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#609 : Une taupe parmi nous

Hetty ordonne le confinement après que Granger ait été empoisonné par une taupe. Eric est l'un des 7 suspects.


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Une taupe parmi nous

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Kensi demande à l'employé Ty de donner sa salive

Kensi demande à l'employé Ty de donner sa salive

Discussion entre Kensi et Deeks

Discussion entre Kensi et Deeks

Eric Beale avec un des 7 suspects

Eric Beale avec un des 7 suspects

Sam et Callen sur les lieux du crime

Sam et Callen sur les lieux du crime

Ty donne son ADN à Kensi

Ty donne son ADN à Kensi

Les 2 agents parlent

Les 2 agents parlent

Sam et G se rendent vers la voiture

Sam et G se rendent vers la voiture

Callen et Sam entre dans une serre

Callen et Sam entre dans une serre


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Scénario : Michael Udesky & R. Scott Gemmill

Réalisation :  Eric A. Pot


Adam Bartley ............................ Brown
Sarayu Rao ............................ Dr. Susan Depaul
Parry Shen ............................ Ty
Dio Johnson ............................ Nurse
Victoria Garcia ............................ Gwenn
Sonny Mario Ayon ............................ Duende
Miguel Izaguirre ............................ Nico

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[♫ Downtown by night. Vine street. ♫ 5 men near a car.]

MAN: Yo, we got company.

[A car with 2 men inside stop. The guys get out]

MAN1: You got a death wish, Duende?

DRIVER: Why, you suddenly got some balls?

MAN1: Not as big as your mom's, man.

[The driver laughs; he speaks quietly to his buddy – and pulls out a gun; he aims at Man1’s face]

DRIVER: Say it again. Come on, say it again, bitch.

[Man1 smiles]

MAN1: Man, put that away before I take it from you, man.

[There’s the noise of an engine revving, tires squealing]

MAN2: Listen to your boy, now. Don't make me embarrass you.

MAN: Move it...!

[The car is running straight to their group – it doesn’t brake, but hits one of the car, flies and crashes heavily on the road. It rolls over and stops on his wheels - horn blaring. The guys get closer. The driver is unconscious – and bloody: Granger...]


♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 6x09 ♫ ♫ Traitor ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on November 24, 2014 ♫ ♫


[[NCIS office. Shooting range. Kensi is training with a shotgun - hitting the targets very well – when Deeks comes in. He coughs loudly]

KENSI: Good morning.

[He shows her an empty burger box]

KENSI: What's this?

DEEKS: That was my leftover Uni Burger that I was gonna have for breakfast until somebody stole it.

KENSI: Who eats a sea urchin burger, let alone for breakfast?

DEEKS: You do, apparently.

KENSI: What makes you think that I would eat your disgusting leftovers?

DEEKS: Because I know you, because you're a scavenger, because you're a refrigerator hyena. Let me smell your breath.

KENSI: What?! Smell your own breath.


KENSI: Fine.

[She blows]

DEEKS: Surprisingly minty.

KENSI: Sure you know me?!

[She winks]

DEEKS: Yeah. Know you so well to know that even if you did steal my Uni Burger you would then do something super sneaky like try to cover it up by using minty fresh mouthwash.

[They’re in the armory; Kensi puts the shotgun back into a drawer]

KENSI: How did they ever give you a detective’s badge?

DEEKS: I'll have you know, at the LAPD they used to call me Sherlock Holmes.

[Kensi scoffs]

KENSI: Oh, a fictional character-- well done.

DEEKS: I also know you better than you think, Missy.

KENSI: Oh, yeah? What's my favorite color?

DEEKS: Blue.

KENSI: Wrong.

DEEKS: Oh, I'm so sorry. Let me be more specific. Cornflower blue.

KENSI: That was such a lucky guess.

DEEKS: A lucky guess? Okay, first off, that's not even a real color. And secondly, you don't even own anything in the cornflower hue.

KENSI: Not that you know of. See? Apparently, you don't know everything about me.

DEEKS: I know you hate liver but love bulgogi.

KENSI: So does everybody else.

DEEKS: I know that your favorite movie on the planet is Titanic.

KENSI: Me and a billion other people.

DEEKS: I know that you love mojitos and techno music at the Apex Hotel. I know that you played college softball. I know that you dressed up like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as a kid for Halloween. I know that you keep a journal. I know that you want to have an oregano garden even though you are a noted plant killer. I know that your favorite New Kid on the Block was Joey McIntyre, and why not, because he was the dreamiest.

[He laughs]

DEEKS: Bam. Oh, and I also know that you hide girly magazines under your bathroom sink.

KENSI: I do not.

DEEKS: I mean, not like...girly magazines, but I mean, like, magazines for girls-- things like Cosmo and Modern Bride -- because our kick-ass Kensilina has a softer, lacy, lady side that no one knows about...but me. And I love it.

KENSI: You couldn't have said that any creepier.

DEEKS: Creepier?! I thought I was pretty charming.

[Nell appears in the stairs, panting]

NELL: Guys, Granger's been in an accident.


[OPS center. Nell, Kensi and Deeks rush in. G, Sam and Eric (on phone) are already here]

DEEKS: What happened?

CALLEN: We're still trying to find out.

SAM: Come on, Beale.

[Eric hangs up]

ERIC: Okay. They rushed him to County. He was conscious at the scene, but that's all they would tell me.

SAM: Show them the crash.

ERIC: A security camera from a nearby residence caught the accident.

KENSI: Oh, my gosh.

DEEKS: He's lucky he survived that.

KENSI: What was he doing?

CALLEN: We don't know yet. We're not gonna find out sitting here. We'll work the accident scene. You guys check in on Granger.

DEEKS: Anybody inform Hetty?

CALLEN: She knows.

KENSI: What did she say?

SAM: Not a damn thing.

[They leave the OPS, all but Eric and Nell]


[Vine Street. G is speaking with police officers in their car]

CALLEN: All right, guys.

[The car runs away.]

CALLEN: What do you think he was doing up here?

SAM: Your guess is as good as mine.

