board in the trunk. 2 guys appears behind him]

GUY: Yo, homie, let me hold them keys.

[Man faces them, hands up]

MAN: Come on, fellas. Let's not do this.

GUY: How about that watch, homie?

[He wants to takes the watch but the man strikes like a pro. He overpowers quickly his opponents; in his back, the homeless kneels down one of the fainted guys, to steal his wallet. But a third man appears, pulling out a gun]

MAN: Yo, step off my crew. I like your ride. I like your lady. I'll take 'em both.

[All of a sudden he’s knocked down from behind by a 4th attacker. This one wears a hood and a bandana over the face. He shoots the man in the shoulder; the woman screams. The man looks highly surprised and puzzled, looking at his fingers covered with something closer to paint than blood. He grunts and falls down frontwards.

WOMAN: Angelo! Angelo!

[The hooded man pushes her out of the way and picks up the man (very easily); he throws him into the Cayenne – the homeless runs away]

WOMAN: No. Please! No!

[The hooded man sits down behind the wheel and starts the engine]

WOMAN: Oh, God. Oh, my God!

[Tires squeal…the Cayenne is gone…The woman stays alone (with three unconscious guys), horrified…]


♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 5x21 ♫ ♫  Three Hearts ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on April 15, 2014 ♫ ♫


[Bullpen. Deeks is whistling and opening envelopes with a knife. Kensi appears in the mezzanine. She smiles and goes down the stairs]

KENSI: Don't cut yourself.

DEEKS: Kid's got skills.

KENSI: I mean, you can't nervously style that mop without any fingers.

DEEKS: There's nothing to be nervous about...'cause I have my partner back.

KENSI: And it feels good.

DEEKS: Feels right.

KENSI: Band's back together.

DEEKS: Rock and roll.

KENSI: Van Halen.

DEEKS: Original lineup.

KENSI: Diamond Dave era.

DEEKS: I mean, is there any other?

KENSI: "Jump."

DEEKS: Oh, "Hot For Teacher."

KENSI: Oh, "Panama."

DEEKS: What's in the box?

KENSI: Mm, that box?

DEEKS: I mean, is there any other box?

KENSI: Apparently not.

DEEKS: You didn't answer the question.

[Kensi sits down at his desk – and sighs with pleasure]

DEEKS: That was easy.

KENSI: Like I never left.

DEEKS: Wait-- you left?

[Kensi snorts]

DEEKS: When? Seriously, you were gone? Did you go to Afghanistan?

[Kensi is touched…]

KENSI: Kid does have skills.

DEEKS: Speaking of skills, what are you, uh, what are you up to tonight?

KENSI: Tonight...

DEEKS: Tonight.

[There’s a loud whistle: Eric is on top of the stairs]

ERIC: I don't know what's planned for tonight, but you might need to rain check that. We caught a case.

KENSI: Okay…


[OPS center. Callen is already here with Eric and Nell]

DEEKS: Whoa, so no coffee, no, uh, commiserating with our fellow employees down in the bullpen? This must be serious.

CALLEN: Sam's on his way in. Let's start.

NELL: This morning, Playa del Rey.

[Footage of the beach events appears on screen]

DEEKS: And that is why I don't drive a Porsche.

KENSI: I can think of 80,000 other reasons why you don't drive a Porsche.


ERIC: Mm, perfect teamwork. Very T-M-N-T.


ERIC: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Guys, come on. Callen and Sam are totes Leonardo and Raphael.

DEEKS: That's Callen and Sam?

[The hooded man and the homeless]

KENSI: Nice.

DEEKS: And did you just say "totes"?

ERIC: Totes.

KENSI: Hang on. Eric, replay this.

DEEKS: Wait-- is that my homeless man jacket?

CALLEN: Yeah, it is. And by the way, never again. The stench of that coat is...

DEEKS: The smell's the whole point. I mean, half the actors in L.A. walk around dressed like they're homeless.

KENSI: This was an abduction.

CALLEN: Correct. Sam fired two sims into Angelo. Simunitions-- paint-filled bullets.

NELL: And after Angelo saw the red paint, he stumbled into Callen and... boo.

KENSI: And you hit him with a syringe. Nice.

CALLEN: Mm-hmm.

DEEKS: So, who's Angelo?

CALLEN: Paul Angelo, NCIS. He's one of ours.

