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#507 : Un train peut en cacher un autre

En enquêtant sur le meurtre d’un gardien de gare de triage, l’équipe découvre un complot de grande envergure visant l’attaque d’un train. Ils vont devoir mettre le Homeland au courant de cet acte terroriste en préparation à Los Angeles, et trouver rapidement qui tire les ficelles…


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Titre VO
The Livelong Day

Titre VF
Un train peut en cacher un autre

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Kensi et Deeks travaillent sous couverture étudient des dossiers

Kensi et Deeks travaillent sous couverture étudient des dossiers

Deeks sous couverture se balade ans un couloir

Deeks sous couverture se balade ans un couloir

Deeks arête le suspect qui allait prendre la fute

Deeks arête le suspect qui allait prendre la fute

Une dame âgée a poivrée le coupable qui l'a agréssé

Une dame âgée a poivrée le coupable qui l'a agréssé

Sam Hanna et G Callen

Sam Hanna et G Callen


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Scénariste : Joe Sachs

Réalisateur : Dennis Smith

Guests : 

Brett Rice ............................ Anthony Trager
Kari Coleman ............................ Jillian Rome
Brando Eaton ............................ Mitchell Rome
Derek Ray ............................ Gil Bellamy
Yolanda Campbell ............................ Tammy Townsend
Ian Reed Kesler ............................ Jeremy Pernell
Jorge-Luis Pallo ............................ Special Agent Salazar
Lanny Joon ............................ Brian Cheng
Connie Sawyer ............................ Ida
Diane Yang ............................ Kim

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[Train yard. A man is running, chased by at  two guys. He’s speaking in his radio]

MAN: Two-nine to Dispatch, ten-double-zero. Ten-double-zero, requesting backup. Crossover D.

[One of the guys catches him, they fall down. The guy ties his hands in his back]

MAN: I didn't see anything, I swear. I never saw your faces. Take off, and nothing will happen.

[He’s a guard.

 A train whistles. Its lights are coming closer]

GUY2: Come on, let's go.

MAN: Please!

GUY2: I'm out of here!

[He runs away; his partner strikes the guard and drags his body – to the rail; the train is getting closer. The driver is watching his phone. The guard regains consciousness…The driver spots him, and the guy standing at his side. He brakes, the wheels screech…too late.]


  ♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 5x07  The Livelong Day  

  Original air date on November 5, 2013


[Bullpen. ♫♫ Deeks is at his desk, tidying it up. Sam appears]

SAM: It's kind of early for you, Deeks.

DEEKS: Well, you can't be too careful. Mercury's in retrograde.

SAM: Meaning?

DEEKS: A few times a year, the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards through the Zodiac. It causes all of our plans to go awry.

SAM: Seriously? I think you're in retrograde.

[Callen is coming in]

CALLEN: Morning.

SAM: You're late.

DEEKS: Mercury.

SAM: We were supposed to shoot hoops.

CALLEN: I'm sorry, I had a flat tire.

DEEKS: Mercury.

SAM: You couldn't call?

CALLEN: My cell phone battery died.

[Deeks coughs]

DEEKS: Mercury.

CALLEN: Actually, it's lithium ion.

SAM: Apparently, we have a problem with Mercury over here.

CALLEN: What, the messenger of the gods? The, uh, guy with the winged sandals? Never liked him. Always in a hurry.

DEEKS: Mock, mock, mock. But when Mercury is in retrograde and travelling backwards, everything goes catawampus, so stay flexible and allow for extra travel time.

KENSI: Morning.

SAM: Hey, Kensi...

KENSI: Yeah.

SAM: What happens when Mercury is in retrograde?

KENSI: Deeks gets retro-annoying.


KENSI: Oh, come on. Problems happen all the time, and three times a year, we have to blame it on Mercury? Ridiculous.

SAM: Sounds like an urban myth.

CALLEN: It's more like a superstition.

DEEKS: Don't do it; don't taunt Mercury.

CALLEN: Or what, the guy in the chariot's gonna stop pulling the sun around the Earth?

[Kensi chuckles,- a train whistle blows: Eric is on top of the stairs]

ERIC: ♫♫Can't you hear the whistle blowing? ♫ ♫

DEEKS: I wish I couldn't.

KENSI: Oh, hold on...I should call my mom.

DEEKS: Why? What's going on?

KENSI: Well, I stepped on a crack this morning, so she's probably in the O.R. by now.

DEEKS: God...

[G laughs]


[OPS center. They’re watching footage from what happened at the train yard]

ERIC: Brian Cheng, security guard for the Fillmore and Western Railway.

DEEKS: Now, that had to hurt.

SAM: Anything on the bad guys?

NELL: Wearing masks, usually avoiding security cameras.

CALLEN: These guys knew what they were doing.

[The bad guy is dragging the guy…]

DEEKS: He's not gonna do that, is he?

NELL: Afraid so.

[They watch- or close their eyes…]

KENSI: Oh, man.

ERIC: Two minutes earlier...

NELL: Cheng caught them trespassing.

[He flees- they chase him]

KENSI: Taking photos and measurements.

SAM: Casing the joint.

DEEKS: Dead men tell no tales.

CALLEN: Sheriff's Department's on this?

ERIC: Oh, yeah, but Cheng's walkie was open during the attack.

NELL: And as he was thrown under the train...

MAN: [Over recording] Allahu Akbar.

SAM: Allahu Akbar.

HETTY: There are rumors…

[She enters]

HETTY: …of Al Qaeda targeting rail lines in Europe.

KENSI: Train terrorism?

HETTY: A soft target with the potential for mass casualties. We need to be certain that this does not come to pass.

CALLEN: Check all fundamentalist chatter.

[Eric and Nell start typing on their tablets]

CALLEN: Sam? Rail yard or security guard?

DEEKS: Uh, trains, I actually have an affinity for...

SAM: Rail yard.

DEEKS: ...trains.

CALLEN: This may be personal. You guys look into the guard.

KENSI: Got it.

HETTY: Careful out there. Mercury is in retrograde.

DEEKS: See? Hetty knows about...Oh, you're messing. Damn it!


[Sam stops the Challenger at the rail yard; 2 guys in suit are speaking together. One of them spot the agents]

MAN1: Hey.

