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#207 : Semper fi

Synopsis: Ernie Yost est un vétéran des marines aux parfaits états de service. Il a cependant sur la conscience la mort de ses camarades. Avouant ce qu'il estime être un meurtre, il explique comment il a tué, il y a maintenant soixante ans, ses équipiers lors d'une mission menée au cours d'un conflit militaire. Unité spéciale de l'armée américaine, le NCIS est chargé d'enquêter sur cette affaire criminelle touchant la «Navy». Etant donné les circonstances, Gibbs estime que Yost peut être sauvé de la prison. Il obtient un délai afin d'enquêter sur ce qui s'est réellement passé au cours de cette mission qui fait litige.


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Titre VO
Call of silence

Titre VF
Semper fi

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Trailer 2.07 VOSTF


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Scénario : Roger Director
Réalisateur : Jeff Woolnough


Charles Durning (Ernie Yost)

Garette Henson (Caporal Ernie Yost jeune)

Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Griffith (lui-même)

Jason Alan Smith (Caporal Dale Kean)

Lloyd Kino (Hiroshi Yoshida)

Marc D. Wilson (Jenkins)

Kevin Sizemore (Mueller)

Marc Senter (Stearns)

Scott Miles (Bellows)

Bennet Guillory (Henry)

Hugh Holub (Superintendant)

FADE IN:    

HENRY: Gibbs.    
GIBBS: Hey morning, Henry.    
HENRY: That sushi place you sent me to?    
GIBBS: What, you didn’t like it?    
HENRY: I liked it fine.  Only you didn’t tell me I had to speak Japanese to order.    
GIBBS: You don’t order.  You eat what you’re served with a smile.  Just like being married.    
YOST: I hope this doesn’t mean I can’t come in.  Now just hold your horses.  I wasn’t going to hurt anybody with it.  It’s evidence.    
GIBBS: Yeah, it’s okay.    
HENRY: Come on in.    
HENRY: You wearing jewelry?    
YOST: Oh, I forgot.  A senior moment.    
GIBBS: Henry, we’re in the presence of a Medal of Honor recipient.  Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, NCIS.  Mister….     
YOST: Yost.  Corporal Ernie Yost.  Special Agent, huh?  Just the man I’m looking for.     
GIBBS: It would be an honor to help you, Sir.    
YOST: Say that after you know why I’m here.    
GIBBS: That have something to do with the evidence you’re delivering?    
YOST: I murdered a Marine with that forty-five.    
  (MUSIC OUT)   
 FADE IN:    
MCGEE: The Washington Ballet is totally sold out.    
TONY: You’re kidding!    
MCGEE: People were backed up trying to hack into the box office.    
TONY: Ah, I can’t believe that!    
KATE: Since when are you interested in a ballet?    
TONY: Oh, uh… since about an hour ago.    
KATE: Let me guess.  The cashier at the bakery was wearing leg warmers.    
TONY: How do you know that?    
KATE: Must be the profiler in me.    
MCGEE: Oh hey, there’s another ballet in town, DiNozzo.  I can get you two front row easy.    
TONY: Really?  What ballet?    
MCGEE: The National.    
TONY: The National Ballet?  Bravo, McGee.    
MCGEE: Oh.  Only…  

TONY: Only what?    
MCGEE: The nation…    
KATE: Is not ours.    
MCGEE: Surinam.    
TONY: Surinam?  The National Ballet of Surinam… how good can that be?    
KATE: Depends how much you like her buns, Tony.    
GIBBS: DiNozzo, make Mister Yost here comfortable.    
YOST: You want to make me comfortable?      
TONY: Mm-hmm.    
YOST: Slap a pair of handcuffs on me.    
TONY: How about something else?    
YOST: Any good at foot massages?    
GIBBS: Kate.  McGee.    
TONY: Here, let me get that for you.    
GIBBS: I found him downstairs.  He claims to have murdered a Marine with this forty-five.    
KATE: Do you believe him?    
GIBBS: He’s a little foggy on the where and when, but he’s pretty adamant he did it.    
KATE: Gibbs… we’re not going to investigate this?    
GIBBS: Nah…    
KATE: Good.    
GIBBS: We’re just going to humor him.  McGee, says he’s been reporting this to nine-one one, can’t get anybody to believe him.    
MCGEE: Gee.  What a surprise.    
GIBBS: Trace the call.  I want to hear one of them.    
MCGEE: On it.    
GIBBS: Kate, he’s a former Marine.  Probably W-W-Two.  Corporal Ernest Yost.  Dig up his S.R.B.    
KATE: You got a Social Security number?     
GIBBS: They didn’t use them for serial numbers when he served.  

