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#504 : Reznikov, N.

Dans le 100ème épisode de la série L’équipe du NCIS Los Angeles se trouve mise en danger alors qu’elle enquête sur le kidnapping d’un homme qui affirme être le père de Callen. Avec le retour de la famille Comescu, G va-t-il enfin connaitre la vérité sur son père ? Que va donner son face-à-face avec cet homme ?

100ème épisode (Photos souvenirs)


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Reznikov, N.

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Reznikov, N.

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Thank you Fans via COD France


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Coulisses du 100ème (COD France)


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L'agent Callen (Chris O'Donnell) assis à son bureau

L'agent Callen (Chris O'Donnell) assis à son bureau

Granger et Sam vont chez quelqu'un

Granger et Sam vont chez quelqu'un

le directeur adjoint accompagne Callen et Sam

le directeur adjoint accompagne Callen et Sam

Callen chez Arkady Kolcheck joué par Vyto Ruginis

Callen chez Arkady Kolcheck joué par Vyto Ruginis

Le NCIS regarde ou en est l'enquête sur le mur électronique

Le NCIS regarde ou en est l'enquête sur le mur électronique

Deeks et Kensi au bureau

Deeks et Kensi au bureau

Tout le NCIS observe la table tactile

Tout le NCIS observe la table tactile

Un message destiné à Callen est écrit sur le mur

Un message destiné à Callen est écrit sur le mur

Eric montre à ses supériers et à l'équipe sa tablette

Eric montre à ses supériers et à l'équipe sa tablette

Le directeur adjoint Owen Granger joué par Miguel Ferrer

Le directeur adjoint Owen Granger joué par Miguel Ferrer

Nell et Eric à l'OPS

Nell et Eric à l'OPS

Hetty et Granger discutent de l'affaire en cours

Hetty et Granger discutent de l'affaire en cours

Hetty Jouée par linda Hunt parle avec quelqu'un

Hetty Jouée par linda Hunt parle avec quelqu'un

Sam a sorti son arme après l'explosion de la voiture

Sam a sorti son arme après l'explosion de la voiture


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Scénario : Shane Brennan

Réalisation : Tony Wharmby


Vyto Ruginis ............................ Arkady Kolcheck
Craig Parker ............................ Vasile Comescu
Patrick Gorman ............................ Hans Schreiber
Johnny Kostrey ............................ Comescu Lieutenant
Matthew Grant Godbey ............................ LAPD Detective Dan Evans
Anthony Fanelli ............................ Callen’s Father

----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[A man carrying a gun is walking in an alley near a crashed car…He stops, glances at a man lying on his back, with blood on his shirt; his eyes are closed: Granger. The man then looks at the upside down car: Sam is also upside down, stuck on his seat – blood appears from his nose…he’s unconscious. Gas has leaked out on the road. The man pulls out a lighter, turns it on- and throws it onto the gas which catches fire at once. The man steps further, towards a gun on the road. A man is crawling to grab it: Callen! He can’t walk, he’s panting. He’s about to reach the weapon but the man steps onto his hand.

MAN: [In foreign language] bring him out!

[He and another guy grab G under the arms, kneel him in front of an old man with a missing finger (bloody rag wrapping his hand)forced to kneel down too. They’re face to face.]

MAN: Who are you? Tell him who you are…

OLD MAN: My name is Nikita Alexandr Reznikov. I am your father.

[G is taken aback…]

[The old man is shot twice in the back…]


  NCIS: LA 5x04 – 100th Reznikov, N.

  Original air date on October 15, 2013


[NCIS office. At the gym. 6 hours earlier. G and Deeks are climbing the wall. Sam & Kensi watch them from the floor- and cheer]

SAM: Come on, G! Come on!

KENSI: Deeks, come on. Reach up. You got this. Reach up!

SAM: You can do it! Dig deep! Dig deep! Come on!

KENSI: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Come on. Come on, come on. Almost there!

DEEKS: Got you!


