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#419 : Red (2/2)

Dans la conclusion de cet épisode en deux parties, pendant que l’équipe de Los Angeles traque les indices aussi bien dans le monde numérique  que sur place, celles des RED se déplace dans les camions surnommés « Laverne et Shirley », dans une course contre la montre pour retrouver un terroriste particulièrement retors avant qu’il ne disparaisse...


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Red (2/2)

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Red (2/2)

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Tous les membres de l'équipe RED font un rap port oral

Tous les membres de l'équipe RED font un rap port oral

les agents  Summerskill et Hanes dans la voiture

les agents Summerskill et Hanes dans la voiture

Paris et Callen

Paris et Callen

Roy assis sur les marches du camion RED et Callen

Roy assis sur les marches du camion RED et Callen

Roy Haines

Roy Haines

Agent Spécial du NCIS Dave Flynn joué par Scott Grimes

Agent Spécial du NCIS Dave Flynn joué par Scott Grimes

les 2 équipes préparent un plan

les 2 équipes préparent un plan

les agents dave Flynn, Paris Summerskill et Claire Keats (Gillian Alexy) devant le corps de la victime

les agents dave Flynn, Paris Summerskill et Claire Keats (Gillian Alexy) devant le corps de la victime

Sam et Claire interrogent un suspect

Sam et Claire interrogent un suspect

l'équipe RED parlent de l'enquête

l'équipe RED parlent de l'enquête

Nell Jones et eric beale à leur bureau

Nell Jones et eric beale à leur bureau

Paris Summerskill joué par Kim Raver regarde l'écran

Paris Summerskill joué par Kim Raver regarde l'écran

Roy et Paris dans la rue

Roy et Paris dans la rue


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Plus de détails

Scénario : Shane Brennan

Réalisation : Tony Wharmby

Guests :

Kim Raver ........................... Agent Spécial du NCIS Paris Summerskill
John Corbett ........................... Roy Haines
Scott Grimes ........................... Agent spécial du NCIS Dave Flynn
Gillian Alexy ........................... Agent Spécial du NCIS  Claire Keats
Edwin Hodge ........................... Technicien assistant Kai Ashe
Jamie Harris ........................... Tommy Kraus
Omid Abtahi ........................... Ari Yousef Sayed
Lachlan Buchanan ........................... Brett
Vanessa Vander Pluym ........................... Femme Sexy
Jonathan Oldham ........................... Robert Spears
Burton Perez ........................... Jose Ramirez

SAM: Previously in NCIS Los Angeles.

[4x18 scenes - The Marine’s car crashes; OPS center – the team is briefed on the murder in the Los Angeles Park]

HETTY: A man's been found, shot through the back of the head with a low-velocity round.

[Shooting in Idaho]

HETTY: The murder weapon was used two days later to kill a Marine in Idaho. Our Red Team's already on the ground.

[In the woods]

KENSI: They work, travel, sleep together. It's basically like living on a submarine.

[Sam and G at the Moscow airport –in the Red center]

DANNY: Meet our boss, Paris Summerskill.

PARIS: Callen...heard a lot about you. Special Agent Claire Keats...


PARIS: Dave Flynn...

DAVE: Hey.

PARIS: and Kai.

KAI: Thank you, sir.

[Spears filmed at the airport- driving the van in TSA uniform]

GRANGER: Spears and his terrorist cell are our priority.

[Burbank airport]

CALLEN: Both vehicles, let's load them up.

[The assault against the van]

CALLEN: Four dead, one slightly injured. Spears got away.

[OPS center. Roy’s arrival]

HETTY: Roy is going to be filling in.

ROY: You good with that?

[Paris punches his face – Hetty’s office]

ROY: Why'd you offer me this?

HETTY: Why did you accept?

[New York alley – years ago]


ROY: Where were you?

[Hetty’s office]

ROY: Redemption.

[OPS center.]

HETTY: Mr. Callen, interrogate the surviving terrorist. Ms. Summerskill, get your team down to El Centro. Find Robert Spears. And, Ms. Summerskill, you're still a man down.

[Paris sighs]


[NCIS office. Hetty’s desk: Granger is pacing up and down; Hetty has a big file in the hands]

GRANGER: You should take another look at the report on Roy's shooting; refresh your memory. You know, I never did find out who redacted that report.

[Hetty smiles; he sits down]

GRANGER: A lot of unanswered questions about that night, Henrietta.

HETTY: And a few buried secrets.

GRANGER: Will he ever trust her?

HETTY: I think the question is, Owen, will Paris ever trust herself?


