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#103 : Réaction en chaîne


Synopsis : Le cadavre d'un capitaine est retrouvé sur une plage de Virginie du Nord. On soupçonne que cet officier de marine ait été mêlé à un traffic de drogue car deux dealers se sont eux aussi échoués sur le rivage. Les médias couvrent l'affaire et un agent de la DEA (organisme spécialisé dans les crimes de stupéfiants) est dépêché pour enquêter auprès du NCIS.


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Titre VO
Sea dog

Titre VF
Réaction en chaîne

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Scénario : John Kelley & Donald P. Bellisario.
Réalisation  : Bradford May

Mark Holton (Sergent Linn)
Joe Torry (Daryl Wilkins)
Gregory Itzin (Directeur du FBI)
Homie Doroodian (Seth Shakir)
Dempsey Pappion (Joueur de basketball)
Elena Lyons (Diane Fontaine)
Sam Sarpong (Bobby Jackson)
Benny Nieves (Frank Trujillo)
Chris Olivero (Dave Simmons)
William R. Moses (Agnet de la DEA Kent Fuller)
Merle Dandridge (Marcy Carruthers
Emilie de Ravin (Nancy)
Melissa Lee (Sarah Parker)
Miguel A. Gaetan (Carlos)
Jodie Bianca Wise (Jenny)
Dar Dixon (Capitaine Tom Bradstone)

 MUSIC IN:        
DAVE: Hey, did you hear that?    
SARAH: Yeah.  I’ve always dug the Eighties.    
  (MUSIC OUT)   
DAVE: Hey!  Shut up!  Shut up!  You hear that?    
SARAH: Sounds like fireworks.    
DAVE: I don’t see any.  That’s gunfire!    
SARAH: Well, whatever it was, it’s over now.    
DAVE: Not yet!    
DAVE: Look out! (SCREAMS) 

DAVE: There’s no one in it! (DAVE WALKS TO THE BOAT)   
DAVE: Fireworks, my ass!  It’s all shot up!    

  AND OUT)   
  (MUSIC OUT)   
 FADE IN:    
TONY: Hey.    
KATE: Morning.  How was your weekend?    
GIBBS: What have we got?    
KATE: So much for small talk.    
TONY: Car crash in Quantico last night.  No fatalities.    
GIBBS: Next.    
TONY: Petty Officer caught shoplifting at Bloomingdale’s.    
GIBBS: Is there anything worth over fifty grand at Bloomingdale’s, DiNozzo?     
TONY: I don’t think so.    
GIBBS: Then why would we handle it?  Next.    
TONY: I heard a rumor about an ecstasy ring at Lejeune.   

GIBBS: You heard a rumor?    
KATE: Oh, he’s been searching for a case… any case since I came in.    
TONY: (READS)  “All Agents not working active cases are to attend a sexual harassment lecture at the NCIS Human Resource Training Center at zero nine thirty hours.  Today.    
GIBBS: I cannot sit through another one of those.  I will shoot myself.    
KATE: You mean they actually train you guys how to harass? (LAUGHS)  Hey, I’m kidding.  Except for Tony.    
TONY: For the last time, Kate, I was only trying to get my seat belt on.    
KATE: Right.  Seat belt.    
GIBBS: (INTO PHONE)  Yeah, Gibbs.  Okay, we’re on it.    
GIBBS: Dead Navy Commander just washed up on North Virginia Beach.    
TONY: Yes!    
KATE: Shotgun!    
TONY: I hate when she does that.    
LINN: (SPELLS)  Linn.  L..E    
GIBBS: Gibbs.  NCIS.  

LINN: It’s about time you guys showed up.  We’ve been running between the body and this boat all night long.  Boat crashed ashore right in the middle of a beach blanket bingo.  Hard to believe a Navy Commander getting mixed up in stuff like this.    
GIBBS: Stuff like what?    
LINN: Drug running.  DEA’s working two dead drug dealers three miles north of here at Fort Story.     
GIBBS: Three miles up the beach and you tied it to the Commander?    
LINN: They’re all shot up.  So is his boat.  Got to be a connection.    
GIBBS: And you are?    
FONTAINE: Diane Fontaine, WXEK News.  I’d like to ask you some questions.     
GIBBS: (OVERLAP) DiNozzo!    
TONY: Yeah?    
GIBBS: Escort Miss Fontaine off our crime scene please.    
TONY: Miss Fontaine?    
FONTAINE: Let’s go, guys.    
GIBBS: Sergeant Linn is it?  You in the habit of convicting people before the investigation starts?    
LINN: What?  Hey, no.  I…    
DUCKY: (OVERLAP)  What have we got, Gibbs?    
GIBBS: The Commander’s wallet with this Sergeant’s prints.    
DUCKY: You removed a wallet from a body without gloves!?    
LINN: I had to get the vic’s name.    
DUCKY: He’s not a vic.  He’s a victim.  Where did you learn crime scene procedure?  Watching Kojak reruns?  