[His partner looks behind- he walks to meet them]

MAN2: Morning!

[They show their badges]

CALLEN: Agent Callen.

SAM: Agent Hanna, NCIS.

MAN2: Jeremy Pernell, Railway Public Relations. Did the deceased have a military connection?

SAM: That's why we're here.

PERNELL: Detective Garcia's in charge.

CALLEN: You had a supervisor on duty last night?

PERNELL: He's home sleeping.

SAM: Does he have a name?

PERNELL: Well, I'd have to clear that with management.

CALLEN: This is a federal criminal investigation.

SAM: It'd be in your best interest to cooperate.

PERNELL: Absolutely, it's just this whole thing has potential to blow up into some bad press, and the FRA is coming down from Sacramento, so...


PERNELL: Federal Railroad Administration, our regulatory body. First we have to follow protocol, go through their channels for their investigation, then Monday, tomorrow, maybe the next day, you guys can sit down and do your interviews. With our legal counsel present, of course.

CALLEN: Jeremy...are you trying to obstruct justice?

SAM: Isn't that a felony?

CALLEN: Up to 20 years.

PERNELL: No, no, no, no. I am just doing my job.

SAM: We'll have a little walk around the yard, if that's all right with you.

PERNELL: Be my guest. Whatever you guys need.

[They leave him]

SAM: He's either a big knucklehead, or they've got something to hide.

CALLEN: Either way, it sounds like the FRA holds the keys to the castle.

SAM: Let's put Kensi and Deeks on it.

CALLEN: There were two of them. The first guy ran off that way.

SAM: Could've hopped the fence.

CALLEN: That's what I'm thinking.

[They walk towards the fence; Pernell and his partner watch them]

CALLEN: Kind of nice to ride the rails, huh?

[Sam scoffs]

SAM:  I don't share your hobo esthetic.

CALLEN: Talking about working on a train. Bringing people what they need, being connected to history...

SAM: The rolling stone gathers no moss.

CALLEN: That's right; you got to keep moving. Otherwise you'll have moss growing all over you, like a fungus.

SAM: That's not what the proverb means.

CALLEN: It's exactly what it means.

SAM: No, it isn't. Moss is good.

CALLEN: Moss is a disease.

SAM: When you keep moving, you're barren. You sleep on couches. When you're sturdy and still... you put down roots.

CALLEN: Moss has no roots. You peel it away like a rotten banana.

SAM: I think your brain's a rotten banana.

[Callen has picked up something]

CALLEN: Mm-hmm.

SAM: What is it?

CALLEN: It's something with a dial.

[There’s a word engraved on the metal support]

CALLEN: "Rome"?

SAM: It's a long way from Italy.

[He takes a photo]


[OPS center.]

ERIC: The instrument you found is a trainman's gauge. It's used to measure pressure in the air brake system.

[Rail yard]

CALLEN: What about Rome?

[OPS center.]

NELL: I'm sending you a photo of Mitchell Rome. He's a recently fired brakeman with Fillmore and Western.

SAM: Why was he let go?

[OPS center. Eric is reading a file on his monitor]

ERIC: He was about to be promoted to engineer. Lost his job after testing positive for marijuana and causing a collision in the yard.

[Rail yard]

NELL: [Over com] No one was hurt, damage was minor, but it cost him his career.

CALLEN: Might leave you with some bitter feelings toward your employer.

SAM: Any extremist connections?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Not him, but at the same address is one Gil Bellamy, unemployed demolitions expert.

[Rail yard]

CALLEN: Bellamy? That's not your typical Arabic name.

NELL: [Over com] He's been a commenter on several bomb-building Web sites, including one called "Jihadist Raiders Front""

CALLEN: His knowledge of munitions and Rome's knowledge of trains...

SAM: This could end badly.


[Kensi and Deeks are in the courtyard ot the guard’s apartment. Deeks is reading his phone]

KENSI: Rome's on the second floor.


KENSI: What? Something from ops?

DEEKS: My horoscope.

KENSI: You have a horoscope app?

DEEKS: You wouldn't understand; you're a Leo.

KENSI: That's right, lion, king of the jungle.

DEEKS: Full of fire and aggression, has to be right, even when she isn't. Actually, especially when she isn't.

KENSI: And what does that make you?

DEEKS: I'm a Capricorn.

KENSI: What is that, the unicorn's inbred cousin?

DEEKS: The ram.

[Kensi laughs]

DEEKS: Really?

KENSI: You're a goat?

DEEKS: No, no, that's a completely different animal. I'm the ram.

KENSI: I see, so scruffy, annoying bleat.

DEEKS: Uh, stable, steady, loyal, connected with the earth. Also, Leos drive Capricorns crazy.

KENSI: Yes, well, apparently, vice versa.

DEEKS: Slow down.

KENSI: You slow down, goat boy.

DEEKS: No, no, no, 210.

[A man is closing the door, obviously leaving the apartment]

DEEKS: Hey, uh, sir? Hey, did you sign for a package earlier?

[The man starts fleeing]

DEEKS: No...

[He chases the guy]

DEEKS: No! Federal agents! Federal agents!

[The man takes the stairs- blocking the way with a bike; Deeks hopped it. The man is downstairs, running towards the exit but Kensi, coming from nowhere, squats just in front of him. He can’t avoid the collision. He ‘s thrown up side down, hit heavily the ground…He groans, half-stunned. Kensi searches him]

KENSI: What's the rush?

MAN: I thought you were the guys lived up there.

DEEKS: What part of "federal agents" did you not understand?

MAN: Hey, I don't hear so good.

[He has hearing aid- Kensi finds a gun]

KENSI: Yeah, what do you need this for?

DEEKS: A little Smith & Wesson revolver? What's up, old school?

MAN: I got a concealed weapons carry permit in my wallet. Name's Anthony Trager. private investigator.

[Kensi has handed the wallet to Deeks – there’s a permit inside]

DEEKS: He's telling the truth. This guy's a private eye.

[Trager groans)

TRAGER: A little help?

[Deeks helps him getting back on his feet]

DEEKS: Gumshoe, a shamus, a bird dog.

TRAGER: What's wrong with this guy?