   ♫ ♫ NCIS: LA 4x19 ♫ ♫  Red Part 2 ♫ ♫

♫ ♫ Original Air Date on March 26, 2013 ♫ ♫


[Naval Air facility –El Centro (Ca) – A plane is taking off]

CLAIRE: How was the flight, Kai?

KAI: Me and the trucks did just fine.

[The RED team members are about to drive to a quiet place where to camp]

CLAIRE: It feels good to be warm again.

KAI: Yeah, and tomorrow we'll be sweating our asses off wishing we were someplace cool, like Idaho. Eight states in 13 weeks, not to mention our side trips to Kuwait, Somalia, and the Bahamas.

CLAIRE: You didn't like the Bahamas?

KAI: I love the Bahamas. All right, I'm just saying, we never stay in one place long enough to warm up, cool down or chill out.

PARIS: Okay, Kai, we've got to--

ROY: We really got to get these--

KAI: Look-look, I got it. All right? And I don't need to be told twice and at the same time. Base camp is on the northern edge of town. All right, I've sent maps to your phones. Along with local law enforcement, FBI, Border Protection and State Police contact details. And all of you, you still need to sign Danny's get well card.

CLAIRE: Give it here.

[She takes the card and looks for a pen]

KAI: I'm driving Shirley, you got Laverne.

[He drops the keys in Paris’ hand – she throws them to Roy]

ROY: Okay, I got Laverne.

[Dave and Claire stay behind a few seconds]

CLAIRE: This could get difficult.

DAVE: Which one do we salute?

CLAIRE: Paris.

DAVE: No, no. Roy's senior. Paris used to work for him before he was shot.

CLAIRE: He's an analyst, she's an agent. That puts Paris in charge.

DAVE: Theoretically.

[She eats a chocolate bar]

CLAIRE: It's not theoretical, it's practical. Paris is boss.

DAVE: Has anybody told him?

CLAIRE: Probably not.

DAVE: You're right; this could get difficult.

[He takes a bite out of the bar]

CLAIRE: Mm-hmm.

DAVE: Mmm! Does this contain nuts?

CLAIRE: You don't have a nut allergy, Dave.

DAVE: I-I think my glands are swollen. Do I look puffy?

CLAIRE: You always look puffy, Dave.

DAVE: Do I...?

[He repeatedly clears his throat…]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Callen and Sam are with the only surviving terrorist, Ari]

CALLEN: Your friends are dead, Ari; you're alive. You got nothing to lose. So why don't you tell us about Spears.

ARI: He is the one you fear. With his yellow hair and white skin. He is the man that you pass on the street, the man who sits beside you on the train; serves you coffee, serves you popcorn. Kneels besides you at church. Kisses your daughter. He is the one you hate because he is you. The future of the Holy Jihad. A white Muslim. And one day, there will be 10,000 Spears aimed at your heart. And your CIA will not know friend from foe. And America and the West will crumble. And Allah will be triumphant.

[Observation room]

DEEKS: While Spears is still out there, Ari's not going to give us anything.

KENSI: Ari thinks Spears got away.

DEEKS: Well, small point, but he did get away.

KENSI: Did he?

[Interrogation room.]

SAM: Do you want to tell him, or should I?

CALLEN: You tell him.

SAM: Spears is dead.

[Ari scoffs]

ARI: I don't believe you. I saw him escape with my own eyes.

SAM: Killed an hour ago in El Centro.

CALLEN: Betrayed by the man who smuggled him across the border from Mexico.

ARI: It's not true.

CALLEN: You know it is. You know he crossed the border at El Centro. I'm guessing you even know the name of the man who helped smuggle him.

ARI: If what you say is true, then Allah will take his revenge on this man.

SAM: Let us be Allah's instrument. Tell us this man's name. By telling us, you will avenge Spears.

ARI: His name is José Ramirez.

[Observation room]

DEEKS: And game…


[Red team base camp. They start deploying the trucks: Kai and Roy each presses a button…Paris is on phone]

CALLEN: [Over phone] Paris, you in position?

PARIS: Yeah, we're just setting up. We'll get right on it. [To Dave and Claire]  Ari Sayed gave us a name: José Ramirez.

[They enter their center before the end of the deployment]

PARIS: Ramirez is a Mexican-born U.S. citizen who lives here in El Centro. He specializes in smuggling people and weapons across the border. Every time the Border Patrol gets close to Ramirez, people start dying. Usually informants or witnesses.

DAVE: Okay, he's got a ranch...ten miles out of town.

ROY: Got a plan?

PARIS: We're going to check it out. Maybe you can work up some local intel on Ramirez.

ROY: Got it. Only one road in. Ramirez's ranch.

PARIS: Yeah.

ROY: Just be careful.


[Red team is watching Ramirez’ house from their car]

CLAIRE: Three cars. Five, six, may-- at least seven guys.