DEEKS: King of the mountain!


SAM: Best of five, Deeks.

KENSI: Uh-huh.

DEEKS: You're on. I love it!

[G lets him fall down backwards on the mat- he grunts]

CALLEN: Sam, maybe you haven't noticed, but he's beaten me twice in a row.

SAM: Which means he's getting tired. Which means you can beat him.

CALLEN: He has a longer reach than I do. He climbs like an orangutan.

SAM: Hey, then let's show this monkey boy, G.

KENSI: Hey. Seriously?

[Deeks imitates a monkey, still on the wall]

KENSI: Okay, let's come down. Best of five.

SAM: You can do it.

KENSI: Best of five.

[Deeks thuds on the mat- G sighs]


[Hetty’s office. She’s with Granger]

GRANGER: So, he has bounced back. Clean bill of health. Unless I'm missing something.

HETTY: I wouldn't have encouraged him back on the bike if I didn't think he could ride it.

GRANGER: And what about Kensi?

HETTY: Partnerships are tricky at the best of times.

GRANGER: You're worried about both of 'em.

HETTY: Well, I always worry about somebody, Owen.

[Eric whistles]

HETTY: You're whistling in the wind, Mr. Beale. They're not here.

ERIC: But both of you are. I think you need to see this. Before anyone else.


[OPS center.]

GRANGER: This better be good, Eric.

ERIC: It's not good.

NELL: It's...it's bad.

ERIC: It's all bad. LAPD just sent it through.

[His tablet beeps – he puts something on screen - we can’t see it]

HETTY: Oh, bugger…

[She shakes her head…]



KENSI: Hold on!

SAM: Come on!

KENSI: What are you thinking? Reach up!

[Both cheer their champion]

SAM: Ah! Yes! Two all.

[He chuckles]

SAM: Told you he was getting tired.

KENSI: Deeks, why did you let him win again?

SAM: He did not let him win, Kens. He's just dealing with an opponent who's much more agile.

KENSI: I'm sorry, agile? My guy let your guy win to make it a contest.

SAM: Oh, you want a contest?

[Deeks and G are bock on the floor, panting]

DEEKS: Yeah, actually, uh...I'm done.

CALLEN: Me, too.

KENSI: Wait. What?

SAM: You're quitting?

CALLEN: While I'm ahead.

SAM: But you're not ahead. It's a tie.

HETTY: No one loses when the game's a draw, Mr. Hanna. Ops center, everyone. Eric has business.

KENSI: We're not done.

HETTY: Not you, Mr. Callen.

[The others leave the gym]

HETTY: For you...a field trip-- Camp Pendleton.

[She hands him papers – he opens the file]

CALLEN: Agent assessment? But isn't that always done out of Washington?

HETTY: Mm, normally. But you can't climb Mount Everest every day. Have that on my desk by the end of the week. Enjoy the drive.

[G sighs…]


[OPS center. Hetty joins the others]

HETTY: You can start, please, Eric.

ERIC: Early this morning, police responded to a report of shots fired in this West Hollywood house. There were signs of forced entry. When they entered, this is what they found.

NELL: The living room had been pretty much shot up. A severed finger was found on the floor and used to write this message on the wall.

SAM: Where is he?

HETTY: I sent him on assignment to Camp Pendleton. This is strictly a need-to-know operation for which Mr. Callen is not cleared. Understood? Miss Blye, Mr. Deeks, work with Nell and Eric. I want to know everything about that house. and the people who live there. Sam, crime scene.

SAM: We always work with a partner, Hetty.

[Granger smiles]

GRANGER: I'll drive.


[Bullpen. G is packing his gear. He looks at Sam and Granger together in the stairs]

CALLEN:  headed out?

SAM: Yeah.

[G frowns when he sees Sam handing conspicuously his keys to Granger – he nods slightly at his buddy]

SAM: See you when you get back, G.