NELL: Agent Angelo was assigned to a Joint Task Force. He's been undercover for 19 months. His investigation centered around this guy, Tyler Brunson. Now, Brunson is a smuggler. NCIS believes that he's been using Navy ships to transport contraband into the U.S., specifically through the use of the USS Watertown. Now, Angelo's skills allowed him to get close enough to build a case.

CALLEN: Three weeks ago, his handlers lost all communication with him. He's been under for a long time. When NCIS realized that Angelo may have gone dark, the odds were either he was dead or he'd gone native. He's not dead.

KENSI: So you and Sam extracted him in a way that wouldn't damage his cover.

CALLEN: And we had to do it fast. When an agent with Angelo's background goes native, it's a matter of national security.

DEEKS: And a random carjacking just popped up smack-dab in the middle of the extraction?

CALLEN: Yeah, it was kind of fun.

DEEKS: Yeah.

KENSI: Who is the blonde?

NELL: She's Brunson's wife, Olivia. And she didn't hang out for LAPD to arrive.

DEEKS: So let me get this right. Angelo is hanging out with the boss's stone-cold fox wife at 8:00 a.m.?

NELL: According to his last report, he's become a trusted member of the "family". Brunson has him protecting Olivia.

ERIC: Manifests from the USS Watertown were discovered to be forged. Brunson took possession of a one-ton container from the ship a week ago, contents unknown.

NELL: The ship was sailing from Jakarta. The container could hold anything from high-grade explosives to chemical weapons.

[Sam comes in]

SAM: Angelo's secured in the boatshed.

KENSI: Hey, nice work.

CALLEN: Maybe Angelo flipped, maybe he didn't. Either way, Sam and I are gonna finish this off. We're gonna find out exactly what Brunson smuggled in and who's buying it.

SAM: [To Kensi and Deeks] Hetty and Granger are taking the lead on Angelo's debrief. She wants you in the boatshed.

DEEKS: On it.

KENSI: Done.

[They leave the OPS]

SAM: So, uh, reports are saying Brunson is a rabid dog, and with his boy Angelo gone, no one's holding the leash.

CALLEN: He's spooked. He lost his top enforcer today. If Brunson's running chemical weapons, he may just disappear with them. Next time we see him, could be too late. Lot of variables here. This op's gonna have to be more feather, less hammer.


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Angelo looks at his cuffed hands and bangs them on the table]

ANGELO: This ain't right.

GRANGER: It's right until we figure out whose side you're on.

ANGELO: I work for you.

GRANGER: Sure about that? You been dark for three weeks now.

ANGELO: Yeah, I haven't hit the dentist or been to yoga class either. I've been running deep cover for 19 months. Would you tell him that this isn't right?

[He looks at Hetty; she stares at him]

GRANGER: Listen carefully, Agent Angelo...

HETTY: He has a point, Owen.


[He sighs]

ANGELO: You grow up on my block in Flint, Michigan, you're popping cuffs before you can ride a bike. It's how we keep our thieving little hands warm in the winter. Shims made out bobby pins and paper clips. I got out of Flint years ago, but I don't know that I'll ever truly leave. If you're gonna cuff me...do it right.

[He puts the cuffs no more around his wrists on the table…]

ANGELO: Don't ever let me see that keyhole.

[Granger glances at Hetty…]


[The Challenger is running a dirt track. It stops. Sam starts getting out]

CALLEN: Nice op this morning, huh?

SAM: Went down just like we drew it up.

CALLEN: Mm-hmm. Sometimes it's better to set the hammer down.

[Sam laughs]

SAM: We incapacitated and abducted a man in public right off the sidewalk. G, you jammed a syringe into the man.

CALLEN: And no one tracked any of it. Feather.

SAM: I shot Angelo with sims. I bet when he's looking at his bruises later, he won't be thinking feather.

[They walk down a little, and stop, overhanging a huge villa.

CALLEN: Property's huge, 30 acres.

[Sam pulls out of his bag 2 spotting scopes]

CALLEN: Thanks.

[They look closer]

SAM: This place is massive.

[And protected: an armed man is patrolling]

SAM: But Brunson's not dragging thousand-pound crates of contraband over marble floors.

CALLEN: Check out the pool house.

SAM: Secure. Guards are staying close to it.

CALLEN: It's a good place to stash something you don't want found.

SAM: Let's go see what we can see.

CALLEN: Low-vis, no contact.

SAM: Covert. Always works for me.

[G looks at him and smiles]

SAM: What?

CALLEN: "Covert" is not a word I would use to describe the Hannah family.

