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#509 : Un Esprit Sain

Suite au meurtre d’un officier de la Navy, Kensi et Deeks vont sous couverture dans un centre de désintoxication, elle comme nutritionniste, lui comme patient. Avec William Russ, le propriétaire de la « Villa de la tranquillité ».


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Un Esprit Sain

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Sam tente de sauver une femme qui tombe dans le vide

Sam tente de sauver une femme qui tombe dans le vide

Deeks parle avec la patiente Meredith (Christina Hogue)

Deeks parle avec la patiente Meredith (Christina Hogue)

Callen et Sam parlent avec Martin Lake joué par William Russ

Callen et Sam parlent avec Martin Lake joué par William Russ

1er rendez-vous au restaurant entre Marty et Kensi

1er rendez-vous au restaurant entre Marty et Kensi

Callen, Sam et le Directeur Martin Lake

Callen, Sam et le Directeur Martin Lake


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Scénario :  Gil Grant

Réalisation : Paul A. Kaufman

Guests :  

William Russ ............................ Martin Lake
Bradford Anderson ............................ Val Winkler 
Molly Hagan ............................ Peggy Winant 
Kaitlyn Benson ............................ Heather Williams 
Eric Allan Kramer ............................ Homeland Special Agent Tom Panetti
Wilmer Calderon ............................ Marcos
Stephanie Fantauzzi ............................ Hot Mess
Christina Hogue ............................ Meredith 
Paul Mabon ............................ Counselor 
Derek Daniel Du Chesne ............................ Bro-Dee

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------


[By night.  Crickets are chirping  ♫ At the Tranquility Villa, “where your addiction ends and your new life begins”♫  a couple is happily heading to the pool ♫ the woman laughs]

MAN: Come here. Come here. Shh...

[They laugh, kiss, undress…]

WOMAN: Did you check out the new yoga instructor?

MAN: Dude looks like an inbred caveman!

[She laughs]

WOMAN: "Your lack of compassion's what's keeping you stuck in a cycle of karmic retribution."

[She laughs; they kiss. The man goes down into the water]

MAN: Come on.

WOMAN: Shh! Be quiet...

[♫ they kiss again in the water ♫ A man in a Villa’s shirt appears]

VILLA EMPLOYEE: Who's out there?

[He turns the lights on- sees the couple in the pool]

VILLA EMPLOYEE: Come on, guys. You know the curfew. Now, get back to your...

[He stops dead: a body is floating behind the couple]


[The woman screams: a dead man was sharing the pool with them…]


      NCIS: LA 5x09 Recovery

Original air date on November 19, 2013


[NCIS office. Bullpen. G is watching tattoos on his laptop when Sam comes in]

SAM: You tracking someone by their ink?

CALLEN: Just looking.

SAM: Looking for who?

CALLEN: For me.

[Sam chuckles]

SAM: You're gonna get a tat?

CALLEN: I didn't say I was gonna actually...

SAM: Look, don't take this the wrong way...

CALLEN: I think I just did.

SAM: But there are tat people, and then there's, well... you.

CALLEN: I'm not a... tat person?

SAM: No.

CALLEN: You and the ink council had a little vote on this?

SAM: I'm just trying to help you out, G. That's a permanent thing; it's not a temporary fashion trend.

CALLEN: You know Kensi and Deeks have tats, right?

SAM: Uh-huh.

CALLEN: But you don't have a problem with that?

SAM: Nope.

[G chuckles]

CALLEN: I'm just curious.

SAM: Hmm?

CALLEN: What makes somebody a, uh... a tat person?

SAM: Well, if you have to ask...

[G chuckles quietly – Kensi and Deeks appear, look at their happy faces]

DEEKS: Why are we all smiling?

SAM: Callen's gonna get a tattoo.

[Big surprise]

DEEKS: You...

KENSI: Really?

CALLEN: Looking online. I didn't say I was gonna actually...

DEEKS & KENSI: Look, don't take this the wrong way, I just...

 [Eric whistles]

KENSI: ...and the skin tone...

DEEKS: ...the travel ban could...

KENSI: ...you have to do...

[Eric, in the stairs,  shows a tattoo on his arm: Albert Einstein -E=mc² ]

DEEKS: Welcome to the gun show!

[Eric goes back to the OPS]

DEEKS: That, on the other hand, is...awesome.

SAM: No offense.

CALLEN: Tat guy.  I gotcha.


[OPS center. Leonida’s ID on screen – Hetty is with the team]

NELL: Naval Intelligence Officer Gary Leonida.

ERIC: Until two months, he was posted to Kabul. He was on leave back here in L.A.

NELL: A counselor found his body floating in a pool last night.

CALLEN: A counselor?

HETTY: Yes. Unbeknownst to his superiors, Mr. Leonida had checked himself into Tranquility Villa Rehab.

KENSI: A type of high-end rehab in Malibu with equine therapy and, of course, private chefs.

DEEKS: And massage therapists, kayaking, surfing, acupuncture-- did I mention massage therapists?

CALLEN: Sounds more like a Palm Springs spa.

HETTY: More like a temporary dry-out for the rich and spoiled.