LINN: Okay, now just hold on a minute.    
DUCKY: (OVERLAP)  What else did you do to my crime scene?  All right, let’s start at the beginning.  Tell me what you did when you got here…. from the top.    
  CUT TO:     
 EXT. BEACH – DAY     
KATE: Looks like a herd of elephants went through here.    
GIBBS: Yeah, just one fat local LEO.  All right Kate, bag this.  I’ll do the photos.    
KATE: Tony told me what to do.    
GIBBS: Tony doesn’t tell you what to do.  I do.  Your elephant said the Commander’s boat got shot up.  Why don’t you grab an extra kit from the truck and work that scene.    
KATE: By myself?    
GIBBS: You need help?    
KATE: No!  I got it!    
GIBBS: Hey, have it towed back to the garage when you’re done.  And get the witness reports while you’re at it!     
TONY: I need more assignments like that, Boss.    
GIBBS: Did you get her number?    
TONY: Oh, yeah!      
JACKSON: You think he was shot or drowned?    
TONY: Well, either way he’s dead.    
GIBBS: That’s too bad.  Good guy.  He got you out of that sexual harassment lecture. (SFX: CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS)   
TONY: I’d rather be at the lecture.  

DUCKY: That man is an imbecile.  He shouldn’t be a school crossing guard!    
GIBBS: Yeah, move.  Haven’t heard you this pissed,  since you shoved that French flic off a cliff, Duck.    
JACKSON: You shoved a French cop over a cliff?    
DUCKY: There was a lake below.    
GIBBS: Sixty feet below.  Duck, this crime scene’s a mess.  Can we move the body?    
DUCKY: Why not.  The imbecile obviously has.    
GIBBS: Let’s turn him over and see if he was shot in the back.      
TONY: I guess we can rule out accidental drowning. (SFX: CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS)   
DUCKY: Oh, my friend… even if you’d survived the water, you would have never have walked again.    
GIBBS: The DEA found a couple of bodies up at Fort Story that might be tied to this.    
DUCKY: At least they know not to contaminate a crime scene.    
GIBBS: Hey, you two clean this up – bag him.  Meet us up there.     
TONY: Well, it gives you a warm feeling, doesn’t it?    
JACKSON: What?    
TONY: Knowing Gibbs trusts us with a contaminated crime scene.    
JACKSON: (LAUGHS)  Come on, man.    Let’s get him out of here.    
  CUT TO:     
FULLER: This must be him.  Special Agent Gibbs?    

GIBBS: Yeah.    
FULLER: Sergeant Linn radioed you were coming.   Agent Ken Fuller, DEA.  This is Captain Bradstone, Army C.I.D.    
GIBBS: Our M.E., Doctor Mallard.    
DUCKY: Agent Fuller.  Captain.    
FULLER: Looks like your Navy man fell in with a bad crowd.     
DUCKY: Ah Gibbs, this scene is pristine.    
FULLER: We’re not amateurs.    
GIBBS: Who says they’re connected?    
FULLER: How many guys you know go out fishing in the middle of the night?    
GIBBS: Me.    
FULLER: Well, I guarantee you these two guys didn’t.  They meet up with cargo ships off the coast and bring in coke.    
GIBBS: Where’s their boat?    
FULLER: There’s a drug war going on.  I figured they got jacked for the boat and the coke.    
GIBBS: Captain, is C.I.D. working this crime scene?    
BRADSTONE: The M.E.’s not available till tomorrow.  And since this may have something to do with your Navy Officer, the Army has no objection to NCIS and DEA working it.  Just send us all your reports.    
GIBBS: Yep, thanks, Captain.  Okay to touch, Duck?    
DUCKY: You have my permission.    
GIBBS: How many drug dealers you know dump the bodies and the cash? (GIBBS PULLS OUT CASH FROM BODY)   

KATE: Thanks for waiting, guys.    
GIBBS: Chain of custody, Kate.  You had to stay with the boat.    
KATE: I’m not stupid, Gibbs.    
GIBBS: Never said you were.    
KATE: I didn’t have to ride on a tow truck with that boat, now did I?  You do this to all the newbies or just the females.    
TONY: Do we look like sexists?    
KATE: Ask me who’s buried in Grant’s tomb.  It’s a tougher question.     
GIBBS: Okay, okay, fun’s over.  Give me the high lights.    
KATE: Nine students from U.V.A. were having a beach party.  Around zero two thirty they heard what they first thought was fireworks out on the water.    
TONY: Gunfire.    
KATE: Good guess, Tony.  The Whaler had six holes in its stern, two in the engine housing.    
GIBBS: The Commander was running.    
KATE: Probably from a larger boat they heard racing up the coast.  About fifteen seconds later, the Mary Celeste came roaring out of the dark and onto the beach.  Scared the hell out of them.    
GIBBS: What’d you find on the boat?     
KATE: Fishing gear, bait, coffee Thermos, ham sandwich.  I logged everything.  Sent it to Abby.    
TONY: No drugs?    
KATE: No.  Is there a drug connection?  