KENSI: He's in retrograde. P.I.'s aren't supposed to break into apartments.

TRAGER: I knocked; the door was open.

[Deeks is still reading Trager’s IDs]

DEEKS: Retired LAPD? You a cop? I'm a cop. Lawman, blue knight, hot fuzz. open.

TRAGER: What is he, like, Rain Man or something?

KENSI: I wish; at least he could count.

TRAGER: So what are you guys? FBI? Homeland Security?


TRAGER: I guess we're both interested in Mitchell Rome.

DEEKS: Mm-hmm. How's that, Dragnet?

TRAGER: I was hired by Fillmore and Western. He's been babbling about dragging them into court for wrongful termination of employment. I was looking for any skeletons in his closet that might torpedo his case. Easiest gig I ever had. They guy's a real pothead.

DEEKS: Stoner, dope fiend, smoke monkey.

[Kensi sighs and walks away]

DEEKS: You know what I'm talking about. Midnight toker, see you later.

[He follows Kensi]

TRAGER: What the...?!


[Kensi and Deeks enter Rome’s apartment – filled from floor to ceiling with train related stuff- small scale models, tools, signs…maps on the walls]


[Kensi checks the desk]

KENSI: Okay, so manuals, routes, schematics.

DEEKS: He is either a really dedicated employee...

KENSI: Or a crazy and obsessive killer.

DEEKS: Oh, man, is that what I think it is?

KENSI: What?

[Deeks kneels down]

DEEKS: Oh, my God- it is. It's an Airfix HO-scale 262 Prairie Tank.

KENSI: Excuse me?

DEEKS: They don't even make these anymore.

KENSI: And you know this because...

DEEKS: Because I asked Santa for it every single year, and all I got was stupid Thomas.

KENSI: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Thomas is kind, Thomas is dependable, Thomas is not stupid.

DEEKS: Thomas has a face, all right? Trains shouldn't have a face, and they shouldn't talk.

KENSI: [whispering]  We should all be so lucky.

[Deeks stops near the table]

DEEKS: Um, you wouldn't happen to have the bomb squad on speed dial, would you?

[Kensi has found a photo: un young man and a woman – could be his mother]

KENSI: What?

DEEKS: Looks like we got several bricks of plastic explosives, assorted blasting caps and timers.

[Kensi grabs a sheet of paper]

KENSI: Highlighted rail maps through Pasadena, Long Beach and downtown L.A. I'm gonna call it in. These guys are getting ready to strike.

DEEKS: I think I can, I think I can. Kaboom!


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[G and Callen are waiting near the Challenger – Eric is speaking over phone from the OPS]

ERIC: Homeland Security's been briefed and all freight and passenger security personnel are on high alert.

NELL: And absolutely nothing suspicious on Cheng, the dead security guard.

CALLEN: And what about Gil Bellamy?

NELL: Rome took him in as a roommate after he got fired, probably to help pay the rent. but I'm still digging through his electronic footprint.

SAM: You sure this is the right hospital?

[OPS center. Eric reads his tablet- the woman in the photo (Rome’s apartment) is a nurse in St Anne Hospital]

ERIC: Rome's mother was off duty at 8:00. Followed by two hours of administrative meetings.

[The agents are waiting near the employee entrance – the doors open]

CALLEN: Here we go.

SAM: Jillian Rome?

CALLEN: Federal agents. Can we ask you a couple questions?

JILLIAN: I worked a night shift, and I got a train to catch.

SAM: A train?

JILLIAN: Yeah, I commute from Diamond Bar. Get a nap in both ways and don't have to deal with the traffic. If this is about a patient, maybe you could contact the appropriate...?

CALLEN: We'd like to ask you about your son. You seen him lately?

JILLIAN: No, um...I... you know, be-before he lost his job, I used to talk to him every day on the phone, but now I'm lucky if I get a text.

SAM: He's a suspect in a crime at Fillmore and Western.

JILLIAN: Mitch is not a criminal.

SAM: Do you know his roommate?

JILLIAN: What roommate?

[Sam and G share a look]

JILLIAN: Look, m-my son is a straight arrow. I-I worked nights so I could be with him every day after school. He knows right from wrong.

CALLEN: According to his former employer, he had a marijuana problem.

JILLIAN: No, no, that whole thing was a mistake. I mean, he doesn't even drink. Mitch has loved trains since he was in diapers. He used to beg me to ride in to work on the train. It was his dream to become an engineer. There's absolutely no way that he would throw that all away. There isn't.

CALLEN: If your son is innocent, he may need protection We need your help. We'd like your permission to access your cell phone in case he calls.


SAM: If you see him, let us know?

[He hands her a card]

JILLIAN: I will. Thank you.

[They watch her walking away]

SAM: That's a good mom. Sounds like a good kid.

CALLEN: Yeah. They said the same thing about you.

[Sam chuckles]


[Deeks and Kensi in a hallway – they wear FRA vests, and pull trolley cases. Deeks has glasses and short hair. A woman spots them]

WOMAN: I see the FRA has arrived.

KENSI: Yes, we have. Karen Bibb.

[They shake hand]

YOLANDA: Yolanda Campbell, operations manager. Nice to meet you.

DEEKS: Matthew Dunkler.

[Yolanda raises her hand- Deeks clears his throat]

KENSI: Matthew doesn't like to shake hands.

DEEKS: Germs.

YOLANDA: I wasn't expecting you until this afternoon.

KENSI: Ah, well, we made good time.

DEEKS: Lack of freeway congestion translated into an average velocity of 72 miles an hour.

YOLANDA: That's great. Right this way.

DEEKS: Uh, files are necessary for all personnel on duty during the time of the incident. Training qualifications, hours of service, uh, compliance training, drug and alcohol screening, medical exams.

YOLANDA: It's all there. Do you want to inspect the tracks?

KENSI: Uh, yes, but after the paperwork.

DEEKS: Uh, interviews should be scheduled for the engineer, the conductor, the yard master security dispatcher, and once disengaged, the event recorder should be queried.

YOLANDA: I think all could be arranged…

 (Deeks clears throat – they enter the board room. Kensi whispers for Yolanda]

KENSI: Matthew takes his job very seriously.

