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#513 : Serment d'allégeance

Granger et Kensi, toujours en Afghanistan, collaborent avec l'équipe pour une mission conjointe lorsqu' un agent fédéral de Los Angeles lié au Hawala (un ancien système de transferts de fonds) est assassiné...Une mission menée dans les deux pays.


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Serment d'allégeance

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Promo 513 VOSTFR [activez les sous-titres]


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Sam et Deeks apréhendent un suspect pendant que G fouille son sac

Sam et Deeks apréhendent un suspect pendant que G fouille son sac

Deeks se fait passer pour un acheteur de tapis avec Sam

Deeks se fait passer pour un acheteur de tapis avec Sam

Deeks et Sam poursuivent quelqu'un

Deeks et Sam poursuivent quelqu'un

le lieutenant Deeks et l'agent Hanna suivent leur suspect

le lieutenant Deeks et l'agent Hanna suivent leur suspect

Sam Hanna et Marty Deeks chez le marchand de tapis

Sam Hanna et Marty Deeks chez le marchand de tapis


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Plus de détails

Scénario : Andrew  Bartels et Frank Military

Réalisation : Eric Laneuville

Guests :  

Mido Hamada ............................ Fincen Agent Kazimi 
Wesam Keesh ............................ Ehsan Navid 
Roger Narayan ............................ Roger Ali 
Page Leong ............................ Anna Chang
Braeden Marcott ............................ Behnam Navid
Melanie Kannokada ............................ Ayesha 
Tony Winters ............................ Judge Malcolm Smith 
Nick Hoffa ............................ Stuart Green
Kamran R. Khan ............................ Afghan Man
Kent Shocknek ............................ News Reporter 
Beejan Land ............................ Fincen Agent Farhad

[By night. A man in his car is taking pictures of a man and a woman leaving a shop (Afghan & Persian Rugs), and of a third man locking the door. The couple heads towards a black van with a white back door. The guy in the car watches his photos. He zooms on the woman’s face. Suddenly the man who was with this woman bangs at his window.

MAN: You a pervert?! That's my wife!

PHOTOGRAPHER: I just saw some cool shots. I'm a photographer.

MAN: Give me the camera.

PHOTOGRAPHER: You were out in public!

MAN: Come on! Hey!

PHOTOGRAPHER: I am allowed to take pictures!

[He starts the engine]

MAN: Give me the camera! Hey!

PHOTOGRAPHER: All right, all right, all right!

[He drives away]

MAN: Hey! Hey!


[Later, the photographer stops his car in a deserted parking lot. He connects the camera with a laptop, and download the photos. Meanwhile he pulls out his phone and dials. The line rings…]

PHOTOGRAPHER: Come on. Pick up.

[All of a sudden his window blows up: a guy just crashed it with a crowbar – and hits his head with it. The photographer grunts in pain. The guy puts an explosive onto the wheel and walks away]

PHOTOGRAPHER: What are you doing?

[The device is beeping steadily: only 5 seconds remaining…]


[But the car blows up in a giant fire ball…In distance a car alarm is blaring…The car is still in fire…]


    NCIS: LA 5x13 Allegiance

Original Air Date on January 14, 2014


[When Sam and G come at the office, Deeks is pacing up and down and speaking alone; wearing earphones]

DEEKS: Kan du tale lidt la-langsommere. Kan du tale lidt lang...loom-loomsommere. Kan du tale lidt lang... s-somm... sommere.

SAM: Is Deeks talking backwards?

DEEKS: Kan du tale lidt langsommere... sommere.

CALLEN: I'm gonna go withdemonic possession.

[Sam chuckles]

DEEKS: Kan du tale... You know what? Screw this.

CALLEN: Deeks, what are you doing?

DEEKS: Well, I was trying to learn Danish, and now I'm no longer trying to learn Danish.

SAM: What you was trying to say is “Kan du tale lidt langsommere." [Can you talk a little slower]

DEEKS: Wow. Thank you for that. Does anyone know how to say "show-off" in Hebrew?

[Sam and Callen  speak Hebrew]

DEEKS: No. You know what, forget it. Just remind me to tell Nate about my inferiority complex next time I see him.

[They sit at their desks]

SAM: So, you really want to learn a foreign language?

DEEKS: Well, I just figure that between the two of you, Kensi and I and Hetty, we got, like, two dozen languages covered.

CALLEN: But since we've never arrested a terrorist that speaks Pig Latin...

DEEKS: That's not to say they're not out there.

SAM: So you want to augment the team's skill set. Nice initiative.

DEEKS: Well, you can tell me that again after I learn how to speak...Turkish.

[Callen speaks Turkish]

DEEKS: Scratch that.

[He clears his  throat]

DEEKS: Korean.

[Sam speaks Korean]

DEEKS: Really?

SAM: Really.

DEEKS: French.

CALLEN: Sérieux?

DEEKS: Canadian. I was gonna say French Canadian. That's a different dialect. You guys probably didn't know that. Welsh.

[Sam and G exchange a look]

SAM: Uh, you got us there.


[Hetty is passing by]

HETTY: [In Welsh] "The best knowledge is to know yourself." Mr. Deeks. Gentlemen.

DEEKS: Thank you for that!

[The phone is ringing]

DEEKS: Wow, this has been a pleasure.

[He clears his throat and answers]

DEEKS: Etective-day Eeks-day. Think you need to work on your, uh,…

CALLEN: Korean there, big guy.

SAM: Why?

CALLEN: Pretty sure you said "I speak like honey."

SAM: This coming from a guy who told Deeks he looks like a frisky rodent in Turkish.

CALLEN: That was intentional.

SAM: Yeah, right.

DEEKS: LAPD. They found something at a crime scene they'd like us to take a look at.