KATE: So how am I supposed to get his S-R-B without a serial number?     
GIBBS: Well Kate, you can ask him.    
KATE: Gibbs, I doubt that he could remember his shoe size.    
GIBBS: (SHOUTS)  Corporal Yost!    
YOST: (SHOUTS)  Yo!    
GIBBS: (SHOUTS)  Serial number!    
YOST: (SHOUTS)  Three three zero zero nine zero, Sir!    
GIBBS: Or you could just look him up under Medal of Honor recipients.    
KATE: He won the Medal of Honor?    
GIBBS: You don’t win the Medal of Honor, Kate.  You’re awarded it for conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty.     
YOST: (TO TONY)  You got any use for a Metro ticket?  It’s got ten rides left.  Don’t want to waste it.    
TONY: Ah, no thanks.    
YOST: Ah come on.  Too much waste in this world.  Everything is disposable now.  Disposable camera.  Disposable razors.  I won’t be needing them.    
TONY: I drive.    
YOST: Oh.  They took my license away.    
TONY: How come?    
YOST: Got old.  It’s a fatal mistake.  But I can fly anywhere.  For free.  I uh… I don’t have anybody to visit anymore.    
TONY: I’m sorry.  What a waste.  How’d you score a sweet deal like that?     
  CUT TO:     
ABBY: What do we have here, Gibbs?    
GIBBS: Murder weapon.    
ABBY: Cold case?    
GIBBS: Icicles.    
ABBY: Hmm.  It’s rust from potassium chlorate in the powder mix.    
GIBBS: Hasn’t been fired recently.    
ABBY: They didn’t even use this kind of ammo when you were in the Marines, Gibbs.  Check out the muzzle end of the slide.  See that coloring mismatch?  That’s from hardening after the finish was applied.  This weapon is circa early nineteen forties.    
GIBBS: A year or two before I joined the Corps.      
GIBBS: Dirt?    
ABBY: Looks like black sand.    
GIBBS: Trace its origin.    
ABBY: Don’t I always?  Hey Gibbs, are you going to tell me what this is about?    
GIBBS: A Marine who doesn’t clean his weapon after firing it.    
ABBY: Wow.  Things must be really slow upstairs.    
YOST: (V.O.)  I never said I shot him.    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: I beat him to death with it.  Over the head.    
GIBBS: Who?    
YOST: My buddy.  Corporal Wade Kean.  

GIBBS: Why?    
YOST: Why?    
GIBBS: Why would you kill your buddy?    
YOST: I don’t think he believes me, kid.    
TONY: Me either.    
YOST: Well, what do you know.  You weren’t even a gleam in your old man’s eye.    
GIBBS: Mister Yost…    
YOST: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know, I know.  Why?  Is that all he’s gonna ask me?    
TONY: Pretty much ‘till he gets an answer.    
YOST: All right.  You want an answer?  I’ll give you an answer. (LONG BEAT)  I don’t know why.    
GIBBS: You don’t know why?    
YOST: No.    
GIBBS: Okay, then I don’t believe you killed him, Mister Yost.    
YOST: Why won’t anybody believe me?  I killed him!  I smashed him over the head.  I… beat his brains in!  Blood was coming out of his brain!    
GIBBS: Calm down, Mister Yost.  Relax.  Relax.    
YOST: Where’s my forty five!?  (LOUDER)  Where’s my forty five!?  I had it when I came in here.      
GIBBS: (OVERLAP)  I have your forty five.  I have your forty five…  You gave it to me.    
YOST: Good.  You see, that’s evidence.  That’ll prove that I… that I…    
GIBBS: Tony, get him a drink of water.    
TONY: All right.  Come with me, Mister Yost.  The water cooler’s right over here.    
YOST: It’s not a water cooler.  It’s called a scuttle butt.  How long have you been in the Corps, kid?    
TONY: Since I met Gibbs.  This way.    

MCGEE: Boss, Winchester, Virginia, P.D. got seven nine-one-one calls from Yost during the past eleven days.    
GIBBS: Let me hear the last one.    
911 OPERATOR: (ON TAPE)  Nine one one.    
YOST: (ON TAPE)  Hi, got a pencil and paper ready?    
911 OPERATOR: (ON TAPE) Sir, I have a computer.  What is the emergency you wish to report?    
YOST: (ON TAPE) Well there’s a dead man.  Well, actually it’s not an emergency to him anymore.  He’s dead.  The emergency is for me.  See, it’s getting late in the day, very late.    
911 OPERATOR: (ON TAPE) Mister Yost, is this you again…?    
GIBBS: I heard enough.    
MCGEE: The police investigated a couple times, found him to be inebriated and that he started making the calls when his wife passed away.    
GIBBS: Yeah.    
KATE: His citation of conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty.    