GIBBS: DEA thinks so.  Two dealers floated ashore last night at Fort Story.  Aerated.    
KATE: Well, there were no drugs on the Whaler.    
TONY: You sure?  I knew a granny in Baltimore – hid a kilo of “H” in her horse’s rectum.    
KATE: No horse on the boat, Tony.  We’re working a join investigation with the DEA?    
GIBBS: Yep.  Ducky’s got all three bodies autopsied and Abby’s drying the money.    
KATE: Money?    
GIBBS: The dealers were found with fanny packs stuffed with wet Franklins.    
KATE: I’ve got to see those bills.    
GIBBS: Why?    
KATE: I did work for the Secret Service.  We tend to get all hot and bothered over large sums of hundred dollar bills.    
TONY: Is that what does it for you?    
KATE: What does it for me, Tony, is a mystery that you will never solve.    
TONY: I know the answer.  Grant!    
GIBBS: Why do I felt like a high school principal?    
TONY: I don’t know, Boss.    
GIBBS: If those college kids are right, whoever shot the Commander ran into the Chesapeake or up the Maryland coast.  Find out which.    
TONY: I’m on it.    
DUCKY: (V.O.)  The South Pacific has a number of …    
  CUT TO:    

DUCKY: … different refreshments.  I remember one.  Where was it, New Guinea or Timor?  Whatever the case, the natives had this delightfully refreshing drink.  It wasn’t ‘til years later I discovered it was made from a mixture of rum punch and water buffalo urine.  To Abby, please, Gerald.  They’d never seen a white man and my life was in jeopardy until…    
FULLER: (overlap) I’ve got to report in.    
DUCKY: There’s a phone over there.(BEAT)  Oh well.  You’ll enjoy this, Commander.  As I was saying, my life was in jeopardy until I cured the chief’s wife of a terrible yeast infection.    
  CUT TO:     
FULLER: I can see why you don’t talk much.    
JACKSON: I’m sorry….did you say something?    
FONTAINE: (V.O.)  Commander Farrell, a Navy ROTC instructor at Hampton Roads…    
  CUT TO:    

FONTAINE ON TV: (V.O.)…was found on North Virginia Beach this morning (ON TV) near the bodies of two alleged drug dealers.  (V.O.)  Commander Farrell, a founder of “Urban Lights” a night basketball anti-drug program, (ON TV) may have been involved in smuggling (V.O.) illegal drugs into the Norfolk area.  Expressing shock and outrage, a Community Center spokesperson said the Urban Lights basketball program (ON CAMERA) will be suspended on all Norfolk Community courts…    
  (MUSIC OUT)   
 FADE IN:    
KEVIN: You gonna kick our asses out?    
GIBBS: Nope.    
BOBBY: You Five-Oh, ain’t you?    
GIBBS: Sorta.    
KEVIN: Sorta?  Yeah, right.  I smell bacon.    
GIBBS: Big fence to climb over.    
BOBBY: Not if you got hops.    
KEVIN: Whatchya want, One Time?    
GIBBS: Get this lock off the gate.  You shouldn’t have to hop a fence to play some basketball.    
KEVIN: You got heat to do something about it?    
GIBBS: Maybe you do.    
KEVIN: We did.    
GIBBS: That you did.  It’d be better with lights.  Answer me one question.  I get the right answer, you have my word these lights will get back on.    
BOBBY: Shoot, Five-Oh.    
KEVIN: Slow up, Bobby.  What you mean…right answer?    
GIBBS: Give me the wrong answer, I can’t help you.    
KEVIN: Get out of here, Fed!    
BOBBY: What you doing, Bro?    
KEVIN: He’s a Narc, man.  He’s trying to get us to say Seadog was dealing.    
BOBBY: So tell the bacon what he wants to hear if it gets us our lights back.    
KEVIN: I ain’t diming on Seadog!    
BOBBY: Man, he’s six feet below.  He won’t know.    
KEVIN: I will.      
BOBBY: Man, you too old to hop wire.    
GIBBS: Want the question?    
KEVIN: I know the question.  You’re not going to like the answer.    
GIBBS: I will if it’s the truth.     
KEVIN: Yeah, we could lie.  How you gonna know, Fed?    
GIBBS: I’ll know.    