[Sam doesn’t get this…]

CALLEN: You guys can't make it out of a Little League game without choking someone out.

SAM: The guy had it coming.

CALLEN: Because he heckled your kid's team? Heckling's part of the game.

SAM: Words have consequences, G. You can't just say whatever you want to somebody's kid. And Michelle did what she needed to do.

CALLEN: Let's do this.


[Boatshed. Observation room.]

GRANGER: I never liked Angelo.

HETTY: But you respect him.

GRANGER: Well, he's a valuable asset I'll tolerate as long as he's on our side. Is he?

HETTY: I don't know. That's the bad news.

GRANGER: What's the good news?

HETTY: I suspect he doesn't know either.

GRANGER: I'm going back in.

HETTY: I have a better idea.

GRANGER: You're going back in.

HETTY: In a manner of speaking.

[Kensi and Deeks appear]

DEEKS: What's up?

[Hetty and Granger exchange a look; Owen points his finger at the monitor with footage of the surveillance camera]

GRANGER: Tell me what you see.

KENSI: Okay. No stress in his body language.

[Deeks zooms]

DEEKS: No microexpressions on his face.

KENSI: He owns that room.

DEEKS: Yeah, he's good.

HETTY: Find out how good.

[She hands them his file…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Boatshed. Interrogation room.]

ANGELO: Partners, huh?

DEEKS: Detective Marty Deeks.

KENSI: Special Agent Kensi Blye.

ANGELO: So...lay it on me. You got a criminal mastermind on your hands here? Or just another friendly NCIS operative?

KENSI: You are one of us until proven otherwise, Agent Angelo.

[she sits down. Deeks reads the file]

DEEKS: The file's legit. Deep cover ops, one after another, none less than 12 months. You got game.

KENSI: Or just slow.

ANGELO: Been known to take my time.

DEEKS: Why don't you tell us about Brunson?

ANGELO: You guys got that undercover flavor going on, too. Game recognizes game, et cetera, et cetera. So Hetty passes up all the interrogators and head-shrinkers at NCIS to put the two of you in here with me? Have you asked yourself why yet?

DEEKS: Evidentially, in contrast to you, we follow orders.

Game recognizes game Right.

KENSI: Look, this is gonna go however you want it to go. Okay? Chew the fat, order a pot of coffee, make it a late one? We don't care. 'Cause nobody gets out of here until we know what we want to know.

DEEKS: I've been on that side of the table before. And undercover's not about kicking your way in. But the door's gotta open eventually, so why don't you just drop that persona? I mean, Brunson doesn't care about you and obviously NCIS does.

[Angelo sighs]

ANGELO: I grew up on a ranch. Cowboys and sheepdogs nipping at the heels of half-ton bulls, thousands of sunsets on Grand Teton. Driggs, Idaho.

KENSI: Stick to Brunson.

ANGELO: Now, the oldest hand on our ran, he taught me everything I needed to know about deep cover ops. He said that everybody's got three hearts. The first heart, that's the one you show to strangers. The second heart? Only your family gets to see that. Your family and the person put on this Earth to walk by your side. Your soul mate. But that third heart is the thing. Never let anyone see it. There's too much truth inside. Too much risk. [He looks at Deeks] She saw yours, didn't she? Oh, damn, brother. This is not gonna end well.

KENSI: Something happened on the Brunson op, didn't it? It got personal for you?

ANGELO: You want to live to see another day, you make it personal.

KENSI: Yeah, but this time it got too personal, didn't it?

ANGELO: For me?

KENSI: Mm-hmm.

ANGELO: Or for the two of you?

DEEKS: Okay...

KENSI: No, it's okay. You didn't show your third heart. He did.


DEEKS: So what's her name?

ANGELO: Strike one.

DEEKS: What's his name?

ANGELO: Strike two.

KENSI: Brunson's wife.

[Angelo nods slightly and fiddles with his watch]

DEEKS: That was a home run.

[Angelo smiles; he’s silent…]


[Brunson’s property. Near the pool house. Callen is hidden behind bushes; a surveillance camera is scanning the area,  guards are pacing up and down. Sam is going along a hedge. The guards have walked further; the camera is filming another angle]


[They run to the door. G picks the lock of. He looks at Sam who opens the door: they’re in]

SAM: We got about two minutes until the guards come back around.

[G spots a man, unconscious, tied to a chair]

CALLEN: Sam...

