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#506 : Big brother

Callen se rend sous couverture dans un lycée prestigieux , pour approcher une jeune fille de 15 ans dont les talents de hacker ont compromis des missions anti-terrorisme. Comment Sam et G vont-il appréhender l'interrogatoire d'une jeune lycéenne en pleine crise d'adolescence?


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Big brother

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Big brother

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Promo 506 sous-titrée en français

Promo 506 sous-titrée en français


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Nell Jones jouée par Renée Felice Smith

Nell Jones jouée par Renée Felice Smith

Sam, Eric, Nell et Kensi autour du bureau de Sam

Sam, Eric, Nell et Kensi autour du bureau de Sam

Tous les agents parlent de l'enquête

Tous les agents parlent de l'enquête

Marty regarde ses dossiers et voit arriver ses collègues

Marty regarde ses dossiers et voit arriver ses collègues

Deeks est rejoint par G et Sam

Deeks est rejoint par G et Sam

Sam et Callen sortent de la voiture

Sam et Callen sortent de la voiture

Kensi arête la jeune étudiante qui a compromis des missions

Kensi arête la jeune étudiante qui a compromis des missions

le lieutenant Deeks s'amuse avec des  canettes

le lieutenant Deeks s'amuse avec des canettes

Hetty Lang jouée par Linda Hunt

Hetty Lang jouée par Linda Hunt


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Scénario : Jordana Lewis Jaffe

Réalisation : Steven DePaul

Guests :    

David Furr ............................ FBI Senior Special Agent Jonas Ambrose
Billy Smith ............................ NCIS Agent Roger Carter
Sophie Oda ............................ Cindy Chang
Jeff Branson ............................ FBI Agent Norman Jenkins
Nealla Gordon ............................ Administrator
Rachel Luttrell ............................ CIA Agent Yvette Lowell
Lisa Marie Woods ............................ Female Student
Aviad Bernstein ............................ Male Student

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[5 heavily armed guys head to the door of a house. One of them unlocks the front door]

LEADER: Agents in position.

MAN [over radio]: You have the green light.

LEADER: Breach on my command. Five, four, three, two, one...

[The agent opens the door and they breach in. Suddenly there’s gunfire: a man with an automatic weapon takes of them by surprise. He yells]

MAN: I'm hit! I'm hit!

[A table is on the ground, the guys in the house use it as a shield)

MAN2: Cover me! Cover me!

[The agents hit 5 men - & there’s still one, shooting with an automatic weapon. In another room, an agent is hit by a bullet from a gun: a 6th man was waiting there]

MAN3: Man down!

 [Heavily gunfire]

MAN3: I'm down!

LEADER: Push past!

AGENT: [On radio] Code WIA-- agents are down.

[the gun man and 2 more men in the kitchen have to be hit before the weapons go quiet…]

MAN: [over radio] Agent Jenkins-- status.

AGENT: [On radio] Need a medic to transport immediately.

MAN: [Over radio] Agent Jenkins?!

MAN4: To the rooms! Check their weapons!

MAN: [over radio] Agent Jenkins, what the hell just happened over there?

[The leader is checking the rooms – so many men inside this place]

JENKINS: What just happened, sir, is that you sent me into a damn ambush.

[He sighs]


  ♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 5x06 ♫ ♫ Big Brother ♫ ♫

♫ ♫  Original air date on October 27, 2013 ♫ ♫


[NCIS office. Deeks is whistling –walking (very slowly) on a treadmill- at his desk! He’s reading a file. Sam and G come in; Sam laughs]

CALLEN: I just don't get kids these days.

SAM: Deeks, you're not walking on a treadmill at your desk.

DEEKS: The nom préféré is a "walking workstation," thank you.

SAM: Don't call it that.

CALLEN: How slow is that thing going?

DEEKS: It's humming along at one mile per hour, so, that way, I can still type and read, and even sip my morning hazelnut latte.

CALLEN: It's gonna take you an hour to go one mile? What's the point?

DEEKS: Point, Mr. Callen, is, that innocent-looking chair sitting behind your desk is actually a silent killer.

SAM: Oh. Is your hippie-dippy aunt back in town?

DEEKS: No, Aunt Barbara is actually not back in town, but she did send me an article. Did you guys know that your muscles rot while you sit, and your good cholesterol completely abandons you?

SAM: Sort of like your dignity right now?

CALLEN: We get plenty of exercise in the field.

DEEKS: Uh-huh. But exercise actually does not reverse the chair-inflicted damage to your body.

SAM: Are you hearing yourself?

DEEKS: And, actually, studies have shown that walking reduces your risk of heart disease by 31%. And...

[Kensi comes in]

KENSI: And reduces the risk of death by 32%.

DEEKS: My protégé has arrived.

KENSI: My protégé, my ass. You said you'd shut up about all this when you got that thingamajig.

DEEKS: Okay, this thingamajig is gonna save all your lives, so you should just thank me.

CALLEN: Save us from... death by chair?

SAM: Suicide by sitting?

KENSI: Homicide by Herman Miller?

DEEKS: Chairs…

CALLEN: The Silent Killers.

DEEKS: Okay, Kensilina, you of all people should know that, uh, chairdom is especially lethal for women.

KENSI: And Hetty actually agreed to this?

HETTY: "Agreed" is a strong word, Ms. Blye.

[She comes up – the treadmill beeps as Deeks stops it. And steps down]

DEEKS: Hetty, will you please tell these, uh, nihilists that you support my walking workstation?

