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#505 : Règle tacite

Nell rejoint l’équipe sur le terrain lorsque la compagne d’un ancien officier de la Navy est kidnappée. Cet officier est placé devant un choix cornélien :   les ravisseurs réclament des documents confidentiels du service des renseignements. Doit-il laisser partir les infos pour la sauver ? Pendant ce temps Deeks, sans le savoir, transgresse une des règles d’Hetty… 


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Titre VO
Unwritten Rule (425NP)

Titre VF
Règle tacite

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Promo sous titrée en français


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Sam et Callen sortent de la voiture

Sam et Callen sortent de la voiture

les quatre agents dans le hangar dé

les quatre agents dans le hangar dé

Kensi et Deeks armés vont entrer dans un lieu suspect

Kensi et Deeks armés vont entrer dans un lieu suspect

Callen (Chris O'Donnell)

Callen (Chris O'Donnell)

Kensi suivie par le squad

Kensi suivie par le squad

Sam sort du bâtiment

Sam sort du bâtiment

l'agent Hanna donne son avis à l'agent Callen

l'agent Hanna donne son avis à l'agent Callen

les 4 agents se concertent avant l’attaque

les 4 agents se concertent avant l’attaque


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Scénario : Joseph C. Wilson & Jordana Lewis Jaffe

Réalisation :  Larry Teng

Guests : 

Eric Ladin ............................ William Garrett
Sunkrish Bala ............................ Oscar Balsam
Kelly Frye ............................ Robin Henson
Kyle Mattocks ............................ Navy Petty Officer Jason Clarke
Bobo Chang ............................ Foster
Chris Dotson ............................ Bryce

----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[A womam is panting: she’s running, and often looking behind. She grunts: she has just stepped into a hole and nearly felt down]

WOMAN: No. Come on, Robin!

[She wears a number, and obviously leads the race, the LA Canyon 10K run. She’s first at the finish line- people applause, cheer and whistle- runners behind are closing the gap. Another competitor hugs her. Suddenly a vehicle is approaching – very fast. It stops near both women, tires squealing. Two guys wearing masks jump out and shoot in the air. People scream and flee. One of the guys aims at the back of the “winner” with a Taser. She falls down with convulsive movements as the Taser is clicking. They’re panicked screaming. The 2nd man picks up the woman and drags her into the van. The other joins them]

MAN: Let's go! Let's go!

[The van leaves the scene…]


NCIS: LA 5x05 Unwritten Rule

Original air date on October 22, 2013


[NCIS office. Front door.  G is pulling his bag out of the Jag when a motorcycle approaches: Deeks]

DEEKS: What's up?

CALLEN:  What case...?

[The engine revs]

DEEKS: Sorry. What?

CALLEN: I said, what case…?

[The engine revs again – Deeks laughs and stops it]

DEEKS: Oh, I'm so sorry. I just couldn't help it. She's just... she's just so pretty.

CALLEN: Uh-huh. What case is this for?

DEEKS: This, my friend, is the case for Marty Deeks living a life of freedom on the open road.

CALLEN: This is your bike?

DEEKS: All 865 cc's of her military green 1100. Maybe you can, uh...you can pet her if you want to.

CALLEN: Hetty know about this?

DEEKS: What? No.

[Callen laughs and enters. Deeks follows]

DEEKS: What? Like I need Hetty's permission to buy a motorcycle?

[He laughs]

DEEKS: Please.


[Bullpen. Deeks is whistling, he puts his helmet on his desk. Sam chuckles]

SAM: What the hell is that?

DEEKS: That beauty goes with my new ride.

KENSI: You bought a motorcycle? He... he bought a motorcycle?

CALLEN: He did indeed.

SAM: Does Hetty know you bought a motorcycle?

DEEKS: I see what's happening here. I'm excited about my bike, and you're trying to deny me that pleasure for your own cruel amusement, like the pack of jackals that you are.

CALLEN: He doesn't know the rule.

DEEKS: What?

SAM: You didn't tell him the rule?

KENSI: I didn't think I had to.

CALLEN: He's your partner. You should be telling him the rules.

DEEKS: He is still in the room. Hi. How are you? What's the rule?

SAM: NCIS agents work hard and play safe.

CALLEN: No matter how much danger we put ourselves in at work, when we're off the clock, we don't take unnecessary risks.

DEEKS: Are-are you... are you kidding me? 'Cause yesterday, I jumped on a speeding train, took out a psychopath with a flamethrower, and that was all before breakfast.

SAM: Yeah. And when the train stopped, I got you a bran muffin.

DEEKS: That was a good muffin.

KENSI: You know what? It's not a problem.

DEEKS: Okay. Thank you.

KENSI: All he has to do is get rid of that bike before Hetty sees it.

DEEKS: No, no, no. We're not getting rid of anything. I just got it. It has 12 miles on it.

CALLEN: That'll make it easier to sell.

KENSI: Exactly.  

DEEKS: I'm not selling it! How come I never heard of this rule before?

SAM: Probably because you're not really an NCIS agent.

KENSI: Ooh! Touché.

DEEKS: Yeah. Still, not how you use the word "touché," but you're getting better. You know what? Let me settle this once and for all.

[Hetty is walking up, reading papers. Kensi hastily hides the helmet]

DEEKS: Hetty, hi.

[He clears his throat]

DEEKS: Can, I, uh...ask you a question?


DEEKS: No, as in, I can't ask you a question?