[The arms of this man are terrible: the skin is like a field of ulcers…G checks his pulse, taking care of not being skin against skin]

CALLEN: He's dead.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[OPS center. Photos of the man, his wounds and a syringe are on screen]

NELL: Well, the good news is the condition of the victim's skin does not suggest exposure to chemical or biological weapons.

[She’s briefing Sam and G heading back to their car; camera is coming and going from them to the OPS]

SAM: What are we looking at?

ERIC: Ever hear of Krokodil?

CALLEN: A cheap drug. And it's deadly. It killed about 30,000 people in Russia alone last year.

ERIC: Mix of morphine, codeine, gasoline and paint thinner. Highly addictive.

SAM: Yeah, but the guy was tied to a chair. It wasn't voluntary.

NELL: Yeah, and judging by the state of the wounds, I'm gonna say that he was given large amounts of the drug over several days.

ERIC: If our intel's correct, and Brunson smuggled in a one-ton container on the USS Watertown, he's sitting on over $6 million worth of Krokodil.

CALLEN: Yeah, and L.A.'s sitting on a powder keg if that shipment hits the streets.

SAM: Now, if we call in an assault team and we hit the mansion, Krokodil might not even be there anymore. Next time it pops up, it'll be on the street. Which means we can't wait.

CALLEN: Don't like to wait.

SAM: We improvise.

CALLEN: Time to shoot from the hip.

[He grabs a riffle…]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Angelo is fiddling with his untied golden watch]

DEEKS: That's a nice watch. You mind?

[Angelo hands it]

ANGELO: It's a Rolex Daytona Chronograph.

KENSI: It's pretty nice. How much do those go for?

ANGELO: Enough to remind me which side I'm fighting for.

DEEKS: "Happy birthday. 12/19/70."

KENSI: That's not the birth date that's listed on your NCIS file.

ANGELO: Growing up in Kissimmee, Florida, this raccoon used to terrorize our house nightly. Tearing up the trash, ripping apart our furniture. My dad trapped him. Dumped him in Boggy Creek...

KENSI: You weren't born in Florida.

DEEKS: Or Idaho. It's a good story, though.

[Angelo sighs; he puts the watch on the table; turns it over in Kensi’s direction]

ANGELO: Every time I come in from the cold, I shed layers. It's my ritual. I dump all the things that made me a person into a bag. Then I zip it up.

DEEKS: You're too close to this. You're burned out.

ANGELO: We're all too close to this. You ever see the way she looks at you when you fidget with your hair? You ever see how he gets stronger just by hearing the sound of your voice? Wake up. Look around. Two people living in a world of their own creation. Maybe I got a world like that, too.

DEEKS: Well, it turns out you don't know anything about us.

KENSI: Deeks...

DEEKS: What? He's baiting me. I'll take that bait.

KENSI: Leave it. Just leave it.

[Angelo smiles – accepting the defeat]

KENSI: Olivia. What happened?

ANGELO: 12/19/70 is not my birthday. It's Brunson's. Olivia gave him the Rolex when they started pushing weight. He wore it for about a week, decided he wanted the same one in platinum. And a week later, the same one in diamonds.

DEEKS: Well, Brunson's got plenty of bling now, doesn't he?

ANGELO: Yeah, except for the kind that actually matters. I wore this thing on my wrist the whole time and that fool never even realized it. Olivia knows I'm NCIS. I turned her. Done deal. She'll testify for us against Brunson.

KENSI: Are you absolutely sure about this?

ANGELO: I made her fall in love with me.

DEEKS: With that kind of modesty, how could she possibly resist?

ANGELO: You know, they train us to create cover stories. To build entire worlds.

[He puts down on the table his watch, and his wallet]

ANGELO: But that's wrong. Don't add, you subtract.

[A key ting lands near the wallet]

ANGELO: Strip yourself away, layer...by layer…

[His phone]

ANGELO:...by layer. And what's left? We're in such a mad rush to give ourselves up. Then it becomes personal. All you want to do is to make it work. Do you feel like it's working for you?

KENSI: We have agents on the ground. Give us some information we can use.

ANGELO: Brunson bought $6.5 million worth of Krokodil on consignment. That means he's gotta pay it back fast. I was supposed to broker the sale, but now that I'm gone, he's gonna be scared. He's gonna be desperate. And you do not want Brunson desperate.

DEEKS: I'll pick up Olivia.

[He and Kensi stand up

ANGELO: No, you won't.

[They stop at the door]

DEEKS: And why is that?

