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Les références ciné de Tony

Dans cette rubrique, vous pouvez ajouter toutes  les références cinématographiques  qu'utilise Tony dans NCIS.

Saison 1 Episode 02 - Le Dernier saut (Hung Out to Dry)

Abby: I'm gonna call it "Bast from the future". I figure with my shotgun-shattered backbone, I'vr got, like, a Chagall feeling going on.

Tony: In a Manson Family way.


-> The Manson Family, Jim Van Bebber (2003)


Saison 1 Episode 04 - Les Immortels (The Immortals)

Ducky: Well, if you´ll excuse me, I´ll get our poor seaman out of his wet clothes.

Tony: You´re not gonna say, "And into a dry martini", are you?

Ducky: No.


 -> In 1937 in "Every Day's a Holiday"  and in "The Major and the Minor," a 1942 movie.


Saison 1 Episode 09 - Mort-vivant (Marine Down)

Ducky : Do you know what a trocar is, Tony?

Tony: I'm guessing it's not an alien on Star Trek.


-> Star Trek (série télé créée en 1966)


Saison 1 Episode 11 - L'Œil de l'espion (Eye Spy)

KATE: We know the killer was left-handed which eliminates Commander Tyler.  Her service file confirms she’s a righty.     

TONY: We also know the killer is a woman.  Unless Overmeyer went “Norman Bates” on the guy.  Actually, when you think about it, the M.O.’s match.  


-> Psychose, Alfred Hitchcock (1960)


Saison 1 Episode 13 - Tireur d'élite (One Shot, One Kill)

 Tony: But a white feather for all we know could mean he has a Forrest Gump fixation.


-> Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis (1994)


Saison 1 Episode 14 - Alibi (The Good Samaritan)

Tony: Oh! Magnum P.I. lunch box. Magpi. I love Magnum P.I. I had one of these in elementary school. Tom Selleck was the man!


-> Magnum P.I. (1980-1988) (created & written by Don Bellisario ;-) )


Saison 1 Episode 15 - Faux semblant (Enigma)

Ducky: I must say, you seem to have a remarkably set of teeth.

Tony: Yeah, for an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ducky: I heard that was very good.

Gibbs: The ride?

Ducky: The movie.

Kate: You know, Johnny Depp? Tony's right. You really need to get out more, Gibbs.


-> Pirates of the Carribean (2003, 2006, 2007)

 Pirates des Caraïbes, la malédiction du Black Pearl, Gore Verbinski (2003)


Saison 1 Episode 17 - Zones d'ombre (The Truth is Out There)

Tony: "The Sound of Music" te trouble le Bleu?


-> The Sound of Music (La mélodie du Bonheur), Robert Wise (1965)


Tony: Very Sergeant Schultz. I know nothin-K


-> Stalag 13 (Papa Schultz) (série télé 1965)


Tony: Looks like this guy was burning DVDs. Reminds me, I gotta return Gigli. It's a week overdue


-> Gigli, Martin Brest (2003)


Saison 1 Episode 18 - Affaire non classée (UnSEALed)

Tony: Ce que je veux de chacun d'entre vous et de vous tous qui êtes là, c'est une recherche très ciblée de chaque station d'essence, résidence, magasin, ferme, poulailler, apprentis et niche dans toute cette zone.


-> The Fugitive (Le fugitif), Andrew Davis (1993)


Saison 1 Episode 19 - Dernières paroles d'un mort (Dead Man Talking)

MCGEE: Where did you come up with a name like Stringfellow?    

TONY: Airwolf.    

MCGEE: Never heard of it.    

TONY: You never watched Stakeout, never heard of Airwolf.  What do you do on the weekends?  And don’t say party.    

MCGEE: I… I write.    


-> Stakeout (Étroite surveillance), John Badham (1987)

-> Airwolf, Donald P. Bellisario (1984)


ABBY: That reminds me of The Crying Game.    

MCGEE: Don’t know it.    

ABBY: It was such a cool flick.    

TONY: Abby, could you pick some other movie, please?    

ABBY: Oh, um… Victor, Victoria.    

TONY: That was a girl, pretending to be a guy, pretending to be a girl.