SAM: Oh. You, see, Deeks, you have other skill sets.

[Deeks chuckles]

SAM: Huh? Like liaising.

DEEKS: Right.

CALLEN: I always thought it was pronounced "lazing."

[Deeks chuckles]

DEEKS: That's clever. It's a play on words. I like it.


[In the parking lot. Sam and G search the burnt car; Deeks leaves a man near a police car]

DEEKS: Detective found this 20 feet away. Pulled their guys off and called us immediately. M.E. already removed what was left of the body.

SAM: Gas tank alone can't do this kind of damage. I'm thinking plastic explosives.

[G is looking closely at the documents]

CALLEN: Watermarks are destroyed. There's nothing to indicate who this guy was. I got some Pashto. Maybe Deeks can translate.

 [Deeks chuckles]

DEEKS: That's hilarious. I got a camera.

[It’s badly burnt]

DEEKS: Might be a little crispy even for Eric.

[Sam is rummaging the ashes inside the car; he finds a medallion]

SAM: Challenge coin. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.


DEEKS: Never heard of 'em.

SAM: They investigate organizations for money laundering, financial ties to terrorism.

[He pulls out his phone – the line  rings]

ERIC: [Over phone]  What do you got, Sam?

SAM: Eric, can you find out if FinCEN has any agents in Los Angeles?

ERIC: [Over phone] Checking.

CALLEN: Mirza Rahman and Rafiq Shahidi.

[He’s recognizing guys ‘pics without names]

ERIC: [Over phone]  Okay, this might take a minute. Call you back?

CALLEN:  High-ranking Taliban commanders.

SAM: [on phone] Thanks.

DEEKS: So what's the connection with L.A.?

SAM: That's a good question.


[NCIS office. Bullpen. Eric and Nell brief Sam, G and Deeks]

ERIC: FinCEN currently only has one agent in Los Angeles. Stuart Green.

NELL: He flew into LAX yesterday morning from Afghanistan. He was supposed to check in with FinCEN last night. They never heard from him.

ERIC: His file says he was working with a small team based in Kabul. Deep undercover at Prince's Money Market investigating hawalas.

DEEKS: Ugh, you can never trust a koala, man. You never know what they're hiding in their pouches. In fact, I won't turn my back on any marsupial.

SAM: Hey.


SAM: It's "hawala."


SAM: It's an ancient system of money transfer.

CALLEN: Western Union for the Muslim world.

SAM: Cheap, fast, no I.D. required.

DEEKS: Sounds like a terrorist's dream come true.

CALLEN: We need to contact the FinCEN team in Kabul.

SAM: That's not gonna be easy.

[They exchange a look…]


[Kabul. Afghanistan. A market by night. ♫  people are  chattering ♫ it’s the money market ♫ two men greet a guy into a little exchange money shop and leave ♫ 2 others (faces hidden behind keffiyehs) enter. The man doing his accounts frowns – with his associates, they stare at the visitors] 

MAN1: [In Pashto] we are closing. Please come back tomorrow.

[But one of the guy closes the blinds]

MAN2: [in Pashto] It’s a robbery!

[They grab riffles. The visitors pull out guns.]

VISITOR1: [In Pashto] we don’t want your money. We’re just here to talk. We have a message from Mr. Green.

[Visitor2 removes his Keffieh: Kensi’s face appears…]

KENSI: Agents Kazimi, Farhad.

KAZIMI: Who are you?

[He lowers his riffle. Granger is visitor2, of course]

GRANGER: We're friends. NCIS.

[Kasimi puts his weapon away but looks angry]

KAZIMI: Well, you better have a damn good reason for being here. It's taken us four years to build these covers.

GRANGER: Believe me, we get it.

KENSI: We have some bad news about Agent Green.

[The FinCen agents stare at her…]


[OPS center. Deeks is pacing up and down.]

ERIC: Okay. We're just waiting for Kensi and Granger to come online.

[Deeks looks really nervous.]

CALLEN: You all right, Deeks?

DEEKS: Yeah, no. I just... I got this new shirt, and it's just, uh... super itchy. So I was just...I should've just...read the label before I put it on. I'm sure I was supposed to wash it first or something. But no, I'm-I'm good.

[G and Sam, unconvinced, smile at each other]

ERIC: Okay. We're all set.

[Granger and Kazimi pop up on screen]

GRANGER: Agents, Detective.

[Deeks is stunned]

SAM: Good to see you, sir.

DEEKS: Where's Kensi?

GRANGER: Well, it's nice to see you, too, Detective. I had Agent Blye stay behind in Kabul to debrief FinCEN Agent Farhad. This is Agent Kazimi, his partner. Now, I don't have to tell you he's here at great personal risk, so let's make this quick.

[They’re in their base camp]

KAZIMI: Is it true? Green is dead?

CALLEN: We're still waiting for a proper I.D., but we confirmed that the car was the same one he rented yesterday.

SAM: What was Green doing so far from Afghanistan?

KAZIMI: Trying to plug a leak.

CALLEN: Intel?

KAZIMI: Money. Specifically money funding I.E.D. attacks on Afghan and U.S. military targets.

[Pics of explosions are on screen]

SAM: Taliban's handiwork.

GRANGER: Agents Farhad and Kazimi have traced the source of their money to a global hawala network.

SAM: So you and Agent Farhad went undercover to access hawala records.

KAZIMI: Green was our handler.

GRANGER: Their most recent findings indicate the terrorists' money has been coming from a hawala broker in Los Angeles.

CALLEN: Green came here to find the broker.

DEEKS: Maybe he found him; that's what got him killed.

GRANGER: Agents Blye and Farhad will send you the hawala records within the hour. Until then, let's be clear: someone in L.A. is funding brutal attacks on Afghan and U.S. military personnel, and now we've got a dead federal agent. I want you to find the leak and plug it with everything you've got.