[G is thinking hard on this – he notices Hetty upstairs, watching him]


[Police is still at the house – there’s indistinct radio transmission. Granger stops with tires screeching; Sam grunts and glares at him]

GRANGER: Sensitive brakes.

[Sam looks more than irritated…They head towards the house. Another car stops: Callen! He looks at LAPD officer Evans briefing them at the front door]

EVANS: Well, they turned it into a shooting gallery. 30, 40 rounds. Like they wanted to make sure the neighbors heard.

GRANGER: Anyone see anything?

EVANS: Couple people saw a van leaving, no lights.

[He stops – he’s spotted G approaching in their back]

GRANGER: Agent Callen, you are not authorized for...

[G doesn’t care- he enters]

GRANGER: Agent Callen.

[There’s a lot of blood, the severed finger on the floor – and the knife which cut it. On the wall, surrounded by bullets holes, the message: CALLEN WE HAVE YOUR FATHER. G reads, again and again…]


----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[Bedroom in “Dad”’house – there’s still indistinct radio transmission. G stares at a photo of the man]

HETTY: It appears you got lost on your way to Camp Pendleton, Mr. Callen.

CALLEN: Someone gave me wrong directions.

HETTY: Is that him?

CALLEN: Ah, could be. He doesn't really look like me. Maybe in the eyes.

[Hetty is close to him- he steps further]

CALLEN: Anybody find anything to prove it's true?

HETTY: No, not yet. We've been collecting DNA. It'll take a few days to, uh, test against your sample.

[G opens a locket]

HETTY: His name...is Michael Reinhardt. He immigrated from Germany in, uh, 1979. Bought this place in '81. He was a bookkeeper. Worked mostly for small companies. Mostly, uh, in the garment industry

CALLEN: Does that sound like my father to you?

HETTY: Clearly someone believes it's him. You can't take an active role in this investigation, Mr. Callen. I'm going to have to stand you down until things are...clearer.

[But G doesn’t listen – he has found a box in the wardrobe and opened it. There’re a lot of photos – of a blond child]

HETTY: Mr. Callen? Do you recognize someone?


HETTY: Which photo?

CALLEN: All of them.

[He finds one of a blond baby…]


[OPS center. Nell is turning off his phone]

NELL: Okay, so we've got traffic cameras in a four block radius of the house, and the first 911 call came through at 5:23 this morning.

ERIC: All right, resetting to search at 5:23 at two times the speed.

NELL: Light traffic at that time of morning.

[Eight cameras footage popup onto screen]

ERIC: So, specific time plus close proximity of multiple traffic cams plus X equals... gotcha.

NELL: X being?

ERIC: The need to get away from the scene of the crime. Panic. Fear.

NELL: Like a speeding van running a red light.

ERIC: Yeah, something like that.

NELL: No, I just saw a speeding van run a red light. Uh, the Rosewood Avenue cameras. Can you scroll back?

ERIC: Yeah. License plate scan.

[He zooms; a LAPD alert pops up too]

NELL: Reported stolen last night.

ERIC: Equals gotcha.


[Bullpen. Reinhardt’s ID on screen. Deeks stands up and gives G a photo]

DEEKS: 1980.

CALLEN: I was ten years old.

DEEKS: Bakersfield.

CALLEN: Oh, yeah, the McPhersons. They had a trucking company. They were my...tenth foster house.

KENSI: How long did you live there for?

CALLEN: Just a few weeks…I actually liked her. I used to help her with her gardening.

[He chuckles]

DEEKS: What about him?

CALLEN: Not so much. Used to beat me with a broom handle.

[Deeks and Kensi exchange a look. G doesn’t look at them]

KENSI: Is that why they moved you?

CALLEN: They moved me because one day I took the broom handle out of his hand and I broke it over his head.

KENSI: All right…Anyway, most of these were taken with a telephoto lens. Some are better than others.

DEEKS: Wow, I got eight-millimeter film.

[He tries to watch it]

KENSI: "Los Angeles, 2010." Most recent one yet.