SAM: 50 grand a month keeps the owners driving their Ferraris and eating at Nobu every night.

CALLEN: So, a naval officer, emotionally vulnerable, with a head full of sensitive intel.

HETTY: You can understand that SECNAV is naturally concerned. She wants for us to make sure that our country's intelligence hasn't been compromised.

CALLEN: What kind of intelligence are we talking about?

HETTY: The need-to-know kind. Evidently, SECNAV feels that we don't have the need yet.

DEEKS: How'd he die?

NELL: He drowned. But according to the preliminary toxicology report, he had high levels of Oxycodone in his system--the same substance he was addicted to when he arrived three days ago.

ERIC: They suspect that, after he overdosed he became disoriented, fell in the pool.

KENSI: Family?

NELL: Just an ex-wife back East.

SAM: How many people at the rehab?

NELL: Four permanent staff members, half a dozen daily counselors, and 16 patients.

KENSI: Did Leonida have a roommate?

NELL: No. He had a private room. But according to the owner, Martin Lake, he had a visitor yesterday.

[Eric puts photos and a  report onto screen]

ERIC: Val Winkler, a self-employed carpenter-- lives in Venice.

NELL: With a record for possession and small-time dealing.

CALLEN: Deeks, Kensi, why don't you check out Winkler.

[They nod and leave the OPS]

CALLEN: Sam...should we drive up to Malibu?

SAM: Let's do it.

HETTY: That's a good idea. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Callen, that, uh, tattoo parlor on PCH...bad idea.

[Nell and Eric smile – G slightly winces; he and Sam walk out]

[Off to…]


[Malibu. Tranquility Villa lounge]

LAKE: We do a lot of good here. Still, for some, all we can do just isn't enough.

SAM: "The end of your addiction begins with us. What you do with it ends with you."

LAKE: Ah, you saw my commercial.

SAM: Five times before the seventh inning stretch.

[Lake chuckles

LAKE: Targeted television spots are the best way to get our message across. Sporting events are a socially acceptable way for alcoholics to justify getting loaded.

CALLEN: Room full of drinkers, they fit right in.

LAKE: I know how Gary felt-- I... I was there many times before I finally got it. I'm just really grateful I was lucky enough to be able to give back to those that are still struggling.

SAM: Looks like giving back's been pretty good to you.

LAKE: Yes, I've been very fortunate. Out here is where Gary drowned. The police just let us back in. We're gonna have a memorial service later this afternoon, on the beach.

CALLEN: He checked in three days ago?

LAKE: Yes, for opiate addiction.

SAM: Any idea how he got his hands on the Oxy?

LAKE: Usually in these cases, a friend brings in the drugs.

SAM: Leonida's friend Val Winkler stopped by to pay him a visit yesterday.

LAKE: Yeah?

CALLEN: Did you know Winkler had a history of dealing and addiction?

LAKE: We don't do background checks on visitors. Unfortunately, most new patients' friends are users.

SAM: He checked in under an assumed name. Anyone besides Winkler, the staff or the patients know he was here?

LAKE: Not to our knowledge.

CALLEN: How much interaction did he have with the staff?

LAKE: Uh, not much. He was still detoxing. You have to clear a person's head and mind before you can deliver the message.

SAM: So no counseling sessions?

LAKE: No. He had an intake interview, but they don't get into causes and conditions, it's just basic background stuff.

CALLEN: You have a camera down at the gate.

LAKE: Yes, for the access road to the community.

CALLEN: What about inside the villa?

LAKE: A couple.

SAM: We'll need the footage for the past three days.

LAKE: Of course.

[He leaves them; the agents exchange a look…Sam spots marks on the ground]


[He points at the earth; G kneels down to check]

CALLEN: That's fresh.

SAM: From somebody being dragged?

CALLEN: That would change things.


[Kensi parks the car in the street. She and Deeks get out and cross the road]

DEEKS: So, Winkler's a meth-head carpenter. Bet he works fast, at least.

[Kensi laughs)

KENSI: That's funny.

[A whole window is aluminum covered]

DEEKS: Wow, that's a lot of tin foil. Must have a plasma. Glare can be a bitch.

[Kensi knocks at the door]

KENSI: Federal agents. Open up.

[They hear muffled grunting, and screaming. They prepare to break in]

DEEKS: One, two...

[They enter:  screaming and grunting continue: it comes from a paused video game. The room is a mess. Bottles, weapons mag, coke…]


[The floor creaks in the other room. They come close to the door]

DEEKS: Okay...

[Kensi bangs at the door]

KENSI: Federal agents!

DEEKS: Come out slowly with your hands in front of you!

[Kensi gasps: an axe blade just appeared through the door. Deeks  clears his  throat and kicks the door open – the guy behind grunts: he’s thrown down backwards. It’s a young guy dressed like a…chivalry knight.]

DEEKS: Well, there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo...and it's worth fighting for.

[Winkler gasps)

WINKLER: What...?

[Kensi stares at Deeks; he smiles]

 ------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

 [Boatshed. Interrogation room. Winkler, Kensi and Deeks]

KENSI: You and Gary Leonida hit it off at AA?