HETTY: No. Upstairs. There's a case.

DEEKS: You're not even curious of what the question is?


DEEKS: Okay. I cherish these conversations. Feel like we're really bonding as a couple.


[OPS center.]

SAM: What do we have, kids?

ERIC: Forcible abduction in broad daylight. This just happened.

 [He puts up to the screen footage from the finish line scene]

KENSI: Oh, man.

DEEKS: Ouch.

NELL: LAPD isn't releasing her name until they can notify next of kin, but thanks to her race registration number, we've ID'd her as Robin Henson.

KENSI: She Navy?

ERIC: No, but her boyfriend was.

NELL: William Garret He was an intelligence officer. He specialized in highly-classified drone navigation design.

DEEKS: Wait. So, "was" or "is"?

ERIC: Was. He took an early discharge from the Navy just last week.

SAM: Why?

ERIC: Not sure. The file doesn't give an explanation.

KENSI: Oddly coincidental.

CALLEN: Kidnappers could have grabbed the girlfriend to trade for Garrett's naval secrets.

ERIC: Well, we're looking for the van. No joy so far.

CALLEN: It's odd. These guys picked the most public moment in the most public place possible to grab her.

DEEKS: So, are they ruthless, brazen or just stupid?

KENSI: Well, let's hope it's the latter and not all three.

SAM: Where's Garrett?

NELL: Well, he's not answering his home phone, and his cell phone's in Koreatown. Not answering that, either.

CALLEN: Send us the address. Kensi, Deeks, why don't you check out the crime scene, see if there's anything else that can help us.

DEEKS: I gonna go see Hetty.

[G looks at Eric and Nell]

CALLEN: Keep looking for the van, or anything else you can find on Garrett and his girlfriend.

ERIC: Got it.

NELL: Yup.


[Hetty’s office]

DEEKS: Hetty, hey. I'm, uh...heading out to the crime scene with Kensi, but I just wanted to let you know officially that, uh, Uncle Marty's back. My head is right, I'm feeling good. You know, feeling strong. I could rock out 50 burpees for you right now if you asked me to.

HETTY: How's your heart?

DEEKS: My heart? My heart's great! Are you kidding me? I'm running sub-five, 30 miles, I got a new road bike, thinking about doing the Malibu Ironman. I'm like a...I'm like a Shaolin monk with a... with a young bull, mixed with, like, a very charismatic cheetah.

HETTY: I meant your emotional center.

DEEKS: My emotional center? I don't think I follow.

HETTY: I'm pretty certain you do.

DEEKS: Okay, all right, let's just say for the sake of argument that I do follow you. Then, I would say that it's fine. I'd say that it's better than fine. I'd say it's phenomenal. I mean, you heard what I said about the Shaolin monk, right? With the cheetah?

[She stares at him]

DEEKS: Okay. I understand that you worry about me more than the others. Um, that's mostly because I'm your favorite. Obviously. Don't say otherwise.

[She smiles]

DEEKS: It'll break my heart. But I want you to know that I'm great. I'm actually... I'm better than great. Kensi's great.

HETTY: I see.

DEEKS: What do you mean, you-you see? Why, did Kensi say something other than you? Because if she said something that contrasted that, I think it's because, at this point, well, it's-it's difficult to explain. I think it's personal feelings at...Now... Wow. No.

[He laughs]

DEEKS:  I'm not gonna fall for this. I'm not one of your other little minions. I'm not gonna fall for your Jedi mind tricks.

[she glares at him]

DEEKS: Is it getting cold in here? 'Cause I feel like it just got, like, rapidly cold in here. Like, I need, like, earmuffs 'cause my fingers are tingling.

HETTY: Could be, um...early signs of Raynaud's.

DEEKS: What's that?

HETTY: Look it up. Better yet, get it checked out.

DEEKS: I will.

[She smiles, looking at his back…]


[Sam and G enter Reduce-Q office in Koreatown]

SAM: Nobody home.

[They hear voices next door]

MAN: No, we're not doing that. It's a bad idea. We've been through this before, and it didn't work.

[They pull out their guns]

SAM: Federal agents!

MAN: What the hell?!

[6 men put their hands up]

CALLEN: William Garrett?


CALLEN: Special Agent G. Callen, Sam Hanna, NCIS. Who are these people?

GARRETT: They work for me.

SAM: Doing what?

GARRETT: Software design.

[The agents put their weapons away]

CALLEN: We need to talk to you in private.

GARRETT: Yeah, sure. What's this about?

MAN: No, I-I told you this would happen.

SAM: Who are you?

BALSAM: I'm Oscar Balsam. I'm his partner.

CALLEN: You told him what would happen?

BALSAM: That Uncle Sam was going to use strong-arm tactics to shut us down.

GARRETT: Is that what this is about?

[Sam pulls out his phone]

SAM: The only strong-arm tactics are the ones being used by these men that kidnapped your girlfriend.

[Garret stares at the video]

GARRETT: Oh, my God. That's Robin.


----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[G is on the balcony of the office –on phone]

ERIC: [Over phone] Garrett's company is a software startup called ReduceQ. He began it before joining the Navy, and they've developed an app that aggregates GPS data to predict wait times at airports, different stores, the DMV, wherever.

[He’s going back to the OPS while speaking]

CALLEN: That's useful, but it's hardly the stuff kidnappings are made of. Is that it?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: It's only thing they released.


CALLEN: There's nothing that could have any sort of military applications?