KATE: For the nineteen ninety to ninety six series, Treasury introduced micro printing as a countermeasure against computer printers and copiers.  Good enough to stop high school kids, but not rogue countries and a few of the world’s top forgers.  It’s got one tiny flaw.    
GIBBS: I’ll be damned.    
TONY: What?    
KATE: You’d think a man who can find heroin in a horse’s ass could find this.    
FULLER: You reached into a horse’s ass?    
TONY: I had a glove on.  (READS)  United States.  What’s wrong with that?    
KATE: Read it again.    
TONY: Untied States!  So the forger was dyslexic.    
KATE: Not just the forger.    
GIBBS: Who would pay drug runners with counterfeit money?    
FULLER: I know you don’t want to hear this, Gibbs, but the Commander could have bought with bogus bills.  That’s why they killed him.    
GIBBS: Commander Farrell was not dealing drugs.  Tony, where did you find that boat was headed when they dumped the two bodies?    
TONY: Well, according to the tide charts, since the bodies washed up at Fort Story, the boat had to have been entering the bay.    
KATE: Well that narrows it down.  Even if we knew the marina, we still don’t have a name or a description of the boat.    
GIBBS: Let’s talk to someone who does.  Can you pull in the boss of the dead drug runners?    
FULLER: Trujillo?  Sure.  For as long as it takes for him to get his lawyers down here.    
GIBBS: Bring in the dirtbag that runs the rival gang, too.    
FULLER: These aren’t a couple of sailors caught buying grass.  These are pros.  They won’t tell you the name of their mothers.    
GIBBS: No offense, but maybe you just don’t use the right tone of voice with them.  Bring ‘em in.    
GIBBS: Is there anybody at your old agency you can trust?    
KATE: Trust to what?    
GIBBS: Find out who forged these notes and where they’ve been circulating.    
KATE: Shouldn’t be a problem.    
GIBBS: Without telling their boss.  (BEAT)  Is that a problem?    
KATE: Gee, now why would that be a problem?    
ABBY: (SIGNS)  I got a match!    
TONY: What are you doing?    
GIBBS: Communicating.    
TONY: Abby signs?    
GIBBS: Yeah.  Yeah, her parents were deaf.    
TONY: Where’d you learn?     
GIBBS: She just said that the A-K Forty Seven round that killed the Commander came from the same weapon that killed our two drug dealers.     
TONY: Yeah.  Why didn’t she just come out and say that?    
GIBBS: Hey, thank you.    
TONY: That was fun, Gibbs.  You still got the touch.    
ABBY: (SIGNS)  I’ve got more.    
GIBBS: Oh, she’s got more.     
ABBY: I picked up GSR on the smuggler’s hands.  Their weapons were fired really recently.  The Commander’s was clean.    
GIBBS: They said Seadog didn’t deal.    
TONY: Seadog?    
ABBY: (SIGNS)  I don’t know.    
TONY: Who’s Seadog?    
GIBBS: Did you get that reporter’s number or was that just talk?    
TONY: Gibbs…     
GIBBS: See if she’s available for lunch.    
TONY: I’d love to.  Can I expense it?    
GIBBS: No, but I will.    
TONY: How do you sign, “I should have known?”    
FONTAINE: You kick me off the beach and now you play the gentleman?  You must want something real bad.     
GIBBS: Oh, yeah.  Bubbles, okay?    
FONTAINE: Fine.      
GIBBS: The panini here reminds me of Naples.    
FONTAINE: No bread.  I’m on TV, remember?    
GIBBS: So is it true the camera puts ten pounds on you?    
FONTAINE: Five in my case.  What do you want, Agent Gibbs?    
GIBBS: Jethro.    
FONTAINE: You’re kidding.    
GIBBS: No.  Um… to have a nice lunch, to know you a little…    
FONTAINE: Ah, here it comes.    
GIBBS: ….to tell you a story.    
FONTAINE: (CHUCKLES)  Jethro, Commander Farrell’s old news.  I’m onto fresher bodies.    
GIBBS: Aren’t you interested in getting it right?    
FONTAINE: I am.  My producer isn’t.  He’s interested in ratings.     
GIBBS: At the price of a man’s reputation?    
FONTAINE: I didn’t report anything that wasn’t told to me by the cops.    
GIBBS: You didn’t dig deeper.    
FONTAINE: I couldn’t.  You threw me out.    
GIBBS: What if I let you in?    
TONY: How was lunch?    
GIBBS: They here yet?    
TONY: Downstairs, waiting.  (CHUCKLES)  You’re not going to tell me about lunch, are you?    
GIBBS: No.    