SAM: We're on it.

[G nods…]

 ------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

 [NCIS office. Bullpen.]

NELL: We found Agent Green's rental on several traffic cameras in Culver City last night.

CALLEN: There's a lot of import/export shops around there. Make it easy to keep hawala under the radar.

SAM: You get anything off Green's camera?

ERIC: Uh, mostly damaged data, but these two photos are the best so far.

[Kind of patterned material pops up onto screen]

DEEKS: Wow. I see two pixelated Polynesian women paddleboarding. No. I see Kate Upton. And she's doing the Dougie while in a bikini. This is...

HETTY: More than four sexual references in a ten-card Rorschach test is a strong indicator for schizophrenia.

 [Deeks chuckles]

DEEKS: That's funny.

[Hetty gives him a nasty look]

DEEKS: Okay, not funny.

CALLEN: They almost look like they could be rug patterns.

SAM: They are. It's a Shindand design.

HETTY: Major export of Afghanistan. I've brought home a few myself.

[She glances at Nell- Eric is typing on his tablet]

ERIC: There's only one Afghan rug store in Culver City; it's down on La Cienega.

CALLEN: Could be our hawala broker.

ERIC: Address on your phones.

[G, Sam and Deeks leave the bullpen.]

DEEKS: Okay, just to clarify, neither one of you saw twins in that photo?

CALLEN: Blondes.

DEEKS: I knew it.

CALLEN: You knew what?

DEEKS: You just said "blondes."

SAM: He didn't say anything.

CALLEN: I think you're hearing voices, Deeks.

SAM: Maybe Hetty was right…


[Sam, Deeks and G in a car. Sam is taking pictures of a man checking a rugs delivery at the back of a shop]

SAM: Eric, is this the owner?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: That's him. His name's Behnam Navid. He immigrated to this country five years ago. Opened up the store three years later.

NELL: That's right around the time the I.E.D. attacks started happening in Afghanistan.


CALLEN: We need to get inside and confirm.

DEEKS: Well, then I think it's time for Sven, fabulous interior decorator to the stars.

CALLEN: Knock yourself out.

SAM: All right, but let's go easy on the fabulous this time, okay?


 [Inside the shop. Deeks speaks with Scandinavian accent to the owner. Sam is with them]

DEEKS: Okay, bring on ze wonderful, ja?

NAVID: Uh, look here.

DEEKS: Okay.

[He looks bored…]

NAVID: This is a Kazak design.

DEEKS: Kazak design, ja.

NAVID: From Peshawar.


NAVID: Hand-knotted...and plant-dyed. Beautiful, yes?

DEEKS: Ja, ja, it's okay, it's okay. Ze problem is ze club is 10,000 square feet, and what we need to do is cover ze entire lounge area with ze rugs.

[He spots a large rug]

DEEKS: Ja, what do you think? Is this fantastic?

SAM: I think it's a little big.


SAM: A little over the top.

DEEKS: Oh, ja, but I've always told you, you can't be afraid of ze color. I've always said this to him. You can't be scared of ze color.

[He laughs]

SAM: Color's the last thing I'm scared of.

DEEKS: Okay. All right. Well, you don't want to be ze boring beige boy, now, do you, Chad, hmm?

SAM: Maybe.

DEEKS: No, come on, no one wants to be ze boring beige boy.

[He looks at the back – a man is talking indistinctly in a mic – Deeks takes a photo]

SAM: Hey, Sven.


SAM: Stop saying that.

DEEKS: Yeah, but you don't want to be the drab Danny, or ze gray Gary. Remember, Chad, you hired me to make you fabulous.

[OPS center. The picture of the man is already on screen]

NELL: Okay, that's Benham's son, Ehsan Navid. He emigrated to the U.S. with his father.

[Callen is still in the car]

CALLEN: Any contact with the hawala brokers back in Afghanistan?

[OPS center.]

ERIC: Uh...looks like four or five calls a day.


[Rugs shop. Ehsan heads to the desk, carrying a bag.]

DEEKS: Ze blues are so pretty over here. Zey match my eyes.

[He’s taking pictures of the wall- meanwhile he watches the guy and notices a gun at this belt. The man is leaving- Deeks speaks quietly]

DEEKS: He's heading out the side door, and he's got a gun.

[Outside. Callen sees him leaving the shop]

CALLEN: All right, stay with him. Let's pick him up when he's away from the store.


DEEKS: Okay, I've seen enough. So long!

[And he walks out]

NAVID: Chad, where are you going?

SAM: Yeah. I-I got to... get a new decorator.

NAVID: I completely understand…


[Ehsan is walking, humming quietly; Sam and Deeks follow – G is driving away]

DEEKS: Where's he headed on foot?

SAM: I'm more concerned about what he's got in the bag.

[Ehsan looks behind; he frowns…]

SAM: I think he made us.

DEEKS: What are you talking about? My character's bulletproof.

[Ehsan takes to his heels]

DEEKS: I think he made us.

[They run. The chased guy turn left – but the black Mercedes blocks his way. Sam and Deeks pull out their guns]

SAM: Federal agents! Freeze!

[Ehsan obeys; he’s shaking all over]

DEEKS: Drop the bag, get on your knees!

[The young man obeys again]

SAM: Hands on your head!

[Ehsan is panting; Deeks searches him]

EHSAN: Are you guys really agents? I-I thought you were trying to rob me.

[G looks at the bag; Sam at Ehsan’s weapon; Deeks cuffs him]

SAM: Gun's not loaded.

CALLEN: Duffel bag is.

[With money…A lot of bills!]


[Boatshed. Interrogation room. Sam is pulling out bills from the bag. G is pacing up and down]

EHSAN: I don't understand. Did I do something wrong?

