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#508 : Retombées

Quand du matériel de détection de radioactivité est volé, l’équipe doit rapidement  trouver le suspect et ce matériel avant qu’une attaque soit lancée contre Los Angeles. Hetty réalise alors que cette affaire ramène à la surface quelqu’un de son passé ; un fantôme  qui pourrait  mettre en danger sa carrière au sein du NCIS de Los Angeles…


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Sam Eric et G tente de comprendre ce qui est sur la table

Sam Eric et G tente de comprendre ce qui est sur la table

Callen découvre la table pendant que Sam arrive

Callen découvre la table pendant que Sam arrive

aucun des quatre agents ne comprend ce document

aucun des quatre agents ne comprend ce document

Sam se tient a la table en regardant Callen

Sam se tient a la table en regardant Callen

Callen regarde Sam en face de la table

Callen regarde Sam en face de la table


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Scénario : Joseph C. Wilson  

Réalisation : Diana Valentine

Guests :  

Reggie Austin ............................ Retired Marine Gunnery Sergent Denis Martin
David de Lautour ............................ Roy Kessler 
Jack Topalian ............................ homme russe
Jen Dede ............................ DOE Superviseur - Laura Baker 
Kirk Baltz ............................ Kelvin C. Griffin 
Brett Gipson ............................ garde du corps
Braden Lynch ............................ homme

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[a security guard is checking en empty office. He turns the lights off and goes out. One of the fake ceiling slabs opens: a man is coming down by a rope. He turns on a computer, copies quickly files on external hard drives.]

MAN: And…bingo.

[He leaves the building with the rescue ladder. A motorbike runs in the alley, spins at his side. He grabs a helmet, the engine revs: they start running away; but a hooded guy appears in their back; he shoots. The bike and both passengers roll over the ground. The guard just arrives]

GUARD: Drop the gun!

[The guy aims at the guard but is hit in the chest, he yells and falls backwards. The engine revs again: the biker is about to run away.]

GUARD: Stop!

[Gunshots: the guard is hit in the back: the guy wasn’t dead; he sits down, aims at the bike and hits the driver -but the bike doesn’t stop. He’s wearing a vest…He stands up, goes pick up the box with the hard drives and walks away…]


    NCIS: LA 5x08   Fallout

Original air date on November 12, 2013


[NCIS office. Sam and G are coming in together. Sam has a photo of shelters on his phone]

CALLEN: Ah. Nice cabinets. You built those yourself?

SAM: From scratch.

CALLEN: Wow. How long did that take?

SAM: About a month.

CALLEN: A month?

SAM: Yeah.

CALLEN: Why didn't you just hire a professional?

SAM: I spent a fraction of what it would cost by doing it myself.

CALLEN: Yeah, but you spent quadruple the time a professional would have.

SAM: And what's your point?

CALLEN: Well, my point is that if you'd hired a pro, you could have spent more time doing the things you love.

SAM: Yeah, and by doing it myself, I saved more money for the ones I love.

CALLEN: I just don't get it.

SAM: Of course you don't-- you don't have kids. I mean, what do you spend money on? We have the same salary. Hetty practically gave you a house. And yet I'm always picking up the check.

CALLEN: Who am I to deny your generosity? Besides, this is about your inability to relinquish control and hire a professional.

[Kensi and Deeks arrive- they all sit down at their desks]

KENSI: Am I hearing that Sam is DIY'ing again?

CALLEN: Oh, yeah. He just spent a month building some shelves.

SAM: Cabinets. And it was only a couple of weeks.

CALLEN: Now, you said a month.

DEEKS: Why don't you just hire a professional? Take that time for yourself to relax.

CALLEN: Exactly.

SAM: This coming from another one who lives alone.

DEEKS: What?

SAM: Building relaxes me. Besides, it's good for a man to know that he can create with his hands.

CALLEN: I use my hands. I use my hands to pick up the phone and call a professional. And then I use my hand to use my credit card and pay that professional.

SAM: Where's the fun in that?

DEEKS: I'll tell you where the fun is. The fun is in the, uh, mojitos that we're sipping while the guy that we're paying is doing the work.

CALLEN: That's what I'm talking about.

DEEKS: That's what I'm talking about.

KENSI: No, I totally agree with Sam. A woman likes a guy who can build things; it's sexy. It stems from a primal attraction for shelter.

DEEKS: I built a tree house once--how is that for sexy?

SAM: I guarantee that's not still standing.

DEEKS: Maybe not, but it's where I lost my...


DEEKS: Grip-- I was gonna say it's where I lost my grip, fell down, broke my coccyx-- I got a scar; you want to see it?


[Phones start buzzing –repeated buzzing]

DEEKS: Whoa.

CALLEN: Is that...Morse code? "We – got - a - case."

SAM: Eric. He's calling us up to ops.

CALLEN: I think it's time for an intervention.

SAM: Good luck with that.  I have a small window to contact the Molina Cartel informant--I'm gonna take it.

CALLEN: I'll cover you in ops.