KENSI: A carpenter and a naval intelligence officer…

WINKLER: You wouldn't get it. I-Inside, we were the same. Screwed-up childhood, all fear and rage. When he talked about all that, it was like listening to myself.

DEEKS: So you were "sober buddies."

WINKLER: Yeah. And doing good for a while. Till he relapsed, checked into rehab. Used every penny he had in the bank.

KENSI: Did Gary ever tell you about his job?

WINKLER: Just that he worked for the government. Like I said, we had more important things to relate to.

[Observation room. Sam and G are watching them on screen]

SAM: You buying this?

CALLEN: Well, if he was still wired, probably not. But he's coming down, he's depressed.

SAM: Could be that just makes him more aware of what's at stake, if he confesses.

[He has the point…]

[Interrogation room.]

DEEKS: So, when you went to visit him yesterday, you were already tweaked out on meth?

WINKLER: I didn't see Gary yesterday.

DEEKS: That's interesting, 'cause the rehab said that you did.

WINKLER: Oh, yeah, I-I was there, but three days ago, not yesterday.

KENSI: Are you sure you're not mixing things up? You were pretty high.

WINKLER: No way. Um, meth hypes you big-time, but it doesn't dull your memory. I could probably tell you the color of every person's shoes in that casino.

KENSI: You were at a casino?

[Next door, G glances at Sam]

WINKLER: Yeah. Vegas. All day yesterday. I scored some crystal and went to Excalibur.

DEEKS: Where, in your drug-fueled haze, you were bombarded with medieval images.

WINKLER: Got back to L.A., downloaded the game and...really got into it.

KENSI: So much so that you attacked us.

DEEKS: Thought we were Orcs probably, huh?

WINKLER: Merthian Dwarves, after my silver.

DEEKS: That tracks.

WINKLER: Look, I know how screwed up I was-- th-that's what meth does--but... I wanted Gary to get sober. I wouldn't bring him drugs. Besides, I'm a tweaker--I don't have any connections for Oxy.

[Observation room.]

SAM: Like a meth dealer has no idea where to get any other kind of drugs!

CALLEN: I'll have Eric pull the security cam footage from Excalibur and the rehab center. That will be our lie detector.

SAM: We should be grateful he kept his crazy at home. He could've showed up in Medieval Times!

[G chuckles. Off from the boatshed…]


[…To the Office. Agents’ desks]

CALLEN: A henna?

SAM: It'll give you a chance to try the tattoo experience with something not so permanent.

KENSI: And then you'll realize that it's not for you.

SAM: Exactly.

DEEKS: But you still get the thrill. It's like that '80s Jermaine Stewart song.

KENSI: The one that says that you can still have fun with your clothes on?

DEEKS: Exactly.

[Kensi and G give him a “think about what you said” look]

DEEKS: Oh, my God, Jermaine Stewart was so wrong.

[Nell and Eric appear]

NELL: Well, security camera footage from Excalibur showed Winkler in the casino yesterday.

CALLEN: His alibi holds up.

NELL: Sort of.

[She puts footage onto monitor]

NELL: This is security cam footage of Winkler driving through the front gate at Tranquility Villa, also yesterday.

[Winkler is stopping his car at the gate]

SAM: Unless he's got a twin brother or he's on the starship Enterprise,  something's not right.

ERIC: Traffic cam footage from PCH.

[New footage on screen]

NELL: Now, this is Winkler heading up the hill towards Tranquility Villa three days ago, like he claimed. But footage from yesterday shows no sign of him ever passing this intersection.

ERIC: Now, it is possible that the time code on the rehab security footage was altered.

NELL: And more bad news: The autopsy report shows signs of scopolamine in Leonida's system.

CALLEN: Scopolamine can be used as an interrogation drug.

SAM: It's a form of truth serum.

CALLEN: [The eyes in Kensi’s eyes] I think I hear a cry for help.

DEEKS: All right.

[He smiles; Nell sighs…]


[Hetty’s office.]

HETTY: Tranquility Villa hires outside contractors for many of their services. I thought going undercover as a nutritionist would suit Mr. Deeks.

DEEKS: Great.

KENSI: Uh, no, no. Hetty, he had a burrito and a Pop-Tart at 8:00 this morning, which he ate at the same time.

DEEKS: I also had a glass of orange juice and a multivitamin.

KENSI: A Flintstones Chewable, actually. Which he only bought because they ran out of SweeTarts, so...

DEEKS: They're delicious.

HETTY: Oof. Poor attempt at humor on my part, Ms. Blye. I want to reassure you I had no intention. You will go in as the nutritionist. And...Mr. Deeks, as a new patient.

DEEKS: Not a problem. I've spent enough time with drug addicts in my life, I can imitate them in my sleep.

HETTY:  Actually, um, I had something else in mind. Something more in your natural wheelhouse.

DEEKS: I didn't even know I had a wheelhouse.

HETTY: Oh, you have a wheelhouse.

[Deeks and Kensi look at each other…]


[OPS center. Eric and Nell are working on their computers]

ERIC: Butterfly. Flower.  No, a puppy. A kitty cat. A... bunny rabbit.

NELL: Why would you assume my tattoo is something cute and sweet?