YOLANDA: I see. Well, make yourselves at home. My office is right down the hall, if you need anything, and, uh, oh, for lunch, there's a couple...

[Deeks clears his throat loudly]

DEEKS: Not necessary.

YOLANDA: All righty then! I'll let you get to work.

KENSI: Thank you.

YOLANDA: Welcome.

[She leaves the room- she sights and whisper]



KENSI: What the hell?

DEEKS: What? I told you about my undercover character.

KENSI: Yeah, you told me he was a by-the-book guy. Not a weird and creepy guy.

DEEKS: Hey, it worked, didn't it? She's leaving us alone.

[He’s about to close the door – but hears men arguing nearby]


[He quietly steps back in the hallway- Kensi follows him]

MAN: ...the FRA is here...

MAN 2: No, they're not expected till this afternoon.

[The men continue arguing indistinctly – Deeks leans forwards, watching closely at a locomotive under glass]


KENSI: What are you doing?

[Deeks clears his throat and waves]

DEEKS: You should see this.

[The glass works like a mirror- they see the men arguing in an office behind. It’s Pernell and the other guy]

MAN: ...if they want to check out the cabin.

MAN2: They won't, trust me!

KENSI: Ah! I've been shredding on the railroad.

DEEKS: A locked file. Fascinating.

[They see Pernell opening it- and hear a voice they know…]

TRAGER: The disk has everything. Contraband in Rome's apartment...

KENSI: That's Trager.

TRAGER: Yeah, and photos with the ex-con roommate.

[Deeks and Kensi want to go back to the board room but the men just leave the office – the agents wheel around and walk hastily I front of the men ]

TRAGER: The guy's got a rap sheet longer than a Texas mile.

KENSI: Pick up the pace.

DEEKS: There is a stairwell around the corner.

TRAGER: Yeah, nobody's gonna touch that kid's case with a ten-foot pole. So, if you need anything else, keep in touch.

[He laughs and shakes Pernell’s hand]

TRAGER: You know where to find me.

DEEKS: Right around here to the left. To the left.

[But Kensi pushes him into the women restroom]

DEEKS: To the left, to the left...Ladies room, really?

KENSI: They were right on our tail in case you didn't notice.

DEEKS: 75 cents for a tampon? Those things used to be a quarter when I was in high school.

KENSI: He's gone. We'll just wait a few more minutes and...Oh, crap.

[She closes the door – Deeks is looking at himself …]

DEEKS: You're a handsome devil-- what's your name?

[He yells: she bumped into him – pushes him backwards into a cubicle – closes the door- just in time: Yolanda is entering –speaking on phone]

YOLANDA: Yeah, the twins have a birthday party and soccer on Saturday, so...

DEEKS: Most ladies buy me a couple of drinks first.

KENSI: Shhh!

YOLANDA: Okay, sounds good, Mom. Yeah, love you too. Bye-bye.

[She takes the cubicle next to them]

DEEKS: Too many feet.

[He climbs the toilets, she sits down – and yells]


YOLANDA: Molly, is that you?

KENSI: No, it's Karen from the FRA.

YOLANDA: Love your boots!

KENSI: Thank you.

YOLANDA: So, how long have you been working with your partner?

KENSI: Um, oh, I...A couple years.

YOLANDA: Well, you seem so normal, but he seems so...

KENSI: Different?

YOLANDA: Honey...they ought to be giving you hazard pay.

KENSI: You have no idea…!

[She laughs – Deeks presses the button: the toilet flushes]



[G and Sam arrive at the Harvard House Motel – “Adult movies, Color TV.AW.FX, Water bed – com with Eric and Nell in the OPS]

CALLEN: Ivy League motel.

SAM: So, Bellamy's been here before?

ERIC: Credit card shows charges for Harvard House Motel twice in the last ten months.

SAM: Got it.

NELL: And the stays coincide with restraining orders from two ex-girlfriends after incidents of domestic violence.

CALLEN: Sounds like a heck of a guy.

NELL: Yeah.

ERIC: Hey, be careful over there.

SAM: We know: armed and dangerous.

ERIC: Uh, no the motel ranks number two in L.A. on BedbugScorecard.com.

NELL: So, I'd consider washing your clothes on a fairly hot setting after you leave.

ERIC: Extra 20 minutes in the dryer.

[Sam scratches his shoulder]


[Sam shows Bellamy’s photo with his name to the hotel manager]

CALLEN: Have you seen this guy?

WOMAN: Gil Bellamy. He checked in three days ago as Frank Babcock.

CALLEN: With a fake I.D.

WOMAN: Expired credit card last time. I made him pay cash up front.

CALLEN: What room?

WOMAN: 21. Need a key?

SAM:  Hmm, federal agents badges! Rather not kick down the door.

[She gives them a key]

SAM: Thank you.


[G knocks at the door]

CALLEN: Mr. Babcock, the plumbers are here.

SAM:  Your shower's leaking through the floor!

CALLEN: You mind if we take a look around?

[G looks at Sam who nods. Callen unlocks the door – it creaks open – They take a look through the door]]

SAM: Wire!

[They step back, hide themselves behind the wall – and boom! The blast blows out the door and the windows- A lot of debris are thrown away. G is panting heavily]

SAM: You all right?

[G nods…]


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[NCIS office. G and Sam are coming back- Callen is on phone]

CALLEN: Okay, thanks. [To Sam] Forensics at the motel found C-4.

SAM: Well, that's no surprise. He's a construction demolition guy.

[They arrive at the bullpen – Eric joins them]

ERIC: We got a BOLO out for Bellamy. And Jillian Rome has been texting with her son.

[He puts onto screen the messages]

CALLEN: "I'm okay, Mom, don't believe it. I'm doing the right thing."

SAM: If blowing up two federal agents is doing the right thing.

CALLEN:  That was Bellamy's work. How could Rome be doing the right thing?

SAM: Suppose he's got a gun to his head. Rome's cooperating. Bellamy's forcing him to do his dirty work.

ERIC: Message originated from an industrial area in Pacoima.

CALLEN: Run kaleidoscope facial rec and check security cameras in the area

ERIC: Got it.

[Sam and G exchange a look…]


[Fillmore and Western Railway building; board room]

DEEKS: I thought it was a very simple request to pull down your pants.