[Over phones, there’s still the repeated buzzing. Deeks is the only one who didn’t move; his phone is still buzzing in his pocket- his  feet on the desk]

KENSI: What are you doing?

DEEKS: It's like a gentle massage. It's in my glutes.


[buzzing continues

DEEKS: What? I did squats this morning.

KENSI: Yeah?

DEEKS: Couple of yah-ho-ho, little hee-haw-ho's. God, that's nice!


DEEKS: Hey, let me see your phone. I can use one for each glute.

KENSI: That's just gross.

DEEKS: Bring this puppy up to a little shiatsu.

[OPS center. Callen enters]

CALLEN: Morse code? Really?

ERIC: Keeping it fresh.

DEEKS: Uh-huh. What's next, smoke signals?

[Eric is considering this great idea…]

NELL: Don't.

CALLEN: What do we have?

[Eric clears his throat. On screen footage of the scene from surveillance camera]

ERIC: A, uh, robbery and a shooting early this morning at a Department of Energy research facility.

NELL: The security guard is retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Dennis Martin. He is currently in surgery at UCLA.

KENSI: The guard got off two shots, center mass. Didn't know the shooter was wearing a vest.

CALLEN: What'd they steal?

ERIC: The United States MINDS locations.

DEEKS: As in governmental mind-control?

NELL: As in MINDS. Miniature Integrated Nuclear Detection System.

ERIC: It's an antiterrorism device that can locate and detect sources of radiation that could be used in a nuclear bomb.

NELL: What makes it a deterrent for bad guys is that it's unobtrusive and can be anywhere--building lobbies, train stations, entry gates across the country.

If terrorists know where the sensors are, they can transport a nuclear device through a U.S. city undetected.

ERIC: Incoming.

[Hetty pops up on screen]

HETTY: Ms. Jones, send a copy of the case information to my desk immediately.

NELL: Copy that.

DEEKS: [whispering] No, this isn't weird at all.

HETTY: I heard that, Mr. Deeks.

[Deeks hisses. Hetty vanishes]

DEEKS: I'm pretty sure that look just pierced my soul.

CALLEN: What do we know about the dead guy?

ERIC: Brody Stallworth. Long list of high-profile home robberies. He's bypassed most of the latest state-of-the-art security systems that the private sector has to offer.

KENSI: And the other guy?

NELL: No I.D. on the motorcyclist.

DEEKS: So we have a "master thief," and then we have the "other guy." I'm just saying, for partners, it's clearly an imbalance of perceived value.

KENSI: Running low on self-esteem, are we?

DEEKS: Maybe.

ERIC: The "other guy" got away on his motorcycle.

KENSI: Looks like he took a bullet.

DEEKS: And he's probably looking for medical attention.

KENSI: Right.

ERIC: I'll check the hospitals.

NELL: And Stallworth's last known address was in North Hollywood. I've just downloaded it to your smartphones.

CALLEN: Sam and I will check out Stallworth's place. Kensi, why don't you and the, uh, "other guy" check out the Department of Energy, see what you can find.

KENSI: Of course.

DEEKS: The "other guy, that's great. Just take the rest of my soul, why don't you.

[Off to…]


[Stallworth’s house. Sam and G break in]

CALLEN: Federal agents!

[They check the rooms]

CALLEN: Clear.

[Sam is in a very clean DIY room full of tools and equipment]

SAM: Clear! G, down here!

[G enters]

SAM: Huh.

CALLEN: You having a little tool envy?

[Sam chuckles]

SAM: Hardly. But this is impressive. These guys definitely knew what they were doing. They were building custom tools for their jobs.

[G finds a building plan]

CALLEN: It looks like they were using the cover of an HVAC company to get the layout of their targets.

SAM: I know that look.

CALLEN: It just doesn't make sense. I understand these guys were skilled at what they do...

SAM: The right tools help.

CALLEN: But they're glorified cat burglars. It's a blue-collar operation, it's hands-on, but think about it, the Department of Energy?

SAM: Mm.

CALLEN: It's way above their pay grade. That is not your typical B-and-E.

[Sam nods]

SAM: Hmm.

[He looks around- spots a remote control]]

SAM: Looks like he splurged for parking.

CALLEN: Let's check it out.


[They enter a private boxes parking]

CALLEN: You care to take a guess?

[Sam clicks the remote – one of the door starts opening]

SAM: That one.

CALLEN: Good guess.

[They pull out their guns; but the bike is here- and its driver is lying on the ground, motionless, his helmet near him]

CALLEN: Guess he came home to die…


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[Sam is staring at the body – lot of blood near his head; G is taking pictures]

SAM: In the video, he was shot only once in his shoulder. He has three close-range wounds to the torso…Look at the blood spatter. [On the wall] He tracked him back to finish the job.

CALLEN: Or...our shooter knew he was coming back here.

SAM: Tied up loose ends.

[He looks outside]

SAM: G. Say "cheese."

[There’s a surveillance camera]

CALLEN: Might have gotten a shot of our guy. I'll get the Wonder Twins on it.