ERIC: I don't know  Because you are.

NELL: It's a rose.


NELL: Which means nothing, because Axl Rose also has a rose tattoo.

ERIC: That's his name.

NELL: It's not his real name.

[Her computer beeps]

NELL: Faziz?

ERIC: Axl Faziz?

NELL: Anwar Faziz. He owns a car dealership in the Valley. [Exotic Euro Cars]

ERIC: And he's on Homeland's radar. Suspected of being a terrorist financier middleman.

NELL: Who, according to the dealership's bank records, just happened to lend Martin Lake, the owner of the rehab, a large sum of money.

ERIC: Loan was made to Tranquility Villa's corporation.

NELL: Okay, I've got the Facebook page of Faziz's son, Amir.

ERIC: He's gushing about how Tranquility Villa saved his life a year ago.

NELL: Right. So Lake is in financial trouble, and it's Faziz to the rescue.

ERIC: Puts Lake in debt to Faziz big-time.

NELL: He hasn't paid off the loan.

ERIC: At least not with money.

NELL: Hmm. And if he found out Leonida was an intelligence officer...

ERIC: I'll call Callen.

NELL: Okay.


[Exotic Euro Cars. Sam and G are in the cars showroom; only the most luxurious (European) cars are here]

SAM: I'm just saying, when it comes to these things, there are two kinds of people.

CALLEN: Ah, so no one's ever in the gray area?

SAM: Okay, when you were in kindergarten, saltines or grahams?

CALLEN: Grahams.

SAM: Oatmeal or chocolate chip?

CALLEN: Oatmeal.

SAM: I rest my case.

CALLEN: Well done, Counselor. All right, look, I think we've established beyond a doubt that I am not a tat guy. I suppose I'm not a Ferrari guy, either?

SAM: Or Lambo or Bentley or Maserati.

CALLEN: Uh-huh. But you, on the other hand, you are a supercar guy.

SAM: That goes without saying, G.

CALLEN: Uh-huh.

[They spot Faziz in his office]

CALLEN: Faziz.

SAM: He may have his goon squad nearby.

CALLEN: No, this is his legitimate business. Wouldn't make sense to resist two federal agents that just want to ask a couple questions.

[He was so wrong:  a man steps forwards and blocks their way; he points a gun at them – Sam looks surprised]

MAN: Outside- now.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[They obeyed –the three of them are outside]

SAM: How long you been undercover, Tom?

TOM: Three hard-earned months, which you could have ended badly.

SAM: Special Agent G. Callen, Special Agent Tom Panetti, Homeland. We were on a joint task force together.

TOM: Is he watching us?

SAM: He is.

TOM: What are you doing here?

CALLEN: Your boy Faziz is connected to a guy named Martin Lake. We have a dead intelligence officer at a rehab center he owns with scopolamine in his body.

SAM: Faziz made a loan to Lake recently.

TOM: All right. I'll check it out and get back. Play you off to Faziz as muscle for a guy he's having problems with. In the meantime, do me a favor and stay the hell away?

SAM: Appreciate it, Tom. Lucky you spotted me.

TOM: Luck had nothing to do with it--all I saw was someone who wouldn't be buying one of these cars.

[Sam looks at G]

SAM: See what I'm saying?

TOM: Wasn't talking about him.

[He goes back to the showroom]

CALLEN: Uh-huh. Goes without question, huh?

SAM: Shut up.

[G laughs…Off to…]


[Tranquility Villa. Kensi is in the kitchen with a chef; she looks at a cereal box]

KENSI: 40 grams of sugar. Congratulations, you're sober. Now you have blood sugar-induced depressive episodes. What else you got? Oh, look at that-- coronary in a can.

CHEF: Are you related to Gordon Ramsey?

KENSI: You might be the cook, but I'm here to ensure that what you put on people's plates meets the nutritional requirements that promote healthy lifestyle. Do you understand that?

CHEF: Where's Bonnie? Because she never had a problem with anything.

KENSI: Bonnie is dealing with some issues--mainly high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and, oh, off-the-charts triglyceride levels.

WOMAN: Hi, Chef.

CHEF: Hey, Peggy.

[The woman takes a candy bar; Deeks is following her]

KENSI: See? It's nice to see someone making healthy food choices around here.

CHEF: She's the only one who eats the damn things.


[The woman and Deeks go down to the pool level]

WOMAN: You'll have individual therapy at 11:00, followed by acupressure or Reiki, depending on your counselor's assessment.

DEEKS: Great. Uh, the brochure said we get to surf, so do we get to surf?

WOMAN: Well, times vary for elective activities. After lunch, there'll be trauma regression with EMDR, equine or aqua therapy, and then you have either yoga or meditation before dinner.

[He sees a beautiful young women wearing a “Fierce Yoga” shirt]

DEEKS: Oh, "Fierce Yoga"--that's, uh, that's awesome.

WOMAN: We don't usually recommend that for those still going through detox. It's quite stressful. But we might be able to make an exception in your case, because you won't be going through any physical withdrawal.

DEEKS: No. Yeah, no, right, of course.

[He clears his throat]

DEEKS:  Yeah.