ABBY: Right.    

TONY: Yeah, that one’s okay.    


-> The Crying Game, Neil Jordan (1992)

-> Victor/Victoria, Blake Edwards (1982)


KATE: You really need to get a social life of your own.    

TONY: Oh, I have a social life.    

KATE: What’s tonight, Celebrity Mole?    

TONY: No.  Best of Jackass.    

-> Jackass (série télé) (2000)



Saison 1 Episode 21 - Face cachée (Split Decision)

Tony: Looks like Staff Sgt. Grimm could have used a little help from The Queer Eye Guys


-> Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (émission télévisée)


Saison 1 Episode 22 - Sans issue (A Weak Link)

GIBBS: You’re not going to start giving me all the vital stats on this car, are you?    

TONY: Thunderball.    

GIBBS: Let me rephrase that, DiNozzo.  You’re not going to give me the vital stats on this car.    


-> Thunderball (Opération Tonnerre), Terence Young (1965)


Saison 1 Episode 23 - L'Affrontement (Reveille)

Kate: Tony, I'm worried about him

Tony: Gibbs ? That's like worrying about Jim Bowie in a knife fight

Kate: Bowie was killed at the Alamo

Tony: I know, I saw the film


-> The Alamo, film de et avec John Wayne (1960)


KATE: Tony, he’s fixated on that terrorist.    

TONY: Not fixated, determined.  Like Tommy Lee Jones in the Fugitive.  Like The Duke in the Searchers.  Mel Gibson in Payback.    

KATE: Do you ever read a book?    

TONY: Kate, determined is good in a cop.    


-> The Fugitive (Le fugitif), Andrew Davis (1993)

-> The Searchers (La prisonnière du désert), John Ford (1956)

« The Duke » (le Duc) surnom de John Wayne,

-> Payback, Brian Helgeland(1999)


TONY: Boss, you really need to see Moby Dick.   

-> Moby Dick, John Huston (1956)


Saison 2 Episode 1 - La Rançon (See No Evil)

Tony: I'll get that APB out on the lollipop guild!


-> The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Le Magicien d'Oz), Victor Fleming (1939)


Saison 2 Episode 3 - Aux frontières du réel (Vanished)

TEAGUE: The dogs are a no go.  The handlers say something screwed up the dogs.  Soon as they stepped into the woods, they started acting up.    

MCGEE: Do not tell Abby.  She’s going to make something out of it.    

TONY: We should start checking the back of their necks for little red X’s.    

MCGEE: What are you talking about?    

TONY: Invaders From Mars.    

MCGEE: Wait, I take it that’s a film?    

TONY: Original nineteen fifty three version.  Not the remake.    

MCGEE: Everything’s a movie to you, Tony.

TONY: Aliens landed in a field just like this one.  They took over the locals’ minds, leaving a little red X on the back of their necks.    

MCGEE: Sounds lame.  


-> Invaders from Mars (Les envahisseurs de la planète rouge), William Cameron Menzies (1953)


Saison 2 Episode 7 - Semper Fi (Call of Silence)

Tony: Oh, “The Sands of Iwo Jima!” (AS JOHN WAYNE) “Guys make mistakes, I guess. But every one we make, the whole stack of chips goes with it.”

McGee: Who said that?

Tony: That’s John Wayne. Sergeant Striker.


-> Sands of Iwo Jima (Iwo Jima), Allan Dwan (1949)


Saison 2 Episode 5 - Terrain miné (The Bone Yard)

TONY: Oh, yeah.  It does sort of look like him.  (WITH ACCENT)  “Tom, can you get me off… for old times sake?”    

CHARLES: (WITH ACCENT)  “Sorry, Solly.  No can do.”    

GIBBS: You two through?    

CHARLES: Sorry.  The point is, Agent Gibbs, it’s impossible to get near them.    

GIBBS: Agent Gera did.    

CHARLES: And he’s dead.    

-> The Godfather (Le parrain), Francis Ford Coppola (1972)


Saison 2 Episode 8 - Ultime recours (Heart Break)

Tony: Stalag Seventeen. G.I. uses a cigarette as a time fuse to blow up a Nazi train.