ERIC: [Over phone then from the OPS] Not unless it's still in development, and if they do have something, they better launch it soon. According to bank statements, they're about a month away from having the lights turned off.

CALLEN: What about Garrett's phone records?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: I'm going through them now, but the only calls he received since Robin's abduction were from LAPD and us. Nothing from the kidnappers. Oh, and no luck finding that van, either.


CALLEN: All right, keep looking, and check in with Kensi and Deeks, see if they found anything.

ERIC: [Over phone] On it.


[Nell is just entering ReduceQ. The men stop talking and stare at her]


[Nobody answers. G joins her]

NELL: Uh, sorry that took so long. I was stuck behind an old man on a scooter for the past six blocks.

CALLEN: I'm sure he appreciated your patience.

NELL: Well, he flipped me off before I finally passed him.

CALLEN: He was probably just waving.

NELL: He called me a ginger bitch.

CALLEN: …Yeah, I got nothing for that!

NELL: Mm-hmm.


[Sam and Garrett- sit at a table]

SAM: Why weren't you answering your phone?

GARRETT: We go unplugged for the first hour of the day in order to brainstorm without interruption.

SAM: What about your e-mails? Anyone try to contact you?

[Balsam joins them]

BALSAM: For, like, a ransom? Why would they do that?

SAM: Well, it's possible the kidnappers want access to your Navy intel on drone navigations in exchange for Robin.

GARRETT: Oh, this is my fault.

SAM: It's no one's fault, but we're going to need your full cooperation.

GARRETT: Yeah, sure. What do you want me to do? You want me to send everybody home?

SAM: No, no. I want you to act like nothing happened.

[G and Nell appear]

CALLEN: William Garrett, Nell Jones. She's one of our analysts. She's gonna help us get your girlfriend back.



NELL: May I see your phone, please? So, I'll monitor your calls and e-mails, check your hardware and servers, to see if anyone's tried accessing your systems.

SAM: You need any help?

NELL: No. I'm good.

CALLEN: Let us know if the rest of them give you any trouble.

NELL: I think I'll be fine. I speak Geek. These are my people.


[Abduction scene]

KENSI: So whoever grabbed this woman, Robin, did so at the end of a ten-kilometer fun run? Callen's right--it's just weird.

[Deeks chuckles]

DEEKS:  Yeah. Who runs for fun? Maybe they thought she'd put up less of a fight because she was so tired.

KENSI: Well, not to mention the Taser and a ton of witnesses.

DEEKS: Well, they're obviously following her, right, 'cause they know she's on the run, they know where the finish line is. Maybe something forced their hand; they had no choice but to grab her here in front of all these people.

KENSI: Unless they wanted people to see it happen. I think we're done here.

DEEKS: Speaking of which...I couldn't help but notice this morning you neglected to acknowledge the fact that you, too, own and operate a motorcycle.

[Kensi laughs]

KENSI: "Speaking of which"? How does that relate to anything we were just talking about?

DEEKS: Don't do that. Don't change the subject.

KENSI: You just changed the subject.

DEEKS: So you admit that you have a motorcycle?

KENSI: Yeah, for undercover work.

DEEKS: But I've seen you drive it on weekends. You know what that is? That, my friend, is a double standard.

KENSI: Okay, do you know how many returning veterans have been killed on motorcycles?

DEEKS: You know how many surfers survive shark attacks?

KENSI: What does that have to do with anything?

DEEKS: Exactly.

KENSI: Look, deaths from motor vehicle collisions, specifically motorcycles, are more prominent than suicides and overdoses in returning veterans. Five times the national average.

DEEKS: Okay, and I fully admit that it's a tragic statistic, but it's irrelevant to me because I am not a combat veteran.

KENSI: No, you're not, but you...you went through a very traumatic experience.

DEEKS: Is that what this is about?

KENSI: I know what I'm talking about, okay? Risky behavior is one of the most common symptoms of posttraumatic stress.

DEEKS: Okay, maybe this isn't risky behavior. Maybe I just read some Kerouac and saw Easy Rider and I want to feelthe wind in my hair.

KENSI: You can't feel the wind in your hair if you're wearing a helmet, genius!

DEEKS: You know what? Kensi...you don't...you don't have to worry about me.

KENSI: Yes, I do.

DEEKS: No, you don't.

KENSI: Yes, I do!!... You're my partner, Deeks. It is my job to keep you safe. Now, get in the car and...put on your seat belt.

DEEKS: Yes, Mom. You got a kid's seat in the back?


[ReduceQ office]

CALLEN: Anything?

NELL: Not yet.

[Callen looks around: two of the guys working there try to pretend they were not watching Nell. G speaks quietly]

CALLEN: I think you've got some admirers.

NELL: Yeah, I tried asking them about Garrett's business practices.


NELL: They were more interested in talking about my gun. What's with that, guys and guns?!!

CALLEN: I think it's more about cute girls with guns.


CALLEN: Is it just me, or does it look like most of these guys share the same DNA as Eric?

NELL: You think?

CALLEN: It's creepy.

NELL: Yeah.

[The computer beeps]

NELL: Someone's calling Garrett's cell.

[She types and the phone rings on the table surrounded by Sam, Garrett and Balsam]

CALLEN: [over com] You ready, Sam?

SAM: Yep.

[Garrett hesitates then grabs the phone]


[The man’s voice on phone is distorted]

MAN: I have something of yours.

