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#608 : Invisible

Lorsqu'un sans-abri, ancien Marine et Agent de la CIA est retrouvé assassiné, l'équipe découvre alors sa connection avec un cartel mexicain.


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The Grey Man

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Preview "The Grey Man"

Preview "The Grey Man"


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Kensi Blye jouée par Daniela Ruah

Kensi Blye jouée par Daniela Ruah

Deeks, Callen, Sam et Kensi

Deeks, Callen, Sam et Kensi

Sam est avec un suspect

Sam est avec un suspect

G Callen (Chris O'Donnell)

G Callen (Chris O'Donnell)

le lieutenant Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen)

le lieutenant Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen)

Kensi surveille les lieux en buvant un café

Kensi surveille les lieux en buvant un café

Sam et Callen questionnent un homme

Sam et Callen questionnent un homme

Deeks montre une photo à son entourage

Deeks montre une photo à son entourage

Le sous directeur Granger connaît son témoin

Le sous directeur Granger connaît son témoin


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Scénario : Andrew Bartel

Réalisation : James Hanlon


Daniel Roebuck ............................ Paul Barnes 
Carlos Sanz ............................ Agent DEA Mario Sanchez
Jonathan Chase ............................ Kevin Turner
Jeanine Mason ............................ Bonnie Flores
Juan Carlos Cantu ............................ Domingo Peña
Michael Miranda ............................ Hideo
Sean Cook ............................ Hoodlum #1
Anthony De Longis ............................ Harrison Goodsell
E.J. Callahan ............................ Vieil homme
Alex S. Alexander ............................ Femme sdf

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Homeless’ camp ina park. Three Men appear – and obviously they’re here to bully everyone. One of the guys clang pans together]

MAN1: Wakey, wakey!

[Another one forces a man asleep on a bench to rise]

MAN2: Rise and shine.

MAN1: Who wants to fight, huh? Come on, get up.

[He’s speaking to a couple warming near a fire; they don’t move; he throws the pans onto the ground]

MAN1: Pathetic. You're all pathetic! Who wants to fight? How about you? Come on! Hey, you!

MAN: Hey, leave us alone!

MAN1: Get up here, come on! Pathetic! Pathetic, pathetic!

[People shout but keep calm. A man is trying to flee]

MAN1: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, where's the fire, old-timer?

MAN2: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, man, stick around.

MAN1: Have ourselves a good old-fashioned bum fight.

[The homeless wants to step forwards – Man1 pushes him backwards]

MAN1: I'm talking to you! Come on! Fight me! Huh? I said, Fi...

[The homeless fights...and he dislocates Man1’s shoulder before sending him (sobbing) down on the ground. The others don’t last much longer.]

MAN1: [breathlessly] Okay, okay.

[The guy walks again away but hooded men were waiting for him. He’s hit by a taser – he screams in pain. He’s dragged into a van- this may have nothing to do with the previous guys. The van leaves...]


♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 6x08 ♫ ♫ The Grey Man ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on November 17, 2014 ♫ ♫


[Sam is joining the others already at work at the agents’ desks. He’s on phone]

SAM: [On phone] Yeah. Oh, that's good, baby. That's really good. Now, you remember the difference between obtuse and acute angles?

GIRL: [Over phone] Uh, not really.

SAM: [On phone] Okay, think about it, we went over this last night. Now, when something's small it's cute. So, an angle that's smaller than 90 degrees...

GIRL: [Over phone] It's acute.

SAM: [On phone] There you go. You're gonna ace this math quiz.

GIRL: [Over phone] Yay!

SAM: [On phone] All right, Daddy's got to go, I lo...

GIRL: [Over phone] Love you, Daddy.

SAM: [On phone] Huh?

GIRL: [Over phone] I love you.

SAM: [On phone] I love you, too.

GIRL: [Over phone] Bye, Daddy.

SAM: [On phone] All right, beautiful. Bye-bye.

GIRL: [Over phone] Bye.

DEEKS: Wow, that's, uh...father-of-the-year material right there.

CALLEN: You know, if you're not careful, she's gonna end up a mathlete just like her old man.

SAM: Junior Math Olympian. How many times do I have to tell you that?

KENSI: Till it stops being funny.

DEEKS: Which is never.

[G laughs]

SAM: Okay, laugh all you want, but that's not what makes me father of the year, this is.

[A “Jellybean” spot moves on the map popping up onto his laptop]

KENSI: You've put a GPS tracker on your daughter...

SAM: We gave her a cell phone.


CALLEN: Isn't she kind of young?

SAM: The world's kind of dangerous. A cell phone lets me know where she is at all times, and she can contact me in case of emergency. You know, it's about peace of mind, simple as that.

DEEKS: All right, you know, as long as you're not smothering her.

[Sam’s cell phone buzzes]

SAM: I don't smother. [On phone] Hey, baby, you okay? Something wrong?

GIRL: [Over phone] Hey, Daddy, can we have spaghetti for dinner tonight?

SAM: You want spaghetti for dinner tonight.

DEEKS: I want spaghetti for dinner tonight.

GIRL: [Over phone] Yeah, with meatballs.

SAM: [On phone] With meatballs.

DEEKS: I'm coming over, I'm bringing Monty.

GIRL: [Over phone] Can you do it?

SAM: [On phone] Okay, Daddy can do that. Daddy will get you some spaghetti and meatballs.

GIRL: [Over phone] Are you sure?

SAM: [On phone] Daddy can do anything, Daddy's a superhero.

GIRL: [Over phone] Thank you, Daddy, I love you!

SAM: [On phone] Okay, all right. I love you, too. Okay, bye-bye.

GIRL: [Over phone] Bye!

CALLEN: Well, peace of mind--spaghetti crisis averted.

SAM: You know, she's just starting, uh...She just got it, she's new to it. In a couple of days, you know, she'll...

[His cell phone buzzes]


KENSI: Sure she's not smothering you, Super Daddy?

SAM: [On phone] Baby, I have...

GIRL: [Over phone] Daddy, listen--Knock, knock.

SAM: [On phone] Okay, who's there?

GIRL: [Over phone] Doughnut.

SAM: [On phone] Doughnut who?

GIRL: [Over phone] Doughnut ask, it's a secret.

SAM: [On phone] Great, look...

GIRL: [Over phone] You like it?

SAM: [On phone] You have to go to class, and Daddy has to go back to work.