WOMAN: I know you may be feeling out of place, dear, but let me assure you, sex addiction is real.

[A man snorts – the yoga-shirt-girl smiles…]

DEEKS: What's up?


[OPS center.]

ERIC: So, I thought about it, and having a rose tattoo does not make you Bambi.

NELL: Well, you know what roses have.

ERIC: Thorns?

NELL: Yep.

ERIC: Oh, wow. First Guns N' Roses, and now Poison.

NELL: Well, I heard Kensi and Deeks talking about Jermaine Stewart, so I thought it was '80s week.

[He chuckles]

ERIC: This would've been a lot harder to pull off in the '80s with videotapes.

[Details about the gate footage pop up]

NELL: Okay, so the digital time code of the Tranquility Villa front gate was altered.

ERIC: Which got me thinking, what other footage might have been altered? Okay, time code on this claims that it's from Leonida's room last night.

NELL: Let me guess: it's not.

ERIC: And if there was anything incriminating on the real footage, he would have trashed it. He would think he trashed it.

NELL: Hm. Time to do some virtual Dumpster diving.

ERIC: Yep.

[Nell speaks in her mic]

[Tranquility Villa kitchen]

NELL: [over com] Kensi, we need you to get Lake's computer online.

KENSI: Oh. You know what? I can't work like this. Where is Mr. Lake's office?

CHEF: End of the hall. Dreamcatcher on the door.


[Kensi heads to the end of the hall – she hears a woman in an office which door is ajar: Deeks is filling in a form…]

WOMAN: I know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, about anything. As you can see, we take our privacy policy very, very seriously.

[Kensi enters the office with the Dreamcatcher on the door and goes straight to the computer.]

KENSI: Okay, Eric, we're good to go.

ERIC: [Over com] Downloading.

[Voices in the hall]

LAKE: Okay.

WOMAN: I'll take care of it.

[He opens the door]

LAKE: Thank you.

WOMAN: Of course.

[Lake comes in his office and frowns]

KENSI: Hi. Mr. Lake, I'm the fill-in nutritionist.

LAKE: I know who you are. What are you doing?

KENSI: Oh, I'm just sending an e-mail to our office. They require daily inventory reports.

LAKE: Why the hell are you using my computer?

KENSI: Oh. Bonnie said it would be okay.

LAKE: Well, it's not okay; I have private files on there.

ERIC: [over com] Just a few more seconds.

KENSI: Oh. I'm not...trying to look at your files, Mr. Lake, I was just sending my report. You know what? Actually, um, it's good that I bumped into you, because, uh....we have some serious issues with the cook. Marcus is a great guy and all, but, um, I've seen healthier pantries on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

LAKE: Yeah.

[He wants to step forwards; she keeps blocking his way]

KENSI: Yeah, not...the best example we want to be setting, is it?

LAKE: Well, I don't care what Bonnie said, it isn't okay. Please, stay the hell out of my office.

ERIC: [over com] Got it.

[The downloading window vanishes]

KENSI: Of course. I'm sorry.

[She goes out – before closing the door she looks at him]

KENSI: Excuse me.


[OPS center. Hetty is staring at the large screen. Callen and Sam hurry in]

CALLEN: What do we know, Hetty?

HETTY: I informed SECNAV that, uh, Mr. Leonida's death is highly suspicious.

SAM: I hope that helps with the need-to-know.

HETTY: Indeed it does--unfortunately, it brings up more questions than answers. Mr. Leonida was a high-level I.T. security officer.

CALLEN: How high?

NELL: Privy to intel that would allow hackers access to anything, from troop movements and base security details to locations and schedules for diplomatic visits.

SAM: Hmm. Do you hear anything from Panetti's people?

ERIC: Homeland got back. Martin Lake is not involved with Faziz.

SAM: What about the loan?

ERIC: Nothing more than gratitude for helping his son.

CALLEN: If Lake's not working with Faziz, who is?

NELL: Well, we may have someone who can help with that.

ERIC: I pulled this from Lake's hard drive. He thought he trashed it.

[A blond woman is in the hallway; someone sprints out of a room  and chases her]

NELL: It's from a security camera in the upstairs hallway of the Tranquility Villa the night Gary Leonida died.

ERIC: Room 5.

NELL: It's Gary Leonida's.

ERIC: One hour before the coroner's time of death.

HETTY: Mr. Deeks needs to find this young lady…

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[Tranquility Villa. Very romantic bench with sea view in the park - seabirds are calling, waves are gently crashing…The young woman with the “Fierce  yoga” shirt is here- alone]



DEEKS: I saw your...shirt-- "Fierce Yoga." Spend a lot of time down at the one on Olympic.

WOMAN: My clothes were trashed when I got here. A counselor gave me the shirt. I actually hate yoga.

[Deeks chokes on water – he coughs]

DEEKS:  Wow, that's...

[He coughs again]

DEEKS: that's hilarious. Well, if we're being honest, I don't really like it, either. I just go down there to...I go down there to pick up women.

WOMAN: The sex addiction thing.

DEEKS: Yeah. The sex addiction thing.

WOMAN: What's that like?