DAVE: High ground, a lot of buildings. And Roy's right, only one road in or out.

PARIS: Hard to attack, easy to defend.

CLAIRE: Heads up, they're on the move. And they are not messing around.

DAVE: Have they seen us?

PARIS: Too far.

CLAIRE: Well, something's got them spooked. Here comes the man himself-- Ramirez.

[He’s on phone; he leaves his property in a car – followed by a pickup]

CLAIRE: They are coming out hot. We've got to move, now.

[Paris starts the engine]

PARIS: Oh, crap.

[She drives in the speed limit; the others catch up easily.]

PARIS: Here they come.

[Ramirez’s car overtakes them- The man, on the passenger seat, still on phone, glares at Paris]

PARIS: I think we've been made.

CLAIRE: How could they have made us, we just got here.

[The pickup overtakes too at top speed]

DAVE: I think we're good.

[But the driver slams on the brakes – Paris’ can’t avoid hitting the rear of the vehicle – A man gets half of his body out of a window]

DAVE: Gun!

[Bad guy shoots, as does Claire; Paris bumps once again into the pickup – her car runs slightly in the side road; but the other driver loses control, the pickup rolls over and crashes – a man goes out, shocked, a weapon in his hand – the agents are already surrounding him]

PARIS: Drop your weapon! Drop it! Dave, how's your Spanish?

[Dave speaks a few words in halting Spanish]

DAVE: Uh...el...uh…

[Guy screams and brandish his gun- they shoot him]

CLAIRE: What'd you say to him, Dave? Ask him out on a date?


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------

 [Red center; by night]

DAVE: El Centro. One more pin in the map.

[He’s bringing up to date their light spots board- he leans towards and speaks quietly to Claire]

DAVE: Hey...Another head shot. Paris. She shot the bodyguard in the head. Yeah, we're-we're trained to shoot for the body mass--you know, the torso, it's a bigger target--she takes a head shot.

CLAIRE: Circumstance, spur of the moment.

DAVE: No, no, no. What-what-what about the guy in Memphis with the homemade flamethrower? Head shot. That messed-up cartel gunfight we got into in New Mexico. Two guys, both head shots.

CLAIRE: Is this going anywhere?

DAVE: No. Just curious.

CLAIRE: Curiosity killed the cat, Dave.

DAVE: Probably a head shot.


[Roy enters – Paris gets out of the office]

PARIS: Oh, you took your time.

ROY: Yeah, I've been drinking tequila with the county sheriff. He's a little upset he hadn't been told we were in his jurisdiction.

PARIS: Well, we sent an e-mail. I was just...

ROY: Pay him a courtesy call. I told him you were on the way when we got the Ramirez intel.

CLAIRE: Any sign of him?

ROY: Nah. My drinking buddy thinks he hightailed it down to Mexico. Might be something on this, Dave.

[He hands him a flash drive]

DAVE: Cool. Homework. How'd you get it?

ROY: Oh, Sheriff Drunky let me download the GPS data from the wreck.

DAVE: Hey, whose turn is it to cook dinner?

[They all look at Roy…]

ROY: Me?...Yeah. Yeah, I can, uh... (

[He sniffs]

ROY: ...can cook.

[He clears his throat]

ROY: Pizza counts, right?


[OPS center. Granger stares at Spears – photo on screen; actually he watches again the video the Marine filmed at the airport. Hetty enters]

HETTY: Do you want to tell me this story over a cup of tea, Owen...or should I break out the scotch?

[Eric is typing; Granger drops the tablet on the table]

GRANGER: Five years ago, I was part of a joint FBI task force. Bobby-Lee Wilson was a whistle-blower. We had him under witness protection, but he was murdered before he could give his testimony.

HETTY: Shot in the back of the head with a low-velocity round?

GRANGER: Yeah, he was in the next room. Shooter used a pillow to muffle the sound. We still don't know how he got past us. Kept me awake at night for months.

HETTY: Well, your shooter has a face now.

GRANGER: Well, if it's the same man. If we were to believe what Ari Sayed told Callen and Sam, Spears is a fundamentalist driven by his ideology. So what's he doing working as a contract killer five years ago?

HETTY: Mm. Eric? A data search. All states. Go back five years; unsolved murders. All the victims shot in the back of the head with a low-velocity round.

ERIC: Got it.

HETTY: Can't have you losing sleep, Owen.

[She smiles, he doesn’t…]


[Red center: Paris is back from a run; sun is rising – inside: lively music is playing. Dave is rubbing his hair]

PARIS: That's another five dollars you owe me.

DAVE: No, no. No, I worked all night, on-on Roy's GPS stuff. Wait, what's it up to?

PARIS: Fifty-five.