GIRL: [Over phone] I love you.

SAM: [On phone] I love you, too. All right, sweetheart. All right, bye-bye.

GIRL: [Over phone] Bye, Daddy.

SAM: [On phone] Bye.

DEEKS: Doughnut who? What's the punch line?

[Eric whistles]

ERIC: Granger danger. All hands on deck.

DEEKS: Come on, what's the punch line? Sam-dog, what's the punch line?

[Sam rises and starts going to the stairs]

DEEKS: Don't do this, don't leave me hanging here. What's the punch line?

CALLEN: Doughnut ask, it's a secret.


[He laughs]

DEEKS: Oh, that is...that's actually pretty...funny. That's a cute joke!


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Early this morning, LAPD was alerted to the body of a homeless John Doe in a North Hollywood alley.

[It’s the man abducted during the opening scene]

ERIC: No I.D., no police record, and no fingerprints on file.

SAM: Well, that rules out a Marine or Navy vet.

GRANGER: Not exactly, Agent Hanna. The man's fingerprints are on file,...

[Sam’s cell phone buzzes- he cuts off the call]

GRANGER: just not in any law enforcement database.

ERIC: When LAPD scanned John Doe's fingerprints, it triggered a classified DoD alert.

[File, photo and a CIA agent ID pop up onto screen]

GRANGER: His name's Harrison Goodsell. Marine, member of the CIA Special Activities Division. Over the past two decades, he's worked dozens of classified ops.

[Photo is from April 2011 in Afghanistan]

CALLEN: Afghanistan, Russia. Even Iran and North Korea.

[In 96/97 Korea, 98/99 Russia, 01/04 Afghanistan...]

GRANGER: The people who worked with Goodsell called him The Grey Man.

DEEKS: Wait, what's...what's "The Grey Man"?

CALLEN: It's a term used in special ops. A Grey Man is someone who has the skills to blend into any environment and remain unnoticed. Unknowable.

SAM: Best way to avoid confrontation in hostile territory.

ERIC: But not 100 percent effective. M.E. reports that Goodsell was tortured before his killers finished him off. Cut his throat.

SAM: You're worried someone got to the secrets in Goodsell's head.

GRANGER: Years later, that kind of Intel could put American lives at risk.

CALLEN: [whispering to Sam] We should talk to some of his friends in Special Activities.

GRANGER: I'll handle the CIA, Agent Callen. Your team should focus on the murder investigation.

CALLEN: Sam and I'll check out the crime scene. Kensi, Deeks-- get his photo around to all the shelters, see if anybody knew him.

GRANGER: Report all findings to me.

DEEKS: All right.

KENSI: Sir? Do we know why Goodsell ended up living on the street?

GRANGER: Well, CIA reports he had a breakdown last year. Diagnosed PTSD, multiple traumatic brain injuries. You know how the story goes.

[They all stagger under the blow...]

KENSI: ...Yeah, yeah.

GRANGER: Let's get moving.

[Off to...]


[...North Hollywood alley. G’s on phone]

CALLEN: All right, thanks, Eric. Keep looking.

SAM: Down here.

CALLEN: Thanks.

[A policeman helps them with the “police line – do not cross” tape]

CALLEN: Goodsell has no family. Parents are deceased, no kids, never married.

SAM: Typical Grey Man. They don't punch out at the end of the day. It's not conducive to starting a family.

CALLEN: You did.

[Sam chuckles]

SAM: I'm not a Grey Man. You, on the other hand...

CALLEN: Have a girlfriend, have a home. I'm doing just fine, thank you.

SAM: You're welcome. Five years ago--different story. I put a lot of work into you, G.

CALLEN: Oh, so what, am I like Charlene, your, uh, car you used to restore in your spare time?

SAM: I'm saying it's about having a support system, a safety net. Grey Man works without them. When he falls, he hits the ground hard.

CALLEN: Ends up here.

[He goes near a policeman who’s checking the gathered evidences]



CALLEN: Lot of stuff here. Not sure if any of it's gonna be helpful.

SAM: Yeah. No cameras on either end of the alley. Or the adjoining streets. Perfect place for a body dump.

[G looks closely at one of the plastic bags]

CALLEN: They got a fingerprint and a downtown area code for Civic Sushi.

[He takes a photo]

CALLEN: I'll send a copy of the print to Eric, see if it matches our Grey Man.


[Grand Park stairs down to the food court]

KENSI: Civic Sushi has four-and-a-half stars on Yelp, all you can eat till noon.

DEEKS: You realize that you just had breakfast in the car, right?

KENSI: That wasn't breakfast, that was, uh...

DEEKS: Second breakfast? Elevenses? What, bath meal?

KENSI: Hey, when you've gone days without eating like I have, you learn to appreciate food.

DEEKS: I'm just saying it's kind of hard to appreciate something when you devour it. Literally, I blinked, and the burrito was gone.

WAITER: Welcome to Civic Sushi. Please, have a seat anywhere.

[Deeks shows his badge and ID]

DEEKS: We're actually not eating. We're just here to ask some questions to the manager.

MAN: I'm the manager. Hideo.

KENSI: Great. In that case, do you recognize this man?

[She shows her phone with the photo of Goodsell in Afghanistan]

HIDEO: Yes, he is a customer. A regular.

KENSI: He ate here? That's very charitable of you.

HIDEO: No charity, he paid like everyone. Tipped well, too.

DEEKS: I'm sorry, the homeless man tipped you?

HIDEO: Homeless? No, he wore a nice suit, tie. Talked on his phone, he was a businessman.

KENSI: Why don't you look at the picture one more time.

HIDEO: Ah, come, I'll show you.

[He turns around; Deeks and Kensi are really puzzled]

HIDEO: He's in this photo I took of DJ Salmon Run. KZPZ—best hip-hop in town.

[In the background, it’s Goodsell, indeed – he didn’t mean to be in the picture, though]

KENSI: That's him. That's Goodsell.

DEEKS: The hell was this guy up to?

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Different photos of Grand Park on screen. Monitor at the agent’s desks. Eric and Nell are briefing Sam, Callen, Kensi and Deeks]

ERIC: Using the downtown sushi place as a starting point, we scanned traffic cams within a five block radius.

NELL: And in the 72 hours leading up to his death, we spotted Goodsell four times. All within the vicinity of Grand Park.

ERIC: Here he is yesterday, crossing the street toward Civic Sushi for a late lunch.