CALLEN: Well, maybe Eric can backtrack his movements using traffic cams.

SAM: Yeah. He was driving way too fast for this road. There's no way he could've made that curve.

CALLEN: The witnesses said it was a single car. There was no pursuit.

SAM: Uh, no skid marks -- he never touched the brakes.

CALLEN: How do you explain this?

SAM: I don't know. Maybe he was injured and needed to get to the hospital.

CALLEN: It's the wrong direction.

SAM: ...Something isn't right.

CALLEN: But you got a theory.

SAM: Nope.

CALLEN: I know that look -- you're holding out on me.

SAM: I got nothing -- except a bad feeling that this might not have been an accident.

CALLEN: Well, that goes without saying. What else?

SAM: First there's a breach of security. Hetty's personal data is leaked. That almost gets her killed. Now Granger smashes up his car in the middle of the night, 15 miles from his house? Are you kidding me?

CALLEN: Could be unrelated.

SAM: Could be.

CALLEN: Could also be...we really do have a mole.


[OPS center. Eric is watching his tablet]

ERIC: Oh, I hate it when she does this.

NELL: Does what?

ERIC: That.

[He puts Hetty’s office onto screen: she’s drinking tea]

NELL: She's having a cup of tea.

ERIC: It's her sixth one.

NELL: Well, maybe she's thirsty.

ERIC: Maybe she's worried sick about Granger. I think one of us should talk to her.

NELL: Be my guest.

ERIC: And by "one of us," I mean you. Hetty likes you.

NELL: Oh, come on. She likes you, too.

ERIC: She tolerates me.

[Nell scoffs]

NELL: Look, if Hetty wanted to talk to one of us, she would.

ERIC: So you're not gonna do it?


ERIC: Fine.

[He sighs and drum with his fingers on the table – hesitates...]

ERIC: I'm doing it.

[He starts walking out]

NELL: Really don't think that's a good idea.

[The door slides close]

NELL: But...you're gonna do it anyway.


[Hetty’s office]

ERIC: Knock, knock.

[He has a nervous chuckle]

ERIC: Who's there? Hetty.

[Another nervous chuckle – she stares at him]

ERIC: Hey.

[He sighs – and speaks with a British accent]

ERIC: Having a spot of tea, are we? Pip, pip, cheerio. Jolly good.

[She’s still staring at him]

ERIC: So, I'm just checking in, you know, see if you need anything.

HETTY: ...

ERIC: All right, you know what? Figured as much. Just checking, and, uh, wanted to say that...I'm sure the assistant director will be just fine... I will be upstairs in Ops. Which is where I'm going right now.

HETTY: Mr. Beale...keep your eyes...open and your wits about you today.

ERIC: Okay.

HETTY: And, um...Eric?

ERIC: Mm-hmm?

HETTY: Thank you.

[She smiles – he’s touched]

ERIC: You're welcome.

[He leaves her; she sighs, worried...]


[Hospital. Granger is unconscious in his bed. Deeks and Kensi are with a nurse]

DEEKS: Why is he in restraints?

NURSE: There was a safety concern.

DEEKS: He's a federal agent.

NURSE: Are you next of kin?

DEEKS: ERIC: We're coworkers.

NURSE: I'm sorry, I can't discuss this with you.

[Kensi shows her badge]

KENSI: You know what? We're NCIS, and we're investigating -- we need some answers.

NURSE: I'll get the attending physician.

KENSI: Thank you.

[He leaves the room]

WOMAN: [over P.A.] Nurse Carson to Four West Nurses Station. Nurse Carson to Four West Nurses Station.

[Kensi comes close to the bed]

KENSI: Assistant Director? It's Agent Blye. Can you hear me?

[Granger opens the eyes]

DEEKS: Hey, buddy.

[He’s near the bed too]

DEEKS: How's our favorite little curmudgeon?

KENSI: You gave us quite the scare.

GRANGER: Where am I? Right now, where am I?

DEEKS: You're, uh, you're in the hospital. You were in an accident, Granger.

[Granger starts pulling off his IV]

DEEKS: Don't... You don't have to take that off. Don't take that-- that's the I.V.-- please, not--

KENSI: No, no, no.

DEEKS: We want to keep that on there, 'cause the nurse--

KENSI: Don't do that...

[Granger is fighting to free from their hands]

GRANGER: Take your hands off me!

DEEKS: Granger!

KENSI: Whoa! Whoa. Relax. Relax.

[She puts a hand on his shoulder]

KENSI: You're okay.

[Granger grabs her wrists]

GRANGER: Listen, it's not safe. It's not safe. We have to go to...

KENSI: Let go of me.

GRANGER: Just go. Listen, just...

KENSI: Let go of me. Granger...Let me go.

DEEKS: It's okay. Granger, Granger...

KENSI: Let go of me. Let go.

DEEKS: Stop... Granger...

[But Granger is mad with rage- an alarm blares]

DEEKS: Granger, just re... he's going for my weapon-- he's got...

KENSI: No, no! No, no!

DOCTOR: What the hell is going on here? Who removed his restraint?

[The doctor comes with 4 men]

GRANGER: Get away! Let go of me!

DOCTOR: Move it!

GRANGER: Let go! Get out of here!

DOCTOR: Give me ten cc's of Midazolam. Clear the room! Clear the room!!

[Kensi and Deeks are thrown out]

KENSI: Okay. Whoa! What's happening? What's going on with him right now?

DOCTOR: He had a seizure! Go!

[Granger is groaning – A nurse closes the door – Kensi and deeks stands behind, looking through the window – Granger is madly struggling to free himself]

MAN: I got him. I got him.

DOCTOR: Hold him down! Hold him down!

[Granger grunts, groans, growls...Kensi and Deeks are in shock]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Hospital. Granger’s room. He is sleeping; the monitor is beeping steadily; the doctor is at his side. She walks out to speak to Kensi and Deeks]

DOCTOR: He was restrained for his safety as well as our own.

DEEKS: Sorry-- he's not normally like that.

KENSI: What's wrong with him?