GIBBS: You should wash your hands with soap for saying that.    
  CUT TO:    
FULLER: Special Agent Gibbs.  Frank Trujillo and Darryl Wilkins as requested.    
GIBBS: Over here.    
GIBBS: Is that a glimmer of recognition I just saw?  It seems these two belong to you.    
DARRYL: Good.  I can slide, right?    
GIBBS: Not if you killed them.    
DARRYL: I never scuffed anyone in my life.      
GIBBS: I’m the only one not finding anything funny here, you know why?  This Naval Commander didn’t die a natural death or fighting for his country.  He died in a cross-fire between you two dirtbags.    
FRANK: I want my lawyer.    
GIBBS: This was found on these two boys in the cooler.  It’s counterfeit.  It comes from a foreign government known to support terrorism.  That makes you two dirtbags suspected enemy combatants under the Patriot Act.  Tony, read them their rights and put them on the first Navy transpo to Gitmo.    
TONY: You do not have the right to remain silent.  You do not have the right to an attorney. 

FULLER: Gibbs, we don’t know who counterfeited that money.  Even if it does come from a country friendly to terrorists, you can’t send them to Gitmo.  They’re U.S. citizens.    
TONY: Do you understand these rights you don’t have?    
GIBBS: Watch me.    
  (MUSIC OUT)   
 FADE IN:    
FULLER: (V.O.)  Your bluff worked.  Trujillo wants to talk.  (ON CAMERA)  He really believed you’d ship him off to Gitmo.    
GIBBS: The secret of a good bluff, Agent Fuller, is not to bluff.    
TRUJILLO: (V.O.)  The two men on ice….    
  CUT TO:    
TRUJILLO: …are brothers.  Jesus and Carlos Garcia.  They run two of my boats.  Fishing’s been poor lately because of poachers in my waters.    
DARRYL: Your waters?  You own the oceans, Frank?    
TRUJILLO: So I kept my boats in port until our little dispute… could be settled.    
TONY: I could recommend a Federal mediator.  (BEAT)  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.  You were saying?  

TRUJILLO: Yesterday I learned that the Garcia brothers took one of my boats out Sunday night and never came back.    
GIBBS: Without asking you, Jefe?    
TRUJILLO: (IN SPANISH)  Si.  Sin mi permiso.  (Yes, without my permission)    
DARRYL: (CHUCKLES)  You ain’t ballin’ no more when your marks don’t ask, Frank.    
TRUJILLO: Callete, tonto!  Okay?  (Shut up, stupid.)    
DARRYL: You can ride out that salsa spit, okay?    
GIBBS: You believe that, Darryl?    
DARRYL: There’s no way he would come with real in front of my grille.    
TONY: Real in front of my grille?  I’ve got to remember that.    
GIBBS: You know what that tells me?  As far as you were concerned, that boat was Trujillo’s, fishing in disputed waters.     
DARRYL: I wasn’t hip to this till this narc dragged me down.  Swear on my seeds, okay, we ain’t whacked them.    
TRUJILLO: He’s not lying to you.  He didn’t kill them.    
GIBBS: Hey, this is good, Tony.  You’ve got two rival dirtbags vouching for each other.  You think Garcia charted out Frank’s boat to some sports fisherman from Iowa?    
TONY: Would they want to do anything illegal?    
GIBBS: No.  No.  They were probably hauling drug smugglers.    
TONY: Or illegals.    
GIBBS: Or run guns.  Did we miss any potential charters?    
TRUJILLO: I’ve told you everything I know.  Can I go now, (IN SPANISH) por favor?    