[In suit]

NELL: And here he is, one day earlier, appearing in two different areas of Grand Park.

[Homeless Goodsell]

SAM: Hmm.

CALLEN: Back to being homeless.

ERIC: And finally, only six hours before that...

[In suit, crossing the street]

ERIC: One block away from the park. Again, in a business suit.

DEEKS: Okay, not to be insensitive, but Granger did say that Goodsell suffered multiple traumatic brain injuries.

SAM: I know guys with TBI who can't tie their shoelaces. Goodsell looks quick, purposeful. He's working an op.

CALLEN: Question is-- for whom? This area he's covering is full of government agencies. You got the DEA, the USCIS. There's even a federal courthouse. He could be working for a foreign agency.

SAM: The sushi manager doesn't know anything about him?

KENSI: No, and the shelters we talked to don't recognize him, either.

DEEKS: But maybe their clients will. I mean, homeless people don't like to talk to law enforcement, but they do talk to each other.

KENSI: As do the suits grabbing coffee at the park.

DEEKS: So, maybe that's our plan. You go doll up with your casual business wear, and I'll get Artie out of the freezer. We'll make a day of it.


NELL: I'm sorry, who's Artie?

KENSI: He named his smelly undercover jacket.

DEEKS: I did. It's a funny story, actually. 'Cause when...

KENSI: Actually,...

DEEKS: ...we were...

KENSI: ...it's not, it's really gross. So, let's go, get out of here.

CALLEN: I wore that thing, it gave me a rash.

DEEKS: That's part of its authenticity, man. Where's your dedication to the art form?

[Kensi pushes Deeks away. G looks at the screen, then at Sam]

CALLEN: You thinking what I'm thinking?

SAM: I'm trying not to think about your rash.

CALLEN: If Goodsell didn't have a breakdown, then either Granger got bad information...

SAM: Or he lied to us... Where's Granger?

ERIC: He went out. Didn't say where.


[G and Sam look at each other and together turn around – they head to Hetty’s office]

HETTY: Mr. Hanna, your daughter called me twice this morning.

SAM: I told her not to use your number unless it was an emergency.

[He hastily takes his phone out of his pocket]

HETTY: Oh, but it was. She said, um, “Forget the spaghetti.” She'd rather have lasagna for dinner.

CALLEN: Ouch. I mean, twice the prep, not to mention the cook time, of course.

SAM: All right, good. Well, the quicker we solve this case, the better.

HETTY: Oh, yes. The elusive Grey Man. Unfortunately, Owen has, um, revoked my access on this case.

CALLEN: Why would he do that?

HETTY: I think you'll have to ask him. I overheard him say something about going out to have FroYo with his good friend, Claude Rains.

CALLEN: "Claude Rains"? Isn't that the actor from Casablanca?

HETTY: Yes. And Notorious and The Invisible Man and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Quite a career Mr. Rains had.

SAM: Hetty? Pretty sure he's dead.

HETTY: True. But that doesn't necessarily mean you can't have FroYo with him.

[Sam and G look at each other and slowly go away...Hetty smiles for herself]

[Off to...]


[Hollywood Boulevard. Claude Rains’ star is in front of the entrance of a frozen yogurts shop. A man is entering. Granger is at a table hidden behind is newspapers. He follows the guy inside – and takes the man’s gun off his belt. The guy gasps]  

MAN: Oh...

[He’s relieved. Granger presses the gun against his ribs]

GRANGER: Just keep moving, Barnes. Just pretend we're still old friends.

BARNES: We were never friends, Granger.

GRANGER: You're right. My mistake.

[They go out through the back door]

BARNES: So, this is about our Grey Man, isn't it?

[He hits the wall with his chest. Granger takes his phone]

GRANGER: I want to hear the truth, Barnes, straight from your lying mouth.

BARNES: The truth? Since when is the CIA in the truth-telling business?

[Granger makes him turn around and looks him straight in the eyes]

GRANGER: Fine. Then we'll just pick up where we left off in Afghanistan. No weapons.

[The magazine drops down.]

GRANGER: No tricks.

[The bullet in the chamber is ejected. He throws the gun away]

GRANGER: Just you and me.

[A door opens – an employee is coming; Barnes uses the surprise to pushes Granger against the wall and flees through the store. But when he reaches the exit, he’s hit by Sam’s arm and falls down onto his back]

CALLEN: Ouch! Believe it or not, you landed on Robert Ripley.

[Sam lifts Barnes back on his feet – not really in a gentle way]

SAM: Get up.

GRANGER: All right, hand him over.

CALLEN: Yeah, how about we make a trade?

GRANGER: That's not how this works.

SAM: Today it is. Him for some answers.

BARNES: I guess we're both in the truth-telling business now, huh, Granger?

SAM: Shut up. Put your hands behind your back.

[Granger thinks about this...]


[Grand Park, above the food court. Homeless Deeks is wandering...He passes a “collegue”]


[He approaches another “collegue”]

DEEKS: Hi, sir...with the bubble wrap? Sir, I see you're very busy. I'm just wondering if you'd seen my buddy?

[He shows an “aged” photoshopped Deeks/Goodsell in Afghanistan]

DEEKS: That's him on the left. We served together in Afghanistan. And he said he was gonna be living down here. No? Okay. You...

[The guy hasn’t shown he knew the guy – neither that he got the question]

DEEKS: Kensilina? I'm striking out here. No one remembers Goodsell. Or they're too, uh...disturbed or too high to remember anything.

[He sees Kensi approaching a man in suit, down in the food court]

KENSI: Hey, he left his wallet on the table and I tried the address, but he doesn't live there anymore-- do you know him?

MAN: Nah. No.

KENSI: No? Okay, thank you.

MAN: I can't...Sorry.

[Deeks pulls off his mouth guard]

DEEKS: Have any luck down there, Kens?

KENSI: That would be a negative. And I'm on my third cup of coffee. I'm not sure how much my bladder can it take anymore.

DEEKS: I could kill for a cup of coffee right now. You want to switch me?

KENSI: And put on that jacket? No, thank you. I wouldn't let Artie touch me.

DEEKS: Well, I'll have you know that you're not really Artie's type anyway.

[Kensi looks at a homeless girl grabbing (shamefaced) food left on a table]

KENSI: I used to be.

DEEKS: What? What do you mean?