 Corporal Ernest Yost, U.S. Marine Corps, First Battalion, Twenty Eighth Marine, Fifth Marine  Division at Iwo Jima, Volcano Island, Four March, Nineteen Forty-five.  In terrain studded with caves and ravines, Corporal Yost was standing point forward of our lines when he spotted Japanese troops attempting to infiltrate under the cover of darkness.  He immediately waged (V.O.) a fierce battle during which a grenade gravely wounded his right hand and fractured his thigh.  Near exhaustion from profuse bleeding, he continued to defend his forward position, engaging in hand-to-hand combat when he was out of ammunition.

(CONT.)  At dawn, Corporal Yost was found amid the bodies of twenty six Japanese soldiers he had killed in his self-sacrificing (ON CAMERA) defense of his forward position.      
YOST: What?    
GIBBS: We just heard about your wife, Mister Yost.  You have my sympathies, Sir.    
YOST: Thank you.  Buried her two weeks ago.  Ball’s Bluff National Cemetery.  We were married fifty eight years.  Dorothy…she was a peach.  (CRIES)  She was… a peach.  Now can we get on with this!?    
GIBBS: You’re not in custody, Mister Yost.    
YOST: Now don’t say that, Agent Gibbs.  I didn’t get anything for dinner tonight.    
GIBBS: (INTO PHONE)  Gibbs.    
KATE: I’d love to buy you dinner, Mister Yost.    
YOST: You would?    
MCGEE: Me, too.    
YOST: She asked first.    
GIBBS: (INTO PHONE)  We don’t know yet!  Videoconference.  Five minutes. (TO DINOZZO) DiNozzo, entertain Mister Yost a little while longer.    
YOST: Does that mean you’re going to hold me?    
GIBBS: No!    
FAITH: (V.O.)  Oh yes you will!    
  CUT TO:     
FAITH: (ON MONITOR) You see this seal, Special Agent Gibbs?  Do you recognize the signature?    
GIBBS: Yeah.  

FAITH: (ON MONITOR) Your eyesight isn’t as bad as they say.     
GIBBS: How did SECNAV get involved in this?    
FAITH: (ON MONITOR) Apparently letters from Medal of Honor recipients get read.    
GIBBS: Yost wrote him?    
FAITH: (ON MONITOR) More than wrote.  He confessed to murdering a Corporal Wade Kean, U.S.M.C.    
GIBBS: Did he say where?    
FAITH: (V.O.)  No.    
GIBBS: When?    
FAITH: (V.O.)  No.    
GIBBS: Why?    
FAITH: (ON MONITOR) No.  And that’s why you’re going to open up a case to get those answers.    
GIBBS: Commander, this man stood tall in hell.  His wife just died.  He does get loaded sometimes.  Even when he’s not loaded, he’s loaded.    
FAITH: (ON MONITOR)  Decisions over competency to stand trial are not yours to make.  They’re for experts in neuropsychiatry and a court.  Now let me ask you one question, Special Agent Gibbs.    
GIBBS: Just one?    
FAITH: (ON MONITOR) What’s the statute of limitations on murder?    
  (MUSIC OUT)   
 FADE IN:    
GIBBS: Statement of Mister Ernie Yost, Medal of Honor recipient, NCIS Special Agent L. Jethro Gibbs.  

YOST: Jethro.  I used to know a ballplayer named Jethro.  Negro League.    
GIBBS: Do you understand your rights?    
YOST: Oh, sure.  Sure, yeah.  That Italian kid read them to me.  De… Di…    
GIBBS: DiNozzo.    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: (V.O./FILTERED)  Tony.  He’d make a heck of a ballplayer.    
TONY: Promised me a tryout.  Said he used to be a scout for the Senators.    
DUCKY: How sad.  You’re obviously too old to be a professional ballplayer.    
YOST: Now like I told you…    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: I killed my best friend… Wade.    
GIBBS: Why?    
YOST: Now that again?    
GIBBS: If you want me to charge you.    
YOST: You know, Wade could do a kip.  A kip up.  He’d lay flat on his back on the barracks deck.  And in one move, he’d jerk his body and land on his feet.  Have you ever seen anybody do anything like that, huh?  Well, you wouldn’t forget.  I got this Metro card here.  It’s got ten rides left.  Do you want it?    
GIBBS: No, thanks.  