HETTY: I'd rather you call it something else.

DEEKS: Yeah, but you said I could have one.

HETTY: Yes, as long as it doesn't interfere with everyone's work.

[The treadmill beeps: Callen is now walking…very slowly…]

DEEKS: It's not interfering with their... work. They're just excited. They're like untrained puppies with big paws.

SAM: I know he didn't just call us dogs.

CALLEN: No, it was worse. Puppies.

[The treadmill beeps: he’s down]

HETTY: Want to take it for a spin? Named her Madeleine.

HETTY: Oh...She is a Madeleine, indeed.

DEEKS: What happened? Secretary Albright lose one of your brooches again?

HETTY: It's much too upsetting to talk about.

DEEKS: Fair enough.

HETTY: Now, everyone up to Ops. We have a case, and either the new SECNAV is exceptionally paranoid, or this one could affect the entire national security infrastructure.

[They stand up in silence]


[OPS center. Eric is briefing them about the ambush footage. Nell is working at her computer]

CALLEN: Who are they?

ERIC: Well, the good guys are CIA, FBI and... NCIS. It was a counter-terrorism joint task force.

CALLEN: And the target?

ERIC: The Molina Cartel and their friends in Al Qaeda.

NELL: According to intelligence, the Molina Cartel was planning to make another investment in the terrorist group, this time in exchange for Afghan opium.

ERIC: A meet was supposed to have taken place at this house.

SAM: But let me guess: There was no opium, and no one there from Al Qaeda.

NELL: Just a bunch of cartel guys with their guns.

KENSI: Bad intel?

DEEKS: Well, that, or somebody tipped 'em off.

ERIC: The new SECNAV thinks there's a mole.


NELL: Could be there, or it could be closer to home.


CALLEN: And we can't execute another operation until the leak is plugged.

SAM: Can't afford to!

ERIC: Hetty said SECNAV requested this team specifically.

KENSI: Hmm. Where are the guys who coordinated the operation?

ERIC: On their way to the boatshed.

SAM: Have you started analyzing their cell phones and laptops?

ERIC: Already on it.

CALLEN: Kensi, Deeks, talk to the agents.

SAM: Don't let on that SECNAV thinks there's a mole.

KENSI: Of course.

[Kensi and Deeks leave the OPS]

SAM: How many didn't make it?

NELL: Two, so far. There's another in the ICU at St. John's.

[Sam nods…]


[House where the ambush took place. Callen parks the black Mercedes near a police car. He and Sam go out]

CALLEN: Think the neighbors had any idea they were living next to a drug cartel?

SAM: Like your neighbors have any idea who they're living next to.

CALLEN: Of course they do--a handsome bachelor.

[Sam chuckles]

SAM: A quiet man who keeps to himself? Classic description of a serial killer.

CALLEN: I happen to value my privacy, and my neighbors respect that.

SAM: Even the ones that write about you in their blogs?

[Callen stops dead and stares at his buddy]

SAM: Oh, yeah. "My Mysterious Stranger."

CALLEN: How did you...?

SAM: I'm a special agent.

CALLEN: They were supposed to take that down.

SAM: You know, I can see Deeks getting himself into something like this, but you?

CALLEN: Look, her name is Ilyse, and she's harmless, and I've...I'm dealing with the situation.

SAM: Oh, it's a situation?

CALLEN: I've got it under control.

SAM: Not according to her blog.

CALLEN: So, stop reading her blog.

SAM: You know, she rescued an animal she was afraid of just so she could impress you?

CALLEN: Eric and Nell showed you.

SAM: I'm just a sucker for unrequited love stories. Don't judge. You know, you are big and strong with striking blue eyes.

[He walks to the door – Callen follows, after a beat…]

[Forensics are taking pictures, working on the crime scene]

SAM: That look like a barricade to you?

[The table is iron-strengthened]

CALLEN: Yeah. Looks like the Molina Cartel knew our boys were coming.

SAM: And they knew when we were coming. They even knew the exact door we were coming through.

CALLEN: You're right. No barricade for the her entrance.

SAM: G, SECNAV may be right.

CALLEN: There may really be a mole.


[Boatshed. Observation room. 3 men and a woman sit down at the table, facing Kensi]

KENSI: FBI Agent Jenkins, FBI Agent Ambrose, CIA Agent Lowell [the woman] and …NCIS Agent Carter.

[She smiles]

KENSI: Good to see you again. Nose looks great.

[He doesn’t answer – glares at her]

DEEKS: Oh, this is the agent you elbowed in the face for the KO? [Note: Blye, K, part 1]

KENSI: He was holding me against my will.

CARTER: Because Granger ordered me to.

KENSI: I was perfectly justified.

CARTER: I developed sleep apnea thanks to Agent Blye. Damn deviated septum.

[She gives him a not-my-problem look]

DEEKS: So, you geniuses behind this morning's fiasco--who, uh, who would like to go first?

JENKINS: Look, I got the call from Agent Ambrose with the operation details three hours before my team went in. He gave me the green light, and now, two of them are dead, and another one's in ICU.

KENSI: Agent Ambrose, you gave the go ahead?

AMBROSE: I'd just like to state for the record that I followed protocol to a T.

DEEKS: Oh, Agent Ambrose, now I remember you. Why don't you give me a little taste? Give me page 37, second paragraph from the bottom.

AMBROSE: Do not mock the FBI Handbook.

KENSI: Ambrose, if you did follow protocol, what went wrong?

AMBROSE: I don't appreciate your tone, or your implication.