KENSI: You know, I lived on the street down here after my dad died?

DEEKS: Um, no. No, I didn't, uh...No, I didn't know that.

KENSI: You're lying to me. I know Hetty told you.

DEEKS: Hetty? No, come on. Hetty didn't tell me anything. Actually, she specifically said that she didn't tell me anything.

KENSI: You can fool everyone else, Deeks. Can't fool me.

DEEKS: ...So, you want to talk about it?

[Kensi looks at the table – the girl has wanished]

KENSI: Not really. Like it was even me anymore. Just a...just a different person.

DEEKS: Well, I wish I would've known her.

KENSI: No, you don't. Excuse me...sir, I'm looking for somebody...

[But the man is on phone]

MAN: Uh, it's not gonna work...

[Deeks keeps silent...]


[Boatshed. Observation room. Granger, Sam and Callen watch Barnes in the interrogation room, on the monitor]

GRANGER: His name's Paul Barnes, CIA. He handled Goodsell's covert ops.

CALLEN: You think he had him killed? Why?

GRANGER: He led the manhunt for Jack Simon in Afghanistan.

SAM: The White Ghost mission?!

GRANGER: Since then, I've been keeping tabs on Barnes. So, when I learned he flew into town last night, I started looking for reasons why. Friend at the DoD tipped me off to Goodsell.

SAM: And like Simon, Goodsell's a special operative who'd gone off the grid.

CALLEN: But he didn't have a breakdown.

GRANGER: No. That was just the cover story. Goodsell went AWOL last November. The CIA lost him.

CALLEN: That's why you kept Hetty on the sidelines. Because of the way she handled Afghanistan.

GRANGER: I was trying to protect her from another inter-agency quagmire. But as usual, she couldn't resist stirring the pot.

SAM: You're too close to this.

GRANGER: Meaning what, Agent Hanna?

CALLEN: Meaning we'll handle the interrogation.

[Granger hesitates]

GRANGER: ...All right. Five minutes.

[G grabs the phone and the wallet of the guy and they go to the interrogation room]

[Interrogation room.]

BARNES: There are a handful of Grey Men out there. But none of them were like Goodsell. You know, I worked with the guy for over a decade, and I couldn't tell you the first thing about him.

SAM: No personal connection. Makes it easier to have him killed.

[Barnes laughs]

BARNES: Nicely done. I like how you turned that around on me. The only problem is I didn't do it. Although I will admit that the world is a safer place with him dead.

CALLEN: All right. So, if you're not here for the hit, why are you here? Hmm? Is this a vacation?

[Barnes laughs]

BARNES: Haha-hardly. I hate Los Angeles. I hate the people. I hate the sun. You know, I got sunburned so badly in Afghanistan that I had to be hospitalized.

SAM: Okay, this is a waste of time. Let's bring Granger in.

[He heads to the door]

BARNES: Okay, relax, relax, relax. Relax. Let's everybody take a deep breath.

[He exhales- and sighs]

BARNES: The reason that I am here is because yesterday Goodsell contacted me through one of his old handles.

[They’re obviously unconvinced]

BARNES: You don't believe me, check my phone!

[G turns it on – it asks for the PIN]

CALLEN: You try and wipe this...

BARNES: I know, I know. You'll let Granger come in here and kill me. Believe me, Agent Callen. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

[Callen asks for Sam’s agreement; then he hands Barnes the phone. Sam closely watches Barnes typing; the CIA agent gives back the phone. G reads the text]

CALLEN: "Need to meet tomorrow, Los Angeles. You help me, I'm back in."

BARNES: Goodsell may have been valuable dead. But he was much more valuable alive. I came here to bring him in.

[G watches photos on the phone: guys near the abduction van; and women, a blonde and a brunette]

CALLEN: He also sent you photos. Who are they?

BARNES: Uh, the women, I don't know. Although I wish I did! The men, they're from the Peña Cartel.

SAM: Did Goodsell operate inside of Mexico?

[Barnes shakes the head]

BARNES: Mm-mm.

SAM: Interact with the cartels?

BARNES: Never. Never. But I don't think our Grey Man died for old secrets. I think they killed him for something new.

[Sam and G consider the possibility...]


[Grand Park food court. Kensi is at a table, eating]

DEEKS: Wow, you're, like, assaulting that burger.

KENSI: You have no idea. It's so good.

DEEKS: Yeah, wow. Go easy.


DEEKS: It looks pretty delicious.

KENSI: Why? You hungry?

DEEKS: Yeah, I'm starving.

[A guy guy offers him French fries]

DEEKS: French...Oh, you're offering...? You want me to have...?

[He takes one]

DEEKS: Thank you. French fry.

MAN: It's still warm.

[The man sits down at Deeks’ side]

DEEKS: Getting free french fries over here.

[On 2nd thought, he chucks it over his shoulder, unnoticed by the guy enjoying this food]

DEEKS: Hey, so, I'm looking for my, uh, my buddy. We were in the war together. This is him. You haven't...? You haven't seen this guy? My buddy, have you seen...?

[But the man gets up and takes off his hat]

DEEKS: You're not listening to me.

MAN: Good day, miss.

DEEKS: Oh, that's why you're not...

[The man waves to Deeks]

MAN: Pssst! [To the women] Good day.

DEEKS: You want me to stand? Yeah, I'll stand. What do we, what do we do now? Hats off.

[The guy bows, so does Deeks]

MAN: Good day, miss. Fine weather we're having. My, don't you look lovely.

DEEKS: You look lovely. We think you look lovely.

MAN: We do.

DEEKS: Wow, dinner and a show. Well done, old-timer. You got the world figured out here, don't you? Another french fry? Don't mind if I do.

[Kensi checks her phone.]

KENSI: Deeks, check out the woman in the red skirt.

DEEKS: Uh, it's hard not to.

KENSI: Calm down. I got pictures from ops of two women who might be linked to the Peña Cartel. She's one of them.

[She’s the brunette; she meets 3 men in suit, they sit down]

DEEKS: Wow, yeah. She's a hot tamale.

KENSI: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. See those guys she's joining? I was checking them out earlier. They got badges and concealed weapons. They're DEA.

DEEKS: Looks like Goodsell wasn't the only spy working the area.

KENSI: Want to know why the Grey Man died? I say we start with her.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[OPS center. Eric and Nell are briefing Sam and G]

ERIC: We put Goodsell's photos through facial rec. We I.D.'d the first woman as Bonnie Flores.