DEEKS: Um...you know, everybody thinks it's a joke...and sadly, it's not. Everybody thinks I'm off, like, partying with hot chicks, but really, it's just...me cruising the nasty parts of Hollywood late at night just looking for a fix. I mean, like, any fix.

WOMAN: Sorry, I didn't mean...

DEEKS: No, no. That's why we're here, right? It's interesting, too, because I didn't even think that I had an addiction. One of my friends invited me to an open AA meeting. I'm sitting there listening to this girl share, and she's obviously, you know, she's talking about drugs, but...our stories are the same. And she was headed here, and so...you know...here I am.

WOMAN: Two addicts relating to another. And now you're in rehab together. No coincidences.

DEEKS: It's crazy, too, because I really wanted to talk to her. I-I haven't seen her anywhere, though.

WOMAN: What's her name?

DEEKS: That's, uh, that's a damn good question. I don't actually know her name. She just, she was blonde, with these-these purple... purple streaks in her hair.

WOMAN: Heather.

DEEKS: Heather.

WOMAN: She went AWOL last night.

DEEKS: She went AWOL last night. Do you have any idea where she went?

WOMAN: No idea. But... all she ever talked about was the Strip.

DEEKS: Strip-- that's her scene, huh?

WOMAN: She liked partying it up with celebutantes on her trust fund credit card.

DEEKS: Probably holed up at the St. James or The Standard with an eight ball.

WOMAN: More like the Chateau. Said she was the queen of that place.

DEEKS: Queen of the Chateau…Listen, I don't, uh...I don't know you at all, I don't know what's going on with your life, but...you seem like a pretty fantastic person, and I'm glad you're getting help.

WOMAN: Thank you.

DEEKS: Yeah.

[He leaves her- he flees…]


[Chateau  front door; Sam and G are waiting in the Challenger]

ERIC: [over radio] Her name is Heather Williams. If she checked in, it's not under her name.

CALLEN: What about her car?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Uh, white Beamer, 3 series, vanity plates: "One Like To Party."

[Chateau Marmont – they get out of the car; spot the right car…]


[Sam shows his badge to the valet]

SAM: Room number.


[They get out of the elevator and see 2 men going into a room – 2 armed guys!]

CALLEN: Federal agents!

SAM: Federal agents!

[The men don’t stop; a woman screams in distance. The agents reach the door: Heather is dragged backwards by the men into a kitchen. The bad guys shoot a t the agents, hit the door- Heather strikes with her elbow and her opponent lets her go- she runs outside, on a terrace; closed with a locked gate…]

MAN1: Go.

[He covers his buddy who runs behind Heather, trapped on the terrace. She sprints to a scale; goes up to the roof, the man on her heels. Meanwhile Man1 keeps shooting at the agents; G covers Sam who reaches the terrace and sees Heather on top of the scale. He helps G come at his side and runs up. Man1 takes advantage of it to flee through the door. G chases him in the hallway. Man1 gets out on a balcony and hopped from the floor down to the entrance; he hurries down the stairs, and jumps into a car – feet front kicking away its driver about to get in. G can just look at the car running…Heather is again trapped: she’s in the solarium and the man is really close – but Sam is faster: he dives and tackles the guy. They fight]

MAN: Get off of me!

[Heather is too scared to wait: she climbs over the railing and hangs from the ledge. But it’s damn high, her feet can’t find any support; she screams. Meanwhile Sam’s opponent frees himself and starts running away. Sam hears Heather – he lets the man go and hurries to rescue her.]

HEATHER: Please! Help me!

SAM: I'm a federal agent. Take my hand.

[She hesitates]

SAM: Heather...take my hand. Come on, you got it.

[He’s grunting with effort]

SAM: Come on.  I got you. Come on.

[Heather gasps, Sam grunts…Finally, she’s safe!]

[ Off to…]


[…Boatshed. Interrogation room. ]

HEATHER: My room was down the hall from Gary Leonida's at the rehab. That night I was headed for the kitchen when Gary's door opened and Phil came out.

CALLEN: You recognized him?

[She nods]

HEATHER: He's the new meditation teacher. He had just come in for that day.

SAM: Did you see Gary?

[She nods again)

HEATHER: He was loaded. There was a bottle of pills on the table. The way Phil was looking at me...I've seen enough drug deals to know that this dude was trouble.

CALLEN: Was there anybody else in the room?

HEATHER: I don't think so. When he came after me, I just... bolted. I ran down to PCH. I hitched a ride to my house and got my car.

SAM: You went to the Chateau.

HEATHER: I didn't know...what was happening, but I knew it wasn't good. I figured he might know where I lived.

[She’s crying]

HEATHER: I called one of my connections...and I actually hung up before he answered. Can you believe that? I really was trying to get clean this time.

[Callen puts a hand on her arm]

CALLEN: You are getting clean. You hung up.

SAM: You just got through one of the most stressful periods of your life without using. That's huge.

HEATHER: Then why do I feel so shaky?

CALLEN: Because you're new to this--and that is why you need help.

HEATHER: No way. I'm not going back there.

SAM: I wouldn't suggest you do. There are many other places. We know people who can help you find them.