CALLEN: Carrying a concealed weapon requires a permit.

EHSAN: It's unloaded and-and broken. I just keep it to scare people in case I'm robbed.

SAM: Where were you going with the cash?

EHSAN: The bank. It belongs to my customers.

CALLEN: That's a lot of cash. Hawala business must be doing pretty good.

[Ehsan sings]

EHSAN: ♫ We treat your money  ♫ as if it were ours ♫ It's our slogan.

SAM: Your hawala has a slogan?

EHSAN: Mm. And soon I hope to have ads in coupon books and penny savers.

[Sam and G exchange a look]

SAM: You seem to be real proud of it.

EHSAN: Of course. It's an ancient system. Immigrants from many countries send money back home with our service. It's how I send money back home to Afghanistan.

CALLEN: You still have family in Afghanistan?

EHSAN: Two sisters and my mother. You would like to see them?

SAM: Sure.

EHSAN: If I could have my tablet.

[The agents don’t know what to think about this…Ehsan starts a video]

EHSAN: They shot this for my father's birthday. I edited. Those are my sisters, Armegan and Farah. And, uh...that's my mommy.

FARAH: Happy birthday.

MOTHER: I love you.

[Sam and G look again at each other…]

EHSAN: Oh, I'm going to add a spin transition here.

CALLEN: We'll take a look at it later there, Scorsese.

[He stops the video]

EHSAN: It's just a rough cut.

[Sam shows a photo on his phone – Green’s face]

SAM: Do you know him?

EHSAN: I think so. He was in the store looking at rugs.

CALLEN: He's a federal agent. He was murdered last night.

[Ehsan is taken aback]

SAM: Did you know your hawala was being used to send money to the Taliban?

EHSAN: Impossible. I...I know the brokers in Afghanistan. They would not do business with the Taliban.

SAM: But how would they know? Hawala's completely anonymous, right? No names, just remittance codes.

[Ehsan looks devastated]

EHSAN: I'm trying to become a U.S. citizen. This is going to destroy everything I've worked for.

[G looks at Sam]

CALLEN: Maybe not. But if we're gonna help you, we're gonna need access to your transaction records.

EHSAN: Yes, of course. I... I'll need my tablet. It's on the app.

CALLEN: You have an app? ... For an ancient money-transfer system?

EHSAN: Yeah. There's an app for everything.

[He laughs – G looks at his partner; Sam chuckles!]


[OPS center. Deeks is waiting for Sam and G. They enter]

NELL: He sounds genuine. He and his father assisted U.S. forces in the war-- that's how they got their visas. And he just took the U.S. citizens test, passed with flying colors.

SAM: Becoming a citizen will help him bring over the rest of his family.

CALLEN: It's safe to say he's not a killer or a terrorist.

ERIC: Well, according to his Facebook profile, he is an entrepreneur with the soul of a dancer. And a hopeless romantic.

NELL: And back on Planet Relevance.

[She clears her throat – reads her monitor]

NELL: Ehsan's hawala records don't list any names, only remittance codes. And comparing the codes from the L.A. and Afghan brokers, Agents Farhad and Kazimi were able to trace the money from L.A. to a doctor in Kabul.

ERIC: He works at a quarantined tuberculosis clinic in Parwan Province.

[A hugs Hetty pops up onto screen]

HETTY: That's not far from where Kensi's stationed.

DEEKS:  [quietly] Does her head have to zoom so big?

HETTY: I'll have Granger and Ms. Blye look into it. And yes, Mr. Deeks...my head does need to zoom in this big. It gives me power.

[She vanishes]

ERIC: Okay. Records indicate that the TB clinic is being funded by a top-rated American charity, PlanetMD.

SAM: They do good work sending medical aid to hot spots around the globe.

CALLEN: Well, somebody could have infiltrated the charity and directed donor dollars towards terrorism.

DEEKS: And Green catches him at the hawala and gets himself killed.

NELL: Hey, guys? PlanetMD has a fund-raiser scheduled for tonight in Hollywood.

SAM: Could be our best chance to find the source of money.

DEEKS: Yeah, but the hawala system is anonymous. How do we know who we're looking for?

[G looks puzzled]

CALLEN: Zoom in on him.

[Ehsan in the interrogation room.]

CALLEN: What is he doing?

ERIC: He's getting his groove on.

[Ehsan is humming quietly, taping on the table]

DEEKS: Oh, my God, he has no idea there's a camera on him.

[Ehsan gets on his feet and start…dancing!!]

SAM: Nope. And he's how we're gonna make an I.D.

CALLEN: Deeks.


CALLEN: Meet your new partner.

[Deeks doesn’t look much pleased…]

 ------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

 [Boatshed. Observation room. Deeks is in suit- he takes a selfie…& tries different filters]

DEEKS: Vibrant. Sepia. Noir. You look so good you don't even need a filter.

HETTY: Oh, Mr. Deeks, I'd like to remind you that you're going undercover. I'd better not find that... selfie on your Instagram.

[She’s doing alteration to Ehsan’s suit]

DEEKS: Wait a minute, you follow my Instagram?

HETTY: Yes. And if I have to look at one more picture of Monty in his sunglasses, I'm going to have Eric crash the account.

DEEKS: Check. Selfie... gone.

[Actually sent to Kensi!]

DEEKS: How you doing, Ehsan?

[Very good]

HETTY: Oh, Mr. Navid is in good hands.

EHSAN: Yes. So do you do this often?

DEEKS: Go undercover? Not with civilians. I usually go undercover with my partner.

EHSAN: Did something happen to him? Did he die undercover perhaps?

DEEKS: Okay, first off, he is a she...

EHSAN: Did she die?

DEEKS: No. Nobody... nobody died.

EHSAN: Right. Good. Then where is she?