[The brunette]

ERIC: She has prior run-ins with LAPD for prostitution.

NELL: She's currently at the Grand Park food court. Kensi and Deeks are keeping an eye on her.

SAM: What about the second woman?

ERIC: It's, uh, not a clear shot. So nothing on facial rec so far.

CALLEN: Any connection to the Peña Cartel?

ERIC: No. And since Mexico arrested Domingo Peña seven months ago, the cartel's been relatively quiet.

NELL: Now, Peña's nickname is El Ojo, or The Eye. One, because, well, he wears an eye patch.

ERIC: Which, for the record, he didn't even need. Just thought it made him look tough.

NELL: And two, because he has eyes everywhere in the Mexican government, aiding in his drug empire.

ERIC: The DEA and the U.S. Attorney's Office have been working to extradite Peña from Mexico ever since his arrest.

CALLEN: Kensi said the woman was talking to DEA agents and lawyers.

[He looks at Sam]

CALLEN: Cartel could be trying to target someone involved in the Peña case, hoping to sabotage the extradition.

SAM: Classic honey trap. Espionage through seduction.

CALLEN: If we warn the DEA, they may overreact, tip off the cartel.

SAM: Same thing will happen if we try to arrest this woman in broad daylight.

CALLEN: Yeah. We need to bring her in without disturbing the waters.

[Hetty’s face appears onto screen]

CALLEN: Hetty?

HETTY: Gentlemen. I may have an idea.

SAM: Oh, back in the game!

HETTY: Owen and I have, uh, reached an understanding. This is one cat you don't put in a bag.

[They chuckle]

HETTY: Meet me in wardrobe.

SAM: Okay.

[Hetty vanishes from the screen – Sam and G walk out]


[Grand Park food court.  Bonnie is alone with one of the men. He rises to leave; Kensi takes a picture]

KENSI: Eric, I'm sending you another photo now.

DEEKS: All right, Kensilina, I'm ready.

KENSI: Ready for what?

DEEKS: My homeless act.

[He’s walking, pulling a shopping trolley full of stuff – heading to the food court]

DEEKS: How am I doing? Hit me.


DEEKS: A "B"... All right, I'll take that.

KENSI: Minus.

DEEKS: B-minus? Aw, come on!

KENSI: Come on? Artie's doing all the work. You're just, uh... riding his coattails.

DEEKS: Wow. Riding his coa... You should be ashamed for that play on words.

KENSI: Now there is something you don't see every day.

DEEKS: What?

[Sam and G- in suit (and tie in Callen’s case)! They’re arguing [loudly] and walking to the tables]

SAM: Look...it's under Mexican jurisdiction. it's as simple as that.

CALLEN: There's nothing simple about it. He will never make it to trial in Mexico.

[They draw Bonnie’s attention]

SAM: You don't know that.

CALLEN: You want to bet? Peña will be out on bail within one week.

[They stop not far from Bonnie]

SAM: Ah! Look, all I'm saying is it'll mean something to the people there.

CALLEN: It's not gonna mean anything if the guy doesn't make it to trial!

[He has shouted- Sam smiles, looks around and waves to Bonnie]

SAM: I'm sorry. My friend's a little stressed. My apologies.

CALLEN: I'm not stressed.

SAM: Yeah.

CALLEN: I'm fine. I'm sorry.

SAM: Stressed.

[They sit down at a table.]

BONNIE: Sounds like you two could use a break.

SAM: Oh, you have no idea.

[She moves to their table]

KENSI: Ooh, taking the bait.

DEEKS: Wow, that skirt is working. You should probably borrow that from her. [With a Southern accent]: You'd look real nice. Finer than a new set of snow tires.

KENSI: Stop talking.

DEEKS [Southern accent]: All right.

BONNIE: Bonnie.

SAM: Hi.

[She shakes Sam’s hand; G gets up]

BONNIE: I'm an admin assistant in the IRS office.

CALLEN: How you doing?

SAM: Ouch. I thought we had it tough.

BONNIE: What do you do?


[G gives him a nasty look]

SAM: Keep that between us.

[Bonnie giggles – G sighs]

BONNIE: So are you working on something secret?

KENSI: You know what that is? That's A-plus undercover work.

DEEKS: I'll give 'em that. That was smooth. Don't be jealous of those coats, Artie, just because they're new and probably don't smell like a dead buffalo. You've got character, all right? You're pretty. I like you.

KENSI: You are talking to your clothing. You know what? I stand corrected. You do belong down here.

SAM: You know what, you're right. I do need a break. Or a drink. You free?

BONNIE: I might have some free time. Who's buying?

SAM: Uncle Sam, naturally.

[She giggles]

[Off to...]


[...Boatshed. Interrogation room. Sam and G wear their usual clothes]

BONNIE: I haven't done anything wrong. I kept my clothes on and no money changed hands.

CALLEN: We're not concerned with your escort work, Bonnie.

SAM: It's your tradecraft that interests us.

BONNIE: My what?

[G puts photos on the table]

CALLEN: The past few months, you've targeted DEA agents, State Department officials, even a judge's clerk. You want to tell us why?

BONNIE: Men in high-stress jobs, little free time...they make the best clients. I work where the need is greatest. And there's a lot of need there. In here, too. You two look like you haven't had any in awhile.

CALLEN: I think you're confusing horny with hungry. We skipped lunch today.

SAM: Tried to eat, couldn't keep anything down.

CALLEN: Yeah. Not after looking at these.

[He puts new photos on the table]

CALLEN: This is what's left of the women that work with the Peña Cartel. Not much, is there?

[Bonnie is hit]

SAM: Look. You can be tough, Bonnie. But tough only gets you so far.

BONNIE: It was a normal job. I got a call about a man. A regular. But when I got there, it wasn't him. There were four of them. And they made it very clear that I couldn't say no.

SAM: What were your instructions?

BONNIE: They told me who to target. Make conversation, steal documents. Tablets, cell phones...anything to do with the Peña Cartel.

CALLEN: Did they say what they were going to use the information for?

SAM: Bonnie...Do you know her?

[He shows Goodsell’s photo of the blond woman]

BONNIE: Only by her first name.

SAM: What is it?

BONNIE: Monica. She used to work the park, like me, but later she just focused on one guy.

[Sam nods]


[Bullpen. Monitor near the agents’ desks.]