ANGELO: 'Cause I'm the only one she trusts. She's unstable. Anyone else tries, she's gonna tell Brunson everything.

DEEKS: So you seduce her or you brainwash her?

ANGELO: My dad dumped that raccoon in Boggy Creek, and that very next night, it happened again. Some creature in the darkness tearing apart our home. There were noises this time. The kind you can't forget. It happened the next night and the night after that...It turns out there were two raccoons. My dad had only trapped the male. What was going on with that female? What drove her insane?

KENSI: Raccoons mate for life. But that's a myth and you know it.

ANGELO: I would tread lightly if I were you. With Olivia. And with each other.

[Kensi glances at Deeks and leaves the room. Deeks smiles and follows her]


[Observation room. Kensi goes straight to Hetty]

KENSI: Plenty of interrogators and shrinks that you could've sent in, and you picked us.

DEEKS: You trying to tell us something?

KENSI: Hetty, this isn't a game.

HETTY: Which is exactly why you and Mr. Deeks were the only ones for this task.

GRANGER: All right. Link up with Callen and Sam. They're moving on Brunson now.

[Kensi starts walking out; Deeks sighs]

DEEKS: Roger that.

[Hetty stares at their backs…]


[Outside the boatshed]

DEEKS: I feel like I need to take a shower after that conversation.

KENSI: He really got to you.

DEEKS: Of course he did. The son of a bitch is right.

KENSI: Right about what?

DEEKS: Come on, you know what.

KENSI: Whatever happened between him and Olivia has nothing to do with us.

DEEKS: Right.  He gets too close to her on the job. Things turn personal when they should stay professional.  And he gets burned.

KENSI: He gets burned. We didn't.

DEEKS: Not yet. -- You know what it is? I just kept looking at him, thinking that could be me on his side of the table one day.

KENSI: Deeks, that's the game he was running. This is exactly how he wanted you to feel.

DEEKS: I get that. It doesn't mean it's not true.

KENSI: And I would never let that happen to you.

DEEKS: Right. The only problem being that you would be the reason it happened in the first place.

[He gets into the car; Kensi looks disturbed…]


[Sam is in the Challenger; it stops at Brunson’s gate. Callen is hidden with the riffle: a sniper ready to have his partner’s back.]

SAM: You ready to roll, G?

CALLEN: Good to go.

[Sam pulls on his hood: he’s wearing the same clothes than during the abduction. He looks at his reflection and smiles. He presses the intercom button]

SAM: Come on, baby, you in there? You're twisted. I took your man out the game. I'll tell you what.

[Footage from the front gate surveillance camera]

SAM: [Over video] Tell your pretty wife to look me in my eyes.

[He puts the bandana over his face – leaving only the eyes free]

SAM: She knows how I move.

[He winks; the intercom buzzes; the gate opens]

CALLEN: Sam's in.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: That surveillance system is closed circuit. We cannot tap into the feed to support you.

NELL: But, Callen, Kensi and Deeks are on their way to your position now.

[Brunson’s property. Callen is still watching Sam through the sights of his riffle]

CALLEN: Copy that.


[Brunson’s property. Sam stops the Challenger, gets out. 2 armed guys are waiting for him]

MAN1: Pat him down.

[Man2 obeys, finds a gun. Brunson and Olivia come up from the house.]

SAM: I want that back.

[Brunson chuckles. He speaks with the hands; kind of a creepy clown]

BRUNSON: Look at you. A tough guy, huh? All swole. Rolling in here like you own the joint.

SAM: Maybe I do, and you don't even realize it.

[Brunson laughs]

OLIVIA: Where's Angelo? Is he alive?

SAM: Put a leash on your broad, man.

BRUNSON: That would be an impossible task. More importantly, who are you?

SAM: Switch.

BRUNSON: Interesting. It's a birth name, right? Let me guess, you popped out, and your mom said, "Let me switch this one out," right?

SAM: Talking about mothers leads to people getting killed.

BRUNSON: Okay, Switchy Switch, I got three guys right there. They're ready to slay you down to the ground right now. And you're fronting on me?

SAM: I never front.

BRUNSON: Well, then you better start talking.

SAM: Your boy Angelo said he had a buyer for you. A thousand pounds of Krokodil.

BRUNSON: Nice story.

SAM: Well, the rest of the story is I work with the buyer. I represent him.

BRUNSON: And Angelo?

SAM: He'll be all right. We got him.

BRUNSON: Why'd you do him like that?