KENSI: What you do or do not appreciate is of no concern to me.

AMBROSE: Listen, I did everything I was supposed to do. This is not on me, do you understand? And Agent Jenkins, I will have your ass for insubordination.

DEEKS: Agent Lowell, any thoughts?

LOWELL: I honestly have no idea what happened. It was a smart, clean operation, by the book, like Ambrose said.

[Kensi’s phone rings]

CARTER: We had no reason to think that it was compromised.

KENSI: [On phone] Eric, what is it?

[[NCIS office. Tech room. Eric is with Hetty]

ERIC: Kensi, SECNAV may have been wrong. There's not a mole at one of the agencies.


KENSI: Is it worse?

[NCIS office.]

HETTY: Much worse. The CIA and the FBI have been hacked.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[NCIS office. Tech room. Callen and Sam, Kensi and Deeks, are back. They surround Eric]

CALLEN: What makes you think the CIA and FBI were hacked?

ERIC: Agent Lowell's cell phone. Whoever's responsible did a decent job of covering up their tracks, but, come on, people, let's be honest. You can run, but you cannot hide from the E to the B to the T to the O.

DEEKS: The E to the BTO?

ERIC: Eric Beale, Tech Operator.


SAM: Well, let's get to the point, E-bot.

ERIC: Right. Uh, I discovered the hacker's malware program.

KENSI: I'm sorry. What?

ERIC: Basically, software created for evil. I found the same malware on Agent Ambrose's phone.

SAM: And this malware's a what--a virus? A worm?

ERIC: No, it's...a program that converts phone calls to text, in real time, totally undetected. Super cool.

DEEKS: Yeah…

ERIC: Except for the hacking Federal agencies part, obviously.

CALLEN: What about the agents' computers? Have they been compromised?

ERIC: I need more time to be certain, but so far, they look clean.

SAM: Things are gonna get a lot uglier if the FBI and CIA networks have been hacked.

DEEKS: Right, so just to clarify: the malware on the agents' phone enabled the Molina Cartel to intercept details about this morning's raid?

ERIC: That's what it looks like.

KENSI: Okay, but if the agents followed protocol, how did the cartel hack their phones in the first place?

ERIC: You have to understand. No networked device is safe anymore.

SAM: That's where we come in.

ERIC: Look, the truth is, I don't know how they did it. Our best bet is if the hacker used a cryptography key.

[Kensi punches his arm]

ERIC: Ow! It's a digital signature.

KENSI: Thank you.

ERIC: Look...I can try to track down his location, if he's online. He could be in the Ukraine, for all we know.

CALLEN: Figure it out. Let's take a closer look at these two.

[He points at Lowell and Ambrose photos]

CALLEN: It's way too much of a coincidence that they were both hacked.

KENSI: I wouldn't mind tailing Agent Ambrose for a bit.

DEEKS: Dude was cagier than a loaded weasel.

[They stare at him]

DEEKS: What? They can get super cagey.

KENSI: I never leave my weasel loaded.

DEEKS: I bet you don't.

SAM: Am I gonna have to separate you two?

CALLEN: Just keep an eye on what Agent Ambrose is up to. We'll look after Agent Lowell.

KENSI: Got it.

[They leave Eric who mutters to himself]

ERIC: What? Uh, no. You're welcome. It was no sweat. I'm sure anyone could have identified the malware this quickly.

SAM: We still hear you talking, E-bot!

[Off to…]


[Kensi’s car parked in a street. She and Deeks are watching Ambrose – sitting outside a café.]

KENSI: I don't get it.

DEEKS: What? The handlebar mustache?

KENSI: Yeah.

DEEKS: It's supposed to be ironic.

KENSI: Well, then, he doesn't know what ironic means. Personally, I blame Alanis Morissette.

[Both smile]

DEEKS: Uh-oh.

KENSI: What?

DEEKS: I got to use the loo.

KENSI: Are you serious? I told you not to have that third green tea.

DEEKS: I needed the antioxidants. I also need the caffeine. You want to know why I needed the caffeine? Because I'm bored. I'm bored, bored, bored. Because stakeouts are supposed to promise scandal and-and intrigue. This guy doesn't even jaywalk.

KENSI: Well, we've only been following him for a couple of hours, so why don't you be patient?

DEEKS: All right.

KENSI: And quiet. Thank you.

DEEKS: I can't believe he braved the elements to eat lunch outside.

KENSI: I can't believe that barista hasn't shaved that thing off.

DEEKS: Okay, so, then, just to clarify, the facial hair--not a turn-on for you?

KENSI: No. Hardly ever.

DEEKS: Which means sometimes maybe?

KENSI: Which means, maybe George Clooney.

DEEKS: George Clooney? Really?

KENSI: Yeah, I like him. He's got a...His eyes sparkle.

DEEKS: God, never been happier to see you two.

[Callen is stopping the Mercedes on the other side of the street]

CALLEN: What's wrong? Ambrose make you?

DEEKS: Course not. But the Vietnamese nail salon across the street is practicing gender discrimination. Lady said the bathrooms are women only.

KENSI: Deeks needs to pee. Anything on Agent Lowell?

SAM: In the office all day. What about Ambrose?

KENSI: Went to work, spent the morning at the office, and then drove down here to eat his sad lunch alone.

[Ambrose waves]

CALLEN: Oh, maybe not. We've got a woman--actually, make that "underage girl"--approaching Ambrose.

[He stands up, kisses the girl’s forehead]

SAM: He's too young, and she's too old for that to be his daughter.