ERIC: Kevin Turner. He's the federal prosecutor leading the case against Domingo Peña. If the cartel gets to him, we can kiss extradition good-bye.

NELL: Now, his office says he left the courthouse after lunch, claiming he had a family emergency. Only problem is: Turner doesn't have any family. No children, his mom died last year and his dad was never in the picture.

ERIC: His car is currently parked outside his home in Hollywood.

[Off to...]


[...Hollywood. Deeks sighs and knocks at a door, envelopes in the hand; Kensi is going to the left of the house, gun ready]

DEEKS: Hey, uh...Kevin, it's Hank from next door. I got some of your bills accidentally.

[Kensi looks through the window. She can’t see anything; she waves to Deeks he has to resume the knocking]

DEEKS: Hey, Kev! These, uh, these bills look important. Like overdue bills, like, "they're gonna shut off your water" kind of bills.

[Kensi sees Kevin coming to the door – he opens it]

DEEKS: Ooh. Ouch.

[Deeks puts a finger in front of his lips; Kevin has a bloody nose; he keeps silent]

DEEKS: Uh, you okay?

[Kevin shakes the head]

KEVIN: Uh, fine. You have some of my mail?

[Deeks shows an envelope- it reads “NCIS: How many others in the house?”]

DEEKS: Yeah. This got put into my mailbox by mistake.

KEVIN: Thanks. Um...it's just the two?

[He takes two envelopes from Deeks’ hands]

DEEKS: Just the two.

[An armed man appears in the dining room, spying the door – walking slowly toward it]

KENSI [over com]: Callen and Sam, I got a guy in the dining room.

SAM: [whispering] Got it.

[He’s inside, in the back of the guy]

CALLEN: I got the second, Sam. On my mark.

DEEKS: So, listen, Jeanie was thinking about having a potluck...


[They all move together: Deeks pulls out Kevin, Kensi runs to the door]

CALLEN: Federal agents!

[Surprised, one of the men looks at him and raises his weapon; G shoots him. The other guy forces Sam to back in the hallway to avoid his bullets; Kensi hits him from the doorway, Sam fires too. G checks the body, kicks the gun away]

CALLEN: Clear!

DEEKS: Go ahead, take a seat. You all right?

KEVIN: Yeah, I'm okay.

[Kevin sits down in the veranda; they surround him]

KEVIN: I'm good. How did you know?

CALLEN: If the cartel wants to stop Peña's extradition, they gotta stop you first.

KEVIN: But it's already happening.

DEEKS: What are you talking about?

KEVIN: We finalized the extradition days ago. Peña's on his way to L.A. as we speak.

CALLEN: We've been looking at this the wrong way.

SAM: They're gonna try to free Peña.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Boatshed. Observation room.]

KEVIN: Before I became a prosecutor, I worked as a lawyer for the DEA. I would go on raids with them, make sure they followed the rule of law. Saw a lot of action. Never thought I'd get caught up in it like this.

CALLEN: What did they want?

KEVIN: Peña's transport route. The DEA is taking him straight from the airport to the courthouse for initial arraignment.

SAM: Arraignments have to be conducted within 48 hours of arrests, yeah.

KEVIN: And we didn't want any delays. It was all kept hush-hush to prevent leaks.

SAM: Too late for that.

CALLEN: So what did you tell them?

KEVIN: Nothing. I don't know the transport route. I don't even know which airport he's flying into.

SAM: You know her?

[The blond woman]

KEVIN: Monica Lee.

[G pulls out his phone and steps a little further]

SAM: You know where she lives?

CALLEN: [On phone] Eric, try Monica Lee.

KEVIN: No, I...We only went on a couple of dates. It was just... harmless fun. Least I thought it was.

[G comes up to them]

CALLEN: Eric's got an address for Monica Lee. Kensi and Deeks are on their way.

[The door opens: Granger comes in with another guy who rushes to Turner- the last man leaving Monica in Grand Park]

MAN: Damn it, Turner. Peña lands in 15 minutes, and you almost blow the whole thing 'cause you can't keep it in your pants.

GRANGER: This is DEA Agent Mario Sanchez.

SANCHEZ: Thank you- for all you've done.

[He taps Kevin’s shoulder]

SANCHEZ: We gotta get moving.

[Kevin stands up – Sam too]

SAM: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where you going?

KEVIN: I've got to see this through. I'm not gonna let them stop me through intimidation.

CALLEN: You're still in danger.

SANCHEZ: I can assure you he'll be safe. We changed the transport route and increased security around the courthouse. Nothing's gonna happen on my watch.

GRANGER: Well, that's funny.

[He puts Kensi’s photo onto screen]

GRANGER: Because this looks a lot like you cozying up to a cartel prostitute.

SANCHEZ: Well, she didn't get any Intel from me. Now if you don't mind, this is a DEA matter.

SAM: What's your rush?

CALLEN: 48 hours isn't up.

GRANGER: Tell you what. You take Turner to the courthouse. Sanchez and I are gonna have a little talk, [He looks at Sam] if that's all right with you.

[Sanchez doesn’t reply- he doesn’t look much happy...]


[Deeks is talking to a man – police tape is blocking the steps leading to a house]

NELL: [Over phone] Yeah, Kens?

KENSI: [On phone] Nell, we're at Monica Lee's place and so are the police. She's missing.

[OPS center.]

KENSI: [Over phone] Neighbor called it in when she noticed the door was open.

[Monica’s place]

KENSI: There are signs of a struggle.

NELL: [Over phone] Okay.

[Monica’s place and OPS]

NELL: I'll scan traffic cams. Can we narrow down the time frame at all?

KENSI: Around 11:00 last night.

[Deeks joins her]

DEEKS: All right, so the good news is that, uh, LAPD's gonna let us on the scene. The bad news is that Monica's got a seven-year-old daughter. She's missing, too.

KENSI: Geez. Nell...

NELL: Yeah, I heard, Kens.I'm searching as fast as I can.


[Sam and G are back to the office; Sam’s phone chimes]

SAM: Check out this text my daughter just sent me.

[G reads]

CALLEN: "Hanna FTW". - "Hanna for the win." And that is a, uh, protractor emoji. That means she aced her math test.

SAM: I know what it says, but why doesn't she just say that?

CALLEN: She is, it's just a different language.

SAM: It's not a different language. It's laziness.