DEEKS: That's a damn good question. Hetty?

HETTY: Mr. Navid, why don't you go take a look.

DEEKS: Get out here.

[Ehsan looks at the mirror and laughs; snapping fingers, he dances and grunts rhythmically]

HETTY: Ha-ha! Indeed!

DEEKS: Are you blushing, Hetty?

HETTY: No, reminiscing. Just... reminiscing, Mr. Deeks.

[Marty’s phone chimes]

DEEKS: Uh-huh…That's Callen. Well, that means we got to go.

HETTY: Don't be nervous, Mr. Navid. You've got the best looking after you.

DEEKS: Best looking. You ready?


HETTY: Mr. Deeks.

DEEKS: Yeah?

HETTY: Keep him safe.

DEEKS: Of course.

[They walk out; Hetty is worried…]


[Nell is working at the PlanetMD fund-raiser entrance’s checking point]

NELL: Okay, you're all set. Enjoy.

MAN: Thank you.

[Callen is the next in the queue]

NELL: Glad you could join us, Mr. Lopakhin.

[Callen speaks (unpleasantly) with a Russian accent]

CALLEN: Is Dr. Lopakhin. Did not just spend the last six months working in leper colony to be called "mister." Is brutal contagious disease.

NELL: Okay, well, you are all set. Enjoy.

[She stands up, gets closer to him]

NELL: Oh, and don't forget your gift bag on the way out. [quietly]  Nice backstop. Should give you some space to operate.

CALLEN: Anyone interesting yet?

NELL: Uh, no. Eric's still running faces, but it's gonna take some time.

CALLEN: Mm-hmm.

NELL: Yes?


[Deeks is in the exposure room. G takes the stairs]

CALLEN:  [over earpiece] I'm in Deeks. Where are you?

DEEKS: Just follow the quinoa dumplings. Ehsan got over his nerves pretty fast.

[Ehsan is helping himself with food]

CALLEN: Keep him focused, Deeks.

DEEKS: Sorry, guys, I'm gonna have to cut him off.

EHSAN: Have you tried this?

DEEKS: Yup. Yeah, they, uh... they're great. But listen, I need you to, uh, keep your head in the game, all right? We're here to find hawala customers.

EHSAN: Of course.

DEEKS: Of course.

EHSAN: I'm sorry, Marty.

DEEKS: Okay, just, uh...focus on the faces, follow my lead. You got it?

[2 beautiful women pass by…]

DEEKS: Whoa. Hello, ladies.

EHSAN: [deep voice] Hello, ladies…God bless America.

[They stare at the women’s “backs”]

CALLEN: Deeks. Ehsan.

[Deeks clears his throat]

DEEKS: Just the faces, Romeo. Just the faces.

[They step forwards…a woman follows them]


[OPS center. Sam is staring at the large screen; Hetty enters]

HETTY: Status, Mr. Hanna?

SAM: They're in position. Kensi, what do you see?

KENSI: [Over com]  There's no activity around the perimeter of the clinic.

[Afghanistan. Parwan Province.]

KENSI: Windows are boarded up, so I can't see inside.

[She and 2 women are  wearing  Burqas; they walk in front of the clinic]

SAM: [Over com]  That's the way terrorists like it. Are you ready to breach?

[Granger is checking the clinic with infrared camera- US soldiers are in position ]

KENSI: Locked and loaded.

[Kensi pulls off her Burqa and kneels near Granger]

GRANGER: Walls are too thick for a clean read. Infrared's picking up sporadic signatures. Somebody's home.

[OPS center.]

SAM: The question is: how many?

GRANGER: [Over video] And are they doctors or terrorists?

HETTY: If we're not careful, a Marine fire team invading a medical clinic...


KENSI: Could end very badly. Might even trigger a backlash of local tribes.

GRANGER: That's if it's a TB clinic. If it's not, and we do nothing, more soldiers die in attacks. It's my call, Henrietta.

HETTY: [Over com] Of course, Owen.

[OPS center. She sighs]

KENSI: [Over video] So what's your decision?

[Afghanistan; Granger breathes deeply]

GRANGER: We're going in. Note to self: don't shoot any doctors.

KENSI: Gas masks on. Don't want to catch anything.

GRANGER: Okay, let's move into position.


[PlanetMD Fund-raiser]

DEEKS: You speak Pashto, right?

EHSAN: Yes. And Arabic and English, of course, and a little Dari for business.

DEEKS: I'm surrounded by polyglots.

[The woman just catches up]

WOMAN: I'm sorry?

DEEKS: Uh... polygons. The-the geometry... I was just noticing and appreciating how remarkable this photo is.

WOMAN: You like it?

DEEKS: I love it.

WOMAN: It was taken by a nurse who works at our clinic in the West Bank.


WOMAN: Only $5,000.

DEEKS: $5,000…Well, it's going to a good cause, right?

WOMAN: It's okay. You don't have to pretend to like the art.

DEEKS: Ex-Excuse me?

WOMAN: Anna Chang. Executive Director, PlanetMD. It's obvious you two are more interested in the celebrities.

[A security man points to Deeks, speaking with one of his collegues]

CALLEN: Heads up, Deeks. You've been flagged by security.

ANNA: I don't take kindly to paparazzi crashing my fundraisers.

DEEKS: I'm sorry, there must be some sort of mistake. Uh, Ms. Chang, if you look at the list, you'll see our names are on it.

ANNA: Added at the last minute and not approved by me. That's a red flag. Now, are you going to leave, or am I going to have to make you leave?

CALLEN: I'm going in.

EHSAN:Uh... excuse me, Ms. Chang, you have a clinic near Bamyan.

[Callen stops moving]


ANNA: Afghanistan?

[She waves at the security guards to wait]

ANNA: We do.