YOST: Yeah, it seems silly.  Wade.  You know, all I remember is killing him.    
  CUT TO:     
GIBBS: All right, Mister Yost.  Tony can give you a ride home.     
YOST: Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  I’m trying to remember.  You know, I know you need to know why.    
GIBBS: That would be nice.    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: You know I… you know I think… I think… it was him or me.  Yeah.  Yeah, that’s it.  Him or me.  I took this pistol…    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: (V.O.)  And I smashed his brains in.  Wade…    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: I smashed… I smashed his brains in!  We’re all covered with blood!  

GIBBS: You don’t have to remember any more, Mister Yost.  Take a deep breath.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe. 
YOST: Phew.  It smells like rotten eggs in here.    
GIBBS: Tony, let’s get Mister Yost some air.    
  CUT TO:     
GIBBS: Well?    
DUCKY: I’m a medical examiner, not a psychiatrist.    
GIBBS: I won’t sue you, Duck.    
DUCKY: Well, he reminds me of my great uncle William in Bristol.  We’d visit every Christmas.  He was always apologizing for sitting naked at the dinner table.    
GIBBS: He wasn’t naked, was he?    
DUCKY: No.  Aunt Gertrude was.  I’m sorry, Gibbs.  My point is my uncle was a little dotty as is your Mister Yost.    
GIBBS: Ducky, what do you think he smelled in there?    
DUCKY: I hesitate to ask.    
GIBBS: Nothing.  It was in his mind.  He was back on Iwo.  The sulfur island.    
DUCKY: Sulfur smells like rotten eggs.    
KATE: Good news, I think.    
DUCKY: It’s not good if you have to think about it.    
KATE: Corporal Wade Kean was killed in action on Iwo Jima on March third, nineteen forty five according to the Marine Corps casualty list.    
DUCKY: That’s the day before Yost was cited for gallantry.    
KATE: That means he didn’t kill him, right?  

DUCKY: If no one witnessed the murder Yost alleges committing, they’d assumed that Corporal Kean was killed by the Japanese.  I’m sorry, Kate.  It doesn’t really prove anything except a brave Marine died.    
GIBBS: Ducky, say Yost’s best friend was killed in action.  What’s he feel?    
DUCKY: Pain.  Anger.  Relief.    
GIBBS: Survivor’s guilt.  He’s glad it’s not him.  He hates himself for that feeling.    
DUCKY: Exactly.    
GIBBS: The next night Yost is in hand-to-hand combat.    
KATE: So he confused killing a Japanese soldier with killing his friend.    
GIBBS: This all started when his wife died.  Survivor’s guilt again, Duck?    
DUCKY: No wait, wait, wait.  You’re on to something there.  But how do you prove it to him?    
GIBBS: Kate, prepare an affidavit to exhume the body of Marine Corporal Wade Kean.    
KATE: At Iwo Jima?    
GIBBS: He’s not in Iwo Jima.  We gave the island back to Japan in sixty eight.  Every Marine buried there was brought home.  You find him.  Dig him up. 

  CUT TO:     
TONY: Oh, “The Sands of Iwo Jima!”  (AS JOHN WAYNE)  “Guys make mistakes, I guess.  But every one we make, the whole stack of chips goes with it.”   

MCGEE: Who said that?    
TONY: That’s John Wayne.  Sergeant Striker.  Come on.  It’s in the flick you’re downloading.    
MCGEE: John Wayne is in “To The Shores of Iwo Jima?”    
TONY: It’s sand, McGee.  Not shores.    
MCGEE: No, it’s shores.    
TONY: You’re going to challenge me on the name of one of the Duke’s finest films?    
MCGEE: Tony, this isn’t a Hollywood film.  It’s a Marine documentary.  “To the Shores of Iwo Jima.”    
TONY: Wow, it’s the same footage.    
MCGEE: The Corps probably let them use it.    
GIBBS: How’s he doing?    
TONY: Listen to him.    
GIBBS: That “To the Shores of Iwo Jima?”    
MCGEE: Yeah, I thought it might help.    
GIBBS: Good thought.  When he wakes up, take him home.    
TONY: Will do.    
GIBBS: Stay with him.  I don’t want him to be alone.    
TONY: Oh, boss!  I’ve got tickets to the National Ballet tonight.    
GIBBS: The National Ballet?    
TONY: Yeah, and the tickets are really hard to get.  Tell him, McGee.    
MCGEE: Um… well…    
GIBBS: What nation?    
TONY: It starts with an “S.”    
GIBBS: Bed him down, DiNozzo, and stay with him.    
  CUT TO:     