CALLEN: Speak for yourself. I'll take Tween over Tagalog any day.

[Eric comes down and meet them at the bottom of the stairs]

SAM: Eric, you find Monica?

ERIC: Uh, still missing, but I might have something on Turner. Now, it could be nothing, but I kept digging into his background, and I realized he's got a lot in common with Goodsell's Grey Man pattern.

[Hetty comes up to listen]

ERIC: I mean, both guys ate at the same sushi place. So I did a little more digging.

[He puts a woman’s ID onto screen)

Turner's mother was living in Oceanside 33 years ago, at the same time that Goodsell was stationed right nearby at Pendleton. Now, she died last year. But when I pulled her will from the public record, guess who was named in it.

SAM: Goodsell.

ERIC: She left him an envelope. And I don't know what was in it, but my guess is...

CALLEN: Tell him about their son, Kevin Turner.

ERIC: A week after Turner's mother died, Goodsell went AWOL from the CIA.

HETTY: He was watching over his son the entire time.

SAM: So, Goodsell's training enabled him to pick up on the espionage. But once he saw his son with one of the women from the cartel, he got involved.

CALLEN: Broke his cover, paid with his life.

ERIC: Turner probably saw his father every day.

CALLEN: He just didn't know it.

NELL: Guys? I have something you have to see. Kensi and Deeks just found this at Monica Lee's house.

[A photo in a frame: Monica and her daughter, and Kevin]

CALLEN: Turner said he'd never been to Monica's place.

SAM: That looks like more than "harmless fun" to me.

NELL: Why would a federal prosecutor lie to us?

SAM: The cartel uses Monica to seduce Turner. Once she has him hooked, they take her away.

[Granger is heading to the monitor too]

CALLEN: Then they used her to get him to finish the job.

SAM: But there's no way that Turner could free Peña all on his own.

GRANGER: But that's not the plan. I just finished talking to Agent Sanchez. He's clean, but the DEA made a deal with Peña.

HETTY: In exchange for what?

GRANGER: Peña's gonna give them the names of every Mexican official complicit in the drug trade. It's the best shot they've ever had at ending this war.

SAM: So, the cartel doesn't want their boss freed. They want him dead.

CALLEN: And Turner's the assassin.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[OPS center. Granger hurries in]

GRANGER: Where are we?

ERIC: Callen and Sam are almost at the courthouse. Agent Sanchez is already there.

GRANGER: Does he have Turner?

ERIC: Can't find him, but Peña's under heavy guard.

NELL: Guys? I think I found Monica.

[Photos on the van on screen]

NELL: Okay, I spotted this van near Monica's place last night around the time of her abduction. Now, it's the same van in Goodsell's photos. And Kaleidoscope just picked it up an hour ago parked here. It's a shut-down restaurant in North Hollywood.

ERIC: Peña cartel's had a foothold there for years.

NELL: Exactly. Kensi and Deeks are in the area. I'll send them now.

[She grabs the phone]


[Federal Courthouse.]

SANCHEZ: [on com] Torres, I need eyes on Turner.

[G and Sam run to the stairs where Sanchez stands, outside the front door]

SANCHEZ: Torres?! ...The agent assigned to Turner has been found unconscious. His weapon's gone.

SAM: Turner know how to use it?

SANCHEZ: I've been on raids with him, he's trained. (alarm sounds)

[An alarm sounds]

CALLEN: Fire alarm.

SANCHEZ: It's not a drill. Agents are reporting smoke on the second floor.

SAM: That's Turner. What's the protocol in case of fire?

SANCHEZ: They're gonna take Peña out the same way they brought him in--through the underground parking garage.

SAM: This way.

[They run.]

[In the garage. Penã appears between two agents.]

CALLEN: Federal agents!

DEA AGENT: It’s all right.

CALLEN: It's Peña.

SANCHEZ: It's about damn time. Where the hell were you?

[Turner was hidden behind a van: he springs out and puts a gun against Penã’s neck]

CALLEN: Back up!

KEVIN: Put 'em down! Lower your weapons.

SAM: It's not gonna happen, Turner.

KEVIN: I have to do this! If Peña's not dead in the next five minutes, they'll kill Monica and Amy.

PEÑA: Gustavo...that traitor. He put a hit on his own compadre.

CALLEN: Kevin...

PENÃ: Don't give him the satisfaction!

CALLEN: ...We know where they're holding Monica and Amy, agents are on their way now.

KEVIN: There's not enough time.

SAM: Yes, there is. We saved you, we can save them. Put the gun down.

[Kevin hesitates]


[Restaurant in North Hollywood. Deeks is spying inside through a hole in the woods stuck to the windows]

KENSI: See anything?

DEEKS: I got at least two guys. They both have assault rifles. I don't see Monica or her daughter. But there is a walk-in cooler.

KENSI: That's where I'd keep the hostages.

DEEKS: So, we're outgunned, we got no backup. And if Turner doesn't hear Monica in the next four minutes, that means that Peña's dead. What's the plan here?

KENSI: Why do I always have to come up with a plan? What's your plan?

DEEKS: My plan is to live long and prosper. You know what I mean? To make little baby Deeks, little ninja assassins with fantastic hair.

KENSI: Not likely in this job.

[Deeks chuckles]

KENSI: Deeks, the only reason I didn't tell you about being homeless...

DEEKS: Really? Is this the best time to have this conversation?

KENSI: It was the worst period of my life. Made a lot of mistakes. And I only ever want you to see the best part of me. Okay?

DEEKS: Okay.

[Kensi is close to the door; she looks back at it]

DEEKS: Just to narrow it down for me, though, the best part of you, is that your ankles? 'Cause you've got pretty sexy ankles. I mean, your feet, they're all right. Your toes are a little weird, but the rest...

KENSI: This is exactly why I never talk to you.

[Deeks frowns. Kensi looks at her feet]

KENSI: What?

DEEKS: I think I got a plan.

[He’s staring at the gas meter – and its gate]



KEVIN: No one's gonna care if a cartel boss dies.

CALLEN: You're right, Kevin. You're right. But you know whose death I care about right now? Harrison Goodsell.

SAM: Kevin? Goodsell is how we got onto the case.

[He shows his photo on his cell phone]

SAM: He saw the cartel abduct Monica.

CALLEN: He tried to warn you, but they killed him.

KEVIN: What are you talk...? I've never even seen this guy.