[OPS center. On screen, Robert Hayes ‘s ID ]

NELL: This is Phil, our "meditation teacher." Real name: Robert Hayes.

[Eric and Nell are briefing Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks]

ERIC: Part-time lecturer at Sherman Oaks College. Advanced degree in computer science. House in West L.A.

NELL: Arrests for unlawful assembly and resisting arrest, mostly at sit-ins and demonstrations.

CALLEN: He's political.

ERIC: Hayes is a member of the Homeland Defense League, an ultra-right wing extremist group.

NELL: Their manifesto states that nation-building is not only a waste of time, but "a criminal act akin to treason""

CALLEN: "That all of Pakistan and Afghanistan should be removed from the face of the earth"?!

DEEKS: "Their so-called 'civilians' be damned."

SAM: They believe no one in those countries is innocent. Sound familiar?

KENSI: Yeah. Same reasoning Al-Qaeda uses to justify attacking civilian targets.

CALLEN: So now we know what he wants-- the question is, how's he gonna do it.

KENSI: Well...the intel he got from Gary Leonida has got to be connected.

DEEKS: And important enough to make sure that Heather didn't connect Hayes with Leonida.

CALLEN: I think it's time we pay Mr. Hayes a friendly visit.


[Friendly?! Deeks grunts as he kicks his door open! They’re in Hayes’ house]

KENSI: Federal agent!

[They check all rooms]

KENSI: Clear.

SAM: Clear.


[He kicks open a locked door. And look around “Patriots don’t aid the enemy”, “Freedom for us not them”… time in Afghanistan as well as in LA; maps on the walls, LA, Pakistan, Afghanistan; articles. Kensi and Deeks join them – astonished. Callen sits down in front of a computer and connects it with the OPS]

CALLEN: Eric...I'm online on Robert Hayes's computer.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: I see it.

[Hayes’ house]

SAM: Pakistani tribal region.

KENSI: Something tells me they're not looking for places to send Ramadan cards.

DEEKS: Unless they attach it to one of these.

[He shows a paper about “Hellfire Missiles – Power to burn”]

ERIC: [Over com] This is not good.

CALLEN: How not good is "not good"?

ERIC: [Over com] Very, very not good.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: It looks like Hayes used the intel Gary Leonida gave him to gain control of a U.S. Predator drone over Afghanistan.

------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

[OPS center. They’re back, still in vests. Hetty is with them]

ERIC: While a drone's in flight, it sends back continuous information on an encrypted frequency to the person controlling it on the ground.

NELL: That includes GPS coordinates that the drone acquires from several satellites.

ERIC: If a hacker has the encryption code, he gets into the brain of the drone and sends a false GPS signal back to the ground. It's called "spoofing."

NELL: So the operator thinks he's sending the drone one place when, in fact, the hacker is sending it wherever he wants it to go.

KENSI: Or they launch its missiles on an unsuspecting target.

NELL: Mm-hmm.

ERIC: Now... it's not fail-safe. The drone has a camera onboard, so if the operator's alert and the terrain begins to look suspicious, he'll realize that the drone isn't going where it should be.

SAM: Any way to override it?

NELL: Unfortunately, no. The drone has to be physically taken out, and we have no way of knowing which one they'll even attempt to access.

ERIC: Not to mention which target they'll launch its missiles on.

DEEKS: Well, we gotta ground all these drones.

HETTY: Easier said than done, Mr. Deeks. There are dozens of UAV's in the region, all under various commands, within the Navy alone.

NELL: Even if they agree to ground them, which, given our current lack of verification is doubtful, it could take hours.

CALLEN: We've got to find Hayes.

HETTY: Indeed, Mr. Callen, the sooner the better.

ERIC: This could be a long shot, but there's something in his browsing history that he deleted.

NELL: Well, that he thought he deleted.

ERIC: A couple of hours ago, Hayes did a search for motels in Hollywood. He only accessed one site-- um, the Holiday Lodge on 3rd.

[The agents and Deeks walk out]

[Off to…]


[…Holiday Lodge Motel. They stop both cars in the parking lot. One room’s curtain comes down: armed men are ready to fight. And as soon as the agents get out of the cars, the gunfire (with automatic weapons and guns) starts. G and Sam run to the wall; Kensi and Deeks behind cars. They shoot back and the men have to protect themselves]

CALLEN: Moving.

[He takes the stairs up to the window; Kensi follows him; Sam takes the opposite staircase- Deeks walks round the building]

DEEKS: I got a rear window, probably a bathroom.

SAM: Whenever you get the urge, Deeks.

[Deeks smashes the window with his rifle. He shoots at the wall between the bathroom and the room, so the men look behind – meanwhile G crashes the door and they break in. The men raise their weapons, the agents shoot first]


[Parking lot. Coroner team is at work]

CALLEN:  Would have been better if we could've taken Hayes alive. Chances are, he's not the only extremist in the group willing to take this to the next level.

SAM: Key word is "extremist." They don't usually just put their hands in the air and surrender.

KENSI: He had a laptop open on the desk.

DEEKS: If we were a few minutes later...

CALLEN: But we weren't.

ERIC: [Over com] Problem, Callen.

CALLEN:  Talk to me, Eric.