DOCTOR: He's in an altered state. We just don't know why; we're still running tests. He may have suffered a head injury from the collision. Do you know if he was on any medications?

KENSI: No, not that we know of.

DOCTOR: What about drugs or alcohol?

DEEKS: I mean, he has a cocktail once in a while, but no drugs.

DOCTOR: You sure?

DEEKS: ...

DOCTOR: Any family history of mental illness?

DEEKS: ...

KENSI: Um...

[Deeks stammers]

DOCTOR: You two work with him, but you don't really know anything about him.

KENSI: He's a pretty private person. I don't think you go around telling...

[The nurse interrupts them]

NURSE: Tox screen's back.

DOCTOR: Thank you.

[She reads the results]

DEEKS: Anything?

[Obviously, there is – the doctor looks stunned]

DOCTOR: He was poisoned.

[They silently gasp. Deeks looks at Kensi...]


[Vine Street]

SAM: What kind of poison?

KENSI: [over com] They're retesting, but they think it's something called Aconitine.

SAM: Monkshood?

CALLEN: How the hell did he get that?


KENSI: They haven't determined that yet.

[Vine Street]

SAM: We need to search his car and his houses.

CALLEN: Hey, have her Hazmat team also check his office, but do it on the down low. If somebody on the inside's responsible for this, we don't want to tip them off that we're onto them.


KENSI: Got it.

[Vine Street -Sam stares at G]

CALLEN: You look like you're ready to kill somebody.

SAM: I am.

[Off to...]


[...The office. Kensi and Deeks are back]

KENSI: I couldn't quite put my finger on it but...you know what it is? Something's still bothering me.

DEEKS: What do mean, about Granger?

KENSI: No, about you. How would you know about my magazines if you weren't snooping under my sink?

[Deeks chuckles]

DEEKS: Oh. All right. I wasn't snooping under your sink. I was looking for toilet paper, which is something, evidently, you never do, because every time I come to your house, I have to put toilet paper on the roll. How hard is that? Come on, it takes, like, two seconds. Are you serious?

[She opens the wooden door]

DEEKS: One step, you take it, and two, you put it on the thing and you're done.

KENSI: What difference does it make if it's on the counter or if it's on the actual roll?

DEEKS: Um, principle.

KENSI: Why are you so obsessed with toilet paper?

[He scoffs]

KENSI: Did you have some sort of traumatic event as a kid that-that... with potty training? Is this why you don't pee in public toilets?

[They’re at the bottom of the stairs; They meet Nell and Eric]

NELL: Wait, who doesn't pee in public toilets?

KENSI: Uh, Deeks.

ERIC: I don't blame him.

DEEKS: Thank you. At least I'm not the one that pees in takeout containers for food on a stakeout.

KENSI: A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Nell, what do you got?

NELL: Aconitine-- it's a highly poisonous alkaloid whose chemical makeup is C34-H47-NO11.

[The molecule is on screen]

ERIC: It's basically a neurotoxin that is absorbed via mucous membrane -- nostrils, lips, mouth, but also via skin.

NELL: Depending on the level of exposure, it can cause severe diarrhea, pain, paralysis, vomiting...and eventual cardiac arrest.

DEEKS: Sounds like your chili.

[Kensi’s, of course]

KENSI: Where would somebody get their hands on this?

ERIC: That's the easy part. It occurs in nature. It comes from the aconitum plant, also known as monkshood or wolfsbane. Actually, in "ye olden days"" they used the poison to kill wolves, which is why everyone knows that wolfsbane is an effective deterrent against werewolves.

[Kensi looks at her desk, at a pot of aconitum!]

KENSI: Deeks.

DEEKS: Hmm? What? Whoa, what the what? What is that doing on your desk?

KENSI: I thought you put it there.

DEEKS: Why would I give you a poisonous plant?

KENSI: I didn't know it was poisonous until right now.

DEEKS: Well, I certainly didn't give it to you.

[Nell sighs and steps toward the desk]

DEEKS: And don't get closer-- it's got deadly nectar and-and poisonous pollen and all sorts of... Don't.

NELL: It's only deadly if you ingest it or touch it.

DEEKS: Then don't...

[She puts a plastic over the plant]

NELL: I'm not.

ERIC: Nicely work, Poison Ivy.

NELL: See?

[Nell carrying the plant walks away with Eric]

KENSI: Okay, if you didn't put that on my desk, then who did?

DEEKS: Probably the same person that poisoned Granger.

[They look suspiciously around...]


[Sam is leaving Granger’s house – a mask against the face. Callen is speaking with a man]

CALLEN: All right, appreciate it.

[He comes up to Sam]

CALLEN: They said they found traces of the poison, but nothing near a lethal dose.

SAM: Granger must have picked it up elsewhere and carried it home.

CALLEN: See anything unusual in there?

SAM: Nah, guy lives like a monk. You two could have been roommates. I've seen homeless people with more possessions than the two of you combined.

CALLEN: Some of us haven't been seduced by the trappings of ownership.

SAM: Ah. What, have you been reading self-help books?

CALLEN: To know yourself is to know the universe.

[G makes a call with his cell phone]

SAM: You know what I know? You're full of it.

KENSI: [Over phone] Hello?

CALLEN: Kens, we're at Granger's, we got nothing. How are things back there?

[NCIS office.]

KENSI: Not good. They found high concentrations of poison in Granger's office. In the desk, telephone, even on the paperwork.

[Granger’s house]

SAM: That had to be the source.

CALLEN: Mm-hmm.

[NCIS office.]

KENSI: There's ano...

[She stops talking as women pass by. She resumes when they’re walking away]

KENSI: There's another thing, too. Somebody left the plant that the poison is made from on my desk. Eric and Nell are checking surveillance cameras to try and see who did it.

[Granger’s house]

CALLEN:  You're gonna need to evacuate the building.

[NCIS office.]

KENSI: Yeah, I'll inform Hetty. I'll keep you posted.


[Hetty’s office. The plant and its plastic cover are on her desk]

KENSI: Once we evacuate the building, Hazmat can go through it.

HETTY: I'm not sure that's such a good idea.