KENSI: And he is too old and she is too young for anything else.

DEEKS: Personally, I think the, uh, whole schoolgirl uniform is a little bit cliché, but, you know, who am I to judge?

[Kensi takes photos.

NELL: [Over com] Confirmed. Agent Ambrose does not have a daughter or a stepdaughter, [OPS center.] or a much, much younger sister.


SAM: Straightest arrows always have the most crooked kinks.

CALLEN: So, who's the girl, Eric?

ERIC: [Over com] Give me a minute.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Hey, does the network seem a little slow to you?

NELL: Nope.

ERIC: You don't think there's, like, a drag wind on it?

NELL: No, Goldilocks, the network seems just right to me.

[He frowns…she smiles. The computer beeps]

ERIC: There you are.

SAM: [Over com] You found her?

ERIC: Guys, forget about the girl. The hacker just went online. Wait. That's crazy. He's, like, two minutes away from you. Just head north.

[Stakeout. Kensi starts the engine]

CALLEN: We're on our way.

[Both cars are running. In the OPS, Eric watches the moving spots on the map]

ERIC: Okay, now turn left onto Rosewood. Keep going. Okay, guys, right there. Stop, stop, stop.

[Cars. Kensi stop, she and Deeks get out]

CALLEN: Eric, where is he?

ERIC: See the building in front of you? He's in the alley on the other side of it.

NELL: He hasn't moved since going online.

SAM: Oh, we can cut him off.

CALLEN: Kensi, Deeks, we'll meet you back there.

DEEKS: Got it.

[The car leaves fast; Deeks and Kensi run]

KENSI: Keep going.

[They split. Deeks spots a girl (same uniform than the one meeting Ambrose), a laptop (on her lap!)]

DEEKS: Oh, you've gotta be kidding me…

[The girl had not paid attention- she looks at him, closes her laptop]

DEEKS: Eric, you sure you got this right? I told you, this schoolgirl uniform thing's just...become cliché...

[He’s turned his back at the girl…and didn’t see it coming: she kicks his balls…]


[He crouches down…The girl starts running]

KENSI: Oh! Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Back here.

[She grabs the girl, pulls up backwards – the teen tries to free herself from Kensi’s hands]

GIRL: What are you doing? I have an AP English test in ten minutes.

KENSI: You just assaulted a Federal agent.

GIRL: Him?! I thought he was a pervert.

[Kensi is cuffing her; Deeks stands up slowly]

KENSI: Yeah? Well, that, too.

DEEKS: Not a pervert.

[Callen and Sam join them. Sam can’t believe his eyes when he gets out of the car…]

DEEKS: Well, at least not today.

[He sighs]

DEEKS: This is actually...It's worse than it looks.

KENSI: Field goal between the legs.

DEEKS: She's, uh, surprisingly fast and agile. Impeccable...

[He groans; Sam picks up the laptop. He, neither G, can’t help smiling]

NELL: [Over com] You locate him?

DEEKS: ..aim.

CALLEN: Yeah... yeah, we found him.

SAM: And "he" beat up Deeks.

DEEKS: It's not funny. I'm pretty sure I'm...I'm missing something. I'm gonna go look for it.

[Deeks sighs and limps away. Callen stares at the girl]

CALLEN: So this is the face of cyber-terrorism…

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Boatshed. Interrogation room.]

CALLEN: Let's start with your name.

CINDY: My name is Cindy Chang. I'm 15 years old. Capricorn. And now, very late for my AP English test.

CALLEN: You're gonna miss that test.

SAM: Yeah. And the prom, college, your adulthood, chance to find true love.

CALLEN: Oh, you can find true love in prison.

SAM: Oh, that's a good point. Mm-hmm. All right, so, there's still some hope for true love, but everything else, you can kiss good-bye.

CINDY: Did you say prison?

CALLEN: Yeah. It's standard punishment for terrorism, murder, attempted murder, obstruction of justice.

CINDY: Just for kicking blondie in the gonads? That was self-defense.

SAM: Cindy...it's over. Your parents are on their way with your lawyer.

CINDY: They know I'm here? I'm dead.

SAM: They're the least of your problems.

CINDY: Easy for you to say. You weren't raised by a Tiger Mom.

SAM: In the meantime, we're allowed to question you because we found your cryptography key, which put national security information into enemy hands.

CINDY: How did you find it?

CALLEN: Because we're smarter than you. At least one of us is.

[He looks at Sam]

CALLEN: Do not tell Eric I said that.

SAM: What do you know about the Molina Cartel?

CINDY: Is that a band?

Your cryptography key was linked to malware this drug cartel used to kill two Federal agents this morning.

CINDY: …Okay, I admit, I've got some game… And I've hacked into one or two networks for fun. But I swear, I have never done anything to physically hurt anyone.

CALLEN: Unfortunately, it still counts if you help someone else kill a Federal agent.

CINDY: But I didn't! The only people I've ever hacked are the cliquey mean girls at school. And, trust me, Jessica Walker and her drones are so dumb and worried about maintaining their gelicures, they probably don't even know what cartels do.

SAM: Why them?

CINDY: So I could see what they were saying about me.

[Sam and G exchange a look…]

CINDY: They're the worst spellers ever.

SAM: Did you hack their cell phones or their computers?

CINDY: It doesn't matter. If they have WiFi, you only need one to get to the other.

[Callen puts a notebook and a pen on the table]

CALLEN: Names. All the girls you hacked.