EHSAN:That is where my family is from.

[He shows a photo of her mother and sisters]

EHSAN: My youngest sister, Farah...she had cholera when she was just a baby. We all thought she might die. Then your doctors came, and she got better. I have no money to give to your charity. What I earn goes to them. But I would like to offer you...my thanks.

ANNA: I...I'm glad your sister is well. Please, enjoy the evening. Both of you.

DEEKS: Thank you so much. It's nice to meet you.


[She walks away]

DEEKS: Just to be clear, we had that under control, but, uh...you did good.

[Ehsan smiles – and suddenly his smile fades]

DEEKS: You recognize somebody?

EHSAN: Uh, yes.

[He nods at a man wearing a red bow tie]

EHSAN: He comes into the hawala twice a month.

DEEKS: Eric, we got our guy.


[OPS center. On screen, action in Afghanistan]

DEEKS: [Over com] Bow tie, gray suit.

[Eric types on his computer]

ERIC: I got him. His name is Roger Ali. He works for an outside finance company that handles PlanetMD. He's in charge of dispensing funds to overseas clinics, including the TB clinic in Afghanistan.

HETTY: We have confirmation. Mr. Callen, take Ali alive, quietly and discreetly.

[Callen comes very close to the back of Ali]

CALLEN: Roger, I'm a federal agent. Don't turn around. Just walk to the front door.

[But Ali obviously doesn’t want to obey, he tries to run but doesn’t have time to take one step: G hits his throat and he kneels forwards; grunting feebly. People around murmur and stare at him]

CALLEN: [Russian accent] I am doctor. This man have allergic reaction.

[Ali is getting back on his feet; he has the hand on his throat and can’t breathe easily. Ehsan grabs his arm]

CALLEN: He needs hospital. Please, help me bring to my car.

[OPS center.]

SAM: That was discreet.

HETTY: Oh, bugger.

SAM: They're about to breach.



GRANGER: Three, two, one.

[The doors fly open – there are no doctors but Talibans with automatic weapons. They’re shot.]


SAM: Anything inside?

GRANGER: No medicines, no equipment, no patients.

[They pull off their masks]

KENSI: Well, and I guess, no TB.

GRANGER: Something tells me these guys aren't doctors.

[Kensi grabs a plastic from the table and sniffs]

KENSI: I got C4. I got timers, detonators, pipe bombs. Hetty, are you seeing this?

[OPS center.]

HETTY: I'm afraid we are, Ms. Blye.

 ------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

 [Boatshed. Interrogation room.]

CALLEN: Okay, last chance. No games, no threats.

SAM: Your American passport is a fake.

CALLEN: Your real name is Mujtaba Abdali.

SAM: You graduated with a degree in accounting and English from Kabul University.

CALLEN: And for the past few years, you've been skimming money from PlanetMD to pay for Taliban attacks.

ABDALI: I was sending funds to medical clinics. You can't convict me of anything.

[G pulls out his phone]

CALLEN: What about murder?

[He shows Green’s photo]

CALLEN: You think we'd get you on that?

ABDALI: I have no idea who that is.

SAM: Choice is yours. You can talk... or Guantanamo.

ABDALI: Bring on your prison. Bring on your isolation, your waterboards. I have no fear. Allah is with me.


[Afghanistan. Kensi is taking photos of a dead guy]

KENSI: Eric, I'm sending you the second one right now. See if facial rec gets anything.

ERIC: [Over com] I'll take care of it. I'm running it now.

[Granger is searching the room. Kensi gets a message – Deeks’ selfie! She chuckles. She zooms in his face, his smile.]

GRANGER: Agent Blye.

KENSI: Yeah?

GRANGER: Let's take a look at this.

[He cuts the locker of the doors of a cupboard]

GRANGER: Okay, nice and easy.

[He opens slowly the door –just ajar; watches inside with a flashlight]

GRANGER: Yeah. Okay. No visible triggering device.

[They open the doors and freezes: many explosives, wires…]

GRANGER: Get your EOD team in here now.


[Kensi looks inside a plastic box]

KENSI: Cell phone receivers and detonators for bombs. Seems to be where the attacks were supplied and planned.

GRANGER: There's a couple hundred pounds of C4. These are definitely the guys.

[Kensi finds a notebook]

KENSI: What do we have here?

[She opens it]

KENSI: Well, my Pashto is rudimentary, but this is definitely a ledger. And these look like hawala codes.

GRANGER: Okay, we just cut off the blood supply. I want to cut off the head.

KENSI: I'll get this to the FinCEN agents, see what they make of it.

[She leaves Granger lost in his thoughts…]


[Boatshed. Observation room. Sam and G watch Abdali on the monitor]

SAM: Ali was only trained to do one thing.

CALLEN: Move money. Doesn't mean he's not our killer.

[Deeks and Ehsan come in]

DEEKS: Okay, so, uh, we got a little bit of a problem. Ehsan here is refusing to give back the suit.

EHSAN: I'm not refusing. It is a request.

[Sam chuckles]

SAM: No way. Get changed.

DEEKS: No, no, hold on a second. He says it's for a girl.

CALLEN: I don't care if it's for the President of the United States.

EHSAN: She's not just a girl. She is a dream, an angel on this earth.

SAM: You'll be an angel in Heaven if Hetty finds out.

EHSAN: For her, I am willing to take that chance. Look here.

CALLEN: I don't care what she looks like.

EHSAN: She's not just a pretty face. She's kind, funny.

[He puts her photo onto his tablet]

EHSAN: And she loves to play Madden football!


SAM: [He looks at G] That is kind of awesome.

CALLEN: There's no way.

EHSAN: In this suit, she would see who I could be. Please. Just for one night.

DEEKS: Well, she is a stone-cold fox.