GIBBS: Yeah.  Sure.  Once we have the boat.  Help me out here, Darryl.    
DARRYL: He’s got GPS locators in all his boats.    
GIBBS: Now why didn’t you tell us that, Frank?    
TRUJILLO: I like to handle my own problems.    
GIBBS: Not this time.  This one is ours.    
TRUJILLO: May I use your phone?    
GIBBS: Yep.    
GIBBS: What’s the name of the boat?    
FULLER: Can Tony sniff for drugs now?    
TONY: Tony?    
FULLER: Some coincidence, huh?    
GIBBS: The deck’s been hosed but there’s blood residue.  Get me some swabs, DiNozzo.  I’ll start in the cabin.    
TONY: Bet he’s a real stud.    
FULLER: He’s neutered.    
TONY: Oh, hell!  What kind of engine is in this thing?    
FULLER: Drug runner special.  A blown Five Oh Two putting out eight hundred horses.    
GIBBS: Main cabin’s a mess.  Blood stains.  Bullet holes.  Found some bloody bandages on the bunks.  One of them’s hurting.     
FULLER: Can I search for drugs?    
GIBBS: We’re just getting started.  What you can do is check with the marina office.  See if they paid a mooring fee.  Strike out at that and start canvassing the marina and find out if somebody…    
FULLER: Gibbs, I’m a Federal Agent.   I know who and what to ask.    
GIBBS: I keep forgetting you’re not a dog walker.    
FULLER: Uh, that’s very funny.  Come on, Tony. (FULLER WHISTLES/DOG BARKS)   
TONY: Wow.  They should have hosed down in here.    
GIBBS: They did just enough to avoid attracting attention of someone walking by.    
TONY: We’re going to be bagging and tagging for hours.    
TONY: If I only had the time.    
GIBBS: (BEAT)  What?    
TONY: You got the time?  My watch is slow.    
GIBBS: You going somewhere DiNozzo?    
TONY: Yeah, back to work.    
 EXT. PARK – DAY    
CARRUTHERS: Kaitlin!    
KATE: Glad you could make it, Marcie.  I didn’t go over to the dark side.    
CARRUTHERS: Sorry.  So how’s it feel not wearing a suit?     
KATE: I think a bit like Mom felt when she burned her bra.    
CARRUTHERS: Where’d you get those serial numbers, Kate?    
KATE: Uh… stumbled upon some bogus bills on a drug case.    
CARRUTHERS: The Navy Commander who was dealing to the kids in Urban Lights?    
KATE: Oh, we don’t think he was, Marcy.    
CARRUTHERS: Teaches me to believe the news.  NCIS have the bogus bills?    
KATE: Sixty five thousand worth of Franklins.  Were you able to trace them?    
CARRUTHERS: Yes, we were.     
KATE: We?!    
CARRUTHERS: Sorry, Kate.  You know better than to ask anyone to slip you info on something like this.  We had to involve the FBI.    
FORNELL: Agent Todd.  I see you’ve joined the cowboys.    
FULLER: (V.O.)  Nothing from the marina office…    
  CUT TO:    
FULLER: …but Jenny and Nancy were very helpful.    
TONY: Jenny and Nancy?    
FULLER: The girls on the sloop over there.  They’re sailing that beauty all the way down the Intercoastal Waterway to Miami for her owner.  

TONY: All the way to Miami…    
GIBBS: They’re going to be there by the time you tell me how they were helpful.    
FULLER: When they docked yesterday, there was someone on this boat.    
GIBBS: Did you get a description?    
FULLER: Late twenties.  Glasses.  Short hair.  Gay or low on testosterone.  They waved.  He ignored them.    
TONY: No way.    
FULLER: That’s what I said.    
GIBBS: What did they say?    
FULLER: They had a couple of cell phones.  When he wasn’t making calls, he was working a laptop.  About one, Jenny started grilling some prawns.  By the way, they’re Aussies.    
TONY: Aussies!  I love Auss—(BEAT) …so Jenny was grilling prawns?    
FULLER: Saw a white van pull up here.  The guy with the glasses was really excited to see the driver.  She said they hugged a lot.     
TONY: Gay.    
GIBBS: They describe the driver?    
FULLER: Same look as glasses without the glasses.  They brought some heavy suitcases from the boat to the van.  Then they helped a third guy with a bandaged leg to the van.  He must have been in the cabin the whole time.  Then they drove off.    
GIBBS: Any more on the van, other than the color?    
FULLER: Nope.  I tried.  All they could remember was that it was white.  (BEAT)  Can Tony sniff the boat now?    
GIBBS: It’s all yours.    
FULLER: It sure is.    
TONY: What’s that?    
FULLER: Asset forfeiture notice.    
TONY: Don’t you have to find drugs first?    
FULLER: I used to worry about rules like that.  Then I met you guys.  (TO DOG)  Come on.  Come on.  Good boy.    
TONY: I’m telling you, boss, Aussie chicks are definitely different from American chicks.  A guy’s even got to approach them differently.  I’d have got more than the color of the van out of them.    
GIBBS: I know I’m going to regret this, DiNozzo.  Follow up on Fuller’s interview.      
  CUT TO:    
GIBBS: Hey, get anything from your friend?    
KATE: Yep.    
GIBBS: You disappoint me, Kate.    
FORNELL: Me too, Gibbs.  I thought she knew better than to trade down.  Oh.  Is this yours?    
GIBBS: You need to seriously re-think your definition of the word “friend.”    
KATE: If I were in Marcy’s shoes, I would have done the same thing.    
FORNELL: Careful, Agent Todd.    You’re running out of job options.    
GIBBS: So I once again have the pleasure of your company, Agent Fornell.  We’re into more than phony Franklins and dead drug dealers.    
FORNELL: Much more.  Those serial numbers match the batch of bogus bills passed by Nine Eleven hijackers.  Your killers aren’t drug dealers, they’re terrorists.    
  (MUSIC OUT)   
FBI DIRECTOR: (ON SCREEN)  Since Nine Eleven, the Bureau has compiled a worldwide terrorist database incorporating files from over seventy foreign intelligence services.  Any prints lifted from that boat that are left by known terrorists will get a hit.    
MORROW: Why didn’t we have access to this database, Charlie?    
FBI DIRECTOR: (ON SCREEN)  All you had to do was ask, Tom.    
MORROW: If your Agent Fornell hadn’t been here to get us priority, my feeling is I’d still be asking.    
FBI DIRECTOR: (ON SCREEN)  Perhaps I should leave him there.    
MORROW: I don’t think that’s necessary, Charlie.  Just hard-wire us into this terrorist database.    
FBI DIRECTOR: (ON SCREEN)  Sorry, Tom.  We like to monitor who is accessing our data.    
MORROW: Hard to keep a list like this to yourself, Charlie.  I’m sure when our colleagues who head the other agencies hear of this, they’re going to be pounding on your door.    
FBI DIRECTOR: (ON SCREEN)  Oh hell, why not?  We’re all on the same team.  But Tom, if any of our colleagues hear about this, I’ll pull your plug and NCIS priority will follow the Sandusky, Ohio Fire Department.    
MORROW: Understood.  Thanks, Charlie.  (TO GIBBS)  Good luck.    
FORNELL: I see where you cowboys get your chutzpah.    
GIBBS: How long to scan the entire database? (PHOTOS FLICK ON SCREEN)   
FORNELL: I don’t know.  No one’s ever done it.    
TONY: Nothing like a shrimp on the barby.    
JENNY: Only a Yank would call it shrimp.  They’re prawns.    
TONY: They’re prawns.    
NANCY: Sounds like a real Okker, doesn’t he, Jen?     
JENNY: I reckon.    
TONY: Okker?    
JENNY: The ridgy-didge.    
TONY: I need a translator.    
NANCY: You get the drift.  Aren’t you drinking, Tony?    
TONY: I’d love to but uh… I’m on duty.  Pretend I’m not here.  I know it’s hard.  You were sipping wine and grilling shh – prawns when the van showed up.    
NANCY: This is silly.    
TONY: Reenacting can jog your memory.  Especially your sense of smell.    
JENNY: Come on, Nance.  Give it a go.  We put the prawns on the barby.     
NANCY: We toasted.  Cheers!    