GARRETT: Who is this?

MAN: I'm the guy babysitting your girlfriend.

GARRETT: Let me talk to her.

MAN: As soon as you give me what I want.

SAM: [quietly] Tell him you want proof of life.

GARRETT: How do I know she's still alive?

MAN: You don't--but if I wanted her dead, I would have killed her already. You've got one chance to save her. I'll call back in an hour with details. Make sure you're alone.

[There’s a click: end of the call. Sam walks out]

CALLEN: Tell me you got him.

NELL: Um...


NELL: Got him! Landline, fashion district.

CALLEN: Send that address to my phone. Tell Kensi and Deeks to meet us there.

SAM: And see if Eric can get eyes on the location.

NELL: Got it.


[Outside a warehouse]

DEEKS: So, I'm putting on a bulletproof vest, to charge into a hostile environment, where some crazy-ass dudes are probably gonna shoot me, right?

KENSI: Probably.

DEEKS: Okay, so answer me this. How is that safer than riding a motorcycle?

KENSI: Because I am here to protect you.

DEEKS: Oh, I see. So in that case, if you rode in the back of said motorcycle...

KENSI: Uh, that's not gonna happen, because I don't have a death wish.

DEEKS: I don't, either. I lift with my knees, I don't eat gum I found in the street, and I never run with scissors.

KENSI: What?! That was once, and I barely scratched you.

[Callen and Sam join them]

CALLEN: We got anything?

DEEKS: Yeah. Uh, no movement since we got here, no sign of the van, neighbors haven't seen anybody go in and out in weeks.

KENSI: Eric's trying to get eyes, but we're in a traffic-cam dead zone.

SAM: That's probably by design.

KENSI: Owner said that the last tenants left eight months ago. It's been vacant ever since.

DEEKS: Ground floor has two entrances, front, back-- which one do you guys want?


DEEKS: Oh, partners in sync. God, I hope we're that adorable.

KENSI: Just... walk.


[Sam and G wait at the front door. Kensi and Deeks walk carefully towards the back door]

SAM [over radio] : Tried the front door--it's unlocked.

DEEKS: Ditto.

KENSI: Ready.

[Front door]

CALLEN: On three. One, two...

[Back door]

CALLEN: [Over radio] three.

[Deeks opens the door, Kensi enters, he follows. Same thing at the front. The warehouse is dusty but empty]

CALLEN: Clear!

SAM: Clear.

KENSI: Clear.

DEEKS: Clear.

[They look around. All is quiet]

DEEKS: Well...that was uneventful.

KENSI: See? Told you it was safer than a motorcycle.

[Suddenly there’s an explosion – and a second]

SAM: Get out!

[They run out in time: the last explosion blows out the warehouse.]

CALLEN: You okay?

DEEKS: Yeah, that was a lot safer than a motorcycle!


----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[Warehouse. Firemen and bomb squad are still working. Sam goes out and joins the others]

SAM: Looks like they rigged blasting caps to the structural components of the roof. Triggered it with a ten-dollar motion sensor.

[Callen checks the sensor]

CALLEN: Better model, we'd all be dead.

KENSI: So, who was that meant for, us?

CALLEN: Maybe.

SAM: It may have been pre-rigged for the exchange.

DEEKS: Or a warning for anyone who tried to help Garrett.

CALLEN: Either way, I'd say these guys are pros.

SAM: Pros who are ready to kill innocent people.


[NCIS office. Eric in the stairs with Deeks and Kensi]

ERIC: So, I been digging around, trying to find someone who may have a beef with William Garrett.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: I think I found a possible suspect. Jason Clarke-- he's a mechanical engineer who served alongside Garrett and was recently reprimanded for putting a baseball bat through Garrett's windshield.

KENSI: What happened there?

ERIC: The report is not specific, but I do see a check for $318 from Clarke to Garrett probably to pay for the damage.

DEEKS: That's fantastic. We got an address?

ERIC: Better than that-- I have him being brought to the boatshed.

DEEKS: Nice.

KENSI: Update Callen and Sam. We will interrogate slugger boy.

ERIC: Yes, ma'am.


[ReduceQ office. The agents show Garrett Clarkes’s photo]

GARRETT: Jason and I served together.

SAM: You two have issues?

GARRETT: No. God, it's been almost an hour. Why haven't they called back?

SAM: If you and Jason Clarke didn't have issues, then why'd he put a baseball bat through your car window?

GARRETT: I don't know. Maybe you should ask him.

SAM: We will.

GARRETT: What does it mean if they haven't called back?

CALLEN: They'll call.

GARRETT: How do you know that?

CALLEN: Because they want something. But right now I need you to focus so you can try and help us find her. Why did he bust up your car?

GARRETT: I don't know. Maybe because he's a 'roid-raging hothead. He was pissed off that I left the Navy. Said it was an act of disloyalty.

SAM: Was it?

GARRETT: No. I'd had enough. Wanted to focus on my business. He's one of those guys that blamed everybody else for his problems.

SAM: What kind of problems?

GARRETT: Passed over for promotions, money, relationships, you name it. Guy was a ticking time bomb.

CALLEN: He know Robin?

GARRETT: Not as well as he would've liked.

[He sighs]

GARRETT: He'd hit on your girl while you were right there. You know the type.

CALLEN: I hate that type.

[Garrett sighs again]

GARRETT: It's been an hour. Time's up.