CALLEN: Really? We're gonna lose our jobs over a... a pretty girl that plays computer football?

SAM: Ah...It's only for one night.

DEEKS: Yeah, come on, G man, it's for love. The kid's in love.

CALLEN: Look, if we do this, it is never, ever spoken of again.

DEEKS: Suit? What suit?

SAM: I-It's a pact we'll take to the grave.

[They put their hands together]

CALLEN: Get your hand in here, too.

[Ehsan obeys]

DEEKS: Till death.

SAM: Which may come quicker if Hetty finds out.

CALLEN: Make us proud, Ehsan.

EHSAN: Yeah.


[Afghanistan. Base camp.]

GRANGER: Kensi, they're coming on.

KENSI: Yeah. Give me a second.

[She’s rummaging in her hair]

GRANGER: Kensi, let's go.

KENSI: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

[She ties her hair]

KENSI: Sorry.

GRANGER: What are you doing?

KENSI: I have helmet hair. When you wear a helmet for too long, it just kind of...makes it awkward.

GRANGER: Oh. I wouldn't know about that.

 [Kensi sighs. OPS center pops up onto screen: G, Sam, Eric and Nell]

KENSI: Hi. Hey, it's good to see you guys.

SAM: You're missed.

NELL: Hey, Kens.

KENSI: Where's Deeks?

CALLEN: Uh, he's, uh, with a witness.

KENSI: Oh. Tell him I said hi.

[G and Sam exchange a look…A new video appear on screen]

GRANGER: Agent Kazimi.

KAZIMI: I've got bad news. We've analyzed the ledger you found. The transactions match up with the hawala in Los Angeles.

CALLEN: We secured the source of the money. He's in custody.

KAZIMI: Good. But we've got a bigger problem. The ledger indicates payment going the other way.

CALLEN: From the hawala in Afghanistan to the hawala in Los Angeles??


ERIC: Why are they sending money back?

SAM: The money goes where the resources are needed.

NELL: So, the money's coming back here because...

CALLEN: Because there's going to be an attack.

KAZIMI: It's been flowing that way for the last 18 months.

KENSI: So, there's a cell in Los Angeles.

KAZIMI: It gets worse. Monday was the last scheduled payment.

SAM: The money stopping can only mean two things: the mission's no longer viable or it's about to go down.

GRANGER: All right, alert Homeland Security and the FBI.

KAZIMI: You have intel on who you're looking for?

CALLEN: Because of hawala's anonymity, we don't have a clue…

 ------------------ ZAPPING -----------------

 [Sunrise…Bullpen. Deeks and Callen]

CALLEN: All right, let's go over it again.

DEEKS: So we got a terrorist cell operating in Los Angeles, receiving funds for the last 18 months at $6,000 a month. I mean, that's...

CALLEN: It's over a hundred grand. It's not expensive to build a bomb. It's the day-to-day costs. It's the housing and the food. They've been planning this a while.

[Sam joins them]

SAM: Ali's still not talking. What about you two? Anything?

CALLEN: Nada. Nic. Niente. Neechivo.

DEEKS: You don't have to rub it in.

NELL: Report's back from the crash scene. The explosive used to kill Agent Green was C4.

SAM: Okay, so we know they're bombers. What's the target?

ERIC: I think I know. I was able to reconstruct one of Green's photos enough to make out this black van with a replaced gray door. I ran that feature through Kaleidoscope. And I found one a block away from the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. In 30 minutes, there's a naturalization ceremony.

SAM: Mass casualties, symbolic value. That's the target.

DEEKS: Is it too late to cancel?

ERIC: People are already moving inside.

CALLEN: How many new citizens?

ERIC: 1,200.

CALLEN: And we only have one way to I.D. the bomber.

NELL: Just traced Ehsan's cell. He's at Goose Egg Café on Lincoln.

DEEKS: I'll go pick him up, meet you there.

[Off to…]


[…Goose Egg Café; Lincoln]

DEEKS: Ehsan?

EHSAN: Marty?

DEEKS: Hey. I'm so sorry to interrupt. We, uh, need you...Wow. You are even more beautiful in person. Well done.

GIRL: Ehsan, who is this? What is going on?

DEEKS: Ehsan, I really need to talk to you. I'm so sorry.

EHSAN: Excuse me.

DEEKS: We need you to I.D. another customer.

EHSAN: Of course, no problem.

DEEKS: This is different. We think this guy is carrying a large amount of explosives. He could detonate them any time, which means this is your choice.

EHSAN: I understand, Marty. Let's go.

DEEKS: You sure?


[Deeks leads the way – Ehsan looks at his girlfriend]

EHSAN: My country needs me.

[She smiles, tells him with her fingers to call her…He’s gone]


[Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Deeks and Ehsan come in; the young man is already checking the crowd]

DEEKS: Sam, we're inside. Ehsan's got the earwig.

SAM: I see you. Callen's already on over-watch. Ehsan, check as many faces - as you can as fast as you can.

DEEKS: And remember to smile, all right? It's supposed to be a happy day.

SAM: There's a group coming up behind you, Ehsan.

DEEKS: Don't stare. Just check 'em and move. Check 'em and move.

EHSAN: It's... it's hard. Several hundred people visit my hawala. And not just Afghans. Somalis, Iraqis and Sudanese.

MAN: [over P.A.] Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to begin. Everyone please move into the main hall.

SAM: All right, we're running out of time. Look carefully.

EHSAN: I see him. Uh, bald, brown jacket, heading into the main hall.

DEEKS: Okay. I got him. He's heading into D Tunnel. He's not carrying anything.

SAM: He's probably wearing a suicide vest. Ehsan, stay in the lobby.

[Sam chases Deeks and the bald man]

SAM: Excuse me.

[Far above, G is waiting, with a riffle…]

CALLEN: I don't see him yet.