[Department of Energy]

KENSI: They came in through the ventilation system. They navigated the ductwork and dropped down in front of this station.

DEEKS: How many systems on this floor?

WOMAN: Uh, maybe 40.

DEEKS: So they break in, they know exactly which station to hack?

WOMAN: The system wasn't hacked. It was accessed normally. That's why no security was tripped. Every station needs a personal passkey to log on to their specific system.

KENSI: Whose station is this?

WOMAN: Uh, Roy Kessler's. But Roy is a great guy.

DEEKS: Let me guess, great guy that buys margaritas on Fridays? Hm? And then didn't show up for work today.

WOMAN: As a matter of fact...

DEEKS: I'm gonna need his address.

KENSI: I'm gonna call it in.


[OPS center.]

ERIC: Roy Kessler has a flight booked out of Burbank, but you better hurry-- he's hired a car service to pick him up in 20 minutes.


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Sam is emptying a bag]

SAM: Okay, Roy, let's see what you got in here. Two pair of slacks. T-shirt. Birth certificate.

CALLEN: You're taking a trip to New York and this is all you pack? Are you in a rush? [To Sam] I don't know about you, but I over-pack when I go to the valley.

SAM: Maybe he was gonna shop when he got there.

KESSLER: I can explain.

CALLEN: We know your passkey was used in the robbery last night.

SAM: Why were you running?

KESSLER: I know how this looks...

CALLEN: I don't think you do.

KESSLER: Okay, look...I was partying with these two girls last night. Way out of my league. So I'm thinking working girls, right? But at this point I could care less. Things got a little crazy. Next thing I remember, I'm waking up at home. Alone. I must have been drugged.

[The agents exchange a look]

SAM: Nothing like a good old-fashioned honeypot.

KESSLER: It wasn't until I heard about the robbery on the news that I noticed that my passkey was missing.

CALLEN: So rather than help with the investigation, you decided to skip town.

KESSLER: I logged on to the system to see what the thieves accessed. I guess I panicked.

SAM: Why?

KESSLER: Because they only copied part of the MINDS databases.

CALLEN: Which part?

KESSLER: Los Angeles County.

[Sam and G look at each other]

KESSLER: We're all in danger.


[OPS center. Bullpen. Map of Los Angeles County on screen]

DEEKS: Okay, so where do we even start?

KENSI: Pinpointing a target's gonna be damn near impossible. L.A. County's 4,752 square miles.

[G and Sam are back]

DEEKS: Got a nuke in a haystack.

SAM: There's no way we can evacuate a whole county.

CALLEN: Whoever stole this thing is looking to make some coin, or this is a terrorist attack in its final stage.

[Nell joins them]

NELL: Well, the security camera from Stallworth's garage paid off.

[She puts footage onto screen]

NELL: Our shooter entered the alley wearing a ski mask.

DEEKS: I'm sorry, how is that a payoff?

NELL: Well, we figured someone walking around in a ski mask would draw attention, so we scanned the area, and we fund him using a pay phone two blocks away. Same clothes, same build, no ski mask.

DEEKS: Okay, honestly, who still uses a pay phone? I'd rather kiss the Outbreak monkey than use a pay phone.

KENSI: How are you a germaphobe? I've seen your apartment.

DEEKS: Okay, I'm fine with my own germs, and you, of all people, should not be giving housekeeping notes. I've seen cleaner litter boxes.

KENSI: Oh, meow.

CALLEN: We got an I.D.?

NELL: No. Nothing through facial rec yet.

DEEKS: I'll see if the boys in blue can pull a print off that coin-operated petri dish.

KENSI: Remember that gum I gave you? Dropped it on the bathroom floor first.

DEEKS: That's not funny.

[Eric appears in the stairs]

ERIC: Guys. Gunnery Sergeant Martin, the D.O.E. security guard, he just got out of surgery. He's conscious.

[Sam and G exchange a look and start leaving at once…]


[UCLA Medical Center. Martin’s room]

MARTIN: Two tours in the Middle East, and I get shot at home. And working as a security guard, no less.

CALLEN: You're lucky to be alive.

MARTIN: I'm not so sure about that. Bullet nicked my spine. Doc's not sure I'm gonna walk again.

SAM: Then you prove them wrong. You're a Marine; that's what you do.

MARTIN: Oorah to that.

CALLEN: Is there anything else you can tell us about what happened?

[Martin tries to move]

MARTIN: Uh... give me the phone.

CALLEN: You got something?

MARTIN: I saw the shooter drive away. Tried to snap a shot before I blacked out.

[He hands Sam his phone]

SAM: This is a great lead.

MARTIN: Call it Marine training.

[G chuckles:he can read the plates!]

CALLEN: Oorah, indeed.


[NCIS office. Hetty is at her desk; she is studying a file; Granger appears]

GRANGER: I heard you pulled the Griffin file.

HETTY: Is that why you're here?

GRANGER: Well, that and the small matter of a possible nuclear bomb threatening L.A. County. You think Griffin's behind it?