-> Stalag 17, Billy Wilder (1953)


TONY: She’s in the waiting room.  Just got here.  (TO MCGEE)  Probie, what are you thinking?  Spontaneous human combustion?  It’s an urban myth.    

DUCKY: Actually, Tony, we shouldn’t disregard the notion.  Stories of the phenomenon go way back to the Bible in fact.  But it wasn’t popularized until Dickens.    

JIMMY: Charles Dickens?    

DUCKY: Yes, he used spontaneous combustion to kill off one of his characters, Mister Krook, in the novel Bleak House.  It caused a minor uproar.  Dickens was accused of perpetuating the age-old superstition.    

TONY: I saw that movie.    

DUCKY: The silent version or the British miniseries?    

TONY: They were talking.    


-> Bleak House (Mini-Série 1985)


Saison 2 Episode 9 - Intrusion (Forced Entry)

Tony: I dated a woman who used to wear my police uniformand make me call her Detective Sipowicz


-> NYPD Blue (série télé 1993)


Saison 2 Episode 10 - Enchaînés (Chained)

Tony: Did you ever see The Defiant Ones, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey: What?

Tony: The movie, The Defiant Ones, Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier.

Jeffrey: I think I’m having an asthma attack.

Tony: That was a great movie. These two guys, right, a black guy and a white guy escape from a Southern chain gang. They’re chained together just like we are.

Jeffrey: We’re not black.

Tony: My grandmother was black.

Jeffrey: Oh, okay. So what happens?

Tony: They fight each other every step of the way. Tony Curtis has an infected wrist, a bullet in his shoulder.


Tony: They did this in The Defiant Ones.  The chain represents the unbreakable bond between all men.  Every scene in that movie is a metaphor.


Jeffrey: Hey Tony, was there anything like this… like in the water in The Defiant Ones?    

Tony: (LAUGHS)  Yeah.  Yeah, there was a scene where the two of them nearly drowned.  But that was a river.


-> The Defiant ones (La chaîne), Stanley Kramer (1958)


Saison 2 Episode 11 - En eaux troubles (Blackwater)

Au début, lorsque la voiture est retirée du lac:

Tony : Evidemment, maintenant elle va marcher beaucoup moins bien.


-> Le Corniaud (1965 - France - réplique de Bourvil)


Saison 2 Episode 15 - Randonnée mortelle (Caught on Tape)

Tony: She means you look like the elephant man, Probie.


-> The Elephant Man (Elephant Man), David Lynch (1980)


Saison 2 Episode 17 - Œil pour œil (An Eye for An Eye)

Tony: It's kind of like that movie Laura[...] Old movie by Otto Preminger. It's about a cop who falls in love with the painting of a girl whose head's been blown off by a shotgun


-> Laura, Otto Preminger (1944)


Saison 2 Episode 20 - Cellule rouge (Red Cell)

Tony: First rule of Fight Club. Never talk about Fight Club. That’s a great movie. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton. It’s like the greatest guy movie ever. I’m going to rent that for you.


Tony:What is the first rule of Fight Club, Probie? [...]  You do not talk about Fight Club! And what is the second rule of Fight Club? Abs?

Abby: Do not talk about Fight Club!


-> Fight Club, David Fincher (1999)


Saison 2 Episode 21 - L'Étoffe des héros (Hometown Hero)

Tony: Gary Cooper. [...] Coop. High Noon. They Came to Cordura was one of his last pictures. Stay with me here. It’s nineteen sixteen. The war against Pancho Villa. Coop plays an Army Major escorting Rita Hayworth – ooh, what a body – and four Medal of Honor winners back to Texas for this ceremony. And along the way, he tries to determine what made them heroes.In the end, he exposes them for what they really are… corrupt, pathetic, hypocritical, cowardly degenerates.

-> High Noon (Le train sifflera trois fois), Fred Zinnemann (1952)

-> They came to Cordura (Ceux de Cordura), Robert Rossen (1959)


TONY: Wow.  Stepfather.  Did you see that movie?  Guy marries a woman with a gorgeous daughter. 