[Cindy writes]


[Observation room. Sam and G leave the interrogation room]

CALLEN: How's it hanging?

DEEKS: That's funny.

SAM: No, seriously, Deeks. If you're injured, you don't need to be here. Go back to your desk, walk it off.

[Kensi laughs]

KENSI: Nell, tell them what you found.

NELL: [Over video] Our hacker, Cindy Chang, is a sophomore at Eastgate Prep, one of LA's most sought-after private schools.

SAM: Yeah, it's a feeder to the Ivies.

DEEKS: And a breeder for the city's worst d-bags and princesses.

KENSI: Just because they didn't want to date you in high school does not make them princesses.

DEEKS: No, the fact that they all had personal trainers in high school is what makes them princesses.

NELL: [Over video] And every girl Cindy hacked is also a student at Eastgate, just like she said, but here's what's interesting.

[OPS center.]

NELL: The girls' parents are basically a who's who of CEOs, celebrities, foreign dignitaries.


CALLEN: Do Agents Lowell and Ambrose have kids at Eastgate?

NELL: [Over video] Yup. You stole my headline. Lowell's daughter is a junior, and Ambrose's niece, Emily, is a sophomore.

DEEKS: And Cindy hacked both their phones…

SAM: That's the link. Once the girls synched their infected cell phones to Lowell and Ambrose's home WiFi, the secure agency phones became compromised.

CALLEN: There were seven other names on Cindy's list.

NELL: [Over video] Yes, and each one's mom or dad is more impressive than the next.

CALLEN: Thanks, Nell.

DEEKS: So, is Cindy doing this unwittingly, or is, uh, somebody else pulling the strings?

KENSI: I don't know, but this seems to go well beyond infiltrating CIA and FBI.

SAM: There's a lot of soft targets at that school. These kids could be kidnapped, used as leverage. They're gonna need protection.

[Deeks smiles and looks at Kensi]

DEEKS: Somebody's going back to high school.

CALLEN: I nominate Kensi.

KENSI: I don't want to be nominated.

SAM: I second.

KENSI: No, you don't, because you don't understand how bad this idea is.

DEEKS: Kensi as a substitute teacher--little eyeglasses, sweater set-- now, that's a fantastic idea. Possibilities are endless.

CALLEN: Any objections?

KENSI: Yes. I vehemently... object.

DEEKS: Vehemently? That is an excellent SAT vocabulary word. You know what that means? Kensi it is.


[Off from boatshed…]


[…To Eastgate. Kensi wears a cardigan over her shirt…Deeks whistles over com]

DEEKS: Those heels are working for you.

KENSI: Stop it.

[She slows in front of the entrance – and wheels round]

CALLEN: Kens, where are you going?

SAM: Kensi?

CALLEN: Kens, what's up?

KENSI: Sorry. I can't to this.

CALLEN: Why not?

KENSI: I told you. I tried telling you. It was bad. I am not kidding.

DEEKS: We arranged for a substitute teacher for Cindy's class--they're expecting you.

KENSI: They're expecting someone; it's just not gonna be me.

SAM: You're a professional. You went undercover in college before--what's the difference?

KENSI: The difference is that college doesn't have 15-year-olds.

SAM: You can handle going back to high school.

[She sighs]

KENSI: It was a dark place, guys.

CALLEN: I'm sure it wasn't that bad. Besides, you're an adult now.

KENSI: You didn't have boobs, Callen. You have no idea how torturous high school can be.

CALLEN: Deeks, get in there.

DEEKS: No way. I was, like, the Ferris Bueller of my high school. Left on top, swore I'd never go back.

KENSI: Yeah. Probably not the best idea to let Deeks be around so many impressionable coeds.

DEEKS: She's right.

[Callen stares at Sam]

CALLEN: And what's your excuse?

SAM: I don't need one. It's your turn. I did the Bar Association conference last week. In fact, the next three are your turn.

CALLEN: Really?

[He laughs quietly]

CALLEN: So this is our most challenging undercover assignment yet? Okay.

[He gets out of the Challenger – down his sleeves…]


[Noisy classroom. A woman comes in; G on her heels]

WOMAN: Class? Ladies and gentlemen? Can I have your attention, please? Yo!

[The chatter quiets!]

WOMAN: As you may have heard, Mrs. Shoop went home sick with the stomach flu. Mr. Bellridge is your substitute teacher. He's new to this school, so I'm sure that you're going to give him your warmest Eastgate welcome.

[She whispers to G]

WOMAN: Godspeed. They're savage beasts at this age.

[She leaves the room while the low, indistinct chatter resumes. Callen checks his papers; he sighs loudly…Only one boy and one girl are still talking to each other]

BOY: Hey, listen, I'm pretty sure this guy's...

CALLEN: Do you have something you need to say?

BELLRIDGE: Yeah, um, Bellridge, I happened to see a paper in the front office, but, um...is your first name really Valerie?


CALLEN: Yeah. It is.

GIRL: That is so cool.

[She’s already in love! G nods and reads his papers]

CALLEN: I understand you guys are studying the Industrial Revolution, huh? Chapter seven? Let's take a look at chapter seven.

[He grabs a book on a desk; sighs]

CALLEN: Now...What? All right, that's a bit of an oversimplification.

[He closes the book - tosses it back onto the desk]

CALLEN: We're not reading chapter seven. Let's open your books to chapter eight. Start reading.

[The girl “in love” raises a hand]


GIRL: Are you gonna sit down?