[G grabs it: it’s from the graveyard- from the first time he went at his sister’s grave. He has flashes: the man taking pictures; he chases him to a car which runs away…tires squealing]

CALLEN: The car.

KENSI: What car?

CALLEN: I saw the guy that took this photo. I chased him, he got in a car and he took off. But there was...there was a man in the backseat. I think it was him…


[OPS center.]

NELL: Okay, so the owner reported the van stolen from this parking lot on Lincoln in Santa Monica, between 5:15 and 6:00 p.m. yesterday.

ERIC: Two security cams, both wide.

[He types]

ERIC: That's our van.

NELL: And that's our man.

[Actually 2 men about to force the driver’s door]

NELL: Can you zoom in?

[Eric taps on his keyboard]

ERIC: Low-resolution camera. That's as good as it gets.

NELL: Uh... roll it back. See where they came from.

NELL: Huh.

ERIC: They came by taxi.

[They exchange a victorious look]


[Granger and Sam are back – The ex-SEAL sighs]

CALLEN: Did you find anything else at the house?

SAM: Nothing. Just a bunch of spent shell casings. Nine-millimeter. My money's on the Uzi.

[G nods]

SAM: You think it's him?

CALLEN: All the photos and the personal things...Who else would have done this for all these years? These decades?

SAM: Hmm.

CALLEN: It's the only thing that makes any sense, but...

[He sighs]

CALLEN: ...why wouldn't he just contact me?

SAM: Yeah, well...someone's gonna contact you now.

CALLEN: Apparently so.

DEEKS: How? How do they contact you? I mean, like...how do they even get started?

[G sighs]

CALLEN: If they can find him, they can find me.

DEEKS: Yeah, but this place has never been compromised, your house is listed under an alias, and, what, maybe there's...six people on the entire planet that have your phone number?

KENSI: Of which three are in this room with you.

SAM: Yeah, well...whoever did this already figured out their next move. The question is, who are they?

CALLEN: A long way from Romania.

[Sam snorts softly]

SAM: Didn't we bury most of them?

CALLEN: Most of them.

[Deeks hands photos to G]

DEEKS: That's a bunch of random people. Some of Reinhardt. Different places, different years. None of 'em are you.

[G looks at them – takes one…]

SAM: Found something?

CALLEN: Nah, just more ghosts.

[Obviously, it’s a lie…and Sam knows…]


[OPS center. Eric on phone]

ERIC: All right. Thanks, Stevie. I owe you big time.

[He looks at Nell]

ERIC: It's on its way.

NELL: Is any of this actually legal?

ERIC: All of it.

NELL: Good.

ERIC: All right, let's take a look at our two friends.

[The computer beeps—they look highly surprised]

NELL: Is that...?

ERIC: Yeah. That's him…


[Hetty’s office]

HETTY: We tried, Owen. And he saw right through the little ruse before he ever left the parking garage.

GRANGER: Then stand him down, Henrietta. Send him home. He cannot work this case.

HETTY: He is this case, Owen. This is his case since the first time he asked someone who his parents were. For now, and for the record, he's our witness, helping us to identify evidence.

GRANGER: And if we have to go tactical? What is he then?

ERIC: Excuse me, Hetty…We've got a name.

[The agents come close]

ERIC: We've tied him to the van that we're pretty certain was used to abduct Reinhardt.

NELL: The van was stolen from Santa Monica by two men who were dropped off at the parking lot by taxi.

ERIC: A friend at the taxi company located the cab and pulled a screengrab from the taxi security camera.

KENSI: There was no pickup address.

[Eric shows his tablet to Hetty]

NELL: They hailed the cab from a street downtown.

[Granger gives a look over Hetty’s shoulder]

GRANGER: Now it's starting to make sense.

CALLEN: What do we have?

HETTY: Put it on the monitor, Eric.

[Comescu Vasile…]

CALLEN: Vasile Comescu...