-> The Stepfather (Le beau-père), Joseph Ruben (1987)


Saison 2 Episode 22 - Le Baiser du tueur (SWAK)

Tony: Obviously you never saw Jamie Lee Curtis in "A fish called Wanda"!


-> A fish called Wanda (Un poisson nommé Wanda), Charles Crichton (1988)




Tony: This reminds me of the end of Alien


-> Alien, Ridley Scott (1979)





TONY: And do you know why I feel like Travolta

KATE: I feel a movie coming on.    

TONY: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.  Travolta plays this boy born with an immune deficiency.  This is before AIDS.  He lives in this giant plastic bubble.    

KATE: Tony.  Tony, please.    


-> The Boy In The Plastic Bubble (L'enfant bulle), Randal Kleiser (1976 TV)




TONY: Mmm, Flesh and Blood comes to mind.  Paul Verhoeven directed.  Rutger Hauer starred.    


-> Flesh and Blood(La chair et le sang), Paul Verhoeven (1985)



      TONY: (V.O./FILTERED)  Ralph Bellamy plays the doctor.  Ralph Bellomy was this…    

        CUT TO:     

      TONY: … Great old time actor.  He was in “His Girl Friday” with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.      


-> His Girl Friday (La Dame du vendredi), Howard Hawks (1940)


Saison 3 Episode 2 - Kill Ari (Part 2)

Tony: Probie wouldn’t believe me, Kate. He thought you’d look like the Return of the Living Dead.


-> The Return of the Living Dead (Le Retour des morts-vivants), Dan O'Bannon (1985)


Tony: The Peacemaker. George Clooney, Nicole Kidman. Directed by Mimi Leder. Made it in ninety seven. It’s a real action flick. Clooney and Kidman have to find a stolen nuclear weapon before it’s used by terrorists.


-> The Peacemaker (Le pacificateur), Mimi Leder (1997)


Saison 3 Episode 5 - Mr et Mrs Smith (Switch)


Tony: Kind of like "the pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!" The Court Jester? Danny Kaye? C'mon it's a classi!


-> The Court Jester (Le bouffon du roi), Melvin Frank et Norman Panama (1956)


Tony: It was called The Transporter.     

McGee: Didn’t see it.   

Tony: Cool British guy delivers illegal stuff for a price.


-> The Transporter (Le transporteur), Louis Leterrier et Corey Yuen (2002)



Tony: Mister and Mrs. Smith.  Identity mystery.


-> Mr and Mrs Smith, Doug Liman (2005)


MCGEE: I’m reviewing my credit card statement - there appears to be some anomalies.    

TONY: Fifty DVD copies of Forrest Hump?    

MCGEE: Yeah, see I don’t even know what a Forrest Hump is.    

TONY: Well, it’s like Forrest Gump with naked people, Probie.    

MCGEE: What?    

TONY: It’s a porno… or so I’ve been told.    


-> Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis (1994)



Saison 3 Episode 9 - Le coupable idéal (Frame Up)

Abby: She so went Fatal Attraction on you.

Tony: Boiled the bunny.


-> Fatal Attraction(Liaison fatale), Adrian Lyne (1988)


Tony: Ha! Never even got to do my Cool Hand Luke impersonation either. What we got here is a failure to communicate.

McGee: Never saw it.

Tony: Are you kidding me? Only the greatest chain gang movie of all time.


-> Cool Hand Luke (Luke la main froide), Stuart Reosenberg (1967)



Saison 3 Episode 10 - Le troisième homme (Probie)


Tony : C'est un garage plein à craquer, que des bagnoles de sport, McGee ! J'ai même vu celle de James Bond dans Goldfinger


-> Goldfinger, Guy Hamilton (1964)


Gibbs: There was a third man. Tony: That’s a great movie. Joseph Cotton. Orson Welles.


-> The Third Man (Le troisième homme), Carol Reed (1949)


Saison 3 Episode 11 - Roméo et Juliette (Model Behavior)

Tony: We were talking about Cagney and Lacey


-> Cagney and Lacey(série télé 1981)



Saison 3 Episode 12 - Prisonniers (Boxed In)


ZIVA: Okay, best dating movie.    