DEEKS:  This whole place has to be decontaminated.

HETTY: I realize that, Mr. Deeks. I'm just not sure about evacuating.

KENSI: Granger is clinging to life at the hospital as we speak. This is deadly.

HETTY: I'm well aware of its lethality, Ms. Blye!

KENSI: If you do not evacuate the building, everyone is under risk of being exposed.

HETTY: And if I do, whoever is responsible for this, could escape, could go on to poison many more than those of us here today. Everyone in this building understands the risks involved in this job.

DEEKS: And you're willing to make that choice for them.

HETTY: That's what I do.

KENSI: Hetty...

[Hetty walks to a roller shutter cabinet and opens one of the doors. She presses the button on a remote control: the whole office locks up– even the wooden doors are blocked with an iron curtain]

HETTY: We have a mole in our midst- and it ends today.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Granger’s house. Sam and G go back to the Challenger.]

CALLEN: Now, I trust Hetty knows what she's doing. If the poison's limited to Granger's office, the risk should be minimal.

SAM: Yeah.


KENSI: Uh, it's still a risk.

SAM: [Over phone] Where are we with suspects?

DEEKS: Eric and Nell are sorting through everybody.

[Granger’s house]

CALLEN: What about the people that aren't at work?


KENSI: Uh, there are three.

[She looks at the monitor: 3 files are on it]

KENSI: So we have, uh, Deborah Hill, she's out on maternity leave. Edward Stevens is supposedly at a funeral on the east coast. And, uh, Lisa Manning, Granger's assistant, is home sick for two days now.

[Granger’s house]

CALLEN: We need to pay Lisa a visit. Let us know if you find anything else.


KENSI: Done.


[OPS center.]

HETTY: How are we making out?

NELL: Data mining through everyone, focusing on our most recent hires. We're searching for any suspicious anomalies in the workplace. Um, contact with the outside, travel, finance, et cetera, but so far, nothing.

ERIC: We also went through the surveillance tapes to see who put the flower on Kensi's desk, but the system was down for about an hour for routine maintenance. Looks like someone took advantage of that window of opportunity.

HETTY: What about, uh, Inspector Wallace and her group? They had the run of the place when they were here.

NELL: Inspector Wallace - probably saved your life.

[Hetty glares at her)

NELL: But we will look into them as well.

HETTY: Meanwhile, I want you to dust off your polygraph skills, Ms. Jones. I want everyone in the building boxed. Myself included.


[Lisa Manning’s place. Sam and G are in]

CALLEN: Lisa! Lisa Manning! Agent Callen and Hanna from work.

[They spot her on the floor in the bathroom – Sam checks her pulse]

SAM: She's still breathing...barely. Pulse is thready.

[G dials on his phone]

SAM: Lisa?

KENSI: [Over phone] Callen.

CALLEN: [On phone] Kens, we got Lisa Manning at her house. We need an ambulance.


[NCIS office. Tech corner]

ERIC: Have you ever given Hetty a polygraph before?


ERIC: I don't suppose you could ask her about Area 51?

NELL: Eric, now is not the time for jokes.

ERIC: What? Who's joking. If anyone knows the truth about alien visitations, it's Hetty. We have to take advantage of these situations.

NELL: All right, I'll see what I can do.

[Nell’s tablet beeps three times]

ERIC: Did you get something there? Uh, Nell?

NELL: Hey, did you cash in some investments today?


[He exhales]

ERIC: Last thing I invested in was Captain America, volume one, number 74. And I had to go in with six other guys.

NELL: That's a comic book, right?

ERIC: Uh, yeah, just a little old comic book where Cap is forced to fight Red Skull to the death -- wait for it -- in Hell. It's classic.

NELL: All right, well, I don't know if that's what this is, but someone deposited $50,000 into your bank account 40 minutes ago.

ERIC: What? That's impossible.

NELL: That's what it says.

[Eric goes to a computer and types – Nell comes up to see]

ERIC: Um, I have to put in my passcode -- can you...

NELL: Yeah, yeah. Pardon me.

[His bank password is...”2015 Eric + Nell”]

NELL: You done?

ERIC: Yeah.

NELL: Whoa.

[Indeed there was a $ 50,000.00 deposit; the closing balance is $ 58,545.32]

ERIC: This isn't mine. I mean, I swear to God, I-I have no idea how this happened. You have to believe me. There's no way I would ever do anything...

NELL: All right, just relax.

ERIC: But-but-but-but...I-I know how this looks, okay?

NELL: Beale. Relax.

ERIC: You-You... Someone's trying to frame me. I-I am a lot of things, Nell, but I am not a mole, okay?

NELL: Beale.

[She slaps him]

ERIC: Aah!

NELL: I'm sorry.

ERIC: No, I needed that.

NELL: Yes, you did. You need to figure out where this money came from.

ERIC: And you need to keep this between us until I do.

NELL: The longer you keep this a secret, the more suspicious you're gonna look, and I am not gonna lie for you.

ERIC: Just let me figure it out, okay?

NELL: Fine.

[She wheels around.]

NELL: You figure it out.

[He sighs, watching her carrying the polygraph to the armory]


[Hospital. Same doctor, with Callen and Sam]

DOCTOR: She's lucky you found her when you did.

CALLEN: Let me guess, it's the same thing that took down Granger?

DOCTOR: Well, we need to wait on the tox screen, but if they work together, then yeah, there's a good chance they were similarly exposed.

SAM: What's his prognosis?

[They’re in front of Granger’s bedroom]

DOCTOR: We're doing all we can, but he may have been fighting this off for some time. Why he didn't seek medical treatment sooner is beyond me.

CALLEN: Well, that's because he's a tough son of a bitch.

DOCTOR: For his sake, I hope so.

SAM: We should have seen this coming, G. He hasn't quite been himself lately. We both think he looks like hell.

CALLEN: I just thought it was stress.

SAM: Anything else we can do?

DOCTOR: Yeah, find out where this poison is coming from before people start dying.

[She leaves them; Sam sighs, looking at Granger]

SAM: Oh, boy.