DAVE: You-you know, I never agreed to the whole "morning run challenge" thing. It was just one time. It was a...[quietly]: one-time thing.

[Paris is in the women’s bedroom]

PARIS: You awake?

CLAIRE: Now I am. Hundred and five, right?

PARIS: Hundred and ten.

CLAIRE: Dock my pay.

PARIS: Already have.

[She goes to the bathroom – Roy is shaving]

ROY: How far?

PARIS: Five miles.

ROY: Used to be ten.

[Paris closes the door and speaks quietly]

PARIS: I hate this bathroom.



[Claire gets up- passes Dave on her way to the kitchen]

CLAIRE: Okay, Roy, Paris and then me in the shower-- don't even think about it, Dave, or I'll shoot you.

DAVE: Good to know.

PARIS: You find anything from the GPS data Roy gave you?

DAVE: Yes. Okay. Uh, multiple trips every day. Mostly in and around El Centro. Now, first trip every day is always in the same location.

PARIS: Ramirez's ranch.

DAVE: Right. Which is also the final destination every day.

PARIS: And in between?

DAVE: Well, the second most visited location is a place up on the Salton Sea. At least one return trip a day, every day. Worth checking out.

PARIS: Where, exactly?

DAVE: Place called Bombay Beach.

CLAIRE: Mm. Sounds exotic.

[He chuckles]

DAVE: Yeah, it's exotic, all right. I wouldn't be packing my bikini. I-I mean, your bikini. I mean, not that I would actually be packing your bikini. That would be weird.

CLAIRE: You done?

DAVE: I'm done. Don't shoot me.


[NCIS office. Eric is coming from the OPS – Deeks and Kensi are at their desks]

ERIC: Bam!

[He has a flash drive in the hand]

DEEKS: Is that for me?

ERIC: And Kensi.

KENSI: From?

ERIC: Hetty Lange.

DEEKS: That looks bad.

KENSI: Very bad.

DEEKS: How bad?

ERIC: Well, 117 unsolved murder cases from across the U.S. where the victim was shot in the head with a low-velocity round.

DEEKS: I don't want that.

ERIC: This puppy's got five years worth. Hetty wants you to sift through the files and look for common denominators.

KENSI: Be my guest.

DEEKS: Ladies first, I insist.

[Nell is in the stairs; she exhales—and whistles!]

ERIC: Hey…

NELL: You might want to see this.


[OPS center.]

NELL: So, I ran a facial recognition program and found all the footage of Spears at O'Hare Airport.

KENSI: There's someone with him.

NELL: Mm-hmm. Guy in a red scarf. Now, there's only five frames before he's obscured, but Spears is definitely talking to him.

DEEKS: Nice catch, Nell.

NELL: Thanks. Now I just have to go through all the footage again and try to find a clean frame of him somewhere else in the airport.

DEEKS: Good luck with that.


[Dave, Paris, and Claire get out of their car]

DAVE: Welcome to Bombay Beach, where man met nature and nature won. Water here is saltier than seawater.

[Ruined stuff proves his words]

PARIS: Reminds me of Chernobyl.

DAVE: You've been to Chernobyl?

PARIS: Briefly.

DAVE: …All right. GPS...logged Ramirez's car...taking this dirt road, stopping about a quarter mile further along. It’s not a through road, though; must lead to a house.

PARIS: We'll walk.


[They’ve reached their goal]

PARIS: [quietly] That's Ramirez's car.


DAVE: Got bodies.

[At least 3, outside a small house. Claire enters first, with Dave, Paris is having their back]

CLAIRE: Federal agents!

DAVE: Federal agents

[Claire stops dead]

CLAIRE: Paris. Dave. In here.

[More bodies – women and men, and children maybe]

CLAIRE: I'm guessing they're illegals.

DAVE: I'm guessing they're dead.

[They go out, check the dead men – Paris kneels down near one of the bodies]

PARIS: Ramirez. Single gunshot to the back of the head.

DAVE: Looks like Spears beat us to it…


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[At the ranch: Sheriff’s team is working on the scene with Dave; Claire is taking pictures]

PARIS: You ever gonna do anything with those?

CLAIRE: An exhibition, maybe. One day.

[A car is coming]

CLAIRE: They made good time.

[Sam and G get out of the Challenger]

SAM: Sorry. Traffic. Got caught coming out of L.A.

CALLEN: How many bodies?

PARIS: 15, including Ramirez and his two bodyguards.

CLAIRE: Looks like the house was the staging point to move illegals on to other destinations, probably Los Angeles.