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Someone just spoofed a Predator drone over the Baluchistan province of Afghanistan. They have lost complete control of it.

[Parking lot]

CALLEN: This was a setup.

KENSI: Hayes had someone else.

SAM: Someone else had Hayes.

DEEKS: Offered him up as a sacrificial lamb to divert us.

CALLEN: What's the target?

[OPS center.]

HETTY: Their guess is a small village just across the Pakistani border.

[Parking lot]

DEEKS: Pakistan-- that's a political nightmare.

NELL: [Over com] It gets worse.

[OPS center.]

NELL: The village is the childhood home of the Pakistani ambassador to the United States.

[Parking lot]

SAM: Is SECNAV scrambling jets?

[OPS center.]

HETTY: She already has, but there's no guarantee they'll get there on time.

[Parking lot]

CALLEN: ETA to strike range?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: About... 90 minutes.

[Parking lot]

KENSI: Is that enough time to evacuate?

[OPS center.]

HETTY: Maybe. But doing so would require us to admit to the Pakistanis that we have a rogue drone in their airspace.

NELL: We have gone over every byte on Hayes's home PC and laptop. Other than his two dead associates, there is no evidence of a coconspirator.

[Parking lot; G shakes the head]

CALLEN: No. There has to be a connection to someone. If it's not on the computers...

SAM: Then it's got to be at his home.

[G and Sam exchange a look…and run]

[Off to…]


[Hayes’ house. They’re searching]

ERIC: [Over com] Callen, the drone just crossed over to Pakistani airspace.

[They desperately search every paper, book…everywhere. Kensi empties a bin; picks up a “Fit Body” bar wrapper]

KENSI: "She's the only one who eats the damn things."


[They stare at her…puzzled]


[Tranquility Villa. A laptop; the drone flight, a map – watched by…Peggy! She clicks “initiate launch sequence” button. It says “20 seconds to launch”. Sam opens the door; he shouts and raises his gun]

SAM: Put your hands in the air!

CALLEN: Back away from the desk!

[Deeks and Kensi are rushing in from another door. Peggy obeys. Kensi cuffs her.]

KENSI: Hands behind your back.

[Sam quickly sits down: 7 seconds left. 3 seconds. He clicks “abort launch”; a window pops up: “Launch aborted. Missiles disarmed” – he exhales loudly in relief; so does Kensi]

CALLEN: If we'd been a couple seconds later...

SAM: But we weren't.

KENSI: Either way, I'm not a nutritionist.

DEEKS: Nope. And I don't have a problem with sex.

[They all stare at him]

DEEKS: Eh...

[He wheels round…]


[Sunset- night. Bullpen. The agents are at their desks]

KENSI: Peggy did all the intakes. She knew Leonida's background on naval intelligence.

DEEKS: She also coordinated all the per diem workers and arranged for Hayes to come in as the meditation teacher.

SAM: And altered the security footage time code.

CALLEN: Homeland Defense League was all over her laptop history. Once we had Heather in custody, Peggy knew it was just a matter of time before we were onto Hayes.

KENSI: So she set him up, knew what motel he was staying at, and put it in his browsing history.

SAM: But at the end, a nutrition bar wrapper blew her cover.

DEEKS: Uh-uh, no, no. Kensilina blew her cover.

KENSI: Thank you.

SAM: So, what's up? You want to get a beer, talk tattoos?

CALLEN: You know what? I'm over the tat thing.

SAM: Good.

CALLEN: Talk to me about body piercing.

[Disgusted Sam…follows his buddy walking out]

DEEKS: Hey, uh, are you... are you hungry?

KENSI: Oh, yeah. What do you feel like?

DEEKS: Uh... I don't know, I was thinking, you know, something like tacos, maybe.

KENSI: Perfect.

DEEKS: Perfect.

[They leave the office]


 [Restaurant. Soft piano music is playing; select place]

DEEKS: What's wrong?

[Kensi sighs]

KENSI:  This is not exactly "something like tacos""

[He clears his throat]

DEEKS: What are you talking about? This is nouveau Southwestern cuisine with a little French flair. You know, it may not be tacos exactly, but it has its origins in tacos, like a croque-monsieur has its origins in ham.

KENSI: You know what I'm talking about. This is nice. Really nice.

DEEKS: I know. I was thinking about stealing plates.

KENSI: Deeks...

DEEKS: Okay, and that's a problem because...?

KENSI: Because once again you're trying to say something without actually saying it. And it's driving me nuts.

DEEKS: I think you lost me.

KENSI: No. I don't think I did. I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.


KENSI: Damn it, Deeks, you asked me out on a date without actually asking me out on a date.

[He doesn’t look at her in the eyes]

KENSI: Now, if this keeps going this way and we can't communicate, and we've been over this--you never say what you mean, and if this is the way it's gonna be...

 [He sighs, raises his head]

KENSI: … then I don't know how we're ever gonna--

DEEKS: I don't want to be here with you right now.

[She gasps]

KENSI: …What?

DEEKS: I want to be at my place, right now...with you.

[They look at each other… and she stands up. He exhales…and follows her out…]

[Black screen]

------------------------------------ THE END ----------------------------------


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