HETTY: I hope not.

GRANGER: It makes sense. We suspected Griffin's team of selling secrets when they initiated the nuclear detection program years ago.

HETTY: Yes, but we couldn't prove anything.

GRANGER: Doesn't mean he wasn't guilty. Your investigation cost him his career.

HETTY: His destructive lifestyle cost him his career.

GRANGER: Of course.

HETTY: You still blame me for letting him go.

GRANGER: Whether I do or don't is irrelevant. What matters is, if Griffin's behind a nuclear attack, everyone from the SECNAV to the Commander in Chief most certainly will blame you. And that, Henrietta, will be the end of your career…


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[OPS center. Deeks and Kensi come in]

DEEKS: What do you got?

NELL: You may want to send Gunnery Sergeant Martin an Edible Arrangement—footage from his mobile device came through.

ERIC: I love those things. I get the kiwis in the shape of the animals, and I pretend I'm a lion, and I'm, like...

[He grunts – miming a lion biting a prey]

DEEKS: You realize you're talking out loud, right?

ERIC: Yeah.

[He starts typing]

DEEKS: Okay.

[He nods]

NELL: Kaleidoscope got a hit on the shooters' plates.

KENSI: Where?

ERIC: It's gone now, but...an hour ago, the car was parked at a warehouse in Echo Park. Callen and Sam are already en route.

KENSI: Tell them we're on the way.

[They leave the OPS]


[♫ Sam parks the Challenger. G gets a text message]

CALLEN: Kensi and Deeks are on their way.

[The entrance is closed off by a rolling gate]

SAM: It's locked.

[He works on the padlock]

SAM: I got it.

[They open the door, enter- the wide place is empty; there’s a smaller room at the bottom]

CALLEN: Clear.

SAM: Clear.

[The room is an office – on the large table, a lot of colored pins. Callen watches them and sighs]

CALLEN: Well...I knew skipping that hieroglyphics class was gonna come back to bite me.

SAM: What do you think the pins represent? There's too many to be MINDS locations.

CALLEN: Has to be a key around here somewhere to decipher it.

[The gate clatters – they raise their guns]

DEEKS: Whoa! Whoa, man. We're on your side.

KENSI: I told you to send them an alert when we were coming in.

DEEKS: I did.

[Sam gets a text message]

DEEKS: Oh! There it is. It's not my fault we move faster than the speed of cellular.

[G is reading a file]

CALLEN: I got something here.

KENSI: What is it?

CALLEN: It's routing information for cobalt 60.

DEEKS: That's medical- grade isotope.

KENSI: Medical-grade? That means we're not talking about a nuclear explosion.

DEEKS: No, cobalt 60's something you'd use to make a dirty bomb.

SAM: The blast waves from the explosion would be more lethal than a radioactive explosion.

CALLEN: He's trying to scare 'em. This is all about psychological harm. Think about it. Mass panic...economic damage, terror. This isn't a weapon of mass destruction, it's a weapon of mass disruption.

DEEKS: So these markers could all be cobalt 60 locations.

KENSI: Yeah, but there's no way to tell what these locations are.

CALLEN: Kensi, why don't you and Deeks focus on this routing information, see if you can pinpoint where this cobalt 60 came from.

DEEKS: On it.

[He and Kensi walk out. Sam doesn’t look convinced]

SAM: It's useless. If this guy was able to secure materials to make a dirty bomb, we may already be out of time.

[G looks affected…]


[NCIS office. Hetty’s desk]

NELL: You wanted to see me?

HETTY: How we doing?

NELL: Well, nobody in the warehouse, but lots of intel. We're trying to decipher it as we speak. I'm about to go on-site to get a firsthand look.

HETTY: Send Mr. Beale.

NELL: …Okay.

HETTY: I need to know where this man is.

[She hands her a file; Nell reads the front page]

NELL: Kelvin C. Griffin. Is he involved in the case?

HETTY: I hope not. This is priority one. Drop everything. Find him.

NELL: I'll get right on it.

[She starts leaving]

HETTY: Nell? For my eyes only.

NELL: Of course.

[Hetty is about to sip some tea- she stops: Granger is in the stairs…]



CALLEN: We're missing something.

[Sam groans]

SAM: It's impossible without the legend.

[Eric is just coming in]

ERIC: I'm good, but I'm hardly a legend.

CALLEN: Where's Nell?

ERIC: I think the question is, "Eric, how did you get an I.D. on the shooter?" Answer: I was granted access to the CIA database. In exchange for favors to be called in later. Don't ask.

[He turns his tablet on – a funny Neric-pic appears on screen]

CALLEN: Really?

[Sam chuckles – Eric presses his eyes, draw a circle around Nell’s face]

ERIC: Just a... picture password.

[A “CIA Person of interest appears on screen]

ERIC: Ferat Hadad. He's a member of As-Sai'qa.

SAM: Syrian special forces.

ERIC: The CIA isn't talking, but you get the impression that they want him real bad.