TONY: Night Of The Living Dead.  I’m kidding.  Tom Jones.  Eating as sex.    

ZIVA: Best sex movie.    

TONY: Body Heat.  William Hurt, Kathleen Turner.  Smart noir.  I like the whole sweaty, chairs-through-glass-doors, thing.    

ZIVA: Yeah, I prefer the air conditioner on.  And if anybody threw a chair through my door, I would probably shoot them.  


-> Night Of The Living Dead (La nuit des morts-vivants), George A. Romero (1968)

-> Tom Jones (Tom Jones: de l'alcôve à la potence), Tony Richardson (1963)

-> Body Heat (La fièvre au corps), Lawrence Kasdan (1981)



Saison 3 Episode 17 - Prédateur (Ravenous)

TONY: Don’t encourage them, Probie.  Didn’t you ever see Deliverance?    

MCGEE: No.    

TONY: Well, when you do just remember that I’m Burt Reynolds and you’re Ned Beatty.    


-> Deliverance (Délivrance), John Boorman (1972)


TONY: Jackrabbit Slims?    

ZIVA: Just like the diner in Pulp Fiction.    

TONY: You don’t know how to say porcupine, but you know the diner from Pulp Fiction?    

ZIVA: And believe it or not we actually have movie theaters in my country.    


-> Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino (1994)


Saison 3 Episode 19 – De sang froid (Iced)

TONY: I heard you rumbled with the Sharks.    

ZIVA: The Sharks?    

TONY: Yeah.  (SNAPS FINGERS)  Westside Story?    


-> West Side Story, Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise (1961)



Saison 3 Episode 20 - La taupe (Untouchable)

Tony: Relax, Ziva David. Nous avons affaire à un agent de la Navy, pas au docteur Evil.


-> Austin Power, Jay Roach, 1997


LYON: Ah, Don Juan.  We give them nicknames.  Helps relieve the boredom.  People seem to think Secret Service is like Clint Eastwood, protecting the President.    

TONY: Yeah, in the Line of Fire.  It’s a good movie.    


-> In the Line of Fire (Dans la ligne de mire), Wolfgang Petersen (1993)




TONY: You could just rent No Way Out.


-> No Way Out (Sens unique), Roger Donaldson (1987)


Saison 3 Episode 21 - À l'amour, à la mort (Bloodbath)

Ziva: Redrum ?

Tony: Tout ce qui nous manque c'est un gosse sur une grande roue et un type avec un déguisement d'ours. Ziva: Et dans ta tête, ça a un sens ça ?

Tony: Ouais, il s'agit de The Shinning, Ziva !


-> The Shinning, Stanley Kubrick (basé sur le roman de Stephen King 1980)


Saison 3 Episode 22 -  Le petit frère (Jeopardy)

GIBBS: (INTO PHONE)  Work faster!    

TONY: They never had this much trouble with Bernie.    

ZIVA: Who the hell is Bernie?    

TONY: Weekend At Bernie’s!  A cinematic masterpiece.  It’s a, you know, blend of the comedic and the macabre – thumbs down from the Boss man.  


-> Weekend at Bernie's (Week-end chez Bernie), Ted Kotcheff (1989)


Saison 3 Episode 23 -  Hiatus [1/2] (Hiatus [1/2])

TONY: Dean Keaton!   That’s it!  Dean Keaton is the name of the character Gabriel Byrne plays in The Usual Suspects.  I knew it would come to me.    


-> Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer (1995)


TONY: (INTO PHONE)  Said it to Joanne Dru in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.    


-> She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (La charge héroïque), John Ford (1949)


TONY: Can you see Ziva as a belly dancer?  He brought it up.    

MCGEE: Why?  Because he asked if she was Turkish?    

TONY: From Russia with Love.  Bond is ordered to Turkey to steal the Lector machine from this beautiful, I mean, is there any other kind in a James Bond movie – defecting Russian double agent,  Tatia Romaniva – played by Daniela Bianchi.    