GIBBS: (V.O.)  It can’t be a coincidence. (ON CAMERA) Yost’s wife buried in the same cemetery as Corporal Kean.    
SUPERINTENDENT: Well, Mister Yost must have requested the plot for he and his wife decades ago to be buried there.  I mean this section of the cemetery has been filled since the seventies.     
GRIFFITH: Left, right, left!  Left right, left!  Left, right, left… (MARINE CORPS COLORS MARCH TO THE GRAVE SITE:    
GRIFFITH: Detail halt!  Left face!  (TO GIBBS)  Marine burial detail present as requested, Special Agent Gibbs.    
GIBBS: Thank you, Colonel.  Now we’re ready.    
  CUT TO:     
DUCKY: Skeletal remains as expected.  They were buried only in a canvas bag or poncho.  Twenty years in sulfuric soil takes its toll.    
KATE: What’s that in his teeth?    
GIBBS: Dog tag.  When you were killed in action, one of your dog tags was inserted between your teeth and your lower jaw was slammed shut locking it in place so the body could always be identified.    
KATE: Oh, god!    
DUCKY: Traumatized bilateral amputation of the legs.    
KATE: Artillery shell?    
GIBBS: Land mine.  Check the top of the skull, Ducky.  Here.  (BEAT)  Don’t tell me.    
DUCKY: I’m afraid there is a blunt force fracture.    
GIBBS: You’ve got to do it.    
DUCKY: The pattern mark’s a rough fit.    
GIBBS: He said he was bringing us evidence.    
 FADE IN:    
FAITH: Yost confessed in a letter to SECNAV.  He surrendered the murder weapon.  Your own medical examiner matched it to the tool mark on the victim’s skull fracture.    
  CUT TO:     
FAITH: What more do you want?    
GIBBS: Motive.    
FAITH: I don’t need a motive to prosecute.    
GIBBS: I do.  McGee. (SFX: VIDEO PLAYS)   
YOST: (MUFFLED ON MONITOR) I picked up this pistol and I hit him with it.   I smashed his brains in!  Wade.  I smashed his brains in.… I smashed his brains in!  We were all covered with blood!    
DOCTOR: Take a deep breath.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.    
GIBBS: Look at him, Commander.  He’s living in agony over something he didn’t do.    
FAITH: How do you know?    
GIBBS: Have you ever been in combat?    
FAITH: No.    
GIBBS: The only one you depend on is the buddy next to you.  He’s closer to you than your brother.  Why would you smash his head in?    
FAITH: God only knows.    
GIBBS: Well then he had better tell me… because I don’t understand, and neither does Yost.    
FAITH: I’m tired of arguing with you, Gibbs.  Deliver Yost to the Quantico brig... .   
GIBBS: I can’t do that.    
FAITH: Damn it, Gibbs.  Do you think I want to incarcerate an eighty two year old man?  I’m following the SECNAV’s direct orders.  He said investigate.  You did, and found enough evidence to hold him over for a court martial.  Now take him into custody.      
GIBBS: I said can’t… not wouldn’t.    
FAITH: Please don’t insult me by telling me he escaped.    
GIBBS: The older they are, the sneakier they are.    
KATE: Yost complained of a weak bladder.  He had to use the restroom every ten minutes.  We gave up escorting him and one time he just didn’t come back.    
MCGEE: We found a window open.  He must have shimmied down the drain pipe.    
FAITH: I’d like to have seen that.    
GIBBS: We think the weak bladder was a trick to get us to let down our guard.    
KATE: We’re sick about it, Commander.    
FAITH: Yes, I can see that.  You all look absolutely devastated.  