CALLEN: So, a Syrian commando has in his possession U.S. MINDS locations. What's his next move?

SAM: We may never know if we have to decipher all this first.

ERIC: Well, allow me. Huh. Yeah. Okay, interesting. Very interesting.

SAM: What does it mean?

ERIC: Not a clue.

[The tablet beeps]

ERIC: Oh, I'm patched in to the D.O.E. security system. They just got a MINDS alert.

SAM: Where?

ERIC: Uh, Grand Park. Downtown.

[They start leaving hastily – G stops]

CALLEN: Hold on a second. What are we doing with him? We can't leave him here alone.

HETTY: He's not. I'm the backup.

[She stands there, an assault rifle in the hands - it cocks!]

SAM: Should we ask?

HETTY: No. You should go, quickly.

[They run away – Eric waves]


[Off to…]


[Grand Park. The agents meet near the fountain]

DEEKS: Well, it looks pretty quiet. I don't even see the dude selling death by hot dog wrapped in bacon.

KENSI: Possible false alarm?

CALLEN: No, something set off that alarm. This just doesn't feel right. Whoever stole that tech had to know we'd be on alert. This could be a setup.

SAM: That's true, but if there's the slightest chance it's legit, we got to check it out.

CALLEN: Right. Let's split up and sweep the area.

SAM: Look for anything abandoned-- check the trash cans, search for anything deserted.

KENSI: Got it.

[♫  Sam and G spots a bike- alone…♫ But its owner is back ♫]

KENSI: Could be on someone's person.

DEEKS: You mean like a bomb vest?

CALLEN: There. Guy in the beige jacket.

[The man is on a bench; a magazine in the hands]

CALLEN: It's Hadad.

SAM: He's looking for somebody.

[A siren wails in distance – Hadad stands up]

CALLEN: He's on the move.

SAM: I'll take the right flank.

[♫ the agents pull out their guns, surround him ♫]

CALLEN: Stop! Federal agents!

[Hadad runs, pulls out a weapon and grabs a woman – she yells; he uses her like a shield, his gun against her ribs]

CALLEN: It's over! Let her go.

KENSI: Drop your weapon! Now!

CALLEN: Don't do it. Do not do it.

SAM: Hadad!

[Hadad looks at him and Sam shoots…the woman screams. Kensi helps her. G checks the body]

KENSI: Come with me. Are you okay?

WOMAN: Yeah, I'm fine.

KENSI: We're federal agents. You're safe.

[The woman is  crying]

WOMAN: Oh, my God...

CALLEN: No bomb.

[They all look worried…]


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[Grand Park. The FBI is here; and Granger…]

GRANGER: Callen. I don't suppose it occurred to you to try and take him alive?

CALLEN: He had a hostage.

GRANGER: Where's Hetty?

CALLEN: With Beale. Why? What's going on?

GRANGER: Nothing you want to know about.

[G stares at him- Sam interrupts them, with Hada’s magazine]

SAM: Check it out.

CALLEN: “West doors, 2:00, gray suit.” [On a note inside the magazine on a man’s photo]  Think they're having a meeting, or you think he was following him?

SAM: Guy like Hadad? He was here to take him out.

[G takes his phone]

CALLEN: Maybe Nell can...tell us who he is.

[He takes a picture]

SAM: Hadad's not wearing a bomb vest, so what set off the MINDS alert?

[Callen heads towards a NEST man]

CALLEN: Excuse me. Can I borrow this?

MAN: Sure.

CALLEN: Thank you. Excuse me, guys.

[He stops the coroner men and opens the body bag; the detector clicks, then accelerates]

CALLEN: It's weak, but it's positive.

KENSI: Did you find something?

SAM: Cobalt 60. The guy's clothes are covered in it.

DEEKS: Uh...

GRANGER: Relax. It's less than what we're exposed to on a daily basis, but it was enough to set the sensors off.

DEEKS: We should probably still take a shower.

CALLEN: I got a positive I.D. on our magazine guy. The guy's name is Richard Towson. He's a businessman in East Cleveland, Ohio.

KENSI: Ohio? What's he doing in Los Angeles?

CALLEN: He's not. He's still in Ohio.

GRANGER: Hadad was targeting a man 2,000 miles away-- it makes no sense.

DEEKS: It might if Hadad was set up to trigger the sensors-.

CALLEN:  they're gauging our protocol. Wide-open space...possibility of large groups of people.

SAM: Response times, agencies, device sensitivity. It's a test.

KENSI: Well, so if he's willing to sacrifice radioactive material on a test...

DEEKS: It stands to reason he has more to make an actual dirty bomb.

KENSI: Right.

GRANGER: Wonderful.


[Warehouse. Eric is crumpling papers near the table; Hetty is looking at the shelves]

ERIC: Damn, it makes no sense. Every time I think I'm close, the pattern changes. There are just too many pins.

HETTY: Persistence, Mr. Beale.

ERIC: I've tried every code-cracking formula known to man.