[Armory. Nell is with Hetty – and the polygraph...]

NELL: Have you ever committed treason?

HETTY: I suppose that depends on one's definition.

NELL: Hetty, you have to answer yes or no.

HETTY: Oh, yes, I know. I'm very familiar with this process, Ms. Jones. Hell, I developed most of these questions!

NELL: ...

HETTY: Yes, I committed treason. But never against the United States. -  I'll have to make that one more specific in the future.

NELL: Have you ever tried to injure or harm assistant director Owen Granger?


NELL: I'm sorry? I said, "Have you ever tried to injure...?"

HETTY: Yes, I heard you. I even tried to kill him.

[Nell stares questioningly at her]

HETTY: But that was a long time ago, and we get along much better now.

NELL: Well, that's good.


[OPS center. Deeks and Kensi come in. There’re a lot of files on screen]

KENSI: These the only profiles you've cleared so far?

[She speaks about 7 profiles – 4 men and 3 women, separated from the others – among them: Eric, and T. Americh, the tech guy we met in season 1]

ERIC: No, those are the only ones with any suspicious anomalies.

DEEKS: Whoa. You got a suspicious anomaly? Is it above or below the waist?

ERIC: It's not funny. Somebody wired $50,000 into my bank account today.

DEEKS: That's not funny. That's frickin' awesome.

KENSI: Do you have any idea where it came from?

ERIC: Well, whoever did it moved it through a bunch of different accounts here and abroad. They clearly didn't want me to find out who it was.

DEEKS: I have a question. How come this stuff never happens to me?

ERIC: What, blackmail?

DEEKS: Yeah.

KENSI: Do you think they transferred the money to arouse suspicion?

ERIC: I don't know. Seems pretty coincidental, don't you think?

DEEKS: Yeah, but they also have to know we're never gonna suspect you of being a part of something like this.

KENSI: Yes, but they'd know we'd have to check it out nonetheless, and they'd also know he would be kept busy trying to find the source.

ERIC: It's a stall tactic.

DEEKS: So, they're just buying themselves some time.

ERIC: Yeah. Time for what?

[They hear a woman scream]

WOMAN: No! No!

KENSI: What the...?

[Kensi and Deeks rush out]

WOMAN: Need help down here!

MAN: What's going on?

WOMAN: Hurry!

[She’s waiting at the destruction room’s door. A hung woman is inside. Deeks and Kensi rush to take her down]

DEEKS: Helen! Helen!

KENSI: Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Got it, got it. Go. Now.

DEEKS: Damn it! Get her down.

KENSI: We need a medic!

DEEKS: She's not breathing.

KENSI: I'll get the defibrillator.

DEEKS: Go, Kensi, go.

[He starts the CPR]

DEEKS: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...Damn it! Kens!!

[He continues the CPR, counting quietly]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[In the hallway near the destruction room. Nell is on phone, she speaks quietly]

NELL: It was Helen Trapper.

[Sam and G are leaving the hospital]

SAM: Oh, no. From Human Resources?

NELL: Yeah, that's her.

SAM: She's a nice lady. There's no way she could have been involved.

CALLEN: You sure it was a suicide?

NELL: Kensi and Deeks are still working the crime scene, so...I can't believe I just said that. You know, I used to think this was the safest place on Earth, but then, Draeger showed up, and now this. I...

CALLEN: There's a good chance they're connected. Did she leave a note?

NELL: Not that we found.

SAM: You check her devices?

NELL: Nothing on her cell. We're still checking her computer.

CALLEN: What about our surveillance cameras?

NELL: The thing about that is, their layout is based on normal operations, so, when we went into lockdown, there were some blind spots behind the security cameras, and there's nothing I can do about that.

SAM: Perfect.

CALLEN: All right, we'll check out her residence. Anything suspicious comes up on your end, let us know.

NELL: Will do. Thanks.

[She stares at people coming down: the men and women whose profiles has “suspicious anomalies” led by an agent – Eric and Nell exchange worried looks..]

MAN: Right this way. Come on.


[OPS center. Hetty is watching the armory on the large screen; the 7 men and women are taken there]

MAN: All right, take a seat, if you like...

TECH GUY: This is ridiculous.

MAN: Relax.

[Nell joins Hetty]

NELL: Callen and Sam are on their way to Helen's house.

HETTY: Let me know if they find anything.

NELL: Hetty, what makes you think they're going to find anything? I mean, you and I both knew Helen.

HETTY: Did we?

NELL: Yes. She helped me with my paperwork when I first started, and she had been here longer than Callen.

HETTY: The best spies are those you least suspect.

NELL: No, I know, and I get that, but Helen? And now, we're rounding up people from accounting and the mail room, even Beale. I don't know.

HETTY: I like to think I'm a good judge of character, but I've been fooled before. People change. They lose their way. Sometimes, they lose themselves.


[Sam forces the lock and he and Callen get into Helen’s place]

[Destruction room. Kensi is checking the pipe at the ceiling.]

DEEKS: Kensi?

KENSI: Yeah.

[She goes out. In the hallway, Deeks is watching Helen on a stretcher; agents look carefully at the body]

DEEKS: So, historically, poison has been a woman's weapon of choice, am I right?

KENSI: I suppose.

DEEKS: So, we are to assume that Helen killed herself because she poisoned Granger, and knew we were closing in on her?

KENSI: Right.

DEEKS: So, then, why hang herself? Why not just slug back a whole smoothie of wolfsbane and be done with it?

KENSI: Maybe she used it all on Granger.

DEEKS: Maybe. Gentlemen, you give us a second?

[They’re about to put a cover onto the body]

MAN: Mm-hmm.

[Deeks kneels near the stretcher]

DEEKS: Then maybe she's innocent. Maybe she had nothing to do with Granger. And maybe the real culprit panicked when Hetty put the whole place on lockdown.

KENSI: Using her murder as a smokescreen.

DEEKS: You got to see this.

[She kneels near Helen’s head]

DEEKS: See that? Ligature bruising from the hanging?

KENSI: Yeah.