PARIS: So...Ramirez arrives with his guys, he waits outside by his car; his guys go inside to take care of business, and for whatever reason, they kill all the people in the house. Dozens of spent nine-millimeter casings inside, none outside. While they're doing that, Ramirez gets tapped from behind, low-velocity, almost certain to be a .22-cal.

SAM: No shell casings?

PARIS: No shell casings.

CLAIRE: Had his Beretta in his hand. Didn't even have time to squeeze off a shot.

SAM: So Ramirez was already dead when his two guys came back out.

PARIS: Yeah. Two guys got tapped in the back of the head as well. Quick, silent and efficient.

PARIS: Shooter is a ghost, ninja or... invisible man. Maybe all three.

CALLEN: Or none of the above.

DAVE: Sheriff thinks Ramirez might have been tipped off that somebody was coming to get him.

SAM: Must have spooked him. Decided to get out. Was cutting his losses.

PARIS: So we weren't made. He thought we were coming to kill him.

CALLEN: Something's not adding up. Why would Spears kill the guy who could get him out of here?


[Red Center. Kai – video-conference with the OPS: Nell and Eric]

KAI: Last sighting I have of red-scarf dude was ten minutes after he met with Spears.

ERIC: What if he's not catching a flight? What if he's a local?

KAI: I'll check the parking lot footage. Red-scarf dude's got to pop up somewhere. Thanks, amigo.

ERIC: Adios.

[♫ Kay has yet footage from outside- and spots Roy with a tools box – he kneels down]

KAI: What is he doing?

[He stands up. Roy is grunting with effort: he tries to open the valve of a water pipe]

KAI: You need a hand?

ROY: It's color-coded, right? Blue to blue, green to green. Open the stop valve, turn on the pump.

KAI: A rare thing. An agent who knows his waste management.

ROY: Former agent. Crap runs downhill. That's all you got to remember.

[He sighs when standing up]

ROY: You find the guy in the red scarf yet?

KAI: Still looking.

ROY: How about the guy Spears talked to on the satellite phone?

KAI: Still listening. Nell's up to her ass in NSA audio tape.

ROY: You like working with Paris?

KAI: Yeah.

ROY: Think this will work out?

KAI: Depends.

ROY: On what?

KAI: On how hard she hit you. She didn't knock you down, right?

ROY: Uh, no.

KAI: You kind of stagger?

ROY: Little.

KAI: Hmm. Then you should be okay then. I mean, she really hated you, she would have put you on your ass. I've seen it.

ROY: Yeah, me, too.

KAI: You know why she did it?

ROY: I probably deserved it. It's a long story. Maybe I'll tell you one day.

[They hear clanking, sputtering]

KAI: Come on...

[He bangs the pipe]

ROY: We gotta eat more greens.

[Kai bangs again, clanking and sputtering stop…]

KAI: So, what do you think happened out at that ranch? Why would Spears shoot the one guy that was going to get him across the border? Seems a dumb-ass thing to do.

ROY: What makes you think it was Spears?

KAI: A low-velocity round to the back of the head. Spears' signature.

ROY: That's the shooter's signature. Maybe we got this wrong. Maybe Spears isn't the shooter…


[NCIS office. Deeks and Kensi work at their desks – actually, Kensi is working…]

DEEKS: Wonder what it would be like--you, me, Red Team...

KENSI: Unbearable.

DEEKS: ...working together.

KENSI: We're supposed to be working an unsolved murder case in which the victim was shot in the back of the head with a low-velocity round, Deeks.

DEEKS: Living together. Me walking in on you in the shower. Or the bunk room. You walking in on me in the shower. Or the bunk room.

KENSI: You walking in on Sam or Hetty.

DEEKS: Who invited them?

KENSI: We're a team, aren't we?

DEEKS: Yeah. No, two people can be a team.

KENSI: Mm. How many case files have you reviewed?

DEEKS: Seven.


DEEKS: Almost.

KENSI: Thirty-three.

DEEKS: Thirty-three?!

[The phone rings]

KENSI: Get on it!

[Deeks clears his throat]

DEEKS: [On phone] Detective Marty Deeks, Cold Case Division.

[He laughs]

DEEKS: Oh. Yes.

HETTY: [Over phone] Mister Deeks?

DEEKS: Hi... Hetty. Yes. No, we're...Right now? Ops on the double.


DEEKS: Okay. Yeah. No, we're on it.

[He hangs up]

DEEKS: Hey, uh, you think, uh, Hetty wears a shower cap?

[Kensi sighs…]


[OPS center. Granger, Hetty, Nell, Eric - Deeks and Kensi – Roy and Kay over video]

ERIC: Red Scarf Guy, or "Dude," as Kai likes to call him, proved elusive. After meeting Spears, we only caught a few frames of him in airport security cameras until...he stopped for a coffee in terminal two.