HETTY: Maybe it's time to try those known to women.

ERIC: Are you suggesting that Nell is better at these sort of things?

HETTY: Is she?

[He doesn’t answer; goes back to work]

ERIC: Can I ask you a question, Hetty?

HETTY: I'd probably prefer you focus on the task at hand.

ERIC: Why are you here? What's going on?

[She chuckles]

ERIC: Is everything okay?

HETTY: It's, uh, possible... that the man who's behind this is someone who once...slipped through my fingers.

ERIC: That sucks.

HETTY: Indeed.

[ ♫ ]

[ Hetty pulls out 2 binders from one of the shelves]

HETTY: Hmm, this looks promising.

[She pulls down a switch – a map appears on the table]

ERIC: You sneaky son of a cipher!!

HETTY: What are we looking at?

ERIC: It's a map...of the entire West Coast.

HETTY: Let's see what this one does.

[Another switch – and the map changes]

ERIC: It's color-coded. Yellow flags go with the yellow border.

HETTY: And this one.

[Eric exhales)

ERIC: My best guess is, these pins represent vulnerable targets from San Diego all the way up to Seattle.

HETTY: And the red flags?

ERIC: They go with the red border. The flags must represent his targets. Which, in this case, is a one-mile radius of downtown Los Angeles.

[They stare at the map…]


[…of witch the paper version is on the hood of a police car – surrounded by the agents less Granger on phone]

GRANGER: We're coordinating with FBI, LAPD and the NEST teams, Mr. Secretary. We're closing in on them…The moment we do, sir.

[To the agents]

GRANGER: Tell me we got something.

CALLEN: A one-mile radius around downtown still leaves hundreds of potential targets.

KENSI: And we're no closer to finding the target than we are to finding the guy who set up Hadad.

SAM: Doesn't add up. This could've been the attack. Why wait?

KENSI: Could be a diversion.

DEEKS: So what else in the area should we be looking at?

CALLEN: It's not what we're looking at, it's what's looking at us. Think about it. If this is your test, how do you know if you're successful?

GRANGER: All right, fan out. We're looking for an outlier.

[They move…]

DEEKS: Sounds like a voyeur-- they observe from a distance, telephoto lens, two-way mirrors.

KENSI: Something you want to tell me, Deeks?

DEEKS: Just ignore the garden gnome outside your bedroom window.

KENSI: Okay. Now, can we get a bird's-eye view of the response teams? We're thinking our guy might be hiding in plain sight.

[OPS center. Multi-footage on screen]

NELL: Okay, I've got eyes on the area from multiple feeds.

[She sighs]

NELL: Let's see…Southeast corner of Hill Street, there's a man in a NEST windbreaker. He's standing just outside the police perimeter.

CALLEN: Nell, we don't see him.

NELL: Got him.

[She zooms on his face – and opens the Griffin’s file]

NELL: Oh, boy.

CALLEN: What is it, Nell?

NELL: Uh, it's nothing. Uh, he is heading down into the metro station.

SAM: Kensi, Deeks, move to the west entrance. We'll flush him to you.

[Granger is with a FBI agent]

GRANGER: Remember to take him alive.


[Metro station.  The man is walking in the hallway- Sam and G are running; they reach the 222 N. Hill entrance – Griffin puts the NEST windbreaker into a bin; he goes downstairs, towards the tracks. He hears Sam shooting at people]

SAM: Move! Out of the way! Excuse me!

[He and G hop over the gates]

[G spots the windbreaker. He bumps into a woman]

CALLEN: Excuse me.

[Griffin is speeding up, Sam tries to be faster…]

SAM: Move! Move!

DEEKS: We got him.

[Griffin is running along the platform, Deeks and Kensi are watching him from the floor up] he vanishes from their sight]

KENSI: Federal agents! Stop!

[He vanishes from their sight]

DEEKS: Damn it!

[Griffin is at a dead end- the door at the bottom of the platform is close! He looks behind: Sam and G are running, they’re not far away. He jumps onto the tracks – a train is coming, but still at distance. Griffin’s foot gets jam under a rail, he falls down; his head crashes onto the iron peace, he loses consciousness.  The train's horn is blowing, it’s getting closer. The agents don’t hesitate: they go on the tracks, grab the man and heave him – Sam is back on the platform; the train gets closer]

SAM: Come on! Come on!

[He lifts Griffin – G is still on the tracks – the train’s horn is blowing again and again]

SAM: Come on, come on, come on!

[He takes G’s hands and lifts him back on the platform as fast as he can- it was close, very very close…]

CALLEN: This is why I hate taking the subway!

[They’re panting. G raises his hand – they can’t look at each other. Sam grabs G, gives him a really tight hug in relief…]


------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Hetty and Griffin]

HETTY: Remember me?

GRIFFIN: Yeah. You're the stump that ruined my life.

[Observation room. Granger, Sam, Callen, Deeks and Kensi]

CALLEN: Hetty knows this guy?

GRANGER: She let him go once.

SAM: Something tells me she's not gonna make that mistake again.