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Kensi and Deeks enter, Clarke is pacing up and down – he’s tall]

DEEKS: Whoa. What sort of top secret naval experiment did you come from?

KENSI: Deeks, wh...

[She sighs]

KENSI: Have a seat.

DEEKS: Have a... seat.

CLARKE: You want to tell me why I'm here?

KENSI: You know William Garrett?

CLARKE: Yeah. We served together.

DEEKS: Obviously not on a submarine.

KENSI: His girlfriend, Robin, was abducted this morning.

CLARKE: By who?

DEEKS: Well, we were hoping that you could help us out with that.

CLARKE: How the hell should I know?

DEEKS: 'Cause you guys have a history. Evidently, you went all Jose Conseco on him, put a baseball bat through his windshield.

CLARKE: Are you trying to annoy me?

KENSI: He doesn't have to try; he's naturally annoying.

DEEKS: It's a gift, really. I don't like to talk about it.

CLARKE: Garrett's a selfish ass. We served together. He developed some cool stuff, but it was me and my guys who actually built it, and worked out the bugs.

DEEKS: Because you have a degree in engineering?

CLARKE: Two. Plus my PhD. I can also tear a phone book in half with my bare hands.

DEEKS: Wow, I imagine that comes in pretty handy now that we're in the digital age. Where do you even find a phone book at this point? Do you get them off of eBay?

CLARKE: Listen, beach boy, anytime!

KENSI: Hey, sit down and shut up!

DEEKS: And there it is.

[Clarke obeys]

KENSI: If you had anything to do with this, your next workout is gonna be in a prison yard.

CLARKE: Okay, okay! I broke the guy's windshield. Big deal. I paid for it. All I wanted was a chance to cash in, too.

DEEKS: Cash in on what?

CLARKE: His start-up. I wanted him to share the wealth. It only seemed fair. I helped him work out those bugs in the past.

KENSI: Hang on a second. His company can barely stay afloat.

CLARKE: Then why'd the Navy let him out early?

DEEKS: What does that have to do with anything?

KENSI: When a person in the military comes into a lot of money, they can get permission to leave because it's felt that their service is no longer a first priority.

DEEKS: Wait, that's an actual thing?

KENSI: It's an unwritten... thing. And it probably explains why Garrett's naval records didn't give a reason for his early discharge.

DEEKS: But you said that Garrett's company hasn't made any money.

KENSI: Right.

CLARKE: It's about to. We were out celebrating when I asked him to be a part of it. He got really condescending. And I guess I got a little worked up.

KENSI: How much money are we talking about?


[NCIS office. Sam and G are just back]

SAM: $75 million? I got a bad feeling about this.

[Eric is in front of the screen in the bullpen with Kensi and Deeks]

ERIC: I'm sorry. I missed it. The wire transfer was still pending. It just went through about 20 minutes ago.

KENSI: Same time they were expecting the kidnappers to call back.

CALLEN: Where did the money come from?

ERIC: Songshaw Holdings. It's a venture capital firm out of Hong Kong. Or at least that's where it starts. The more I dig, the bigger it gets and the more far east it goes. Right into mainland China.

CALLEN: ReduceQ's app is not worth a fraction of $75 million.

KENSI: The only thing worth that much is what Garrett designed for the Navy.

SAM: The Chinese government could be behind this. They create a shell company, make a VC investment, when, really, they're paying for Garrett's naval intelligence.

DEEKS: So why kidnap Robin? Why not just buy the technology?

CALLEN: Because maybe Garrett figured it out. He's a businessman; he's not a traitor. I don't believe he would knowingly sell out his own country.

SAM: Grab Robin to make sure he goes through with it.

KENSI: That would explain why the kidnappers haven't made another ransom call--they've already been in touch.

[Hetty clears her throat]

HETTY: So, if Garrett now has the money, does that mean the Chinese now have our drone technology?

[They exchange looks]

HETTY: I see. I'll alert SECNAV.

SAM: [quietly] Told you I had a bad feeling about this.


[Outside ReduceQ office. Callen on phone]

CALLEN: All right, Nell. Thanks. We're headed up now. [To Sam] She's just skimming the surface of Garrett's servers, but it looks like we were right. He was at least discussing the drones with Songshaw Holdings.

SAM: I hate it when we're right. I'm not convinced they’re gonna let Robin go.

[G stares questioningly at him]

SAM: Once they grabbed the girl, they could trade her for the technology. There's no need to pay him.

CALLEN: Well, maybe the money keeps him quiet.

SAM: $75 million? That's a lot of quiet.

CALLEN: But what do they gain by keeping her? Once they've got what they wanted, she's no longer leverage. She's a liability. It's almost like we're working two cases.

SAM: That's true.

CALLEN: Either way, he neglected to mention his recent cash flow to federal agents.

SAM: I get the feeling there's a lot of things this guy neglected to mention.


[OPS center. Deeks and Kensi enter]

DEEKS: What do you got?

ERIC: We've been monitoring Garrett's phone for a call from the kidnappers, expecting them to call today.

DEEKS: Right.

ERIC: Which they did-- or at least they wanted us to believe that they did--from that warehouse downtown. But if the kidnappers had already been in touch with Garrett like you think...

KENSI: Then there would be evidence of earlier calls.

ERIC: Exactly. So I trolled through all his recent phone records looking for new numbers, specifically anything that looked like a burn phone. Et voilà.

[His tablet beeps: data pop up on screen]

ERIC: It's only been used to make 13 calls in the last few days, all of them to Garrett.