-> From Russia with Love (Bons baisers de Russie), Terence Young (1963)



Saison 3 Episode 24 -  Hiatus [2/2] (Hiatus [2/2])

TONY: Gibbs also thinks the Giants just won the Super Bowl and Dances With Wolves is an Academy Award nominee.    


-> Dances With Wolves (Danse avec les loups), Kevin Costner(1990)


Saison 4 Episode 1 - Coup monté (Shalom)


 SACKS: Wait a minute!  Where’s that?  Narnia?  (BEAT)  It’s a fantasy movie.  The Chronicles of Narnia.    

TONY: I know what it is!  Okay story, excellent special effects.    


-> Le monde de Narnia: chapitre 1 - le lion, la sorcière blanche et l'armoire magique, Andrew Adamson (2005)


Saison 4 Episode 2 - Le fugitif (Escaped)

MCGEE: Well, this should be quick.    

TONY: It better be.  We’ve got a fugitive on the run with a pretty big lead.  The Fugitive!    


TONY: Gibbs is clearly Tommy Lee Jones, right?  I mean, there’s no argument there.  Which makes me Joey Pants.  Initially, I was a little, you know…    


-> The Fugitive (Le fugitif), Andrew Davis (1993)


Saison 4 Episode 3 - Recherche mari désespérément (Singled Out)

Tony: The Bat signal may fly at any moment

-> Batman


Saison 4 Episode 5 – Âmes sœurs (Dead and Unburied)

Tony: That's like the Thing trying to bring in the Hulk


-> The Hulk


(ON MONITOR)  Who is Darkman?    

      ZIVA: (READS)  Who is Darkman?


TONY: That is the question.  Liam Neeson in the nineteen-ninety cult classic directed by Sam Raimi about a mentally unstable scientist who seeks revenge.    

-> Darkman, Sam Raimi (1990)


TONY: Kind of reminds me of Pacific Heights.    

GIBBS: Don’t tell me.  A movie.    

TONY: Yeah, interesting plot.  Yuppie couple buys their dream house.  And then the tenant from hell tries to destroy it.  Michael Keaton’s best work.  It looks like organic material.  Would a two by six match Finn’s head injury?    


-> Pacific Heights (Fenêtre sur Pacifique), John Schlesinger (1990)


Saison 4 Episode 6 - Le mystère d'Halloween (Witch Hunt)

Tony: She was talking about you abs, McFlabby


-> Grey's Anatomy (série télé créée en 2005)


Saison 4 Episode 10 - Le monstre (Smoked)

JEANNE: So… how was your day?    

TONY: Well, did you ever see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?    

JEANNE: Original or remake?    

TONY: Either.    

JEANNE: Neither.    


-> The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Massacre à la tronçonneuse), Tobe Hooper (1974)


Saison 4 Episode 11 - Otto (Driven)

TONY: Looks like she did a Trading Spaces with John Nash.  Russell Crowe played him in Beautiful Mind, the Ron Howard movie about the insane mathematician.    


-> A Beautiful Mind (Un homme d'exception), Ron Howard(2001)


Saison 4 Episode 12 - Suspicion (Suspicion)

JEANNE: This is like a scene from an old movie.  Wait a second.  Is this a scene from an old movie?    

TONY: Ah, well that really depends.    

JEANNE: On?    

TONY: Have you ever seen a movie called “Strangers in the Night” with Cary Grant?    

JEANNE: I don’t think so.    

TONY: Then, no.  This is a completely original idea that I came up with all by myself. 



-> Strangers in the Night, Anthony Mann (1944)


Saison 4 Episode 14 - La grenouille (Blowback)

Ziva: Will you tell me who she is if I find the pirates version of the micro chip?

Tony: The pirated version. A pirate is a person like Capt. Jack Sparrow

Ziva: Who is Jack Sparrow?

Tony: Johnny Depp?!

Ziva: He is a pirate?

Tony: No, he's an actor!

-> Pirates of Carribean, Gore Verbinski, 2004




TONY: Here’s the deal.  We jump into Casablanca, hit Rick’s Café for a little cocktail.  I could tickle the ivories.  Here’s looking at you, kid.  And then we’re back to D.C.  Nobody knows.    