SAM: You got all this paper. And no common sense. Your man Angelo works for Angelo. He was stealing from you, and trying to skim us.

[Brunson’s silly smile vanishes. He looks much smarter- and dangerous]

SAM: We don't condone that.

OLIVIA: You're lying.

SAM: I'm talking to your man, not you. I can move the product. Thousand pounds today.

BRUNSON: Except I don't know you. And it doesn’t look like you brought the cash.  So, where's the good faith?

SAM: "Faith"? I look like a preacher to you?

[Brunson chuckles – he’s back to his creepy clown manners]

SAM: I deal in cash only and product. Thousand pounds, two mill.

BRUNSON: That's worth maybe six on the street or more.

SAM: Look like we standing on the street? This is the big leagues.

BRUNSON: Okay. I will let you have 50,000 of it.

SAM: "Let me"?

BRUNSON: You move it around, see what you can do, maybe I'll give you a bigger load to mess with. But none of that happens until you bring Angelo to me today.

SAM: I don't get out of bed in the morning for 50 grand.

BRUNSON: 250, that's it.

SAM: Okay. We'll got to Marina del Rey. I'll pick a spot.

[Callen straightens up]

BRUNSON: We take my ride.

[G puts the gun down, thinking over this location…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Angelo and Hetty]

HETTY: You know what I do.

ANGELO: You're the puppet master.

HETTY: You familiar with that type?

ANGELO: Been on stage my whole life.

HETTY: Friends are valuable. Sometimes enemies more so. Which one am I talking to right now?

ANGELO: Well, there's no choice there. Either way I'm dancing to your tune.

HETTY: You've misread me, Agent Angelo. This is not a puppet master you see before you. I'm the one who cuts the strings.

[They thoughtfully stare at each other…]


[Marina Del Rey. Kensi stops the car; she, Deeks and Callen go out]

CALLEN: Kensi, set up overwatch.

KENSI: Plenty of high ground.

CALLEN: Deeks, stay down low, get close to Brunson's guys. If things go bad, we're gonna need back-up.

DEEKS: How are you gonna pass yourself off as a buyer without 250 Gs?

[G glances at Kensi grabbing stuff in the trunk]

CALLEN: Your partner still a slob?

KENSI: Slob? I'm standing right here.

[Deeks is rummaging the trunk – the messy trunk…]  

DEEKS: Uh-huh. Looks like someone nuked a Lululemon back here.

[He puts clothes into a bag, throws it to G]

CALLEN: Feels like a quarter-mill to me.

[He opens it and sniffs]

CALLEN: Hmm. Smells like you two have adopted each other's hygiene habits.

[Stunned Kensi…]


[OPS center.]

ERIC: All right, Sam's good. Perfect location for the sting.

NELL: Plenty of sightlines for Kensi. Plenty of cover for Deeks.

[Marina. Kensi takes place in a boat parked in the dry dock- with her riffle. 2 vehicles are approaching. Deeks is hidden among boats. Sam and body guards get out of one car, Brunson, his wife and another body guard of the other]

BRUNSON: So? Where's your man?

SAM: Relax.

BRUNSON: I don't like you.

SAM: You don't have to.

BRUNSON: I'm going to tell you a story. Just this week, one of my guys, he tries to lift some of my Krokodil. So, I made him shoot all of it.

SAM: "If you wish to control others you must first control yourself." Miyamoto Musashi.

BRUNSON: Who's that? What, does he got a restaurant on La Cienega or something?

OLIVIA: Enough.

[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Hetty’s phone rings]

HETTY: Hello, Miss Blye.


KENSI: Brunson's unstable, Hetty. If he keeps it up, I'm taking the shot.



HETTY: [On phone] Understood.

ANGELO: It's a bitch when things don't go according to plan.

HETTY: Do they ever?

ANGELO: It's been a long time since Brunson's run a deal by himself. I was the one that pulled security, gave him peace of mind. Now, with me not being there, he's gonna crack. Kill one of your people just to prove he's still got it. I'm a friend, Hetty. I guarantee that.

HETTY: Well, that remains to be seen.

ANGELO: Petty Officer Bruce Shapiro. Brunson owns him. He is the inside man on the USS Watertown. He is the reason Krokodil is in L.A.

HETTY: You can't earn my friendship so simply, Mr. Angelo. Keep talking.

ANGELO: The only person that Brunson will listen to besides me is his wife, Olivia. Now, I can deliver her right now from where we're sitting.

HETTY: Do tell.