[Interrogation room.]

HETTY: You swore you were innocent. You swore to me, and yet here we are again. You helped develop the, uh, detection program to defend the country. To protect...people...like your own children.

[She shows him photos…]

HETTY: You were a patriot. Somewhere, you lost your way. It happens to all of us...at some point. This won't make up for what you've done, but it's a step. And you can still...save lives.

[Griffin sighs]

HETTY:  What is the target?

[Griffin squirms]

GRIFFIN: I don't know.

HETTY: I don't think you understand. It's... over.

GRIFFIN: I was just running scenarios...collecting data. I needed the money. I don't know their target.

HETTY: "Their"?

GRIFFIN: Yeah. There's a house in Hancock Park, and it belongs to the Russian Consulate. The data, it's encrypted, but it won't take them that long.

HETTY: You sold our nuclear detection technology to the Russians?

[Observation room.]

SAM: Just when you thought the Cold War was over.

CALLEN: Not even close.

[Interrogation room. Hetty packs up back the file.]

[Observation room.]

DEEKS: So, what are we gonna do now?

GRANGER: Be happy your career's not over.

[The agents are stunned]

KENSI: This is not Hetty's fault.

GRANGER: Doesn't matter. In this game, Agent Blye,

[A door opens]

GRANGER: somebody always takes the blame.

[The door closes – Hetty sighs. She stares at Granger]


[NCIS office. Bullpen.]

KENSI: There has got to be something that we can do.

SAM: This is an Oval Office nightmare now.

[G is watching Hetty on phone at her desk - with Granger]

KENSI: What do the Russians want with L.A.'s nuclear detection system?

[Sam sighs]

SAM: The Cold War's heating up. Friend or foe, nations collect intel on each other. Never know when they'll need or use it.

CALLEN: Or share it.

ERIC: Hey, guys.

[He’s with Nell]

ERIC: The house Griffin identified does indeed belong to the Russian Consulate. Which means it's considered foreign soil.

DEEKS: So we can't just bang on the door and tell them to hand it over?

NELL: Not without causing an international incident.

CALLEN: It's only an international incident if you get caught.

ERIC: Whoa. No. Spoiler alert. I do not want to hear this.

[He covers his ears with his fingers]

ERIC: Uh, cover your ears.

[He hits her with his elbow; she pulls down his hands]

NELL: We're all in this together, Beale.

SAM: Think about this, G. Breaking into a foreign consulate, an action which, if we're caught...forces our government to disavow us.

CALLEN: I understand if you don't want to be involved in this one.

SAM: What are you talking about? I'm in. I'm talking about them.

KENSI: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. We don't do this, we lose Hetty. We are in.

DEEKS: Yeah, it's Hetty. Besides, if Kensi goes, I go. That's how we roll.

CALLEN: You realize we're off the reservation with this one. We could all be subject to criminal charges. Russia may even try and extradite us.

NELL: Never been to Russia.

ERIC: I hear the Gulags are lovely this time of year.

[G and Sam stare at each other – both nod…]


[Knock at the door in the Hancock Park house. A man opens it]

KENSI: Hello. I'm with the South Hills Gas Company.

MAN: Yes?

KENSI: There has been a quake-- three-pointer.

MAN: I didn't feel anything.

KENSI: Ooh, yeah, that means you're getting used to it. You know, personally, I don't get out of bed for anything less than a six-banger.

[She laughs]

KENSI: Know what I'm saying?

MAN: No, I don't.

KENSI: Anyhoo, we have a class-seven gas main leak.  We're evacuating people as a safety precaution.

[Indeed neighbors are leaving their houses with policemen]

MAN: We will not.

DEEKS: Okay, uh, Fern, I'm getting some serious class-five hydrogen readings here, so we should probably...

[He has a detector beeping]

DEEKS: What the hell, Fern! What are these people still doing here? This thing could blow up at any second.

KENSI: What do you want me to do? He won't leave. It's a free country.

DEEKS: They won't leave 'cause it's... Where you from, sir?

MAN: Vladivostok.

DEEKS: Vladi... vos... Okay, listen, I don't know where that is, but here in America, we have a hydrogen pipe running right underneath this house, and unless you want to be inside of it when it blows up, I suggest you vacate.

[He chuckles]

DEEKS: Okay, you know what, if he blows up, this is on you-- have him sign a waiver.

[The guy hears the newswoman on TV – he gives a look – it’s Nell]

NELL: The city of Los Angeles is still recovering from an earthquake that struck the Hancock Park area...

[Kensi sighs, looking for the waiver form]

MAN: Give us a few moments.

[TV and lights shut off. Kensi speaks in her Talky]

KENSI: Guys, we got a power outage in sector five.

MAN: Hold on.

[Man over radio]:  Copy that, sector five.

[The guy joins 3 men – speaks in Russian]

MAN: Guys we have to go now. Come on.

[They all leave the house]

KENSI: Let's go, let's go. Is that everybody in the house, sir?

MAN: How long this will take?