SAM: Now we know who.

CALLEN: And we know why…


----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[Bullpen – photos of the comescues in the taxi, getting out, stealing the van, on screen. All but Hetty, Granger and Callen]

ERIC: According to ICE, Vasile entered the country five days ago. He came through New York.

KENSI: You don't organize something like this in five days. They have to have had people on the ground setting this up.

NELL: Well...the Comescu family was heavily involved in human trafficking. In and out of Europe and the Middle East, mostly, but you don't build a network like that without having contacts everywhere, including here.

DEEKS: How many left?

[Eric and Nell don’t get the question]

DEEKS: Comescues?

ERIC: Um, according to the intel we gathered in Romania after we rescued Hetty...not many. Vasile and Dracul both survived. Dracul was killed in Hawaii last year.

DEEKS: Does Vasile know that Callen's the one that killed his brother?

KENSI: Yeah, he knows. Which makes Callen the target.

NELL: That's why they killed his mother and his grandfather. That's the bloodline. If Reinhardt really is Callen's father, he is nothing more than a bargaining chip for what Vasile wants most.

DEEKS: Callen's head…

HETTY: Eric, find Mr. Callen for me.

[She’s with Granger]

ERIC: I thought he was with you.

HETTY: Ah, Mr. Hanna.

SAM: I didn't see him leave.

[She doesn’t believe him]

HETTY: Eric...

ERIC: Calling now. His phone's turned off.


ERIC: Also turned off.

HETTY: His car?

ERIC: No signal.

HETTY: Okay. He knows something. He...he knows someone. Start at his house. Find him. Bring him back here, in handcuffs, if necessary.

[Deeks and Kensi leave; Sam gives keys to Granger – not the ones of the challenger]

GRANGER: Challenger?

SAM: Car pool. Challenger's having her brakes looked at. Sensitive.


SAM: It's all yours.


HETTY: Eric...find that van before Mr. Callen does.


[Arkady is coming back home – carrying shopping bags. He’s on phone]

ARKADY: Fine, fine. You do that. And when you come back to me to complain about them, remember what I told you…I know, I know. It's just business. But when you come back to me, price is double. Yes, it's just business.

[He’s in the kitchen]

ARKADY: Dasvidaniya.

[He cuts the call off]


[He opens the fridge – grabs a gun and wheels around]

ARKADY: I should tell you, I'm having bad day. Come out slowly.

[Callen appears]

ARKADY: You trying to get yourself killed?

CALLEN: Not with that gun.

[He has the ammos]

ARKADY: Now you leave me defenseless against my enemies.

CALLEN: Who leaves a gun in the fridge?

ARKADY: We all do. How did you get in?

CALLEN: Parked the car in the back alley, jumped the fence. You've got a security camera blind spot by your pool.

ARKADY: Thanks for finding it.

[G gives him a photo. Arkady, much younger, and Reinhardt]

CALLEN: That bring back some memories?

ARKADY: I'm more handsome now. Richer.

CALLEN: Who is the guy next to you?

ARKADY: Could be anyone.

CALLEN: Name's Michael Reinhardt.

ARKADY: I don't know him.

CALLEN: Maybe you know him by a different name.

ARKADY: Ask the real question. The one you came to ask me.

CALLEN: Is this my father?

ARKADY: No one has ever introduced themselves to me as your father. So maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.

CALLEN: Well, someone thinks he is.

ARKADY: Do you?

CALLEN: Someone is trying to get to me through him. Vasile Comescu.

ARKADY: I know Comescues. Romani. Human traffiing, arms smuggling. If anyone could find your father, it would be them. I heard they had family tragedy couple of years ago. Many died, including head of Comescu family. Is this business?

CALLEN: This is personal.

ARKADY: Nice knowing you, Callen.

[His phone buzz]

ARKADY: You just sent me text message.

CALLEN: No, I didn't.

ARKADY: Yeah, you did. "Come to my house. Urgent. Callen."