KENSI: I do not like my trousers to touch the bathroom floor. I prefer to pull them down to my knees.

DEEKS: Well, you could've done that, shown some wrinkles.

KENSI: Where do I have wrinkles?

DEEKS: On your pant legs. A lot more convincing when she was checking out your shoes. Now she's super suspicious.

KENSI: Can we just think about the shredder?

DEEKS: Don't you worry your pretty little head 'cause I have a plan.

KENSI: Those words always scare me.

[Deeks drinks water, clears his  throat, takes an apple from his lunch box]

DEEKS: Apple?

KENSI: Yes, actually.

[She bites]

KENSI: This is frozen!

DEEKS: Mm-hmm, and it's from the dry ice.

[He puts ice in the empty water bottle]

DEEKS: See, regular ice turns to water, and gives you a soggy sandwich. And what is worse than a soggy sandwich?

[He laughs and imitates Kensi]

DEEKS: Having to listen to you.

KENSI: I didn't say it, but I certainly thought it.

DEEKS: That anger management class was money well spent.

[She throws the apple at his head]

DEEKS: Or not.

[He screws back the stopper]

DEEKS: Get ready for a big bang.


[The board room door is ajar: Deeks and Kensi watch the water dispenser in the hallway]

KENSI: You sure about this?

DEEKS: Positive.

KENSI: It's taking way too long. I think Mercury's messing with you.

DEEKS: Wait for it.

[Boom! A man yells]

DEEKS: Showtime.

[He clears his throat and crosses the hallway with Kensi – He sets off the fire alarm ; they hastily enter the office with the locked files…People rush out their offices]

PERNELL: What the hell was that?

YOLANDA: Something blew up!

PERNELL: Everybody out. Let's go. Come on.

YOLANDA: Let's go!

[ ♫ in the office, Deeks copy the computers files, they steal paper files…]

DEEKS: Incident reports. Confidential employee files.

[Kensi retrieves the papers from the chopper]

DEEKS: You ready, Kens?

KENSI: Ready.

[They leave, pulling their trolley cases]

DEEKS: Incoming.

YOLANDA: We need to leave the building now.

DEEKS: Uh, not safe, definitely, definitely not safe.

[Deeks looks very uncomfortable; Kensi hands him a paper bag]

KENSI: Matthew is prone to panic attacks.

[He groans]

YOLANDA: The fire department is on the way. I think we're good.

DEEKS: Oh, it's not good, it's definitely not good. Oh, my lips are numb, I can't feel my fingers...and I think I'm having chest pains.

KENSI: Just breathe into the bag. Breathe into the bag!

[He obeys loudly]

YOLANDA: I'm sorry for all the chaos.

KENSI: Okay, let's go, come on.

DEEKS: Is it getting dark in here? Oh, I feel like it's getting dark in here.

KENSI: Matthew...

DEEKS: I smell toast. Do you smell toast? Why do I smell toast? Am I having a stroke?

KENSI: There's no toast.

[Off to...]


[OPS center. Eric and Nell are briefing Sam and G; on screen: footage of  two men]

ERIC: Gil Bellamy and Mitchell Rome, arguing outside a futon warehouse two hours ago.

SAM: Can't decide on a king or a queen!

NELL: One block from the burn phone text.

[Bellamy pushes back Rome]

CALLEN: Trouble in paradise. Looks like the partnership's not working out so well.

SAM: They couldn't agree on a plan or someone screwed up.

CALLEN: Or Rome just found out about the rebar and bombing part of the plan.

[The door opens: Deeks and Kensi come in]

KENSI: Did you get anything off the hard drive?

NELL: They've expunged all e-mails to and from Rome. Even off the server.

DEEKS: What about the files?

ERIC: Rendering now.

[He puts a sheet almost reconstituted]

DEEKS: Well, there was a whole lot of shredding going on.

NELL: It's a letter from Rome.

CALLEN: "As I have repeatedly told my supervisors, I have serious concerns about the transport of hazardous materials through HTUAs"?

SAM: "High Threat Urban Areas."

KENSI: "Materials including chlorine gas, anhydrous ammonia and medical nuclear waste have been passing through residential areas in violation of federal standards."

DEEKS: Why do that? Why take the risk?

CALLEN: Shortest path from point A to point B is the cheapest.

SAM: Complying with indirect routes could mean millions in lost revenue.

KENSI: So Rome was a whistle blower. They wanted to shut him up.

DEEKS: They could have rigged his crash. Tampered with his drug test.

CALLEN: So Rome partnered with Bellamy for revenge.

SAM: But Bellamy's taking it too far.

[The phone rings]

ERIC: I got Jillian Rome calling in.

CALLEN: Put her on speakerphone.

ERIC: Yep.

[They surround the table- Jillian is outside a house]

SAM: Agent Hanna here.

JILLIAN: Uh, hi, it's Jillian Rome. You, uh, you told me to call.

SAM: Have you seen your son?

JILLIAN: Not yet. But, um, a friend of his stopped by the house.

CALLEN: Somebody you know?


DEEKS: What did he look like?

JILLIAN: White guy, um, maybe 30. Uh, he-he told me that Mitch was okay. And, um, he dropped off a box of his stuff.

KENSI: You think Bellamy would harm the mom?

CALLEN: How big is the box?

JILLIAN: Like for files? Should I open it?

SAM: No!! Get as far away as you can.

CALLEN: We're on our way. Call the bomb squad, evacuate the block. And stay on that shredder-- we need a smoking gun.

[Sam and G leave in a hurry]

[Off to...]


[Jillian’s house.The bomb quad & the police are  here. A detective is carrying the box when Sam and G arrive]

DETECTIVE: You guys came a long way for nothing. Looked like the real thing. Turns out it's nothing but play putty.

CALLEN: It's orange like RDX.

SAM: Wired to an alarm clock?

DETECTIVE: Like something Wile E. Coyote used to build. Someone's got a sick sense of humor.

[He leaves the agents; Jillian comes close]

JILLIAN: Who would do this?

SAM: And why?

[Callen takes his phone]

CALLEN: You recognize this man?


JILLIAN: He brought me the package.


[OPS center.]

NELL: Okay. It's been verified.