KAI: Yeah, his name is Tommy Kraus. He lives in Los Angeles, right there in your backyard.

ERIC: And here's the kicker.

[He clears his throat]

ERIC: Tommy Kraus is the proud owner of a satellite phone. The same satellite phone used to contact Spears. Red Scarf Guy and Satellite Guy are the same... guy.

NELL: Tommy Kraus is like an underworld Mr. Fix-it. You need weapons, Kraus can arrange it. A safe house, false papers-- Kraus can supply it.

ROY: So Kraus flies to Chicago, meets Spears, talk a little business, maybe get paid. He knows everyone, everything. Maybe he knows where Spears has gone.

HETTY: Ms. Blye, Detective Deeks, I want him.

ERIC: Dead or alive. Um.... a-alive. Alive, alive. Alive is better than dead.


[Kraus’ house]


KENSI: We got a plan?

DEEKS: We always got a plan.

KENSI: Yeah? What is it?

DEEKS: What is the plan? The plan is to go up and knock on the door, and...

KENSI: You don't have a plan, do you?

DEEKS: I don't have a plan.

[He laughs]

DEEKS: Well, I guess we could just, uh, wait for him to answer the door, and then take him in for questioning. (

[Kensi presses the button: the doorbell chimes]

KENSI: That's not a plan.

DEEKS: Ah, sounds like a damn good plan to me.

KENSI: What if he doesn't answer the door?

[The door opens: a young man in shorts – barefoot]

MAN: May I help you?

KENSI: Yeah. We're so sorry we're late.

DEEKS: We are.

KENSI: Marty forgot his meds... again.

DEEKS: I did.

KENSI: So we had to turn around and go back and get 'em...again. Can Mr. Kraus still see us?

MAN: He didn't say anything about an appointment.

KENSI: Well...that's maybe because the appointment is...personal in nature, and not something that he would share with his... assistant?

MAN: Uh... yeah. Look, he's not here right now, so you're going to have to come back.

[He starts closing the door- Deeks blocks it with the foot]

DEEKS: Actually, that's not okay. LAPD.

[He enters]

KENSI: That's your plan?

[She follows]

MAN: Wait... you guys can't come in here without a warrant.

DEEKS: Probable cause... unless that's incense I'm smelling. Wow. Yeah. There's a kitty cat in the...

[He clears his throat: a topless girl hastily hides herself in a towel while standing up from a deckchair near the swimming pool]

MAN: Look, he's not here, okay?

KENSI: And you are?

BRETT: Brett.

KENSI: His assistant?

[Brett looks at the girl]

BRETT: His bodyguard.

DEEKS: All right.

KENSI: Oh, sure you are.

DEEKS: You the pool boy, Brett? No, I bet you're the gardener.

KENSI: Mm... gardener.

DEEKS: You take care of your, uh, boss's indoor potted plants, do you?

BRETT: What do you want to know?

KENSI: Where's Tommy?

[Brett hesitates]

KENSI: You're going to be in a whole lot more trouble with us than your boss if you don't tell us what we need to know, kiddo.

BRETT: He got a call, said he had to go meet some guy.

KENSI: How long?

BRETT: Couple of hours ago. He said he wouldn't be back until tomorrow.

DEEKS: Meet some guy where?

BRETT: Some hotel...down in El Centro.

DEEKS: Looks like all roads lead to El Centro…


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[El Centro; Sam is in a café with Claire; Paris is with Callen in the car]

ERIC: [Over phone] Sam, looks like the phone used to make the call is a burner.

SAM: Thanks, Eric. The call that Kraus received was from a burn phone. Eric's trying to pull a tape of the conversation.

CLAIRE: What if it's Spears covering his tracks? He kills Ramirez first, then he calls Kraus, lures him here to pop him, as well. Or maybe, Kraus heard that Ramirez is dead, and is coming to meet Spears with another plan.

[She has put a hand on his arm; he glares at it]

CLAIRE: What? You think I'm too eager?

SAM: Eager's good. Keeps you sharp.

CLAIRE: You know, Hetty thinks they'd be good for each other. That's why she was checking in on us the night you arrived. Did you notice that?

SAM: I noticed.

CLAIRE: Did Callen?

SAM: No. Did Paris?

CLAIRE: No. Maybe Hetty's right. Maybe they have got something in common.

SAM: Hetty's always right.


[In the car]

CALLEN: So, you like this whole road thing?

PARIS: Yeah, I love it. How about you? Undercover work?

CALLEN: I wouldn't have it any other way.

PARIS: Yeah, me neither.

CALLEN: You want a coffee?

PARIS: Oh, a beer would be good.

[He stares at her]

PARIS: Oh, what? What? You don't drink beer?