ANGELO: Flint, Michigan.

HETTY: Oh. Popping handcuffs with bobby pins and paper clips.

ANGELO: Listen, I knew it can end this way. Olivia out there. Me locked up somewhere or dead. But I promised her that I wouldn't leave her out in the cold. Alone with Brunson. Now maybe it wouldn't be me that came for her. Maybe it would be someone else from NCIS. But all she has to hear is one thing. "Flint, Michigan."

HETTY: Safe word. You trained her.

ANGELO: Olivia will track it, Brunson won't. She will know that your agents are with me. I promised I'd get her out safely, Hetty.

[Hetty hesitates, sighs; she pulls out her phone, writes a text. Angelo is watching her – he closes the eyes: relief? Or something else…? Hett’s text to Callen “Safe word: Flint Michigan”. She sends it, looks at Angelo staring at her]

HETTY: I won't forget this.

[She stands up. He looks at the table]

ANGELO: I know.

[Hetty looks back at him; she maybe feels something is wrong. She notices his watch: no more on the table with the wallet, but around his wrist…she looks again at him; he doesn’t want his eyes to meet hers. She leaves the room, worried. He doesn’t move when the door opens…]


[Marina. Callen is driving Kensi’s car. He gets Hetty’s text – and joins the meeting, without the bag]

BRUNSON: This is him? The buyer to end all buyers, right? The man who moves the weight? What is this, casual Fridays or something?

CALLEN: Bling's just armor for the weak. I wanted all of it. A thousand pounds. This is a waste of my time.

SAM: I told you.

BRUNSON: Look, I am sorry you don't like the situation. It's just the way it's gonna work.

OLIVIA: You don't have Angelo. Where is he? That was part of deal.

CALLEN: Angelo's safe. This goes according to plan, he'll be released. We good, Switch?

SAM: No, we're not good. I haven't tested the merch yet. I haven't even seen it.

[Callen chuckles]

CALLEN: I know you, Tyler Brunson.

BRUNSON: Oh, do you now?

CALLEN: You're a regional guy sitting on too much weight.

[Brunson laughs]

BRUNSON: "Regional"?

CALLEN: Now, my partner and I are global. You borrowed the cash, now you got to flip the drugs. The problem is you don't have the resources to move a thousand pounds of Krokodil fast. We do.

BRUNSON: This transaction goes fine, maybe we can talk about...

CALLEN: I don't do maybe. I do the deal on the table... only.

[He grabs the bag in his car]

CALLEN: I got the cash. Where are the goods?

[Brunson sends one of his guys to the back of  his car with a flick of the head]

CALLEN: I got guys that can move this fast. A crew out of Flint, Michigan.

[Olivia frowns – G stares knowingly at her. But she pulls out a gun and aims at Sam]

BRUNSON: Babe, what are you doing?

OLIVIA: I told you we could trust Angelo. Search him.

[One of the guy searches G.]

KENSI: Hetty, Callen and Sam have been made.

[Boatshed. Observation room. Hetty and Granger are watching the scene on the monitor and Angelo in the interrogation room.]

GRANGER: Safe word, huh?

[Hetty didn’t need this head-up…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


SAM: So, you've been calling the shots all along.

OLIVIA: You thought Angelo was your cop. He's my cop.

[Brunson wants to hit Sam’s face with his gun; the agent blocks his arm]

SAM: You do that, you better kill me.

[Brunson frees his arm]

OLIVIA: Let's go. We need to move.

[The guys hesitate]

OLIVIA: They move or they die.

[They start moving]

KENSI: I have the shot.

[She shoots, hits one of the guys, and at this right moment Sam and G react. Deeks intervenes]

DEEKS: Federal agent!

[Olivia and Brunson flee; Deeks shoots another guy; Sam takes back his gun and shoots his opponent – and Brunson through the window of the car. Brunson falls down backwards, hit in the arm.]

SAM: Kensi, you got Olivia!

KENSI: I don't have a shot.

[Callen has knocked down his guy and uses him like a shield]

CALLEN: We're clear! Go!

[She runs. Sam comes up to Brunson]

SAM: Federal agent! Don't do it. Don't do it.

[But Brunson raises his gun – Sam takes the shot first…]

[Olivia is carefully advancing. Kensi appears from nowhere and rushes at the woman. Both roll over the ground. G runs up and keeps his distance: Olivia just has choking sighs, half-strangled. She faints…]

KENSI: She's out.

CALLEN: Welcome back.