ERIC: Calling it in.

[Jillian’s house. Sam’s phone rings]

SAM: Go ahead, Eric.

ERIC: Are you with Mrs. Rome?

SAM: We are.

NELL: You might want to step away.


CALLEN: Excuse me.

JILLIAN: Uh, okay.

[Near the car]

SAM: Go ahead, Eric.

ERIC: A freight train's been hijacked in Kern Junction.

CALLEN: It's Bakersfield to the north.

NELL: An engine and four tanks of chlorine gas are heading for Los Angeles right now.

SAM: Bellamy must've knew we were onto him. This fake bomb was a diversion to keep us away.

CALLEN: If those chlorine tankers explode or derail...

ERIC: At least a 100,000 deaths…

NELL: I'm sending you a screen grab from surveillance video. You can make out the engineer.

SAM: Mitchell Rome.

ERIC: Identity has been confirmed.

CALLEN: You still think he's a good kid?

[They exchange a look…]


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[NCIS office. Bullpen. G and Sam are running to catch the others: Hetty, Nell and Eric]

SAM: Where are we?

HETTY: Approaching Mojave.

ERIC: All traffic's been cleared. Homeland's searching the tracks.

SAM: Any contact with Rome?

NELL: Not answering his radio or cell.

CALLEN: All right, what are our options?

SAM: Sniper?

CALLEN: Could cause a crash.

NELL: How about a barrier?

CALLEN: A barrier's gonna cause a derailment. We'll have the release of toxic fumes.

ERIC: Do we need to evacuate the city?

HETTY: If you want mass casualties due to panic.

SAM: We could drop in by helicopter.

CALLEN: We could put an engine in front, match his speed, slow it down.

HETTY: The clock is ticking. He'll be here in less than an hour.

SAM: I can get to Hobart yard, head north on the high rail.


CALLEN: Eric, video conference the boatshed. Where are Kensi and Deeks?

NELL: Following up a facial recognition hit on Bellamy.


[Maximus Lines bus station]

MAN [over P.A.]: ...is now boarding. Please have your ticket in hand for the driver.

[Bellamy is here, pacing up and down]

DEEKS: Gambler's special to Vegas.

KENSI: A lot of bystanders.

DEEKS: That's Bellamy. Watch and learn. Clean and surgical. Cover my back.

KENSI: Got it.

DEEKS: Anyone got change for a buck? Anybody got change? You? Hey, man, you got change for a buck? I just need change for a dollar. You got change for a dollar?

BELLAMY: Uh, yeah, yeah.

DEEKS: Some change for the meter.

[Bellamy hands money but Deeks cuffs his writs]

DEEKS: Federal agent. Don't move.

[He’s in Bellamy’s back to cuff the second hand but the guy strikes with his elbow. Marty grunts. He loses his gun. Bellamy grabs the stick of a very old woman]


[But Deeks manages easily to block the guy]

DEEKS: This would be a lot easier if you would've just listened the first time.

[The old Lady pulls out pepper spray and aims at Bellamy’s face]

DEEKS: No, no, ma'am, that's okay, ma'am!

[Too late! Bellamy yells. She doesn’t stop]

DEEKS: Ma'am, that's okay... You don't have to...Wow, that seemed excessive.

[Kensi joins them – the spray is empty…]

DEEKS: Thanks for looking out.

KENSI: I think your new partner has your back.

[The old lady grabs her stick with anger]

WOMAN: Punk ass!

[Deeks laughs]

DEEKS: Thank you for your...for your help.

[She points at him]

DEEKS: Have fun in Vegas!

[Off to...]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Deeks, Bellamy, Kensi]

DEEKS: $10,000 in cash and a one-way bus ticket to Vegas. So, what's your game, huh-- poker? Blackjack? No, I take you as more as a Keno guy.

BELLAMY: I want a lawyer.

KENSI: You gave up your right to a lawyer when you blew up your motel room.

BELLAMY: What are you talking about?

DEEKS: It's called the Patriot Act. You almost killed two federal agents.

BELLAMY: I did express checkout at 7:00 a.m. this morning. Someone is setting me up. Do you have witnesses? Video?

KENSI: We have a video of you killing a security guard at a train yard.

BELLAMY: You're crazy. I've never been near a train yard.

KENSI: But your roommate has. What were you two arguing about at Pacoima?

[Bellamy scoffs]

BELLAMY: The fool wants to raise my rent.

DEEKS: Rome is at the control of a toxic train heading for downtown Los Angeles.

[Bellamy sighs]

BELLAMY: That doesn't surprise me. He went crazy after they fired him.

DEEKS: Uh-huh. What's his plan?

BELLAMY: Why don't you ask him?

[Observation room. Callen is watching the scene with Jillian]

ERIC: [over com]  Callen, we got a fix on Rome.

[OPS center. ]

ERIC: His phone's with him, but the power's been off.

NELL: Until...now. Enabling video chat.

[Boatshed. Observation room. Rome’s face appears on screen]

[Inside the train. Callen’s face on phone]

CALLEN: Mitchell Rome. My name is Special Agent G. Callen. I need you to stop the train.

[Rome grabs the phone]

 CALLEN: Mitch, don't turn that off.

ROME: I've got nothing to say.

CALLEN: How about to your mom? Look, I-I got, I got her right here with me.

ROME: Mom?


ROME: Look, I... No one was supposed to die last night. That wasn't part of the plan. I didn't mean to do anything wrong.

JILLIAN: Then stop the train, please.

ROME: No, no, I-I got fired for telling the truth. I'm trying to protect the public.

CALLEN: Mitch, we know that and we're gonna help you get your message out, okay? Now, just let's not do anything stupid here.

ROME: I won't.

JILLIAN: A lot of people could get hurt.

ROME: No, I'm helping a lot of people. When I'm done here, they'll have to re-route the hazmat runs.

CALLEN: Mitch, are you working with Gil Bellamy?

ROME: No, this has nothing to do with Bellamy.

CALLEN: Mitch, you've made your point. Let's not take a chance with something going wrong here.

ROME: Nothing's going wrong. I'm taking this train to Union Station, and then I'll stop. Everyone's got to know the truth.


[OPS center. ]

ERIC: Sam's sweeping the tracks with ATF.