CALLEN: They're watching your house. They send you the message. You leave. They follow you back to my house...wait for me to come home.

ARKADY: What are you going to do?

CALLEN: Well, we don't want to disappoint 'em.

ARKADY: What means "we"?

ARKADY: They're gonna expect to see you and maybe a...a driver.

ARKADY: Do I owe you favor?

CALLEN: No. But when this is done...I'm gonna owe you one.

ARKADY: Then it is business.

[He loads his gun and puts it at his belt]

ARKADY: Ay-yi! Gun is still cold.


[They leave – G wears a cap and sun glasses; he sits down behind the wheel]

ARKADY: My brother-in-law's car.

CALLEN: It may get a little rough.

ARKADY: Is okay. I don't like him anyway.

[They start running]

ARKADY: Make sure you use indicators. You don't want to get pulled over, do you?

CALLEN: What, you got a body in the trunk?

ARKADY: No. Not today.

[They turn right. A car starts following them]

ARKADY: There they are. You got a plan?


ARKADY: What is it?

CALLEN: Watch.

[He stops slowly and backs all of a sudden. They bumped into the other car. The 2 guys get out with their guns; Callen shoots them]


[G checks one of the bodies.]

ARKADY: Good plan.

CALLEN: Anton Comescu.

[Arkady shoots at the bodies]

CALLEN: They're already dead.

ARKADY: Old habit. Who's going to pay for this?

CALLEN: Your brother-in-law has insurance, right?


CALLEN: Well, his premiums are gonna go up.

[Arkady chuckles. G opens the guy’s car hood and pull out the battery]

CALLEN: Open the trunk.

ARKADY: That's good.

[G puts down the battery into Arkady’s car]

CALLEN: Give me your phone. Come on.

[He dials]

[OPS center.]

ERIC: This is Eric.

CALLEN: [Over com] Eric, I'm at Primrose just south of Third. Send someone over here. I got two bodies down and Arkady Kolcheck needs a ride.

ERIC: All right, Callen, but Hetty needs to talk...

[The phone beeps. Back to Primrose]

CALLEN: Give me your gun.

ARKADY: Sure. Is he your father?

CALLEN: We're about to find out.

[He’s gone with Arkady’s car]

ARKADY: Or die trying...


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Kensi opens the door to Arkady]

KENSI: Sit down.

ARKADY: No. After you.

[She glares at him]

ARKADY: Okeydokey, dokey, dokey. No niceties today.

KENSI: Where's Callen?

ARKADY: I don't know.

KENSI: Okay, we found you beside a car with two men who'd been shot to death. We swabbed you for gun residue. And when that's processed, what do you think we're gonna find?

ARKADY: That I fired weapon. Self-defense. Agent Callen will tell you same thing.

DEEKS: Well, then you better hope we find him alive, pal,'cause he's the only friend that's gonna vouch for you.

ARKADY: I don't know where he is. I know what he went to do, and I can truthfully say I don't know where he went to do it.

DEEKS: Why'd you wait with the bodies? You could have been long gone by the time we got there.

ARKADY: Because I wanted you to know what happened, what Callen was going to do.


ARKADY: Because Callen is a friend of mine and I don't want him to die today.



GRANGER: Battery's missing.

SAM: Cheap rental; no nav. Now, Arkady said Callen took Anton's cell phone.

[He checks the other body]

SAM: Uh. Left one for us.

[Phone line rings]

ERIC: [Over phone] Sam.

SAM: Eric.

ERIC: What's up?

SAM: I got a cell number for you. It's probably a burn phone. Number's 310-555-0116.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Recent calls?

SAM: [over phone] One. 310-555-0122. Numbers are almost sequential. They probably bought 'em at the same time at the same store. Store's gonna have records, even for burn phones.

ERIC: Got it.


GRANGER: Why would he take the battery, Sam?

SAM: I can think of a couple of reasons. None of them good.