DEEKS: But then, look at that. There's a whole other ligature wound. It's lighter and hard to see, but it's definitely there.

KENSI: No, I see it.

DEEKS: Which means...

KENSI: She was strangled before she was hung.

DEEKS: Exactly. Poor Helen.

KENSI: So, now, the killer wants to get us off his trail, so, he finds a patsy.

DEEKS: Well, he or she, 'cause the killer could be a she.

KENSI: Um, a woman could have killed Helen and put the cord around her neck, but there's no way she would have been strong enough to haul her body up in the air. I mean, it's dead weight.

DEEKS: Okay, he. So, he needs to find somebody sweet and unsuspecting. He sees Helen, and he says, "Hey, Helen, listen, I just wanted to talk to you for a second."

KENSI: Yes, of course, sir.

[She enters the room; Deeks stammers]

DEEKS: So, she cruises in, he looks around, tells her how much he likes her pant suit, and pulls her in tight like that, and he's smelling.

[He has grabbed an electric wire in her back and fakes strangle her. He sniffs]

DEEKS: Smelling her hair.

KENSI: What?

DEEKS: What?

KENSI: He's smelling her hair?

DEEKS: Oh, I was just getting into the mindset of the killer. He smells her hair. It smells like...

[He sniffs]

DEEKS: It smells like lavender.

KENSI: Don't do that. You're freaking me out, Hannibal Lecter.

DEEKS: Well, now you made me lose my train of thought.

KENSI: You made you lose your train of thought. So, she's not a fighter, but, obviously, animal instinct kicks in, so, she's probably clawing at his hands like that.

KENSI: Right. Yeah, he's too smart. He's a pro. He'd be wearing gloves.

DEEKS: But he's also desperate.

KENSI: If she connected, his DNA would be under her nails.

DEEKS: Oh, except for, we don't have DNA samples of anybody here who's not an agent.

KENSI: No, but we can get a rapid test on everybody else left in the building and get results in a few hours. We're gonna catch this guy.

DEEKS: We're gonna get this guy.

KENSI: Oh, and one more thing. Don't... don't ever smell me again.

DEEKS: No promises.

[He smiles, walks away; she smiles too and follows]


[Helen’s house. G is checking her mail. There’s a chandelier made with many small mushrooms in the room; Sam stares at it]

CALLEN: Find anything?

SAM: Nah, man. This place kind of reminds me of my Aunt Beezie's, if there was a couple of dozen cats running around.

CALLEN: Wait a second. After all these years, you can still surprise me. You had a crazy cat lady in the family?

SAM: She's not crazy. She's a little eccentric.

CALLEN: Uh-huh. Six cats is eccentric. Anything over ten-- that's, uh, certifiable.

SAM: She's lonely.

[He goes further]

CALLEN: Uh-huh. Wonder why.

SAM: Yo. Check this out.

[In the garden, a wheelbarrow with soil-based compost and different tools. They go to the garage: it’s more a greenhouse, with many large tubs; and many aconitum plants]

CALLEN: Maybe Helen had a green thumb after all...


[Armory. Men with men; women with women]

AMERICH: Why are they keeping us here like caged animals?

ERIC: I think it's for our own safety.

BROWN: They think one of us killed Helen.

TOLCHUCK: I thought Helen killed herself.

BROWN: Helen? She used to catch spiders in the kitchen and let them go outside. She wouldn't hurt a fly.

ERIC: Did any of you know her well?

TOLCHUCK: I I did. She was really nice. She used to bake things and bring them into us all the time. I can't believe she's gone.

[She’s crying; Labchovich and Raierez comfort her]

ERIC: Does she have a boyfriend?

[He looks at Brown who raises the shoulders to tell he doesn’t know]

AMERICH: Why are you even here, Beale? What did you do to get booted from your ivory tower?

ERIC: Nothing.

BROWN: He's probably a plant...here to spy on us.

ERIC: No, I'm not.

[The shutter opens up: Deeks and Kensi come in]

AMERICH: It's about time.

TOLCHUCK: Are we free to go?

KENSI: Not yet. We gotta get some DNA samples first, from each of you.

AMERICH: Oh, come on.

BROWN: Let's just get it over with, unless you have something to hide.

AMERICH: It's the principle.

DEEKS: Open wide.

[Brown opens the mouth; Kensi goes to the women; Deeks comes up to Americh]

DEEKS: You're up, man.

AMERICH: I'm doing so under protest.

[He takes the little stick and drops it]

AMERICH: Oops. Sorry.

[Deeks looks at Kensi]

KENSI: That's quite all right. We have another one.

[Americh notices that Deeks is ready to pull out his gun]

AMERICH: All right, I'm doing it, I'm doing it. Geez.

[He hands back the stick]


KENSI: Very.

DEEKS: Wasn't so hard, was it? Beale, you're up.

[But Eric won’t be: Brown is threatening him with a syringe against his neck; using him like a shield. Deeks and Kensi react fast and aim at Brown. The guy sticks a little the syringe in Eric’s neck. Poor Geek groans]

BROWN: Drop your weapons, or I push this, and he's dead before he hits the ground.

[OPS center. Hetty and Nell look at the scene]

KENSI: [Over video] Don't do this.

NELL: Oh, my God, Eric.

BROWN: [Over video] You heard me.

HETTY: Wait. You're much more useful to Mr. Beale in here.

NELL: But, Hetty, this...

HETTY: Alert Callen and Sam. Let them know we found our mole.

[Nell sighs but obeys]

BROWN: [Over video] Put them down!


DEEKS: We should probably talk about this.

[Brown looks at the syringe...]

KENSI: Okay, okay, okay. We'll put it down.

[Brown stares at them – Eric grunts quietly]

KENSI: Putting it down.

[Eric sighs]

BROWN: [Gently] Oh, Ty...Kick the guns to me.

[Americh does as he was told to do]

BROWN: [Gently] Gwenny, come here.

[Tolchuck hesitates]

BROWN: [Shouting] Now!

[She obeys]

BROWN: [Quietly] Pick 'em up.