MCGEE: I put out an A-P-B.  Airports.  Train stations.  Taxi cabs.  Walker rentals.    
FAITH: All right, Gibbs.  I’ll give you twenty-four hours and that’s it.  I want Yost at the Quantico brig at zero eight hundred tomorrow.    
GIBBS: We’ll be there.    
FAITH: I don’t give a damn if you’re there.  Just make sure Yost is.    
KATE: Gibbs, maybe she’s right.  Commander Coleman admits that JAG doesn’t want to incarcerate him so what’s the worst that can happen?    
GIBBS: Dishonorable discharge… and a loss of his Medal of Honor.    
KATE: I hadn’t thought of that.    
GIBBS: Yeah.  Neither has Yost.  And there’s worse.  A hero… could go to his grave carrying a guilt he doesn’t deserve.  I won’t let that happen.    
KATE: So what do we do?    
GIBBS: Find every living Marine who served with Yost on Iwo Jima.    
KATE: If there is one. (BEAT) Right.    
GIBBS: McGee.    
MCGEE: Boss.    
GIBBS: I want you and Abby to reconstruct the battle.  That Marine documentary you downloaded is a start.  I want to follow Corporals Yost and Kean minute by minute.  From D-Day until Kean was killed and Yost was evacuated.     
MCGEE: You got it, Boss.    
GIBBS: I want it so real I can smell the sulfur.    
MCGEE: Yeah.    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: Hey!  That was fun last night.  You got some arm on you, kid.    
TONY: That was luck.    
YOST: What?    
TONY: (SHOUTS)  I said it--    
TONY: I said I was lucky.  What’s that?    
YOST: It’s Wild Turkey.  Milk back.  Want one?    
TONY: Uh, I don’t think my stomach can handle it after the chili dogs last night.    
YOST: I’ve been drinking one of these every morning for almost fifty years.  Semper fi.    
TONY: You got any coffee?    
YOST: Percolator in there.  Yeah.  You know, speaking of luck… let me tell you, we almost didn’t get to Iwo.    
TONY: No.    
YOST: We were in a forty knot gale.  The ship was like a roller coaster.  Up one wave.  Down the next.  And me and Wade are leaning over the railing puking like we had spent the weekend liberty at the slop chute.  And guess what happened?    
TONY: You fell in.    
YOST: No.  A torpedo shoots out of the water, zips over our heads.  That close!  Flies right into the sea.  Right over the ship!  I guess our number wasn’t up.    
TONY: So what’s it feel like?    
YOST: Smooth.    
TONY: Being a hero.    
YOST: Oh, I’m no hero.      
TONY: Medal says you are.    
YOST: The real heroes never came back.  They deserved that, not me.  Not me.  I was scared to death.  I don’t even remember doing what they said I did.    
TONY: You don’t remember killing all those Japanese soldiers?    
YOST: No, it’s like someone else did it.  Maybe somebody else did.  I don’t know.    
TONY: Maybe it was someone else who killed Wade.    
YOST: You want to look at some pictures?    
TONY: Sure.    
YOST: First drawer there.  That’s it.  There.  Here you go.  Here you go.  There’s me.  There’s Ferris Bellows.  Chip Stearns.  And that’s Wade next to me.  We took this on the Canal.    
TONY: Guadalcanal?    
YOST: Yeah, two days before I got hit in the chest.      
TONY: You got wounded on Guadalcanal and then they sent you to Iwo?    
YOST: Just not me.  A lot of Marines, you know.  Chip got hit on the Canal.  Caught one in the butt.    
YOST: We never let him forget it.  Well… Nambu cut him down on Iwo.  Here.  Here.  This is my Dorothy.    
TONY: Oh, man!  She’s hot!  Sorry, Ernie.    
YOST: That’s okay, kid.  She was hot.  She was the cutest Navy nurse in Hawaii.    
TONY: Is that how you two met?    
YOST: Yep.  I don’t even remember the hospital ship.  But when I finally opened my eyes on Oahu, she was the first thing I saw.  Love at first sight.    
TONY: So you two get married before you shipped out to Iwo Jima?    
YOST: No, no.  We had to wait until after the war.  Her being an officer and me enlisted… I would lay in my rack at night and ache for her.    
TONY: I’ll bet your buddies were jealous.    
YOST: Who told you that?!    
TONY: Nobody!  She’s gorgeous!  I’m just saying… who wouldn’t be jealous?    
YOST: I have to take a whiz.    
ABBY: (V.O.)  Iwo Jima, five miles long…    
ABBY: … half of that in width.  Twenty seven thousand Japanese dug in so deep, that ten weeks of bombardment couldn’t touch them.    
MCGEE: One out of every three Marines on Iwo Jima was a casualty.      
ABBY: The Japanese had eight hundred pill boxes and three miles of tunnels on that tiny little island.    
MCGEE: The Marines hoped to take Mount Suribachi on the first day.     
ABBY: It took five before the famous flag-raising.  And then the battle went on for about a month after that.    
MCGEE: It was actually the second flag to be raised.  The first was too small to be seen by all the Marines.     
GIBBS: Hey, I am only interested in two Marines, Corporals Yost and Kean.      
ABBY: Gibbs, we’re trying to give you a little background here.    
GIBBS: I got that, Abby, at Parris Island.    
ABBY: Okay.  D-Day.  Zero nine hundred.  Blue Beach One.  Corporals Yost and Kean land with the Twenty-fifth Regimen of the Fourth Division.  (V.O.)  They’re about to take the airfield with the Third Division, while the Fifth Division takes Suribachi and advances up the west coast.      
MCGEE: First Airfield falls on D-Day and they sweep up the east shore towards the sulfur quarry and Airfield Two.      
ABBY: Estimates were five days, ten max.    
MCGEE: Over two weeks later they are still trying to take that second airfield.    
ABBY: Corporal Kean’s body was found here, Turkey Knob.    
MCGEE: The next night Yost was cited for the Medal of Honor here about five hundred yards away.    
GIBBS: What’s this here?    
ABBY: That’s the gap between the Fourth and Third Division lines.  The night that Corporal Kean died, the Japanese had amassed several hundred troops for a banzai charge.    
MCGEE: They were getting desperate.  See, up until then they’d only fought from inside their bunkers.    
GIBBS: Kean was killed here below the cave mouth.    
ABBY: Within spitting distance.    
GIBBS: He stepped on a landmine.  He’d blown off both his legs.  He was in severe pain.  This ditch runs north where the Japanese were amassing.  They had to pass within yards of Kean and Yost.    
KATE: You think… Yost hit him in the head to keep him quiet?    
GIBBS: Well, that’s got to be it!  He had no reason to kill him.  He was his buddy!    
  CUT TO:    
TONY: Ernie!    
YOST: Hold your horses.  I’m coming.  I’ll bet you never had a ham and cheese like this.  You see, I mix mayo with mustard…    
TONY: Is this Wade and Dorothy?  It looks like a high school photo.    
YOST: It was the senior prom.  She was queen.  He was king.    
TONY: Wade knew Dorothy before you.  Ernie, were they sweethearts?    
 FADE IN:    
GIBBS: I don’t believe it.    
TONY: It doesn’t matter, Boss.  He does.    
KATE: Commander Coleman is going to use this to put Yost away for the rest of his life.    
TONY: Do we have to tell her?    
GIBBS: Well, no, Special Agent DiNozzo.  Here at NCIS we just report evidence we like.    
KATE: You know, Gibbs, it doesn’t change your theory.  Corporal Kean was in pain from his wounds.  Yost knocked him out to keep his cries from alerting passing Japanese.  So over the years Yost begins questioning himself.  Did he have to hit him that hard to silence him?  Or did he do it to get the woman that they both loved?  