[Tracks: a truck with train wheels is running fast; Sam checks around with binoculars]

SAM: I don't see anything out there but weeds.

MAN: It's a back branch line, hardly ever used.

CALLEN: [over com] Sam, do you know what you're looking for?

SAM: I will when I see it.

[OPS center.]

NELL: Just got word from the occupational lab. They thawed out Rome's drug test. DNA is not a match. It's not his urine. He was framed.

[Boatshed. Observation room.]

JILLIAN: I told you, my son doesn't do drugs.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: More shredded documents from Fillmore and Western.

NELL: Falsified manifests.


CALLEN: They were profiting by sending hazardous materials into populated zones.

JILLIAN: My son is telling the truth.

CALLEN: Unlike his roommate.

[Interrogation room.]

DEEKS: Mitch Rome says you two are working together.

BELLAMY: Well, then he's a liar.

KENSI: What did you tell him?

BELLAMY: To stop being such a wuss.

DEEKS: So you told him to steal the train.


KENSI: Maybe? See, he says all he wants is for his message to be heard.

[Bellamy (scoffs]

BELLAMY: Oh, it'll be heard, all right. All the way to Long Beach…


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Update from Sam in Valencia.

[Sam is carefully stepping towards the tracks]

SAM: Camera's on, guys.

ERIC: We've got the image.

[Sam exhales: he has found a trigger]

SAM: Okay, I've got an IED on the tracks. It has three parallel triggers, including a pressure plate.

CALLEN: Can you render it safe?

SAM: Not at the trigger. It's got a mercury switch, a trembler-- any movement will set it off.

CALLEN: How big of a charge we talking?

SAM: I couldn't tell you. It's wireless. Explosives are somewhere under the tracks.

CALLEN: Mitch, listen to me. Bellamy has placed a bomb on the tracks in Valencia.

ROME: Why would he do that?

CALLEN: Because he's a sociopath. Now, listen to me. Mitch, there's 250,000 people in that area. If you don't stop this train, you could wipe out the entire Santa Clarita Valley.

ROME: You just want me to stop.

JILLIAN: Mitch, I saw it for myself.

CALLEN: You got to trust us, Mitch. You've made your point, okay? Now, stop this before it turns into a disaster.

JILLIAN: Mitch, please.

[Rome hesitates]

ROME: I'm slowing down.

 [But the brakes have been sabotaged]

CALLEN: Eric, Sam, he's stopping.

ERIC: Um, it doesn't look like he's stopping-- in fact, he's accelerating.

CALLEN: Mitch? Mitch, talk to me. You-you said you were slowing down.

ROME: I'm trying. I got no air pressure. I don't have any brakes!

CALLEN: Bellamy sabotaged the lines…

ROME: I'm going 60 miles an hour. I can't stop!

JILLIAN: Oh, my God.

[G stares at the screen…]


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[The train is speeding – its horn blowing.]

CALLEN: What about emergency brakes?

ROME: No such thing.

[He looks at the back of the train]

ROME: Well, maybe I can uncouple the engine and leave the tanks behind.

CALLEN: Give it a try.

[Mitchell goes at the back of the locomotive, and pulls the lever – nothing happens. He grunts in effort but in vain. Panting, he goes back at the front]

ROME: No, no, we're moving too fast-- the coupler's jammed…Uh...m-maybe I can reverse the polarity of the engine's motors.

CALLEN: The bomb is three miles ahead.

ROME: Uh, no, no, it's too dangerous. There's no way I'm gonna stop in time.

CALLEN: Do we have any other option?

ROME: Uh, I guess not.

[He tries to reverse- sparkles appear under the wheels – the tanks push behind]

ROME: I can't. I'm braking from the head. The tank cars are bunching up. They're gonna derail. Uh, I need at least five miles here.

CALLEN: You don't have five miles.

ROME: Okay, then get the bomb off the track!!


[Sam didn’t wear the protective suit – he looks for the bomb, kneeling on the ground, wiping away the sand]

SAM: Damn it. Nothing.

MAN: You should put on the suit.

[He doesn’t wear any – and he’s also kneeling on the ground and looking for the bomb]

SAM: What's the point? If we survive the blast, the toxic fumes will still melt our lungs.

CALLEN: [Over com] Sam?

SAM: They turned over dirt for 50 yards. The initiator could be buried anywhere.

CALLEN: How long is it gonna take?

SAM: An hour to make a clean sweep; five minutes if we're lucky.

CALLEN: Then get lucky.

ERIC: Callen...we found your smoking gun.

[He stands with Nell and Hetty]

NELL: An authorization for a $100,000 cash payment to private eye Anthony Trager.

CALLEN: That's a lot of money to be taking pictures of an apartment.

ERIC: Trager resigned rather than face corruption charges in the 1998 Rampart scandal.

NELL: Those cops were accused of beating suspects, planting evidence, and covering up unprovoked shootings.

HETTY: Mr. Callen, if he's playing dirty, then so must you.

[Interrogation room.]

BELLAMY:  If you want answers, turn on the news.

[G enters – he grabs Bellamy’s shirt]

CALLEN: Tony Trager's in custody.


CALLEN: The dirty ex-cop that paid you ten grand-- Fillmore and Western paid him with marked bills, which he passed on to you.

BELLAMY:  Yeah, I did some carpentry and plumbing at his house.

CALLEN: Trager confessed. His job was to make Rome disappear. Your job was to plant the bombs at the apartment and scout out the rail yard.

BELLAMY:  I have no idea what you're talking about.

DEEKS: They pay you to blow up the motel, too?

KENSI: And put the bombs on the tracks?

BELLAMY:  Are you asking me or telling me? If you have all the answers, why do you need me?

CALLEN: This bomb goes off you're looking at the death penalty.

BELLAMY:  What bomb? I have no idea what you're talking about. It sounds like you don't, either. California doesn't have the death penalty.

CALLEN: California? No. We're talking about an act of federal terrorism.

KENSI: We'll probably have to put him in Guantanamo, for his own safety.

BELLAMY:  Save it. You're not scaring a forced confession out of me.

[G whispers]

CALLEN: Yeah, he's right. Leave it to the professionals. Have the rendition team get him out of here.