[She picks up the guns and hands them]

BROWN: Now...we are going to move slowly...and calmly out of here.

[With his 2 hostages]

BROWN: Back it up. Back...Back it up.

[The shutter is still open; Gwenny is half-crying. Nobody moves in the room]

BROWN: That's good.

[They’re in the hallway]

BROWN: Close it, Beale.

ERIC: I don't know the code.

[Brown shoots in the wall, really close to Gwenny’s head – she screams]

BROWN: Close it.

[Eric types the code and the shutter closes down. When it does, Brown pushes Gwenny back into the armory – she gasps and shouts. Brown crashes the keypad with 2 bullets and goes away with Eric. Kensi and Deeks rush to the closed gate]

DEEKS: Son of a bitch.

[OPS center.]

HETTY: Do not let them out of your sight.

[But the first thing Brown does (still dragging Eric) is to shoot the camera...Hetty frowns]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Armory. Deeks is shaking the gate]

DEEKS: Damn it. It's fried. We gotta get out of here.

KENSI: Nell, you got eyes on them?

[OPS center.]

NELL: No, but I can hear them.

DEEKS: [Over com] Where are they?

NELL: I don't know. Eric, if you can hear me, give us a clue as to where you are.

BROWN: [Over com] Stop right there.

NELL: Eric...

BROWN:[Over com] Now.

[They are in the pillars area]

BROWN: Lift up your shirt.

ERIC: What?!

[Brown pushes him backwards against the wall – aiming at his chest with the gun]

BROWN: Do it.

[Eric lifts his shirt, panting]

BROWN: Where is it?

[Eric looks puzzled; Brown grabs his chin and looks at his right ear; then at the left one]

BROWN: Ah. I should have known. Give it to me.

ERIC: Okay.

[He hands Brown a small earpiece]

ERIC: But we have to keep moving. The best bet...

[Brown tramples down the earpiece]

[OPS center.]

NELL: Oh, shoot...

CALLEN: [Over com] Nell?

NELL: Eric?


CALLEN: Callen. I need you to take the carport door off lockdown so we can get in.

[OPS center.]

NELL: Okay. Well, please hurry up. Brown is trying to get Eric out of the building as his hostage.


CALLEN: We'll be there in six minutes.

SAM: Four.

CALLEN: Five. Err on the side of caution.

SAM: Have I ever crashed with you in the car?

CALLEN: Yeah. A lot of times.

SAM: Well, those were all intentional.

[Callen chuckles]

CALLEN: Lucky me.


[Armory. Deeks pulls out the shotgun from the drawer and throws it to Kensi; he also takes 2 guns. Kensi shoots the locks of the gate. She gives the shotgun to Americh]


DEEKS: Stay put.

[He gives Kensi one of the guns, and they lift up the shutter – they start the chase]

[Brown is walking fast. He stops at the exit door but can’t open it]

BROWN: How do we get out of here?

ERIC: Look, Carl, just put the gun...

[Brown slaps his head and it hits harshly the wall – Eric grunts, and finds himself sitting on the floor. Panting, he looks at Brown; his nose is bloody]

BROWN: Get me out of here or I'll kill you.

[Eric’s phone rings]

BROWN: Give it to me.

[Brown takes the phone and answers the call]

BROWN: Mr. Beale can't come to the phone right now because he's about to die if you don't back the hell off.

[OPS center.]

HETTY: How do we know he isn't already dead?

[Near the door, Brown sights and puts the phone in front of Eric’s mouth]

ERIC: I'm fine. Just do as he says. I don't want to die in this old building.

[Brown throws the phone away]

[OPS center.]

NELL: Old building...

[She gasps]

NELL: He's taking him through the burn room service area.

HETTY: Smart boy.

NELL: Callen, Eric is leading him down into the basement storage area.

[Indeed, and when they get there, Brown doesn’t appreciate]

BROWN: What the hell are you playing?

ERIC: You want a way out of here-- this is it.

[He rolls away some shelves and a door appears. He opens it]

ERIC: This leads to the basement storage area. It's outside the containment zone. You can exit to the street from there.

[Brown gestures to Eric with the gun to step in. Eric stops at the top of a ladder. Brown smiles]

BROWN: You may just live through this after all, Beale. But I doubt it. Go.


[Storage area.]

BROWN: Which way?

ERIC: I don't know. I've only ever seen the blueprints.

BROWN: You lying little geek.

ERIC: No, they-they changed everything around when they put the new furnaces in.

BROWN: All right.

[He pushes Eric’s back against wire]

BROWN: You've actually been really helpful, Beale. I almost hate to kill you.

[Eric gasps: Brown raises his gun, the cock clicks...and they hear a metallic clattering from the bottom of the room. Brown takes a few steps to the noise, still threatening Eric who doesn’t move. Suddenly a black hand covers Beale’s mouth and he’s dragged backwards, vanishing from Brown’s sight. He’s safe (and quiet) in Sam’s arms. Brown turns the head]

BROWN: Beale? Come out here right now, or I will shoot you like a dog. Beale!!

[Callen appears]

CALLEN: Pick on someone your own size.

[He dives behind crates – avoiding Brown’s bullets. The guy shoots with both guns, while backing. He turns round]

KENSI: Hello, Carl.

DEEKS: Holla.

[They’re in front of him; he puts the hands up]

DEEKS: I'll take those.

[He cuffs him]

KENSI: Remember us?

[Brown smiles; Eric  - shocked, Sam and G join them]

CALLEN: Is it just me or does he seem awfully happy for a guy who's going to jail for the rest of his life?

SAM: Maybe he just likes bunk beds.

[Even Eric smiles...]


[Later. Boatshed. Interrogation room. Brown is waiting, still relax – Callen and Sam come in]

CALLEN: So here's what we know. You befriended Helen, maybe even led her to believe that you might be interested in her romantically. Convinced her to let you use her garage, do a little gardening...

SAM: And when she started to realize what was going on, you asked to speak with her privately. You killed her, Carl, making it look like a suicide.

BROWN: Almost. She never suspected anything. Desperate people will believe anything you want them to. Now, I would like a place on the beach. A condo overlooking Venice or the marina would be good.