KENSI: Hopefully, not long.

[She speaks in her earwigs]

KENSI: Phantom 1 and 2, you're a go.


[Back of the house: G and Sam enter silently the house. They split. G takes the stairs. Sam spots a man upstairs. He speaks very quietly]

SAM: Bogey headed your way.

CALLEN: I got him.

[He sees the man go into a room.]

[Inside this room, a man is working on a laptop – on the table, the box with the external hard drives taken from the thief…]

[Hallway: G pulls out a spy-camera]


MAN1: [Speaking Russian] how much longer is this going to take?

MAN2: at least another 30 mn.

MAN1: no, we have to go now.

MAN2: I’m not finished!

MAN1: You can keep working on the plane.

[Hallway – G leaves the door and goes back into the stairs]

[Man2 mutters angrily for himself]

MAN2: You can keep working on the plane!

CALLEN: They're moving the drives. It's now or never.

[Sam takes the stairs]

SAM: I'll draw him to me.

CALLEN: Make it quiet.

SAM: Make it fast.

[Outside, the Russians are waiting with Kensi]

[Sam throws onto the floor a tube; it clatters. Man1 heads towards the noise. Sam is waiting for him – he punches his face. But Man1 reacts quickly: he pushes backwards Sam into a glass cabinet. The glass explodes noisily! Man2 hears it]

CALLEN: So much for quiet!

[Outside – Kensi on talky]

KENSI: Guys, we've got some aftershock activity going on here. Let's get those shuttles in to clear these folks out.

[House: G tackles Man2 and they start fighting; meanwhile Sam has still trouble with his opponent. But he’s taking advantage with several punches – and G is strangling his guy. Man2 is lying motionless on the floor. G grabs the external drives.]

[Outside, the Russian sees curtains moving. He steps forwards- Kensi block his way]

KENSI: Ah, ooh, ooh, sir, sorry, I can't let you back in there until I have authorization.

[The man shows his gun – she sighs)

MAN: Get out of my way.

[Inside: Sam at least knocks down his guy – he sighs. G appears at the other side of the floor]

CALLEN: That's your idea of quiet?

SAM: Was that your idea of fast?

CALLEN: Hope you can fix that cabinet.

SAM: No, that's definitely gonna take a professional.


KENSI: Guys, time's up. They're coming back in.

[Inside. The agents had started going down – they climb back the stairs. The Russians are in. Their boss spots Sam]

MAN: [In Russian] Get upstairs fast!!

[They obey]


[Outside. Kensi steps hastily towards a truck carrying stuff hidden under a canvas cover]

DEEKS: You call for a shuttle?

[The agents are in the hallway –men are shouting in small distance. Sam shoots when heads appear. G heads to a window, looks outside]

SAM: We good?

CALLEN: Not yet.

[Sam gets close to the window too, but the Russians are almost here, he shoots again to prevent them from coming in]

CALLEN: Ride's here!

[The truck is backing just under the window - Sam joins G in front of the window – new gunshots]

CALLEN: Let's go!

[They jump through the window, backwards, allowing them to shoot at the Russians again and again. They land – backs first - on the truck cover (actually mats!!). As soon as they hit the mats, Kensi shouts]

KENSI: Well, go, go, go!

[Deeks speeds up, tires squeal – the agents shoot relentlessly and when the Russians finally can look outside through the window, it’s too late: the truck is too far to be hit by their bullets…]


[NCIS office. Later. By night. Granger is coming in]

GRANGER: LAPD reported a gunfight in the vicinity of the Russian Consulate. I better not find out you had s...God, no.

[He has just seen the drives on Sam’s desk – he stares at G]

GRANGER: Tell me you didn't.

CALLEN: Didn't what?

GRANGER: Plausible deniability won't save you.

[He looks at Hetty]

GRANGER: And you sanctioned this?

HETTY: I've been here with you, Owen!

GRANGER: Do you have any idea what you've done?

CALLEN: Retrieved our technology?

SAM: Made the world a better place?

DEEKS: And looked good while doing it.

GRANGER: This is gonna destroy our relationship with the Russians.

HETTY: They can't make any accusations without admitting they stole it in the first place.

[Granger’s phone rings]

GRANGER: [On phone] Yes, Mr. Secretary. No, sir.

[He steps away]

GRANGER: No, sir, that's not quite how it went down.

DEEKS: You good, Hetty?

HETTY: Just dandy.

GRANGER: [in distance] I understand.

[Sam grabs the drives, looks at them]

SAM: How many lives do you think we've ruined doing what we do?

GRANGER: Thank you, Mr. Secretary.

CALLEN: Not nearly as many as we've saved.

GRANGER: Well... you dodged the bullet on this one. But if any of you ever pull something like this again...

[They look at him – he looks at them, at Hetty…]

GRANGER: You all deserve each other!

[He wheels around and leaves them. They smile…]

HETTY: I certainly like to think so.

[Black screen]

HETTY: Anyone for a vodka?

 ------------------------  THE END  ---------------------------

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