MCGEE: Well, I tracked down Private Bellows.  He was in Vegas last month playing blackjack.  Double downed on two aces, caught two queens.  Reached for his chips and dropped dead.  Billows’ death makes Yost the last surviving Marine from his unit on Iwo.    
KATE: It’s just so hard to believe that there’s nobody left on the planet who was there that night.    
YOST: Do you guys like Benny Goodman?  I’m an Artie Shaw man myself.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Benny Goodman was great.  But Artie Shaw… when he lifted that clarinet.  Boy, did we argue about that!  Wade loved Goodman.   Me?  Artie Shaw any day.  Do you dance?    
KATE: Yes, sure!    
YOST: (SINGS)  When they begin the beguine
It brings back the sound of music so tender
It brings back a night of tropical splendor
It brings back a memory evergreen (HUMS)
….orchestra’s playing… (HUMS)    
FAITH: Where’s Gibbs?!    
TONY: Good afternoon to you, too, Commander Coleman.    
FAITH: He was to deliver Corporal Yost to me.    
YOST: Present and accounted for, Sir!    
FAITH: … It’s now eight hundred.  You’re Ernest Yost?    
YOST: Yes, Ma'am.    
TONY: This is Lieutenant Commander Coleman, Ernie.  JAG Corps.  She’s here to uh… arrest you.    
YOST: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this, Commander.      
TONY: What’s with the Olsen twins?    
FAITH: They’re here to escort the accused to Quantico.     
YOST: Well, it’s about time.    
KATE: We’ll deliver him.    
FAITH: You’ve had two days to do that.    
GIBBS: Right on time, Commander.    
FAITH: I’m on time?  You’re the one who failed to deliver the accused to me at zero eight hundred.     
GIBBS: I’ve got a witness.    
FAITH: Witness to what?    
GIBBS: What happened the night Corporal Kean died.    
MCGEE: You couldn’t have!  I mean, you could have.  Obviously you did.  Did I miss someone in his unit?    
GIBBS: No, all Marines are deceased.    
YOST: Ernie’s alive.    
FAITH: Gibbs.    
GIBBS: Commander, there were more than Marines in Iwo Jima.  There were more than twenty thousand Japanese.     
FAITH: They were all killed.    
GIBBS: Not all.  A few were taken prisoner.  Some never returned to Japan.      
FAITH: You found a Japanese soldier who fought on Iwo Jima?    
GIBBS: A Japanese Lieutenant right here in this District as it so happens.      
FAITH: As it so happens.      
GIBBS: Yes.    
FAITH: And where is this miraculous find?    
GIBBS: Well, he went to the bathroom on the way in.  He should be here any…  Lieutenant Commander Coleman.  Hitoshi Yoshida.  Former Lieutenant, Japanese Imperial Army.    
FAITH: You were an Imperial Army Lieutenant?    
YOSHIDA: Army of Emperor… Lieutenant.  Hai.    
FAITH: Taken prisoner by Marines on Iwo Jima?     
YOSHIDA: Marine….to...    
GIBBS: English isn’t his thing.    
FAITH: Gibbs.  I don’t know what you’re trying to do.    
GIBBS: Trying to get to the truth, Faith.    
FAITH: (LONG BEAT)  You’re only delaying the inevitable.    
GIBBS: All we have to lose is a little time.    
FAITH: Okay, I will give you a little time.    
  CUT TO:     
FAITH: What’s Gibb’s doing? (SFX: MATCH LIGHTS)   
DUCKY: He’s creating the smell of sulfur.      
  CUT TO:     
GIBBS: Corporal Yost.    
YOST: Sir!    
GIBBS: Iwo Jima.  Hill Three Eighty-two.  The Meat Grinder.      
  CUT TO:     