GIBBS: You know him?    
KATE: No.    
FORNELL: His name is Saudi.  Same as most of the Nine Eleven hijackers.    
GIBBS: What’s the red star?    
FORNELL: Active case with a high priority.  He’s one of the foreign terrorists wanted for the U.N. bombing in Baghdad.  Believed to have slipped out of Iraq through Syria three weeks ago.  Whereabouts unknown.    
GIBBS: Not anymore.    
TONY: (V.O.) It works!  (ON CAMERA)  I had Jenny and Nancy grill some prawns.  They don’t call them shrimp in Australia.  Sip a really nice chardonnay with a wonderful bouquet.  I didn’t drink… just sniffed.     
FORNELL: What the hell is he ranting about?    
GIBBS: I should have known better.    
TONY: No no no, boss!  I had the girls do exactly what they were doing when the white panel van pulled in to jog their memory.  It worked!  They remembered the driver was wearing a company uniform.     
KATE: Water company?  Phone company?    
GIBBS: Jefferson Power?  Vantage Cable?    
FORNELL: Milkman.  Breadman.  Hell, that white van could be from any of a hundred different commercial, county or state outfits.    
GIBBS: It’s a start.    
TONY: I’m not done!  I pulled this videotape from the security camera at the Mobil station on the road out of the marina.     
KATE: Wow, that’s really smart, Tony.    
TONY: Any guy could have done it.    
KATE: Guy?  Learn to shut up when you’re ahead.    
GIBBS: What time did the girls say they saw the van?    
TONY: Ah, around thirteen hundred.    
ABBY: Are we submitting to the Sundance Film Festival?    
TONY: Best terrorist film category.    
ABBY: Sweet.  So, if anyone’s interested.  The only prints off the boat I did match were the druggies in the cooler.     
GIBBS: Not the Commander?    
ABBY: Negatory.    
KATE: We’ve got a match on a terrorist.    
TONY: You didn’t tell me that.    
KATE: Who could get a word in?     
ABBY: I ran those prints through the Bureau.  I got nada.     
GIBBS: You did not have access to the full database.    
ABBY: You’re holding out on us.  That is not nice.    
GIBBS: Whoa!  There it is!    
TONY: Yep.    
GIBBS: Run it back.  Jefferson Power.  God damn it.  Can anybody read that number?    
TONY: Eight three one.    
KATE: They’ve got to be going after the power grid.    
ABBY: I found traces of C-Four in the stuff you bagged on the boat.    
FORNELL: Thank god.  They’re just going to try to blow something up.  We’ve been sweating terrorists hacking into our power grid distribution software.  That could shut down half the country.  C-Four indicates a hard target… a power plant, a which are all under tight security.  Which is about to get a hell of a lot tighter.    
GIBBS: There’s a good chance that driver works for Jefferson Power.  