[Deeks is only 2 meters behind the man; the tunnel is crowded]

DEEKS: Almost there.

CALLEN: I got him. Let's get ready to take this guy.

EHSAN: We have a problem.

CALLEN: What is it?

EHSAN: This man-- every time he came into the store, he was with a woman.

SAM: You saying there's a second bomber?

EHSAN: I just saw her. Green jacket, brown skirt. She's heading into Tunnel C.

DEEKS: I'm on it.

CALLEN: Ehsan, you're done. Get out of the building.

[Ehsan hesitates…he’s still in the building…]

MAN: [over P.A.] Ladies and gentlemen, Judge Malcolm Smith.

SAM: We got to do this now.

CALLEN: I got the woman, Deeks.

DEEKS: Yeah, I'm right behind her.

[Sam is right behind the bald man]

JUDGE: Hello, everyone. I am Judge Malcolm Smith. We will begin in a couple of minutes.

SAM: He's got a dead-man's switch, G.

JUDGE: If you haven't turned in your permanent resident card, you can do that after the ceremony.

CALLEN: I shoot him, he lets go, the bomb detonates.

DEEKS: Bad news. She's got one, too.

SAM: We take one down, the other one blows.

CALLEN: You guys got to do it together.

DEEKS: You mean grab the switches?

CALLEN: At exactly the same time, and keep 'em closed until I can get a shot.

DEEKS: Great. This is a fantastic plan.

SAM: I can grab it when you're ready.

JUDGE: Okay, now, I'm going to ask you all to please remain standing, and we will get this show on the road.

SAM: It's now or never.

DEEKS: I'm in position.

SAM: On three.

CALLEN: I'm taking the woman first, Deeks. Make sure I have a clean shot.

DEEKS: Got it.

[The woman is praying – Deeks and Sam are becoming really tense]

SAM: One. Two.

DEEKS: She's about to go.

[He grabs the switch and at the same exact mm-second G shoots - people scream while Deeks and the woman fall down backwards; the bald man looks at what’s happening and Sam dives. He has one hand on the dead-man’s switch, the other fights against the guy trying to escape. People flee the hall; Sam is on the floor with the man, who tries to free his hand. While running, people hide the agent and the terrorist from Callen’s view…

CALLEN: I don't have a shot!

SAM: Take it! Take it! Don't worry about me!

[Both men are moving – G shoots…The hall is almost clear…]


[Sam doesn’t move. G is worried…But at last, Sam raises his head; he sits up, very careful to keep the switch closed]

SAM: I'm good. Deeks?

[G is relieved!]

DEEKS: Aside from a bullet whizzing six inches from my head, I'm fantastic.

[Sam opens the guy’s jacket]


SAM: Oh, G, he must have activated a timer while we were struggling. I got about 30 seconds.

[33- 32 -…]

CALLEN: I'm coming to you.

[Deeks opens the green jacket]

DEEKS: Okay. I'm good. She didn't activate hers. Sam?

SAM: I need two hands to defuse the bomb.

[The timer is beeping: 23 – 22 - … a man is standing near Sam]

EHSAN: I can take it.

SAM: Come on. Come on. Just hold tight. Hold tight. Hold it tight.

[He pulls out wire cutters]

SAM: What are you doing here?

EHSAN: I thought you might need some help.

[Only 4 seconds left…Sam cuts the white wire…]

SAM: Okay. You can let go.

[Both men breathe faster than usual…they sigh; there were only 2 seconds remaining…sirens are wailing in distance]

SAM: Still wearing that suit?

EHSAN: Yeah. Last night went... very well.

CALLEN: You guys good?

SAM: Awesome.

DEEKS: Speak for yourself. If someone could give me a hand. I'm, uh... still attached to a bomb.

SAM: Don't touch anything. Stay put, all right?

[Ehsan nods]


[Afghanistan. Base camp. Kensi is watching TV news on the computer]

NEWSCASTER: Seven hours after the foiled bombing, officials finally reopened the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Police and federal officials cleared the building and assured everyone that it was safe to reenter. But the real story here was one of perseverance for the thousands who came to be naturalized as American citizens...

[Kensi cuts the TV off; she sighs, grabs her phone; and sends a selfie…]

[Boatshed. Observation room. News broadcast on TV. The agents, Marty and Ehsan are watching; Deeks’ phone chimes]

NEWSCASTER: Undeterred by the terrifying events of the day, they moved back inside and took the oath of allegiance. And I can tell you from personally meeting some of these new citizens, they could not be happier or more proud.

[Deeks just got Kensi’s selfie – Ehsan is moved...]

NEWSCASTER: This is a dream come true for many of these people. A lot of smiling faces...

EHSAN: Cannot imagine a happier day.

DEEKS: [Watching the photo…] You can say that again…

 [Hetty clears her throat. They all get on their feet]

EHSAN: Uh, is this about the suit? Uh, I was just about to take it off...

HETTY: No. No, no. On second thought, keep it on.

[A man is following Hetty]

EHSAN: What's happening? Am I in trouble?

MAN: No.

[He looks around]

MAN: Mr. Navid, you're about to become a citizen of the United States of America.

EHSAN: Really? Now?

DEEKS: You passed your test.

CALLEN: Thwarted a major attack.

SAM: Besides, you're dressed for the occasion.

[He mimes tie straighten]

HETTY: And I've been in touch with the State Department about starting the visa process for your mother and sisters.

MAN: Please, put up your right hand and repeat after me.

[Ehsan sighs, he’s moved; he puts his right hand up]

EHSAN: I don't need to repeat. I know it by heart. I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to all foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been subject or citizen. That I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies,

[Black screen]

EHSAN: foreign and domestic.

 ----------------  THE END ----------------

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