TONY: Start the tape.    
  CUT TO:     
NARRATOR: (V.O.)  Five hundred landing craft in ten waves advance on three thousand yards of beach.    
GIBBS: Night patrol.  Probing Japanese lines.  You, Private Stearns, Private Bellows, Private Morris, Corporal Kean.    
YOST: I killed him.    
GIBBS: He stepped on a mine.    
YOST: Blew his legs off.  But I killed him. (SFX: MATCH LIGHTS)   
YOSHIDA: (SHOUTS IN JAPANESE)  Tonight we kill Marines!  Their blood will honor us!    
  CUT TO:     
CORPORAL YOST: (WHISPERS)  Quiet!  Shh!  You gotta keep quiet, Wade!  Come on!    
YOST: (WHISPERS)  Suck it up, Wade!  Try!    
KEAN: I can’t!    
BELLOWS: (WHISPERS)  Shut him up!  Shut him up!    
YOST: Shh.  Wade, shh!    
  CUT TO:     
  CUT TO:     
BELLOWS: (WHISPERS)  Ernie, do something! (SFX: KEAN CRIES LOUDLY)   
  CUT TO:     
YOST: Shh!      
YOSHIDA: (IN JAPANESE)  I hear something!    
YOST: Shh!  Shh!    
  CUT TO:     
BELLOWS: Ernie!      
STEARNS: Ernie, shut him up!  Shut him up!    
BELLOWS: Ernie, make him stop!    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: (CRIES)  Sorry, Wade!  I’m sorry.    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: (CRIES/V.O.)  I’m sorry.    
TONY: Well…    
FAITH: I will inform the SECNAV that former Marine Corporal Ernest Yost is suffering from Delayed Stress Syndrome.  Corporal Kean was killed in action.  Not by Yost.    
  CUT TO:     
YOST: You’re not going to arrest me either?    
GIBBS: Nope.  You struck Corporal Kean to quiet him, not to kill him.  You had no choice.  Sit down.    
YOST: How can I be sure?  Tell me that, Gibbs.  How can I ever be sure?    
GIBBS: You met Dorothy in Hawaii after you were wounded on Guadalcanal.    
YOST: Yes.  She was a Navy nurse.    
GIBBS: You decide to get married before you shipped off to Iwo?    
YOST: Yeah, I told you.  It was love at first sight.  We were going to get hitched when one of us was discharged.    
GIBBS: Who was going to be your best man?    
YOST: That was going to be Wade.  He was…(BEAT) I asked Wade!  He knew I was going to marry Dorothy!  He said no hard feelings.  He thought we were meant for each other.    
GIBBS: Ernie, you did what you did to save the rest of your patrol.  No other reason.  Come on, Corporal.  Let a Gunny buy you dinner.    
YOST: You were never an officer?    
GIBBS: Oh hell no!    
YOST: I knew there was something about you I liked.    
  CUT TO:     
GIBBS: Semper fi!    
YOST: Semper fi!    
YOST: Sail again?  

GIBBS: Yeah, why not?  (IN JAPANESE)  More saki, please!    
YOSHIDA: (IN JAPANESE)  More saki.  Coming up.  Hai.    
GIBBS: (IN JAPANESE)  Thank you.    
YOST: You conned me, Gunny!    
GIBBS: Nah.  Would I do that to you?    
YOST: You’re damn right you would!  And I want to thank you for it.  (TO YOSHIDA)  And you were never on Iwo Jima.     
YOSHIDA: Iwo Jima.  No.      
YOST: Ah.    
YOSHIDA: (HALTINGLY)  Guadalcanal.    
* * * * * * * *

Prepared by C.C.   Printed in USA
Calvert Continuities   Aired 11/23/04

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