[G is forcing a box of clothes for donations. He grabs bags, puts them down the trunk with the battery. He connects the battery with the rear lights wires; he spreads gasoline over the clothes—and closes the trunk. He gets back behind the wheel. He grabs Anton’s phone, dials – the line rings]

[Vasile is in a back alley when his phone rings]

VASILE: Anton?

[He speaks Romanian]

CALLEN: Yeah, he found me. But he's not able to make it to the phone right now. Your family's getting smaller, Vasile. How many cousins you have left, huh?

VASILE: Let me talk to him.

CALLEN: I have someone you want, and you have someone I want.

VASILE: I need to know that he's alive.

CALLEN: You'll know when we meet.

VASILE: No exchange until I know he's alive.

CALLEN: How about I just shoot him and you send another cousin to come find me?

[He cuts off the call. Vasile sighs; he hesitates. Then, the phone rings in Callen’s car]

CALLEN: Did you run out of cousins, Vasile?

VASILE: South Central and Ninth. Call me when you are there.

[G tears apart a bit of tape]


[OPS center.]

ERIC: I just got a hit on the number Sam gave me.

NELL: Cell tower in the Garment District.

ERIC: Two calls several seconds apart, same tower. Means whoever's using the phone probably isn't moving.

NELL: Mm-hmm.

ERIC: Get Deeks and Kensi. I'm calling Sam.

NELL: Yeah.

[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Hetty enters. A guard opens and closes the door]

HETTY: Thank you, Robert.

[Arkady jumps on his feet, waiting for Henrietta to sit down first. He smiles]

HETTY: Arkady.

ARKADY: Henrietta.

HETTY: So, what have you got to trade today?

ARKADY: I never said I had anything to trade, Henrietta.

HETTY: But you always do even when you say you don't.

ARKADY: What makes you think I do?

HETTY: Callen came to see you.

ARKADY: If I did have something, you shouldn't assume that it would make any difference right now.

HETTY: It wouldn't help me find him?


HETTY: But it might help him find himself?

ARKADY: Maybe.

HETTY: And what would you want in return?

ARKADY: Perhaps a consideration in the future. When I might need one.

HETTY: Go on.

ARKADY: I know Michael Reinhardt.


[Callen stops; calls Vasile]


CALLEN: I'm at South Central and Ninth.

VASILE: Drive east two blocks. Turn right. Drive for four blocks, then turn left at the first side street.

[Tires squeal when G sets off again]


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Sam, we just had another call, same cell tower. Strong signal. I'd say four-block radius. You must be right on top of 'em.

SAM: [over com] How far out are Kensi and Deeks?

[In the car; Sam is driving]

ERIC: [over com] Three minutes behind you.


[G stops: Vasile is with 7 armed men…Callen gets out of the car, hands up. Vasile speaks Romanian and one of hi guys search G. He finds Arkady’s gun.]

CALLEN: Where is he?

VASILE: Anton first.

[G throws his keys to the man who searched him]

CALLEN: He's in the trunk.

[Guy beeps to open the trunk— it bursts into flames. G had hidden his weapon under the car, rolls on the ground to grab it and shoot.He hits Vasile in the shoulder. Meanwhile, tires screeching, Sam is running fast]

GRANGER: [On phone] Kensi, explosion--between 11th and 12th, off San Pedro. Back street. We're going in hot.

[G hits another man. Kensi is trying to speed up]

KENSI: Come on, come on, come on.

DEEKS: Truck, Kensi!

[She brakes in time to avoid a truck – its horn honks, the driver shouts!]

DEEKS: Here, here, go--go, go, go!