[He laughs]

CALLEN: Soon as we get these guys.

PARIS: Full strength. None of the light stuff.

CALLEN: Mm-hmm. Got it.

[He was about to open the door but notices a car stopping]

CALLEN: Sam...

SAM: Yep.

CALLEN: Black BMW outside the hotel. That's Kraus.

SAM: Got him.

[He leaves the café with Claire- Kraus sits down; Claire takes next seat – She smiles, Kraus laughs- but she puts her badge on the table]

KRAUS: Oh, no...

[He stands up but bumps into Sam]

SAM: Hello, Tommy.

KRAUS: Do I know you?

SAM: Not yet.

[In the car]

PARIS: One down.

CALLEN: One to go…


[NCIS office. Kensi drops files on Hetty’s desk]

KENSI: 13 cases in five years that fit the M.O.--low-velocity, up-close wound to the back of the head.

DEEKS: Different victims, different states. Only connection is the person who shot them.

GRANGER: Contract killings.

KENSI: Why would a Jihadist be working as a contract killer?

[Hetty sighs]

HETTY: He wouldn't.


[Red Center. Dave is working with a microscope- Kai opens the fridge]

DAVE: Kitchen is closed, laboratory is open.

KAI: I'm hungry.

DAVE: Rules is rules.

KAI: Yeah, you're doing a bullet comparison?

DAVE: Mm. Three slugs, three victims--Ramirez and his two bodyguards. And I just found something that shouldn't be there.

[Red marks on the bullet]

KAI: On which bullet?

DAVE: All three of 'em.


[OPS center.]

NELL: So, I was going through the footage we found from the airport on Tommy Kraus. That's when I found it.

ERIC: Easily missed.

NELL: Mm-hmm.

ERIC: We're gonna have to find another camera angle.

[She nods]

ERIC: He's definitely talking to someone. Let's see who it is.


[In the car- Paris stares at someone]

CALLEN: You've got company.

[He’s in the café; Roy takes the passenger seat]

ROY: Black coffee, one sugar. Turkey sandwich, no mayo.

PARIS: What do you want, Roy? An elephant stamp for remembering?

ROY: Hey, give me one for caring.

PARIS: Why didn't you say, "Go to hell" when Hetty offered you this?

ROY: Well, 'cause it's just for a couple months till Danny gets back on deck.

PARIS: Question was why, not how long.

ROY: I don't know why.

PARIS: Look, if you're looking for answers, I don't have any more answers. I gave you...

ROY: No, no, no. I'm...I'm not looking for any answers. Trying to find answers kept me up for three years. All right, you had your reasons. If I wanted to know, you would have let me know, right?

[She keeps silent]

PARIS: Just till Danny's back then.

ROY: Right.

PARIS: Right. All right, let's start with: I'm the boss.

ROY: Fine, you're the boss.

PARIS: You do as I say.

ROY: Yeah.

PARIS: You keep your opinions to yourself.

ROY: Understood, Cap'n.

PARIS: And no indoor soccer.

ROY: No, none.

PARIS: I'm sorry you got shot, Roy.

ROY: Me, too.

[He sighs, she clears her throat]


[Red Center. Claire is reading papers; she’s with Sam and Kraus]

CLAIRE: Accounts in the Cayman Islands, properties in South America, Spain, and Belgium. I like the place in Madrid. You're a wealthy guy, Tommy.

KRAUS: You know how good that makes me feel?

CLAIRE: That you're a wealthy guy?

KRAUS: That you're telling me all this. Because there is no way you got all this information legally, and you are dealing, here, with someone who knows the law. Intimately.

CLAIRE: Are you intimate with the Patriot Act, Tommy?

[Tommy sighs]

SAM: Legislation enacted to protect Americans from terrorists.

CLAIRE: Tommy the Terrorist. I like that. That's funny.

SAM: Has a nice ring to it.

CLAIRE: Mm-hmm. It's not funny for you, though.

KRAUS: You think I'm a terrorist?

CLAIRE: We have you on tape arranging to help a known terrorist illegally cross the border, we have photos of you meeting that same terrorist, and we have evidence that you helped supply weapons for a planned terrorist attack on the United States. It's called giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Tommy. It's also known as treason.

KRAUS: I am not a terrorist, I am a patriot. I tried to stop this thing as soon as I found out what he was planning.

CLAIRE: What who was planning?

TOMMY: That Spears. Look, I thought he was a dealer. I get him across the border, I supply him with some hardware, a safe house. I mean, it's no big deal. I swear, as soon as I realized what he was up to, I tried to stop him.


TOMMY: Look, he's the enemy, right? So it's not murder, it's lawful. I was protecting my country. I deserve a medal for what I did.