DEEKS: Nicely done. Where is it now?

ERIC: Thank you. That I do not know. It is turned off.

KENSI: Can you switch it on remotely?

ERIC: No, I cannot. But I can show you where it's been.

[Green spots appear on a map]

DEEKS: And that is all within a mile of where Robin was grabbed. Tell, uh, Sam and Callen we're gonna go canvas the area.

ERIC: Will do.

DEEKS: Good work.

ERIC: Thank you, Deeks.


[ReduceQ office. Balsam and Garrett are face to face when the agents come in]

CALLEN: You boys thinking of how you're gonna spend your $75 million?

BALSAM: I was just trying to convince him that...there's a good chance Robin's still alive.

GARRETT: Is there?

SAM: I believe the correct answer was, "What $75 million?"

BALSAM: what are you talking about?

SAM: I'm afraid the time for you playing stupid has expired.

CALLEN: Songshaw Holdings? The venture capital firm that just wired ReduceQ $75 million this morning? That's a lot of money to find out what the, uh, line is like at Panda Express.

GARRETT: We didn't...

BALSAM: We'd like to speak to our lawyer.

CALLEN: Oh, yeah? Well, you better find one that specializes in treason because you sold proprietary Navy technology to our enemies.

GARRETT: Hey, we didn't know.

BALSAM: No, you don't have to talk to them.

SAM: He's right. You don't. But you should. We may be the last chance for you to see your girlfriend alive.

GARRETT: They wanted us to design affordable drone technology for developing countries, to help with everything from farming to environmental management. But...

[He sighs, looks at Balsam]

GARRETT: …they kept asking us to modify our design specs. Eventually, it became clear they were trying to appropriate our technology for military application.

CALLEN: So what did you do?

BALSAM: We said no and they kidnapped his girlfriend.

SAM: So, let me get this right. You handed over Navy secrets, and they handed over $75 million but decided to keep your girlfriend?

GARRETT: But they said that they would release her once they verified the technology.

CALLEN: They also told you they were gonna use the technology to help farmers.

SAM: Where'd you send it?

GARRETT: We didn't. It was over two terabytes. They were probably scared we were gonna track it. We dropped it off in person.


BALSAM: About 20 minutes before you got here, I handed it over to a guy on the Venice boardwalk.

SAM: What did he look like?

[G’s phone rings]

BALSAM: Asian teenager. Kid was on a freaking skateboard.

CALLEN: [On phone] Callen.

SAM: I'm gonna need you to give Ms. Jones the exact location of the handoff.

CALLEN: Kensi and Deeks just found a van that matches the kidnappers' at a house in the canyon.

GARRETT: Did they find Robin?

CALLEN: Not yet.

[They leave]


[The ouse in the canyon is a small farm. Deeks and Kensi are waiting for Sam and G]

 KENSI: [quietly]  Hey. We can't tell if there's anybody inside, but based on the kidnapping footage, there should be at least three of them.

DEEKS: What are the chances this place is booby-trapped like the last one?

CALLEN: There were no cars at the warehouse and nobody called us from here. I don't think they're expecting us.

SAM: We still need to be extra careful.

CALLEN: Let's do it.

[Sam and G take the front, Deeks and Kensi the back. The front door is ajar – G opens it – it creaks; they see a race number on the floor. They get in – and are welcome by gunshots! Both teams use their weapons – one man is hit, one jumps out through a window]

KENSI: We got a runner!

[Another man is shot inside the house. The runner gets behind the wheel of the van and starts leaving, but Deeks shoots through the windshield. The van is closing the gap, straight to the detective…Kensi dives and pushes him away. They roll over the ground, while the van crashes into a pickup. Kensi gets back on her feet]

DEEKS: What?

[Inside the house, G and Sam check one of the bodies]

CALLEN: He looks like a Chinese criminal to you?

SAM: Not even close.

[Outside: Kensi and Deeks go carefully watch the driver of the van]

DEEKS: I know what you're thinking. But that was not risky behavior. I was just about to jump out of the way.

[She looks skeptical]

DEEKS: What? I got cat-like reflexes. You're looking at the jungle cat.

KENSI: Shut up.

[G and Sam leave the house]

CALLEN: Clear.


DEEKS: Now they got us doing it.

HETTY [over earwig]: What's the word, Mr. Callen?

CALLEN: We had to take out three shooters, most likely the kidnappers.

[OPS center.]

HETTY: And Robin?

[House – Sam has the Robin’s number in the hands]

SAM: She was here. She's gone now.

KENSI: Where do you think they took her?

[ReduceQ office]

NELL: They let her go.

CALLEN: [Over com] Why do you think that, Nell?

NELL: Because…

[She looks behind]

NELL:  I'm looking right at her.

[Garrett and Robin hug…In the house, the agents share puzzled looks…]


----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[Boatshed. Sam and G come in with Robin and Garrett]

CALLEN: You'll all be safer here until we figure out exactly what's going on.

SAM: Can we get you something to eat or drink?

ROBIN: No, thanks.

CALLEN: Could you come with me?

[Garrett takes Robin’s hand – he doesn’t want she goes with G]

SAM: He's just gonna ask her some questions about what happened.

ROBIN: I'm fine now, Will.


SAM: Coffee?

GARRETT: Yeah. Please.


[Kensi and Deeks are still at the house with the coroner team and the sheriff’s guys]

DEEKS: You, uh, find anything?