[Engine revving, she accelerates]

[G is still fighting with Vasile’s men. Suddenly his car explodes – the blast knocks him over; he grunts when he hits the road…then faints]

[Sam is in the alley – 2 men shoot at them- Granger takes a bullet in the shoulder, he groans. Sam hits a container full of rubble. The car rolls over, stops on the roof…Granger crawls through the window; his ears are whistling…he grunts in pain. He doesn’t stop, inches after inches, he goes a little further…He reaches the front of the car…rolls on his back and faints. Sam is motionless, upside-down…]


----------------------- ZAPPING -------------------------


[It’s the scene we saw at the beginning. Now we know it’s Vasile; he checks Granger, sets fire to the car where Sam is trapped]

[Kensi stops the car in front of a gate]

KENSI: Sam! Sit-Rep!

DEEKS: This way. Come on, team.

[He climbs the gate, Kensi uses containers]

[There are 2 gunshots – (those in the back of Reinhardt) – Sam opens the eyes]

[Reinhardt is lying on the road; Vasile reloads, raises his gun…he’s enjoying the moment; G knows he lost this game…But the gunshots are for Vasile and his men: Sam is back in the battle. He hits a man, G stands up and dives on Vasile.

KENSI: Get down!

[Gunfire continues: Deeks and Kensi killed 2 men]


[He throws him a weapon, which allows him to kill the last guy…]

SAM: Kensi! Deeks!

KENSI: I'm up!

DEEKS: I'm up!

SAM: Granger's been hit. Kensi, call it in; Deeks clear the weapons.

[G kneels at Reinhardt’s side; the old man groans weakly]

REINHARDT: Tell him...the debt is paid.

[He closed the eyes...G has tears in the eyes, he exhales weakly …sirens approach]


[At the morgue. G is with Reinhardt, looking at his face, alone in the dark. The door opens]

CALLEN: How's Granger?

HETTY: Not too happy. He's been shot in that shoulder before. Someone else is here to see you.

ARKADY: I'm glad you're okay, old friend. I'm sorry you couldn't save him. He was a good man when I knew him, many years ago now. He wasn't Michael Reinhardt back then. His real name was Hans Schrieber, East German. He and his family escaped to the West in 1969.

HETTY: Before you were born, Mr. Callen.

CALLEN: He couldn't have been my father.

HETTY: No. But I think he knew your father. Owed him a debt.

[Arkady has handed a press article to G who reads]

CALLEN: "I owe him my life."

[A man with his wife and a little girl are smiling in the photo. The article says that the refugee Family fled thanks to a Russian soldier]

CALLEN: "Tell him the debt was paid."

ARKADY: Back in the 1970's, I helped refugees start over in USA--new lives, new names--Schrieber was one of many. He said he owed his life to a Russian soldier, an officer who helped him escape. I believe they stayed in contact even after Schrieber became Reinhardt and moved to America.

HETTY: Schrieber agreed to keep track of you...until your father could come back for you and your sister.

CALLEN: Only he never did.

HETTY: But Schrieber kept his promise. Watching you, noting down every change of address, every foster home, and taking photographs.

CALLEN: They thought he was my father, and he let them believe it. Repaying the debt.

HETTY: I had Eric do an archive search on Nikita Alexsandr Reznikov. There was a major in the KGB by that name.

CALLEN: Is he alive?

HETTY: He was arrested, sent to a labor camp in Siberia in 1974, just as you left Romania. There is no record of his death.

ARKADY: It was a long time ago.

[G whispers – tears in the eyes]

CALLEN: Yes, it was…

ARKADY: Henrietta.

[He bows a goodbye and leaves them]

HETTY: Oh...Mr. Deeks found this amongst all the photographs. I thought you might like to have it. Good night, Mr. Callen.

CALLEN: Good night, Hetty.


[The photos are on the floor, near the little box, in Callen’s house. He hangs a white sheet against the wall. There’s an old projector, he turns it on. There’s no audio…A little movie - Family time: A man pushing a little girl on a swing – G gasps: a little boy is in the arms of the man. There’s a lot of love between them, and with the girl... G starts crying…There’s a paper in the film box. With 2 words in Russian]  

CALLEN: моя семья [My Family]

[The film runs out – the film end is flapping, the screen is dark…]


------------------- THE END -----------------

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