FORNELL: I hope he does.  We’ll have him before sundown. (INTO PHONE)  Terrorist alert.  APB on Jefferson Power Company van number eight three one.  I want to know where it’s based, who is driving it and I want it in five minutes.  (TO GIBBS/KATE AND TONY)  Thanks.  You’ve all done a terrific job.    
TONY: I feel like I just kissed my sister.    
ABBY: I didn’t know you had a sister, Tony.    
TONY: I don’t.  I’m fantasizing.    
ABBY: I need music to do that.    
GIBBS: Fornell’s got target fixation.    
KATE: Come again.    
TONY: It’s when a fighter pilot gets so fixed on his target that he flies right into it.    
KATE: Ah.  Like you and women?    
GIBBS: That August blackout was caused by a tree falling on some power lines, right?     
KATE: Something like that.    
GIBBS: Ah hell, these guys don’t need C-Four.  An ax will do!     
KATE: Okay, here’s the timeline for the August fifteen blackout.     
GIBBS: Put it on the plasma, Kate.    
KATE: It started at Eastlake, Ohio, at fourteen hundred, and by the time it reached Indian Point in Buchanon, New York, all the Northeast and most of Canada was dark.     
GIBBS: Pull the state’s power grid up off the Internet.    
KATE: Whoa!  Look at this!    
TONY: It says three key failures in Virginia could cascade until every state from here to the Rockies is dark.  

KATE: Yeah, more than says.  It shows how!  Wait.  Take down those three flashing nodes simultaneously and you take out the entire Eastern Power Grid.    
GIBBS: All we have to do is stop them from taking out one?    
KATE: It looks that way.  I mean, if any two fail at the same time, the slack can be picked up.  There will be blackouts, but it won’t cascade.    
TONY: Well, which one do we go for?    
GIBBS: Closest one.  Right here.    
 INT. CAR – MOVING      
KATE: Agent Fornell is concentrating agents on the three key nodes.  He’s also emailed me the driver’s photo.    
GIBBS: That was fast.    
TONY: They had the van number.    
KATE: Here.  Take a look.    
GIBBS: It’s an alias.  What’s he do?    
KATE: Power line inspector.    
GIBBS: Is there a node at the end of that transmission line?    
KATE: Yes, about a mile west.    
GIBBS: Take that road!    
TONY: Didn’t think you’d want me to stop to open the gate.    
GIBBS: Hell no!  They don’t have to blow the nodes.  This guy knows where to take down three transmission towers that’ll do the same thing.    
KATE: How do we know this line is one of them?    
GIBBS: It crosses the node, doesn’t it?    
KATE: Two lines cross this node, in and out.  That’s four places within a mile of the node that he can blow the tower down.    
GIBBS: Maybe we’ll get lucky.    
KATE: Nobody’s that lucky.    
GIBBS: Hmm.  We are.    
  CUT TO:    
  CUT TO:    
KATE: He could be a power company employee doing his job.    
GIBBS: No, I don’t think so!    
GIBBS: Freeze!    
GIBBS: The phone’s got detonators!    
KATE: Looks like the other two must have the same setup.  Looks like he’s got all three numbers set to the same number.    
GIBBS: How many members did he dial?    
KATE: Six.    
TONY: One more and it’s budda bing, budda boom.    
GIBBS: Lucky he wasn’t phone-savvy.    
KATE: Savvy enough to wire three phones to the same number.    
GIBBS: Yeah.  What if he used speed-dial?    

FONTAINE: (INTO MICROPHONE)  The lights are back on tonight at Community Center courts since Navy Commander Brian Farrell, founder of “Urban Lights,” was cleared today of any connection to the drug war which claimed his life last Sunday. 

(CONT.)  A Community Center spokesperson issued an apology and announced that a commemorative plaque will be dedicated to the memory of “Seadog”, as Commander Farrell was affectionately called by the young men he strived to help have a better life.  This is Diane Fontaine, WXEK News.  Now back to you.  (TO CAMERA PERSON)  Doug, I need some B-roll on the boys.  

FONTAINE: How was that?    
GIBBS: Very nice.    
FONTAINE: I can’t guarantee that my producer will air it.    
GIBBS: You’re trying.  That’s a start.  Thank you, Diane.    
FONTAINE: You’re welcome, Jethro.    
  (MUSIC OUT)   
* * * * * * * *

Prepared by C.C.   Printed in USA
Calvert Continuities   Aired 10/7/03

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