CALLEN: I prefer to stand. You know, sitting can kill you. So why don't you all just stay seated and...start reading.

[A woman screams in distance]

CALLEN: Don't anybody move.

[He runs out; in the hallway, the woman who introduced him is swaying]

WOMAN: Oh, my God. Oh...

CALLEN: Are you all right? What happened?

[The woman is panting– she stammers]

WOMAN: T-Teachers' lounge.

[Teachers are coming from other rooms]

MAN: Where'd it come from?

WOMAN: Mr. Blackman.

[G pulls out his badge – raises it to the crowd coming close]

CALLEN: Everyone stay here.

MAN1: What happened?

WOMAN: Are you all right?

[Callen opens the teachers’ lounge door – Music is playing…Mr. Blackman is hanged with his belt around the neck…]

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Teacher’s lounge. Sam is staring at Blackman’s body. G is on phone]

CALLEN: Looks like one of the school staff members, a...Mr. Stanley Blackman, just hanged himself, less than an hour ago.

[NCIS office. Hetty’s desk -- lounge]

HETTY: I see.

CALLEN: Well, you don't sound very surprised.

HETTY: Mr. Blackman was the track coach at the school. It seems he'd become a little too friendly with his star hurdler.

CALLEN: How do you know that?

HETTY: Because the star hurdler was one of the girls Cindy Chang had hacked.

CALLEN: [To Sam] The coach was blackmailed.

SAM: Mm. Thought wearing a belt as a necklace was an easier way out, huh?

[Hetty’s office. Nell and Eric come close]

ERIC: Hetty, I've confirmed the rest. All the girls Cindy hacked, their VIP parents have been hacked, too.

NELL: This means privileged dignitary correspondence, corporate strategies, unpublished scientific research.

HETTY: Not to mention CIA and FBI communications.

NELL: The Molina Cartel may be just a small part of this.

CALLEN: Nell's right. I mean, whoever is behind this has access to everything. The hacker's profiting ten different ways. We have no idea where this is gonna end.

HETTY: Oh, yes, we do, Mr. Callen. With us.

[Off from the lounge to…]


[…NCIS office. Deeks is sit on his desk, typing a text on his phone; he doesn’t notice Callen, Sam and Kensi coming from the patio]



CALLEN: Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.

[Deeks jumps on his feet]

DEEKS: No. See, I was...I stopped... I just...

[He’s back on the treadmill- faster than  previously]

DEEKS: I stopped to-to have a drink of water, and then I got a text, so I was just answering the text.

KENSI: Yeah, we don't care.

SAM: I can't emphasize enough how much we don't care.

[Deeks presses a button]

CALLEN: Did you just slow that down?



DEEKS: I will have you know, sir, that walking is an Olympic sport.

CALLEN: Speed walking. You forgot the "speed" part.

SAM: I still don't care.

[Eric and Nell are in the stairs]

ERIC: Hey, guys!

CALLEN: What'd you find?

ERIC: Um, we combed through the, um...

[He can’t help staring at Deeks]

CALLEN: Deeks.

DEEKS: Sorry.

[He gets down and clears his throat]

ERIC: We combed through the Facebook pages of Cindy Chang and the nine girls she hacked. They have a lot of friends.

NELL: I'm not so sure they're all actually friends. I found a bunch of birthday wishes that felt pretty forced.

SAM: What else did you find?

ERIC: We were able to confirm the identities of all their, quote, "friends," except for someone named Matt Kirkley.

[He puts his Facebook page onto screen] He's a junior at SaMo High.

DEEKS: So, tell us about Matt Kirkley.

NELL: Matt Kirkley doesn't exist. The profile is a fake.

KENSI: So, who is this guy connected to at Eastgate Prep?

NELL: Just one person. We'll give you...three guesses.

[G looks at Sam…]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room.]

CINDY: Matt? He's a soccer player at SaMo. I've known him a couple of months. Why?

CALLEN: And you two have…hung out?

CINDY: Not on, like, a date, but yeah.

SAM: How did you two meet?

CINDY: Matt's a...colleague of mine. We met in a hacker chat room. Turned out we both live in L.A.

[Sam and Callen exchange a look]

CINDY: What was that look for?

CALLEN: That's not Matt. He doesn't go to SaMo.

SAM: And I doubt he's a good soccer player.

CINDY: That's ridiculous--we've hung out! He-he knows the SaMo fight song.

CALLEN: And I'm sure you're a great judge of character.

SAM: You ever met any of his friends? Anyone you know ever heard of him?


SAM: Can you at least tell us what he looks like?

CINDY: He's white, and he likes to wear baseball hats. What does this have to do with why I'm here?

CALLEN: Matt may be the reason why you're caught up with the Molina Cartel--and nine other security violations.

SAM: And one more death. A teacher at your school. Mr. Blackman.

[Cindy looks horrified]

CINDY: What are you talking about?

CALLEN: If you're lucky, we'll be able to prove that Matt Kirkley, whoever he is, piggybacked on your hack of the other students.

SAM: And has been committing felonies using your encryption key ever since.

CINDY: How? I know how vulnerable networks are, and I'm super careful.

[Sam and G exchange another look…Sam sighs]


[NCIS office. At the gym: Eric is riding a bike- & looks exhausted. Music is playing loudly. Nell taps on his shoulder. He yells]

ERIC: What did I tell you about sneaking up on people.

NELL: I know, dying of fright is a real thing. Blah, blah, blah.

ERIC: It is. Okay? And it's called "stress cardiomyopathy." I'll forward you the link. Again.