KENSI: Nothing that suggests any of these guys were linked to Songshaw Holdings or mainland China.

HETTY: [Over earwig] What about Garrett's drone technology?

KENSI: Nothing yet. Balsam said he handed it to an Asian teen, but we didn't find anybody here fitting that description.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: We've been scanning beach cams for the handoff, but so far we haven't found anything either. Your dead guys, however, are a wealth of criminal information. Everyone has a rap sheet, covering everything from...B and Es to extortion. Unfortunately, I can't find anything that links them to Garrett or the Chinese.

KENSI: [Over com] All right. Thanks.

HETTY: Maybe Nell's found something on Garrett's servers that will.

[Eric nods and types]

HETTY: Where are we, Ms. Jones?

NELL: [Over video] Well, there's a lot of data here and it's all partitioned in increasing levels of security, some of which is proving difficult to breach. So...

[ReduceQ office. 2 guys appear at her side]

MAN1: We've connected all our computers into a Beowulf cluster.

MAN2: Once you plug in, you'll be slave to the master. So to speak.

NELL: That sounds great.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Who are these guys?


NELL: Uh, Bryce [She points at guy2] and Fletcher. They work here.

MAN1: I'm Bryce. He's Fletcher.

FLETCHER: Fletcher.

NELL: Oops. Sorry. Got 'em mixed up.

[OPS center.]

ERIC:  [quietly): Civilians.

HETTY: Well, keep looking. Everyone slips up sooner or later.

[She taps Eric over the shoulder]

[ReduceQ office]

NELL: I'm on it.

[Brice and Fletcher are bending over – Brice sniffs Nell’s hair. Eric is disgusted…]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room]

ROBIN: I felt something like a bee sting my back. The next thing I remember was waking up on the floor of the van. My hands were tied and they had blindfolded me. I thought they were gonna rape and kill me.

[She’s half-crying]

[Observation room.]

GARRETT: Oh, come on. Does she have to do this right now?

SAM: The longer we wait, the less likely we'll recover the technology.

ROBIN: [Over video] I thought I was gonna die.

GARRETT: Trust me. You wouldn't want to.

SAM: Why's that?

GARRETT: I embedded a worm in one of the programs. It will remain dormant for 36 hours, after which you need to initiate its disable code or it'll cannibalize everything.

SAM: You're just full of surprises!

[Interrogation room]

ROBIN: I envisioned where I wanted to be and I just prayed on it.

CALLEN: Where was that?

ROBIN: With Wil. Imagine my surprise when they dropped me off a block away from his office.

CALLEN: They just let you go?

[She nods]

ROBIN: I ran as fast as I could and...here I am.

CALLEN: That's a rough day.

ROBIN: …It's all okay in the end. That's what I tell myself to get through the hard times. Are we gonna be okay?

CALLEN: We're gonna do everything we can. So, did you get a good look at these guys?

ROBIN: They always wore masks or kept me blindfolded, so I-I never really saw their faces.

CALLEN: Did they have any sort of an accent? Did they smoke? Did you hear any names, nicknames, anything?

ROBIN: I-I think one of them was Mick or Nick. They tended to whisper around me.

[Sam comes in]

SAM: We might not have to worry about losing our drone technology.

CALLEN: Why is that?

SAM: Garrett built in a virus.

ROBIN: He what?

SAM: He built in a virus. It was to protect you.

ROBIN: What if they had found it?

CALLEN: Well, obviously, they didn't, or you might not be here.

ROBIN: But what happens when they do? I mean, they paid $75 million for that technology. We'll never be safe now.

[Sam and G exchange a look]

CALLEN: As long as you're here, you're safe.

[They start leaving the interrogation room]

CALLEN: Be right back.

[They join Garrett]

GARRETT: I was only trying to protect her.

SAM: She's just upset.

GARRETT: Yeah, but she's right--they're gonna want their money back.

CALLEN: Did you tell Robin the deal was for $75 million?

GARRETT: Yeah. She knew. We were gonna take an extended vacation to celebrate once it was put to bed.

CALLEN: You can go back in with her.

GARRETT: Thanks.

[G pulls out his phone when Garrett has left them- they watch the interrogation room]

GARRETT: [over video] Robin, are you okay? I'm sorry...


KENSI: [Over phone] What’s up?

CALLEN: I need you two to switch gears. Find out everything you can on Robin Henson.

KENSI: [Over phone] On it.

GARRETT: [over video]  Robin, of course.


[ReduceQ office. Nell speaks softly for herself – Brice stares at her]

NELL: Okay…

[Nell types – Brice gets closer]

NELL: There it is.

BRICE: W-Would you like an espresso? I make it from scratch.

NELL: I'm okay. Thank you.

FLETCHER: Do you like kombucha? It's better than caffeine.

NELL: Sometimes.

[The door opens: Eric is coming in!]

NELL: Eric. What are you doing here?

ERIC: Hetty thought you could use another set of hands- from a professional.

[He shows his ID]

ERIC: Eric Beale. Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

NELL: Oh, my God.

BRICE: Are you two partners?

NELL: Not really.

ERIC: Yes.

NELL: Sometimes.

ERIC: Sort of. It's classified.

FLETCHER: So, where's your gun?

NELL: No, no, he doesn't need one.

ERIC: That's right.

[He whispers – face to face with Brice]

ERIC: I could kill you with my pen.