CALLEN: I know, but he's seen you. It was your father, Kevin. He died trying to protect you.

KEVIN: Whoever he was, he should have tried harder. Time's up, I'm sorry.

PENÃ: Shoot him!

TURNER: I have to!

PINÃ: Shoot him!

CALLEN: Kevin, stop it! I'm not gonna let you do this. I'm not gonna let you throw your life away. So, you know what I'm gonna do?

[He exchanges a look with Sam]

CALLEN: I'll do it.

[He shoots – in Pinã’s leg! The guy yells in pain and falls, pulling down Kevin with him.]

KEVIN: [Broken voice] You just killed Monica and Amy.

[Sam and G look at each other...]


[Deeks enters the restaurant, whistling casually – the guys aim at him]

DEEKS: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unless, of course, fried cartel is on the menu. I'm just kidding. "Fried cartel." You look really confused and idiotic, so let me walk you through this. Last few minutes, this whole room has been filling up with gas.

[He sniffs]

DEEKS: Go ahead, take a whiff, you smell that?

[One of the men sniff]

DEEKS: Huh? You know what that is?

[He sniffs]

DEEKS: That's gasolina. So, uh...

[He looks inside the cooler and sees Monica and Amy]

DEEKS: ...so, firing your weapons is not the chef's recommendation. What I would suggest, in contrast to that, is you put the weapons down. Let's turn ourselves in, go talk about our feelings, maybe grab a beer, figure out why our dads didn't love us enough. All these things can be discussed. If you put those down, nice and easy.

[They obey]

DEEKS: See? That was good, right? Yeah, now we're talking. We'll just go home, everybody's gonna be fine with the...

[One of guys has just grabbed a big cleaver]

DEEKS: Okay, really? With the meat cleaver? Two on one, you get a...

[He laughs]

DEEKS: ... cleaver. And now we're gonna fight with a...

[He starts running as fast as possible]

DEEKS: plan B!

[He yelps, jumps over seats]

DEEKS: Plan B!

KENSI: [kneeling on the doorstep] Deeks!

DEEKS: Plan B!

[He reaches the door; she shoots in the restaurant and all explodes. He had time to pull her away and protect her with his body. A lot of debris fall down over them – luckily only little ones]

DEEKS: You okay?

KENSI: Yeah.

[She notices a man (heavily burned) coming out, raising a gun in Deeks’ back]

KENSI: Deeks!

[The man yells when she hits him in the chest]

KENSI: Cooler.

[They run inside, see a body and open the cooler. Amy and Monica are scared but safe]

KENSI: Hey, guys. How you doing? No, we're federal agents. You're safe now. Let's get you guys out of here, come on.

[Garage. Pinãs is taken away. Sam is on phone]]


KENSI: [Over phone] We got Monica.

CALLEN: Kensi, put her on.

KENSI: Sure.

[Kevin is cuffed. G puts his phone against his ear]

KEVIN: Monica?!

MONICA: Kevin.

KEVIN: You're okay...And Amy?

[Monica is crying]

KEVIN: Thank God. I know, babe. I-I know everything. It's gonna be okay.

MONICA: I love you.

KEVIN: I love...

[The phone beeps]

KEVIN: You're, uh, getting another call.

[G takes it...]

CALLEN: Hello?

GIRL: Hey, Uncle Callen.

[Sam waves to the agents “go, go”; G is stunned]

GIRL: How's it going? Hello?

CALLEN: Why is your daughter calling my phone?

SAM: You seem to understand her so well, I figured Uncle Callen should be one of her contacts.

[G laughs]

SAM: You know, in case of emergency.

[She’s still talking]

SAM: You gonna ignore my daughter? What if she's in trouble?

CALLEN: [On phone] Banana Hanna, everything all right? Oh, yeah? I hear you aced your geometry quiz today. That's a good job. Is your dad gonna be home in time to make lasagna?

[Sam remembers and runs away!]

CALLEN: [On phone] Don't you worry about your dad. He will always be there for you.


[Bullpen. Later. G is working on his laptop]

HETTY: The paperwork can wait, Mr. Callen. Go home. Take Joelle out to dinner.

CALLEN: Uh, she's busy. She's got her parents in town.

HETTY: Huh. I see. You met them, yet?

[He shakes the head – and resumes typing. She closes the laptop]

CALLEN: Why didn't Goodsell ever reveal himself? Not to his own son. Why didn't he say anything?

HETTY: Perhaps he was simply respecting the mother's wishes. Or perhaps he wanted to, but just didn't know how. That's the thing about The Grey Man.

[Black screen]

HETTY: He never reveals his secrets.

--------------------- THE END ---------------------


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schumi  (17.10.2019 à 22:36)

C'est vrai que les duos fonctionnent à merveille . Et oui deeks et kensi luttent de moins en moins contre leurs sentiments c'est cool.

Austin83  (17.10.2019 à 18:23)

Ah ah ah ah Sam et Michelle qui offrent un téléphone à leur fille :p un grand moment d'anthologie :p !!! c'est la petite qui l'étouffe et non l'inverse j'adore la façon dont ils ont tournés la chose :p :p effectivement cet épisode on en apprend plus sur la vie de Kensi avant le NCIS mais je pense qu'ils ont tous leur passage à vide plus ou moins scabreux !!! J'aime beaucoup la complicité Deeks/Kensi et Sam/Callen leur duo respectif sont géniaux et pour notre couple ça se précise de plus en plus !!

schumi  (16.10.2019 à 22:50)

Bon épisode qui met bien en avant les sentiments entre deeks et kensi . Et c'est sympa d'en apprendre un peu plus sur le passé de kensi même si ça aurait pu être plus développé.  Le plan b pour le sauvetage était spectaculaire et très deeksien lol. Pas conventionnel mais ça marche.

Callen est lui même un caméléon, espérons qu'il finisse mieux que celui de l'épisode.  Mais il peut compter sur le soutien de sam.

Grande leçon de cet épisode : ne jamais mettre un portable dans les mains d'une fillette lol.


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Nouveau thème dans Voyage au centre du Tardis, quelle photo de Dan Lewis allez vous nous dénicher ? Passez voir le Docteur

bloom74, 22.06.2022 à 17:34

Et voilà la 3e Manche de la SuperBattle est en cours, les combats de titans ont commencé. Retrouvez les sur le quartier The Boys !

Viens chatter !