NELL: So... what are you doing down here? You, uh, sweating?

ERIC: [Panting] Trying to figure out how Matt Kirkley hacked Cindy's computer. She's too clever to keep herself unguarded.

[Nell puts a earphone into her ear]

NELL: And OneRepublic gets your brain pumping? No judgment on your study habits.

ERIC: All right, so we know that Cindy's hack led to everyone's phones and computers through their home WiFi routers.

NELL: But not Agent Lowell or Ambrose's computers, because they were signed on to the secured network at the office. Thank you, protocol.

ERIC: Picking up this pretty quickly.

NELL: My IQ crushes yours.

ERIC: Oh, I beg to differ.

[She looks doubtful]

ERIC: Okay. Now help me figure out how Matt got to Cindy.

NELL: Maybe the exact same way.

ERIC: What way is that?

NELL: Right under her nose.

[A light turns on into Eric’s brains…]


[Hetty heads to the tech room and stops dead. Eric is still wearing sport clothes and shoes, sweating a lot; and typing on a keyboard. When she speaks, he jumps…one more time]

HETTY: Do I need to find a little pair of khakis for you, Mr. Beale?

ERIC: I am so sorry, Hetty. I-I'm dressed this way for the sake of the case.

HETTY: Uh-huh. You know, we have a very lax dress code, and yet...you still seem to be violating it.

[Eric sighs; his computer beeps]

ERIC: I'm so close to cracking this. If only my computer would hurry up.

HETTY: Not to speak of a few basic...codes of hygiene.

[She sniffs; the computer beeps twice]

ERIC: That's it. I found it!

[He’s about to celebrate with a hug]


[Eric runs away]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Callen’s phone rings]

CALLEN: [On phone] What do you have, Eric?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: I know when Matt Kirkley hacked into Cindy's computer. Find out what she did last Saturday.

CALLEN: [Over com] Just a second.

[Interrogation room.]

CALLEN: Where were you last Saturday?

CINDY: I went rollerblading at the beach.

CALLEN: And then?

CINDY: Um...Oh, I saw Matt.

SAM: Next time you could lead with that. What did you guys do?

CINDY: We went bowling.

CALLEN: [On phone] She went bowling with Matt.

[OPS center. Eric sighs- and raises his head]

ERIC: Did he drive her?

[OPS center.]

CALLEN: He drive you?

CINDY: No, my mom dropped me off. But Matt took me to frozen yogurt after.

SAM: I hate high school.

CALLEN: [On phone] Matt drove her to frozen yogurt after bowling.

[OPS center. Eric looks very pleased and proud]

ERIC: In a new car with WiFi, I bet. And he probably asked her to watch a hilarious video on the way there.

[OPS center.]

CALLEN: Did he ask you to watch...

CINDY: That rat!

CALLEN: [On phone] I'm gonna take that as a yes.

CINDY: He drives a 2014 black Scion. With WiFi. Hacked my cell when I was watching that video. And it wasn't even that funny.

SAM: Which bowling alley was that?

CINDY: The vintage one on Honolulu Street. Then we went to the Yogurtland in Burbank.

[OPS center. Eric starts typing]

CALLEN: [Over com] Did you get that, Eric?

ERIC: Searching traffic cam footage from last Saturday.

[Interrogation room.]

CINDY: Who are you talking to, anyway? Who figured it out?

CALLEN: No one.

CINDY: Oh, is it that guy you said is smarter than you?

[OPS center. Eric raises the head- and a finger]

ERIC: What-what was that? Sorry, uh, could you...could you repeat that last part?

[Sam is silently laughing; G silently swearing…]

CALLEN: Eric, what do you have?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Well...I found Cindy...and our first picture of the hacker. Sending to you now.

[Interrogation room. G’s phone chimes]

CALLEN: Okay, this is him. It's our guy.

SAM: Great. Now all we have to do is find a ghost.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[[NCIS office. Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks are walking in hallways, heading to their desks]

CALLEN: Where are we?

DEEKS: Using facial recognition, we believe the hacker is Ethan Bloom, 22.

KENSI: He does have a clean record, but recently he came into some serious change.

DEEKS: Probably selling information and access to Cindy's network.

KENSI: Yeah. Corporate strategies, CIA intelligence.

DEEKS: To any interested party willing to pay.

SAM: Competing software companies, high school track coaches, drug cartels--this guy must be making a killing.

KENSI: Except there is a teeny-tiny problem.

CALLEN: Ethan has no known address. No cable bill, no cell phone, no credit cards.

KENSI: And the Scion he used to hack Cindy was stolen.

DEEKS: He contacted potential buyers with burn phones that he purchased with cash from different locations throughout the city.

KENSI: And he doesn't use a cryptography key, which means Eric can't even find him by hacking back through Cindy's computer. I mean, this guy could be anywhere.

CALLEN: Except he's not. He's here.

[Sam nods]

SAM: And we have something he likes.


[Cindy is in a street; typing on his phone. Deeks is handing cans to passer-by]

DEEKS: Energy drinks. You guys want some? Those are free.

[Kensi is buying some food]

DEEKS: Courtesy of America. Have fun with that.

[Meanwhile they’re watching the bowling front door near which Cindy is sit on a bench]

CINDY: Are you guys sure this is going to work?

[Callen and Sam are in the Mercedes]

CALLEN: Yes. Don't worry. We're not gonna let anything happen to you.

[She laughs]

CINDY: Oh, I'll be fine. But is it okay if I strangle Matt when we find him?