-> Casablanca, Michael Curtiz (1942)


Saison 4 Episode 16 - Mort à l'arrivée (Dead Man Walking)

Tony: This reminds me of something

McGee: A movie ?

Tony: D.O.A


-> D.O.A, Rudolph Maté (1950)


Saison 4 Episode 20 - Roman meurtrier (Cover Story)


TONY: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a John Hughes masterpiece.  Now there’s a guy that didn’t have time for writer’s block, Probie.  Sixteen Candles, Uncle Buck, The Breakfast Club.    


-> Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (La folle journée de Ferris Bueller), John Hughes (1986)

-> Sixteen Candles(Seize bougies pour Sam), John Hughes (1984)

-> Uncle Buck(L'oncle Buck), John Hughes (1989)

-> Breakfast Club, John Hughes (1985)




TONY: Watch out!  It’s Halloween at Coyote Ugly.  Piper Perabo!    


-> Coyote Girls, David McNally (2000)


Saison 5 Episode 13 - Le meilleur ami de l'homme / Gare au chien (Dog Tags)


L'équipe trouve de la drogue qui un quartier maître mort dévoré par son chien. Le paquet est ouvert.

Tony: On dirait que quelqu'un avait hâte de plonger dedans.

Gibbs: Ou de mordre dedans.

Tony: Ce qui explique pourquoi le chien est devenu Hannibal Lecter.


-> The Silence of the Lambs (Le silence des agneaux), Jonathan Demme (1991)


McGee mordu par un chien a été se faire vacciner.

Tony: Tu t'es renseigné sur la rage?

McGee: Non pourquoi?

Tony: Cujo, tu sais le film tiré du roman de Stephen King. Un brave gros saint-Bernard contracte la rage et mord tout les habitants de la ville. Le cerveau des gens mordus se met à enfler à tel point qu'il coule dans leurs oreilles. Les pauvres ont l'écume à la bouche.


 -> Cujo, Lewis Teague (1983)


Saison  ? Episode ?  -  ?

McGee et Tony doivent fouiller un avion :

Tony : Eh le Bleu tu sais quel film ça me rappelle ?

McGee : Non pourquoi ?

Tony : Lost, tu sais quand les passagers fouillent l'avion et découvrent un macabé .

Mc Gee : C'est une série Tony !!


-> Lost (série télé)

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4.96m / 0.5% (18-49)

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Une date pour la saison 19 de NCIS et le lancement de NCIS : Hawai'i

Une date pour la saison 19 de NCIS et le lancement de NCIS : Hawai'i
CBS vient de dévoiler son programme pour la rentrée! NCIS lancera sa saison 19 le 20 september...

NCIS Hawai'i | Deux nouveaux acteurs castés: un régulier, un récurrent!

NCIS Hawai'i | Deux nouveaux acteurs castés: un régulier, un récurrent!
Le casting de la nouvelle série de la franchise NCIS: NCIS : Hawai'i continue de s'aggrandir!  En...

Calendrier du mois!

Calendrier du mois!
Et voici le calendrier de juillet! C'est un calendrier mettant en avant l'équipe qui vous...

Bull | Diffusion M6 - 5.15  5.16

Bull | Diffusion M6 - 5.15 5.16
Le docteur Jason Bull et son équipe d'experts du procès continuent leur 5ème saison ce...

NCIS | Gary Cole rejoint le casting et Mark Harmon se met en retrait

NCIS | Gary Cole rejoint le casting et Mark Harmon se met en retrait
Il y aura du changement dans le cast de NCIS à la rentrée! Après l'arrivée de Katrina Law en fin de...


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2 bannières attendent vos votes dans préférences clic clic

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Happy Birthday to Who, la dyspraxie ça vous parle ? Vous saurez peut-être deviner qui est l'acteur que l'on fête aujourd'hui

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L'animation de l'été continue sur le quartier de Virgin River . Bon week-end à tous !

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Hello, encore 5 jours pour envoyer vos créations pour le concours sur "Le Caméléon"

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Quarts de finale pour l'animation Skins, plus que 8 lycéens à départager ! Fans de VM, Dawson, Sex Ed., Harry Potter, The OC... A vos votes !

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