CLAIRE: How, Tommy?

TOMMY: I hired a contractor to clean up the mess--Santoso, Ramirez, Spears.

SAM: Spears isn't the shooter.

CLAIRE: He's the target.


-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------


[El Centro. Spears parks his car outside the hotel]

PARIS: Callen, he's here.

CALLEN: Got him.

PARIS: Roy, stay in the car.


[Paris and G enter together]

PARIS: There he is.


[Spears starts running]

CALLEN: Spears!

[They groan: the elevator doors close before they can get in]

CALLEN: I'll take the stairs. Watch the elevator.

[She sighs, he runs]

[Red Center – Dave gets results- he takes his phone]

[Hotel- The doors open – Paris gets into the elevator – she mutters for herself]

PARIS: Come on, come on, come on.

[Red Center: Dave is waiting: the phone line is ringing]

[Elevator: Paris’phone rings]

PARIS: Yeah.

DAVE [static]: Paris, can you hear me? I...

[His voice breaks up in static]

PARIS: I…Dave?

DAVE: [static]: ...lipstick...

PARIS: Did you say "lipstick"?

[Red center- interrogation room]

CLAIRE: Tell us his name.

[Kraus sighs]

KRAUS: The shooter's not a man.

[OPS center.]

NELL: It's a woman.

[The person speaking with Kraus on footage at the airport]

ERIC: We've seen her before.


[♫ Paris gets out of the elevator; she passes a woman – ♫ she remembers she saw her on the video – ♫ she turns round: both women raise their guns and shoot; both miss- ♫ the killer disappears in the elevator]

[♫ G is a t the top of the stairs – ♫ Spears is in the hallway – ♫ they exchange gunfire; ♫ guy heads towards the stairs– G chases him again ♫]

[♫ Paris is going downstairs very carefully; ♫ the elevator stops in the basement ♫]

[♫ G avoids bullet – ♫ Spears was waiting for him up in the stairs ♫]

[♫ Paris starts checking the garage; ♫ nobody in the elevator ♫]

[♫ G has reached the terrace; ♫ he looks for Spears- ♫ spots his gun on the ground – ♫ is tackled down and roll over under the man; ♫ they fight; ♫ Spears manages to grab his weapon but they fight again and it goes off… ♫ Spears is hit in the chest- he tries to shoot but G takes the weapon; Spears dies ♫]

[Basement: ♫ Paris and the woman are shooting at each other; ♫ Paris kneels down behind a car… ♫ and gets scared: gas is leaking from it! ♫ She runs and jumps behind another vehicle just in time: the car explodes. ♫ Paris is safe but half-deaf…♫ The woman is coming closer – Paris’mag is empty – the woman raises her weapon--- but she’s hit in the back: Roy has just saved Paris’life…She stands up, panting]

PARIS: I told you to stay in the car.

ROY: I know, I know. My bad. It won't happen again, I promise.

[Paris picks up the weapon of the dead woman: bullets have red marks…]

ROY: What's that?

PARIS: Kiss of death.


[♫ Red Center; G is watching the (great) view; Paris gets out and joins him ♫]



PARIS: Want to stay for dinner? Dave's not cooking.

CALLEN: I appreciate that, but Sam has a family.

PARIS: Right.

CALLEN: What exactly happened the night Roy got shot?

[Paris has a flash of the night; Roy is gasping weakly, wounded – she leans towards him and at the same time shoots a guy]

PARIS: Stay with me. Stay with me.

[The man she shot stands up- Roy grabs Paris’ head, pulls it against his chest - and shoots the man. He groans weakly again…]

PARIS: I shot a guy, and he didn't stay down. He was wearing a vest. Roy saved my life.

CALLEN: So what's the problem?

PARIS: It's complicated.

[A car approaches- truck door opens: Sam is here; and Roy hails Paris]

ROY: We got a case.

PARIS: Where?

ROY: Bald Knob, Arkansas. Hear it's quite a place.

[G stares at her gently]

CALLEN: I'm good with complicated.

PARIS: It's really complicated… So, um...I guess that beer's going to have to wait.

CALLEN: I guess so.

[Paris goes back to the truck – she greets Sam]


CALLEN: Take care, Roy.

[He gets into the car; the engine starts — Sam smiles…]


[NCIS office. Hetty and Granger are helping themselves with Scotch]

HETTY: We got it wrong from the start, Owen. Tyler wasn't killed because he filmed Spears.

GRANGER: He was killed because he filmed the woman sent to kill him. She's been shooting people for money for more than a decade, including my witness.

[She raises her glass]

HETTY: Here's to Paris and Callen.

GRANGER: You mean Roy.

HETTY: Of course.

[She laughs]


--------------- THE END -----------------


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