KENSI: Strangling actually takes a lot more stamina than you think.

DEEKS: And you can't really improve on your "kick to the nuts" act.

CINDY: Oh, yeah. Sorry about that.

DEEKS: Yeah, no... it's all good--didn't really want kids anyway.

SAM: Heads up, Kensi. He's on your six.

KENSI: I see him.

CALLEN: Cindy...play it cool.

ETHAN: Hey, Cindy. What's...

[Cindy jumps on her feet and punches his chest]

CINDY: You lowlife! Little piece of...!

[The guy understands and starts running away]

KENSI: We got a runner.

[Deeks speeds behind him- bumping into a man who grunts]

MAN: Watch it, jerk!

[Deeks has no time for excuses…Ethan reaches a dead end]

ETHAN: Oh, crap.

[He runs up a staircase on his left; tries to open the door on top of them; it’s locked, Deeks is very close: Ethan jumps over the railing]

DEEKS: Nope. Nope.

[But he fails to grab him; Ethan already wants to runs to the exit of the dead end; Deeks lands heavily on the ground behind him]


[But Ethan has to stop: Sam, Callen and Kensi are blocking his way…]

DEEKS: How'd you know he was gonna jump?

SAM: Staircase to nowhere.

KENSI: Door's, uh, obviously locked.

CALLEN: I didn't feel like taking the stairs.

[Deeks looks at the sign they obviously noticed: “For lease”…]

ETHAN: You guys are cops, right?

DEEKS: Yeah, we're cops. No more questions.


[Sunset. Boatshed. Observation room. Cindy is on the couch between her parents; she doesn’t look comfortable; they’re…irritated! The door opens: Sam is coming in. Cindy rises]

CINDY: Thank you so much for coming. Mom, Dad...

[They get up]

CINDY: this is Agent Sam Hanna.

SAM: Mr. and Mrs. Chang, you have quite a daughter.

[They look at her]

CINDY: Just give me one second to talk to him?

[Dad nods]

CINDY: I just needed to tell you...I am so sorry for everything that happened. All the people that got hurt. I really messed up.

SAM: You're right...you did.

CINDY: I know.

SAM: But you also helped us in a big way. I don't think we could have caught Ethan without you.

CINDY: I would do anything to make things right. Sam, people died because of me.

SAM: What you're feeling right now...it's called responsibility.

CINDY: Well, it blows.

SAM: That may be true...but hold on to it. Most people your age can't handle it. But you can.

CINDY: Okay.

[Sam raises a hand]

SAM: Take care, Cindy.

[The door opens while they shake hand]

CINDY: I will.

SAM: Eric.

[Eric is coming in, Cindy’s laptop in the hands]

SAM: Nice job with this.

ERIC: Oh. No sweat.

SAM: "No sweat"…

[He smiles to Cindy and nods a good-bye, slaps Eric’s back and walks out. Eric sways. He bows]

ERIC: Hello. I'm Eric Beale. I'm here on official NCIS duty to return...this to you, ma'am.

[She laughs and clasps her laptop to the chest]

CINDY: Thanks.

ERIC: Yeah. I-I'm not an agent. I-I work in more of a technical capacity. No one here really understands what I do.

CINDY: Oh! You're the smart one.

ERIC: The smart...Sorry, what's that?

[He leans forwards, very serious]

CINDY: Well, uh, thanks for this.

ERIC: Yeah.

CINDY: Am I allowed to go home now?

ERIC: Yeah.

[Her parents lead the way to the door]

ERIC: Hey, Cindy.

[They stop, look at him]

ERIC: You got skills. I can tell. But you have to figure out a way to use them for good, or it's just a...waste of natural resources.

[She nods]

CINDY: Can I...Am I allowed to see you again?

ERIC: Yeah. Sure. Five or six years.

[He smiles to her parents]

CINDY: Okay, then...it's a date.

[She is still smiling when she wheels round; this smile vanishes at once: her parents still look…irritated]

[They leave the boatshed. Eric smiles, shakes the head…]


[NCIS office. Callen is leaving]

CALLEN: Good night, Hetty.

HETTY: Oh, Mr. Callen, SECNAV called to say job well done.

CALLEN: We were able to destroy all the malware?

HETTY: All of it.

CALLEN: And the Molina Cartel's opium exchange with al Qaeda?

HETTY: We have a new task force, already assembled. They'll find them.

CALLEN: I have no doubt. See you tomorrow.

[Sam, Deeks and Kensi pass the agents desks]

DEEKS: What...? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay. Okay. Callen, what'd you do with my treadmill?

CALLEN: I am offended that you would ask me first.

[Kensi is giggling]

DEEKS: Kensi, this isn't funny.

KENSI: I completely disagree.


SAM: I still don't care.

[Kensi and Callen laugh]

HETTY: You can blame me, Mr. Deeks.

DEEKS: You? Hetty, but why...

HETTY: The treadmill was drawing just enough power to cause a delay in our network.

DEEKS: Delay in the network? And you expect me to believe that?

HETTY: This is a very old building, if you haven't noticed.

DEEKS: What about my heightened risk of heart disease?

HETTY: Huh? What about that?

DEEKS: All right, listen, we...in the walking workstation community, we will not be silenced.

[Bored, Sam, G and Kensi walk out]

DEEKS: All right? O-Our motors will run loud, and they will run proud, okay? So hear us tread! I'm gonna stage a walk-in!

[Black screen]

HETTY: What a drama queen!

----------------- THE END ------------------


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