[Clicks- Brice goes back to his desk—pen clicks again: Fletcher also flees. Nell laughs quietly. Eric takes a seat]

ERIC: Whatcha got?

[Nell whispers]

NELL: Not much.


[Boatshed. Observation room.]

GARRETT: [Over video] Robin... I had to.

[Robin stands up]

SAM: She looks more angry than upset.

ROBIN: [over video] No, you didn't.

[Kensi and Deeks appear on screen]

CALLEN: What do you got, Kens?

KENSI: We originally identified Robin from her California driver's license, and once we linked her to Garrett, we didn't look any further.

DEEKS: Not that it would've mattered, because Robin Henson is completely backstopped. Problem is, so is Kim Harris, and before that, Kate Miller. She got a police record that goes back 11 years and links her to two of the guys we shot at the house.

CALLEN: She's been running a long con on Garrett.

KENSI: To the tune of $75 million.

CALLEN: Thanks, guys.

DEEKS: You're welcome.

CALLEN: She knew Garrett was running a software start-up and he was an expert in naval drone design.

SAM: Perfect cover and an easy target. No wonder she's angry. By trying to save her, he screwed her with the Chinese.

CALLEN: I'm surprised she hasn't asked to leave. She gotta be getting a little antsy.

[They go back into the interrogation room]

GARRETT: So, what's next?

SAM: Jail.

GARRETT: What? I refused to sell them the technology. I only handed it over after they kidnapped Robin and I sabotaged it.

CALLEN: We know that. You're not going to jail. She is.



CALLEN: Or Kim Harris, Kate Miller. She's a con artist with a long criminal record. She targeted you, she got close to you, she earned your trust.


SAM: Tell him.

ROBIN: I don't know what you're talking about.

CALLEN: You introduced him to Songshaw Holdings.

GARRETT: No, that wasn't Robin's deal. That-that was Oscar's deal.

ROBIN: Don't say anything else. I want a lawyer.

[G and Sam exchange a look]

SAM: She and Oscar were working together. She worked the bedroom while Oscar worked the boardroom.

CALLEN: Now the only thing standing between Oscar and getting away with $75 million…

SAM: …Is Nell.


[ReduceQ office. Nell’s phone buzzes]

NELL: Ooh. Hello?

[Sam and G are in the Challenger]

CALLEN: Nell, you still at Garrett's office?

[ReduceQ office]

NELL: Yeah, I'm with Eric.


CALLEN: Hey, listen, is Oscar Balsam still there?

[ReduceQ office]

NELL: Uh, yes. It looks like he's getting ready to leave.


CALLEN: Do not let him leave. Do you understand?

[ReduceQ office]

NELL: Got it.

[The challenger is running fast…]

[ReduceQ office]

NELL: Excuse me, Mr. Balsam, uh, Special Agents Callen and Hanna are on their way back to ask you a few more questions.

BALSAM: Yeah. that's fine. I'm just running out for a few minutes.

NELL: Okay, They asked if you'd stay here.

BALSAM: I'll be back.

NELL: I can't let you leave.

BALSAM: Well, you can't stop me.

NELL: Yes, I can.

ERIC: Dude, you got to listen to her.

[Balsam sighs]

BALSAM: Fine, but this is ridiculous.

NELL: Fair enough.

[She looks at Eric and doesn’t see Balsam’s bag coming straight in her face – she’s thrown down the floor]

ERIC: Nell?

NELL: I'm okay. I'm all right.

[Balsam runs to the elevator. Nell chases him]

ERIC: I'll call Callen!

[The elevator door closes in front of Nell]


[She takes the stairs – and gets into the garage over the elevator. Balsam is already running away]

NELL: Hey, stop!

[She shoots at the car right near. He stops. Sam & G with the Challenger (tires squealing, engine roaring) appear and stop close to Balsam who has raised his hands after the gunshot]

SAM: Put the bag down! Turn around! Keep your hands up.

[Eric, Brice and Fletcher arrive on the scene. G looks at Nell and smiles]

SAM: Well done.

NELL: Thanks.

CALLEN: We'll have to let you out a little more often.

ERIC: Nice work, partner. She's my partner.

[He runs down the stairs and puts a hand on her shoulder]

ERIC: Good?

NELL: Yeah.

ERIC: Nice work.

NELL: It's good.


[NCIS office. Callen, Sam, Eric and Nell are back at the bullpen]

KENSI: Hey, girl. Heard you got some moves.

NELL: Good, yo.

HETTY: Well done, Miss Jones. And Mr. Beale.

NELL & ERIC: Thank you.

CALLEN: We should probably have an operational debriefing. Of course, no reason why we couldn't do that over a cold beer or two. Sam?

SAM: Yes, please.

ERIC: Grab our stuff?

NELL: Yeah, okay.

DEEKS: Hetty, you in?

HETTY: Oh, sounds great.

[She raises a hand, he taps it]

DEEKS: Give me some sugar.

[She glares at him]

DEEKS: What? No?

HETTY: Key...for your motorcycle.

[He groans]

HETTY: You can donate your organs after you finish working for us.

DEEKS: Listen, I-I understand there's a rule, but I just got her, and she-she's so beautiful. And you don't care. I hope you're all very happy about this. Just for the record...

[He clears his throat; hands her the key]

DEEKS: …this sucks.

HETTY: Noted, Mr. Deeks.

[Screen is black]

HETTY: Duly noted.

---------------------- THE END ----------------



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