[A bit surprised, Kensi smiles…]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. The door opens: Granger comes in]

GRANGER: It's over.

ANGELO: After all these years you still don't get it, do you? For guys like me it's never over.

GRANGER: Brunson's dead...and Olivia's in custody. You'll never see her again. Yeah, I know you tried to warn her, but it didn't work out.

[He steps forwards]

GRANGER: Gave everyone a look inside that third heart of yours. Turns out it belongs to a traitor.

ANGELO: Well, if you're gonna cuff me, you better do it right this time.

GRANGER: I'd rather put a bullet in your skull and dump you in the ocean. But neither one of us are getting what we want tonight.

[He goes to the door, opens it]

ANGELO: What is this?

GRANGER: I'm not gonna stop you.

[Angelo chuckles -suspiciously]

ANGELO: What, I'm free to go? I walk?

GRANGER: Yeah, you walk. But freedom, that's another matter entirely.

[Angelo, not sure this isn’t a trap, walks out. Hetty is waiting for him in the parking lot. He stops in front of her]

ANGELO: I never thought I'd be famous. That's how this ends, right? One moment I'm standing here, Paul Angelo in the flesh. The next, I'm just some rumor the old cats will tell probies in FLETC. That crazy undercover who got in too deep, and Hetty Lange herself...capped him out by the docks.

HETTY: Your name's not Paul Angelo.

ANGELO: Well, your name is not Hetty Lange.

HETTY: Your true name...has been wiped from public record. No traces of your existence remain. No birth records, no social security number, no digital footprint. Only Paul Angelo remains.

ANGELO: Well, a good puppet is more useful alive than dead.

HETTY: We'll see how useful you are...soon enough.

[She starts leaving]

ANGELO: What makes you think you're gonna see me again?

HETTY: You owe me your life. And I always collect on my debts.

ANGELO: Well, maybe that day will come, maybe it won't. But if it does, what exactly are you expecting me to do, Hetty?

HETTY: Exactly what I tell you to do, Mr. Angelo.

[He looks at her walking away…]


[Armory. Sam and G are bringing back gears]

SAM: Now this one, running game on Brunson. Twisting him all up? That's a feather.

CALLEN: Hold on a second. We got into a gunfight in the Marina.

SAM: Just because you put the hammer down doesn't mean you lost it, G.

CALLEN: Come on, Switch. I'll buy ya a beer.

[Sam scoffs]

SAM: Switch…!


[Bullpen. Deeks is opening envelops with the knife, at his desk. Kensi appears]

KENSI: Ah, Deeks.

DEEKS: Hey, yeah. Uh, tonight. Let's, you want to talk?

KENSI: Yeah. Let's start with my gym bag. Where is it?

DEEKS: Evidence locker. Your gym bag was part of the operation, so it had to go to the evidence locker.

KENSI: My sports bras are not supposed to be part of any operation. This is a gross invasion of my privacy.

DEEKS: Well, the good news is this team totally respects your privacy. So you're fine. Also this team thinks it's totally awesome yet a little bit predictable that you wear a Wonder Woman sports bra.

KENSI: Okay, I wouldn't exactly call them Wonder Woman...

DEEKS: No, I saw it. That's what it was.

KENSI: You weren't supposed to be...

DEEKS: They're perfect 'cause they match my Superman underwear.

KENSI: I didn't need to know that.

DEEKS: I didn't need to tell you that.

[Kensi chuckles]

KENSI: Okay. So...about our thing...

DEEKS: Right. About our thing. Um...Yeah, I don't know what to do with that.

KENSI: What does your third heart tell you?

[Deeks puts the knife back into its sheath; slips it to Kensi.]

KENSI: …Okay.

[She takes the knife]

DEEKS: Contrary to hundreds of years of scientific evidence...I believe that raccoons do mate for life.

[Both have a very small smile. Kensi steps away, Deeks exhales. But Kensi wasn’t going out: she grabs the box; puts it on Deeks’ desk; opens it with the knife]

KENSI: Still sharp.

[She walks away, smiling broadly when he can’t see her]

[Deeks stands up, hesitates – a lot; he opens it and chuckles: he pulls out a new box- a little smaller…]

DEEKS: Touché.

[He leaves the box on his desk; takes his bag and goes…Granger and Hetty are in the mezzanine. They exchange a look]

GRANGER: Beginning of the end?

[Black screen]

HETTY: End of the beginning.

------------------- THE END ----------------------

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