CALLEN: I-I'm sorry. Did I...pass out and miss something?

BROWN: I think we all know you're here to offer me a deal.

SAM: You'll be lucky if we offer you a blindfold for the firing squad.

BROWN: [Faking fear] Ooh. [Smiling] G... Can I call you G?


BROWN: I'm more valuable to you as an asset than an embarrassment.

SAM: The only one you're embarrassing is yourself.

[Brown chuckles]

BROWN: I think we all know that's not true. I've already proven my abilities. Quite impressively, I might add. But...you caught me. Now, I have no desire to go to jail and you have no desire for me to go to trial, because if I did, well, let's face it, once the story of my infiltration of your organization becomes public knowledge, it'll be the end of your careers and everyone else in this unit, including Hetty and Granger.

CALLEN: What are you proposing?

BROWN: I believe it's called the dangled mole scenario. I'm gonna work for you as a double agent. Hell, I've already created the perfect legend.

SAM: And what makes you think we would ever want someone like you working with us?

BROWN: Well, because if I don't, then you'll never have access to what I know, who I work for, anything. Of course, I'll need my lawyer to negotiate the deal. I leave these type things up to the professionals.

CALLEN: He's right.

[He looks at Sam, who nods]

SAM: Yeah.

CALLEN: We have to leave this to the professionals.

[Brown is really pleased...Until G speaks Polish]

CALLEN: Wojtek!

[2 men come in]

BROWN: What is this?

CALLEN: Jest wasz [he is yours]

BROWN: I want my lawyer.

[One of the men cuffs him; Sam chuckles]

SAM: Don't ask us-- ask them. You're in their custody now.

BROWN: Who are you? Who are they?

CALLEN: They're the ones who will find out what you actually know.

BROWN: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Where am I going? Where are they taking me?

[They’re dragging him out]

SAM: We don't know. No one does. That's why they call it a black site.

BROWN: Extraordinary rendition is against the law.

[G comes close to his face]

CALLEN: So is treason. [In Polish] take him.

[The guys leave the boatshed with Brown. Sam and G join the others in the observation room – Kensi, Deeks, Eric]

ERIC: Are you guys really gonna send him to a black site?

SAM: He's headed to an animal shelter in Barstow.

CALLEN: When they hear the dogs barking after a few hours in the car, with a bag over their head, you'd be amazed how willing they are to talk.

SAM: Yeah, but like he said, you know, desperate people are willing to do whatever you want 'em to.

CALLEN: Mm-hmm.

DEEKS: Nice.

[The door opens: Nell appears – Eric goes sit down alone]

KENSI: Hey. Good job today.

NELL: Thanks, lady. So, are you guys okay?

SAM: I'm okay. G?

CALLEN: Solid.

DEEKS: I got a little kink in my neck from the crawl space. Maybe you can just give me a quick massage.

KENSI: No. We're fine. We're actually just fine. You might want to...check on Eric, though.

NELL: Yeah.

[He has his back at her; she comes closer]

NELL: Hey. You all right?

ERIC: Yeah. I can't smell.

NELL: Yeah.

ERIC: He broke my glasses.

NELL: I see that.

[She pulls them off]

NELL: Guess what. You look better without 'em.

CALLEN: Okay. I think that's our cue, huh?

[He turns around and heads to the door – the others follow quietly]

DEEKS: Wow, this is happening.

[Nell checks the wound on Eric’s forehead]

NELL: What's this?

[Eric hisses]

NELL: Old building.

[She smiles, he smiles back]

ERIC: Old building.


[Hospital. Granger’s monitor is beeping steadily. He’s asleep – but suddenly opens the eyes]


[He slowly turns the head: Hetty is at his side, smiling. He sighs]

GRANGER: Clearly I haven't died and gone to Heaven.

[Hetty chuckles]

HETTY: I don't think that's in the cards for either one of us, Owen.

GRANGER: What the hell happened?

HETTY: Well, let's see. Um, you were poisoned and crashed your car. And then, while you were napping, the rest of us smoked out our mole. Brown, from the I.T. department.

GRANGER: Oh...World seemed a lot safer before we had these cyber punks running around.

HETTY: Indeed.

GRANGER: Who was he working for?

HETTY: We don't know yet. We'll figure it out in due time. All you have to worry about now is getting better. You're safe.

GRANGER: Don't tell me you're here to watch over me.

HETTY: Something like that. You need to go to sleep.

[She gently pats his hand]

GRANGER: Don't think this makes up for the time you tried to kill me.

[Black screen]

HETTY: I wouldn't think of it.

-------------------- THE END --------------------


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Austin83  (19.10.2019 à 14:29)

Je suis entièrement d'accord, cet épisode est bien amené et palpitant, tout ce consolide et se dévoile, c'est parfait comme c'est !!!

schumi  (17.10.2019 à 22:42)

Pour le coup j'ai vraiment beaucoup beaucoup apprécié cet épisode.  Granger était terrifiant pendant sa crise j'ai cru qu'il allait mordre les médecins. Quel acteur. Je n'ai pas cru une seconde que Eric était la taupe car c'est tout simplement impossible lol. J'aurais de toutes façon refusé d'y croire. L'enquête était passionnante et j'apprécie particulièrement le côté huis clos . Et deeks qui profite de la reconstitution pour renifler kensi.  Juste trop drôle . La encore on sent qu'ils sont de plus en plus proches. Deeks en sait long sur kensi mais l'inverse est-il vrai? Eric et nell aussi ça avance. C'est chouette car ça ne prend pas le pas sur l'enquête mais c'est intelligemment amené .

Miaou  (12.02.2017 à 18:32)

  J'ai vu  les épisodes   de Vendredi  ,super  le double , (les suivants je les connaissais bien sûr)  j'attends la suite avec impatience ,  je regarde ce spin off  depuis le début  et j'aime beaucoup (scenario ,acteurs (,pas inconnus pour moi ! )  très bons ,très justes ,  ce sont des moments où l'on ne voit pas le temps passer !!


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