[He leaves the room]

KENSI: I hear those tube feedings are delightful.

DEEKS: Just out of curiosity, how do you say, uh, "bottoms up" in Arabic?

[They’re about to leave…]

BELLAMY:  It's 36 ties from the switch.


[Sam, as fast as he can]

SAM: ...34, 35, 36.

[He kneels down, starts weeping the dust – the ATF man sees the train through binoculars - its horn is blowing, it’s still speeding with a lot of sparkles]

MAN: Less than a mile.

CALLEN: How's your speed?

ROME: I'm down to 30. It's still too fast.

CALLEN: You can bail, Mitch. Jump out while you can.

ROME: I can't let go of the throttle. I have to try. Mom?

JILLIAN: I'm here.

ROME: I'm sorry.

[He spots Sam and the man]

ROME: There are people on the track up ahead. I-Is that where the bomb is?

MAN: You've got about 30 seconds.

SAM: Nothing but dirt!

MAN: Bellamy's a liar! Let's go!

SAM: Maybe he counted the switch as number one.

ROME: I can't stop in time. Why aren't they moving?

CALLEN: You got an eye on the train, Sam?

SAM: I see it. Bingo! Bricks of C-4 and a receiver.

ROME: Get them off the track! I'm not gonna make it.

SAM: Attacking the initiator. Pray the power dump doesn't set it off.

MAN: Don't be a fool! Get out!

[The train is almost there – Sam cuts the wires- and dives out of the tracks- but it’s so close that we can’t be sure his feet aren’t hit…]


[ ♫ The train stops…Sam stands up…]

SAM: Piece of cake!

[He and the ATF man are panting-  Jillian laughs, G sighs in relief – she laughs and cries together when she hugs Callen…Her son exhales…]


[ATF building. Deeks and Kensi]


TRAGER: Well, hey, how are you two doing?

KENSI: Great. Just finishing up some stuff.


KENSI: Hey, you know that guy, Rome?


KENSI: Hijacked a train.

TRAGER: Yeah, I heard, huh? What a loser. Huh. Well, I guess he won't be suing the railroad now.

[Deeks chuckles]

DEEKS: Not a chance. Oh, listen, just out of curiosity, what are you, uh, what are you up to?

TRAGER: Eh, boring stuff. Preemployment background checks, that sort of thing. Gotta pay the bills, huh?

DEEKS: Well, 90 grand pays a lot of bills. What do you got in your, uh, your murse there. You got fifties... or hundreds?

KENSI: Yeah, that's right. Bellamy told us everything.

TRAGER: Yeah, well, Bellamy's a lowlife scum.

DEEKS: Who you were dumb enough to hire.

[Trager puts a hand at his belt, under the vest]

KENSI: Oh, come on, really? You're gonna shoot federal agents? You already murdered a security guard.

DEEKS: Bellamy couldn't make it, so you filled in.

KENSI: Where'd you learn Arabic?

DEEKS: That "Allahu Akbar"" that was a nice touch.


DEEKS: Very convincing.

TRAGER: Yeah.Well... innocent until proven guilty. Gotta go.

[He runs away – the agents exchange a look; then Deeks lets Kensi walk first]

KENSI: Oh, thank you.

[Trager, still running, turn left- and -guns are cocking: he stops dead in front of 5 NCIS agents heavily armed…]

KENSI: I will take that.

[Deeks cuffs him]

DEEKS: Sing along if you know the words.

DEEKS & KENSI: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you saycan and will be used against youin a court of law.


[NCIS office. Bullpen. G, carrying coffees, joins Sam and Kensi]

CALLEN: 40-weights all around. What is this???

[Kensi sighs]

KENSI: Oh, don't even ask.

SAM: Why does she need the reports tonight?

CALLEN: 'Cause we got about a hundred federal agencies begging for the intel.


SAM: Okay, okay, okay.

CALLEN: Where's Deeks?

[There’s a knock]

DEEKS: Oh! I think I just broke a hoof.

[He groans- he was under a desk – there are small scale tracks running from desks to desks…]

DEEKS: Transformer's looking pretty good.

CALLEN: Here you go.

DEEKS: Ah, thank you, sir.

CALLEN: You're welcome.

KENSI: Yeah, it was a gift from Mitch Rome.

DEEKS: He's gonna let me babysit it for a few months until he gets out of prison.

SAM: You may not want to run this thing tonight.

CALLEN: Yeah, probably not for a couple weeks. At least not until Mercury's out of retrograde!

[Deeks laughs]

DEEKS: You guys can laugh it up all you want, but, uh, did anyone's travel plans go awry today?

CALLEN: Just like every day on the 405.

DEEKS: Come on, you guys, there were signs everywhere. Mitch Rome. Mercury's a Roman god. The name of the bus station.

KENSI: What about it?

DEEKS: Maximus Lines-- that's the home temple of Mercury, the Circus Maximus.

KENSI: Oh...

SAM: Well, you know, in ancient Rome, they spoke Latin.


SAM: And on the radio today, Latin music.

CALLEN: He's right.

DEEKS: Okay, you two are pretty cute together. But the fact is that you couldn't disarm the bomb because it had a mercury trigger. I'm just, I'm thinking that's interesting.

CALLEN: Uh-huh.

HETTY: You going to chisel your report in stone, Mr. Deeks?

DEEKS: Yeah, I was just... putting the last final touches on it.

HETTY: Oh...

DEEKS: This?

[His tools]

HETTY: That...is an Airfix Prairie Tank.

DEEKS: Yeah.

HETTY: Oh! That's a classic!

DEEKS: It is, indeed.

HETTY: Does it work?

DEEKS: Oh, yeah, this is gonna be great. I mean, Christmas is coming early this year. I've been dreaming about this, Hetty, since I was, like, five years old.

[He dives under the desks; Hetty turns the power on, and whoops! The train starts running. She laughs- Deeks looks scared; the train whistle blows]

DEEKS: Hetty, see, I-I haven't fully secured the tracks! Make it stop, Hetty! No! Aah!

[The train is falling down- on his chest…The screen turns black]

SAM: Mercury's a bitch, ain't it?

[All laugh- Deeks groans…]


----------------------- THE END ---------------------

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